Portable Tools

Hole Saws drill metal quickly and cleanly.

December 11, 2014

Used with hand-held drills, 1- and 2-Series Tungsten Carbide-Tipped (TCT) Hole Saws cut clean holes without grinding core. For cutting 9/16–4 in. dia holes up to 1 in. deep, 1-Series Hole Saws include center pilot drill. Cutters up to 3¼ in. dia feature 3/8 in. shank, while 3 5/16 in. dia and larger cutters feature ½ in. shank. For drilling 9/16–1 3/8 in. holes up to 9/16 in. deep, heavy-duty 2-Series Hole Saws feature spring-loaded pilot pin and milled 3-flat shank that fits ½ in. chucks. Read More

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Cordless Outdoor Tools leverage brushless motor technology.

October 29, 2014

Featuring brushless motor technology, GreenWorks Pro cordless outdoor tools are powered by same 80 V Li-Ion battery and charger and thus do not require tune-ups or maintenance or produce emissions. Products in this series – walk-behind mower; string trimmer; blower; chainsaw; hedge trimmer, and snow thrower – are intended for use within commercial industry and produce minimal noise and vibration to help reduce operator fatigue. Read More

Portable Tools

Pneumatic Chain Saws feature patented chain brake.

August 22, 2014

Equipped with 4 hp motor that consumes 92 cfm of air at 90 psi, Series 5 1026, 5 1027, 5 1028, and 5 1029 are available with cutting capacity of 15, 17, 21, or 25 in. Units include Armor Tipped Guide Bar, Super Chisel saw chain 404 pitch, two separate oil lubricating systems for chain and motor, and chain brake that stops chain movement during kickback or repositioning of saw during cutting. Saws are ATEX Classified for safe use in hot work areas, Ex zones, or hazardous environments. Read More

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Slide Compound Miter Saw features portable design.

June 24, 2014

Equipped with 8 ½ in. blade, Model LS0815F is powered by direct drive 10.5 A motor with soft start. Linear ball bearing system delivers smooth, dead-on accurate cuts. At 90°, saw has 12 in. crosscutting capacity, with 8 ½ in. capacity at 45° (miter). Model LS0815F miters 0–50° left and 0–60° right, with positive stops at 0, 15, 22.5, 31.6, 45, and 50° (left and right), plus 60° (right). Weighing 31 lb, portable saw is suited for wood floor installation, case and base, and crown molding. Read More

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Three-In-One Saw handles cutting, surface prep, and more.

June 11, 2014

With 7.5 A motor, 4 in. abrasive wheels, 7 cutting blade variations, and 2 surface prep blade options, Dremel® Ultra-Saw™ works with such materials as metal, tile, plastic, masonry, and wood while offering clear line-of-sight. Cutting functions are complemented by surface preparation, surfacing, cutting (straight and plunge), and flush cutting capabilities. Along with multiple cutting wheel options, features include metal foot and guard, adjustable depth, and onboard dust extraction port. Read More

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Worm Drive Saws come in application-specific models.

April 1, 2014

With respective weights of 14.1, 12.5, and 11.6 lb, 7¼ in. aluminum SHD77-02 SKILSAW, 7¼ in. magnesium SHD77M-02 SKILSAW, and 7¼ in. magnesium MAG77LT SKILSAW feature 24-tooth carbide blade and Cut-Ready Depth of Cut System™ that facilitates and accelerates adjustment. Multifunction wrench stores on saw foot, and these 15 A, 5,300 rpm saws offer 51° (SHD77-02) and 53° (SHD77M-02 and MAG77LT) bevel with Zero Adjust and positive stop at 45°. Read More

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Drywall Saw features 1.8 mm thick blade to prevent bending.

February 3, 2014

Featuring one-piece handle and blade design, PRO Drywall Saw is suited for cutting drywall, plywood, plasterboard, wallboard, plastic paneling, and ceiling tile. Blade is made of clog-free hardened steel with rust-resistant electrophoretic deposition for durability and hardened tip designed to score or punch. Teeth are precision ground for cutting in both directions. With non-slip grip, heavy-duty handle helps ensure comfort and safety. Read More

Portable Tools

Cordless Chain Saw produces low noise and no emissions.

July 24, 2013

Powered by two 18 V LXT® Li-Ion batteries for 36 V power and run time, HCU02ZX2 cordless chain saw features 12 in. guide bar and chain speed of 1,650 fpm. Tool operates at 89 dB(A) under no-load conditions and 90 dB(A) under load and features zero emissions. Unit also offers tool-less chain adjustments and front hand guard. Also available, 36V LXT® Lithium-Ion 12 in. Chain Saw (HCU02C1) offers similar performance to HCU02ZX2 but is powered by 36 V Li-Ion battery. Read More