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Powered Vascular Stapler offers precision during thoracic surgery.

January 28, 2015

Optimized for precision and stability, ECHELON FLEX™ can be used for critical vessel transections. Curved, blunt, and narrow anvil, along with articulating shaft and placement tip, promote visibility, navigation, and precise placement during procedures. While allowed percentage of manual articulation in each direction promotes flexibility during final placement, design also minimizes tip movement during firing for less movement during transection. Read More

Portable Tools

Carton Closing Stapler features cordless design.

November 24, 2014

Eliminating need for air hoses, Bostitch Cordless Carton Closing Stapler offers portability when stapling and closing corrugated containers used in manufacturing and distribution. Tool accommodates either A or C carton closing staples measuring 5/8 or ¾ in. in length. Weighing just over 6 lb, stapler can be used in variety of positions with minimal user fatigue. Tool is powered by 12 V Li-On battery, which enables 700 shots and can be recharged quickly. Read More

Portable Tools

Surgical Stapler provides advanced gripping surface.

November 5, 2014

Designed for bariatric, colorectal, and thoracic procedures, ECHELON FLEX GST SYSTEM comprises ECHELON FLEX™ Powered Plus Stapler and ENDOPATH ECHELON™ Reload System with Gripping Surface Technology. Proprietary ridged surface provides atraumatic grip that holds tissue in place during firing, minimizing slippage. Product delivers uniform closed staple height for optimized staple line integrity across range of tissue thicknesses with each reload. Read More

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Surgical Stapler utilizes curved tip cartridge.

October 29, 2014

Available for MicroCutter XCHANGE® 30 Stapler, which provides 80° of articulation, Curved Atraumatic Tip Cartridge facilitates placement of stapler on selected tissues. Device provides solution for procedures where confined surgical spaces require optimized control and maneuverability. When working in deeply recessed areas, curved tip geometry facilitates visualization to ensure that only intended tissue is stapled. Read More

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Cardica Introduces New Iteration of MicroCutter XCHANGE® 30 Five-Millimeter Surgical Stapler

October 7, 2014

-- Features Improved Jaw Strength and Stability - -- Ability to Staple Thicker Tissues, Increasing Number of Applicable Procedures -- REDWOOD CITY, Calif., -- Cardica, Inc. (Nasdaq: CRDC) today announced the introduction of a newly enhanced version of the MicroCutter XCHANGE® 30 surgical stapler, with the ability to clamp thicker tissue during a variety of surgical procedures. The XCHANGE... Read More

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Professional Stapler features lightweight, ergonomic design.

July 19, 2013

Constructed with durable polymer housing and short grip span for hours of continued use, TacMate™ features non-marring tip to help protect work surface from scratches or dents. Easy-opening magazine latch and bottom loading design facilitate staple loading, while integrated color coding ensures users buy correct staples. Release shoots up to ½ in. staple and magazine holds up to one full strip of T50 staples at a time. Read More

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Flexco to Demonstrate Innovative Splice Press and Fastener Solutions at Logis-Tech Tokyo 2012

August 22, 2012

Efficient technologies increase uptime and maximise productivity for belt conveyor systems<4444>Singapore - Flexco, the world's leading light-duty endless splicing and mechanical fasteners solutions provider, will be participating in Logis-Tech Tokyo 2012, September 11-14. Visitors can visit Flexco at Booth Hall 5-809 for live demonstrations of the company's innovative technologies, including... Read More

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Cardica Reports Progress with MicroCutter XCHANGE(TM) 30 in Europe

June 22, 2012

- 100 Deployments Completed in 35 Cases -<4444>- European Commercial Sales Expected in Calendar 3Q12 -<4444>REDWOOD CITY, Calif. - Cardica, Inc. (Nasdaq: CRDC) today reported that its MicroCutter XCHANGE(TM) 30, a cartridge-based cutting and stapling device with a five millimeter shaft diameter, has been used successfully during the last two months in over 100 deployments during more than 35... Read More

Portable Tools

Pneumatic Cap Fastener drives caps, staples, or both.

July 14, 2011

Firing staples and plastic button caps in one operation, DF150-CS aids installation of roofing felt, plastic sheathing, and house wrap materials. Inline magazine keeps tool compact and balanced for consistent and precise drives, while integral spool system enables stapler to offer 240 cap capacity that complements 110 staple capacity. In addition to 3 firing modes: bump, sequential, and staple-only, maneuverable tool offers adjustable depth of drive and adjustable exhaust cap. Read More

Portable Tools

Pneumatic Staplers suit construction sheathing/roofing tasks.

May 23, 2008

Model N5010A stapler fires ½ in. standard-crown 16 ga staples ¾-2 in. in lenghth. Using 15/16 in. wide-crown 16 ga staples from 5/8-2 in. long, N5021A also features dial for adjusting drive depth. Both devices weigh less than 5 lb and include nose with tool-less release for extraction; top-load, stainless steel plated plastic magazine with open design for monitoring staple quantity; and elastomer grip. Cylinder valve firing mechanism drives up to 13 staples/sec. Read More

Portable Tools

Narrow Crown Stapler offers tool-free depth of drive.

January 15, 2007

Accepting ½-1½ in. 18-gauge, ¼ in. crown staples, Model N3804AB3 features selective actuation switch that lets user select bump fire actuation for quick stapling when precise placement is not required. By flipping switch, user transitions to sequential fire for exact staple placement. No-mar tip on nose protects work surface from scarring and denting, while 360° adjustable exhaust port keeps dust, debris, and oil off work surface and away from user. Read More

Portable Tools

Narrow Crown Stapler suits high volume applications.

May 12, 2005

Weighing 4 lb, SureShot(TM) 1848 drives DUO-FAST 1800 Series 18-gauge ¼ in. crown staples, and has staple size up to 1½ in. leg length. Tool features bottom-load aluminum magazine that holds 2 strips of staples, fastener usage window that monitors staple volume in magazine, and adjustable exhaust that keeps exhaust away from work piece. Unit is suited for use on cabinets, furniture, case goods, doors/windows, mill work, and underlayment. Read More

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Staple Driver speeds belt fastening process.

May 12, 2005

Designed for simultaneous installation of 4 staples, Alligator® Ready Set(TM) Quad Staple Driver features heat-treated steel construction and wide striking surface to facilitate use with 2 lb hammer. Driver can be used with existing Alligator Ready Set installation tools. Read More

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Tagging Tool staples bar codes to lumber.

May 11, 2005

Utilizing compressed air, automatic FasTagger® II dispenses UPC bar code tags and securely staples them to ends of lumber at rate of 100/min. Operator places tool against end of lumber and pulls trigger. Tool automatically staples tag to lumber, cuts it, and instantly feeds next tag into position. Made of one-piece, anodized billet aluminum, FasTagger II accepts tags in widths of 11/16 and 7/8 in. and lengths of 1 3/8 and 2¾ in. Read More

Portable Tools

Medium Wire Stapler is designed for work in tight areas.

March 30, 2005

Measuring 5¾ in. tall, SureShot(TM) 1820, 18-gauge narrow crown stapler weighs 1 lb 10 oz and is designed with industrial strength parts. Bottom load aluminum magazine facilitates staple loading, and clean nose aids in fastener placement. Suited for limited-space cabinetmaking applications, product drives DUO-FAST 1800 series 18-gauge, 14 in. crown staples and has staple size range from ½-5/8 in. leg length. Read More

Portable Tools

Staplers target professional applications.

September 9, 2004

SureShot 1832 is a ¼ in. crown, 18-gauge tool that uses galvanized chisel and wedge point staples, while SureShot W1832 uses wider chisel point, 3/8 in. crown staples to minimize staple pull-through. SureShot 6532 utilizes ½ in. crown chisel point staples with flat wire, suited for case back applications. Each unit will drive staples up to 1 in. in length. Models 1832 and 1832W have load capacities of 110 staples, while Model 6532 holds 100 staples. Read More

Portable Tools

Auto-Fire Stapler has double length, bottom load magazine.

September 9, 2004

Suited for installation of roofing paper, insulation, tile lath, and house wrap, SureShot(TM) 5020 DLAF Stapler weighs 2 lb 10 oz and incorporates auto-fire trigger that is adjustable from single shot up to 1,400 cycles/min. Rapid-fire, 20-gauge, industrial-grade quality tool drives ½ in. crown chisel and divergent point staples, has load capacity of 200 staples, and accepts staples with leg lengths from ¼-9/16 in. Read More

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Woodworking Tools target novices and professionals.

September 1, 2004

Pneumatic ShopMaster(TM) line includes 1¼ in. brad nailer, 2-in-1 nailer and stapler, 1 in. narrow crown stapler, and 1¼ in. brad nailer and compressor combo kit. Units offer tool-free depth adjustment, 360° adjustable exhaust, and sequential trigger. Hybrid Style Cabinet Saws have enclosed base with removable dust chute, 1¾ hp motor, hinged motor cover, and choice of three 30 in. fence options. Equipped with 1 micron filtration bag, Dust Collectors come in 6 models that filter 1,200-4,600 cfm. Read More

Portable Tools

Staplers accept multiple leg lengths.

July 9, 2003

Requiring changeover of anvil hooks to switch carton closing top staplers from one leg length to another, T tools accept multiple leg lengths, thereby reducing cost of switching. With reduced body contour that promotes maneuverability by user, design also incorporates ergonomically designed trigger cavity and trigger valve that eliminates wear. Read More

Portable Tools

Staplers handle various construction applications.

March 6, 2003

Equipped with top-loading magazine, S200-S16 Framing Stapler drives 16-gauge, standard-crown staples from ¾-2 in. in length. Model S150-W16R Construction Stapler, adjustable shingle guide, drives 16-gauge, wide-crown staples from 5/8-1 ½ in. in length, while S200-W16 Insulation Sheathing Stapler drives 16-gauge, wide-crown, galvanized staples from ¾-2 in. in length. Each tool provides adjustable depth of drive, 150 staple capacity, and 2-fingered trigger. Read More