Retail and Sales Equipment

Retail and Sales Equipment

Freestanding Slatgrid Retail Displays create branded presence.

Jun 08, 2011

Designed for retail environments, Freestanding Slatgrid Displays use slatgrid/grid wire for main panel and can be mounted in back-to-back configuration to create outpost in middle of room. Units can be set up as freestanding display wall or along existing walls. Back panel is printed to match customer's brand message or identity, and vinyl logos can be printed on sides for maximum branding... Read More

Retail and Sales Equipment

Screen Printing Service supports large formats.

Jun 03, 2011

Screen printing of glass substrates is available in sizes up to 56 x 86 in. or 1,422.4 x 2,184.4 mm with tolerance of ±0.030 in. or ±0.76 mm, depending on part size and image. Substrate thicknesses range from 0.039-0.75 in. or 1-19 mm. Available in multiple standard and custom colors, including metallics, opaques, and semi-transparent inks, large format screen printing is suited for large... Read More

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OLED Displays come in character and graphic models.

May 12, 2011

Self-illuminating, OLED Displays require no backlight for maximum visibility in all environments. Character OLED modules use serial or parallel MPU interface, have 4 built-in font tables, and can be used as replacements for LCD or VFD modules. Graphic OLED modules, featuring all-in-one design, include required external logic and voltages. With viewing angle up to 160°, displays offer response... Read More

Retail and Sales Equipment

Merchandising Displays showcase up to 20 tee shirts.

May 09, 2011

In addition to 4 graphic sleeves, T shirt cube displayer models T16 and T20 respectively offer 16 and 20 individual merchandising compartments with removable shelf. Model T16 comes in 24 X 49 X 24 in. size, and T20 comes in 24 X 53 ½ X 24 in. or 24 X 58 5/8 X 24 in. sizes. Both models are available with fixed, rotating, and rolling base options and suited for displaying/merchandising items... Read More

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Fuel Security System protects brand owners and motorists.

Apr 04, 2011

Offering turnkey solution to ensure fuel security, FuelSure System helps keep counterfeit and smuggled fuel out of supply chain. Taggants can be integrated into fuel at any point in supply chain. Once integrated, invisible taggants can only be detected in fuel with FuelSure reader. FuelSure readings measure taggant concentration, which verifies if fuel has been counterfeited or diluted. Read More

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Retail Suite enhances mobile phone shopping experience.

Mar 24, 2011

XQ Interactive Retail comprises suite of dynamic digital media solutions that entertain, educate, and guide shoppers through process of buying mobile device. Displaying continuous flow of interactive media, solutions let customers browse product catalogs to select device, rate plan, features, add-on accessories, and promotions. Suite also integrates directly with RQ4 retail management system,... Read More

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Solar-Powered Message Display meets MUTCD requirements.

Mar 22, 2011

Displaying text and graphic messages on 76 in. x 139 in. panel, SMC 2000 FM-ST Solar Message Center provides NTCIP-compliant controller that facilitates programming with secure password protection. Portable full matrix variable message display uses 5 high-intensity LEDs per 2 in. pixel for uniform light output. Along with automatic intensity control, unit features solar powered battery bank that... Read More