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Battery-Powered Heat Gun offers digital temperature control.

August 8, 2014

Letting users preset operating temperature, MCH-100-D reaches up to 900°F and features programmable PID controller that can maintain working temperature within ±1°F of set point. Portable hand-held tool, powered by 48 V rechargeable battery, incorporates thermocouple inside heating element housing for optimum efficiency and accepts 100+ specialty stainless steel air nozzles. Also, gun conforms to several military standards and eliminates need for power generators, propane, and open flames.
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Portable Tools

Heat Gun offers extender accessory.

July 18, 2014

For shrink wrapping projects that call for long reach, Shrinkfast 998 Heat Gun is available with Shrinkfast 2' X-Tender accessory. Straight extender offers pushbutton installation and enables users to add another 2 ft of length to existing 2, 4, and 6 ft extensions. Delivering 212,000 BTUs of power, gun has ergonomic design with fan-shaped combustor for even and steady heat pattern. Read More

Portable Tools

Heat Gun senses, displays, and controls surface temperature.

April 17, 2014

Providing direct surface temperature control of heating process, Proheat® STC™ Model PH-1600 lets work at upper limit of target temperature cure zone. Electronically integrated IR sensor provides continuous surface temperature readings and automatically regulates heat to reach and maintain target temperature, even with changes in heat gun's distance from work surface. Ranging from 90° to 500°F, dial-in programmable surface temperatures are displayed in 10° increments in °F or °C. Read More

Transportation Industry Products, Portable Tools

Car Bumper Repair Kit fixes formerly unsalvageable bumpers.

November 14, 2011

Automotive Bumper Repair Kit fixes and fabricates tabs and reinforces cracks using Heat'N Roll(TM) technique that pre-heats plastic bumper and then rolls mesh into softened bumper, delivering encapsulation and reinforcement. Kit components include 1,200 W heat gun, which that produces up to 1,150°F and 17.5 cfm; wide slot nozzle; proprietary mesh; and metal roller. Post-repair work can be finished with 2-part epoxy filler. Read More

Welding Equipment & Supplies, Portable Tools

Welding Kit provides hot air welding of thermoplastics.

July 6, 2011

Built around MASTER PROHEAT LCD Model PH-1400 Dial-in Electronic Heat Gun, MASTER PROHEAT PH-1400WK Welding Kit is suited for fabrication and repair of rigid and flexible plastics, auto bumpers, tarps, liners, covers, and tents. Heat gun's dial-in feature offers 10° increment temperature control from 130-1,000°F and control of airflow from 4-16 cfm. With magnetic key lock-in feature, operators can lock-in proper temperature and airflow for each welding application. Read More

Portable Tools

Heat Gun applies shrink tube and solder sleeves.

August 23, 2010

Powered by 48 V battery, Malcom MCH-100 delivers 1,000°F hot air at 2.66 cfm air flow through hand tool connected to water-resistant power pack with flexible 9 ft cord. Portable unit is suited for applying heat shrink tube and solder sleeves in remote locations and is available with selection of specialty nozzles. Equipped with shoulder strap, heat gun is also suitable for sensor testing, drying, de-icing, and plastic welding. Read More

Portable Tools

Programmable Heat Gun features compact, lightweight design.

April 19, 2010

Offering 6 preset, changeable factory programs, Model PH-1500 Proheat LCD programmable heat gun provides keypad adjustable temperatures in 10° increments, from 130-1,000°F and air flow in 10 increments from 4-16 cfm. It maintains programmed temperatures at all air flow settings, and comes standard with power-interrupt safety reset. UL and CUL listed device is also offered in CE certified 230 V version in various power cord configurations, for international use. Read More

Portable Tools

Heat Gun has LCD display and top mounted dial-in controls.

September 25, 2009

UL certified Model PH-1400 Proheat LCD Dial-In Heat Gun features controls for digitally displayed temperatures in 10° increments, from 130-1,000°F or 50-540°C, and adjustable air flow control from 4-16 cfm. Electronic circuitry, with closed loop temperature feedback system, maintains constant temperature at all airflow settings and while using any of many attachment options. Unit also features temperature and air flow lock-in for applications requiring consistent application of heat. Read More

Portable Tools, Materials & Material Processing

Heat Gun offers adjustable temperature and air flow.

April 22, 2008

Incorporating LCD digital terminal with adjustable controls for temperature and air volume, Heat Elite(TM) Plus gives contractors precise values when shrinking pipe, bending PVC, or soldering wires. Temperature can be adjusted in steps of 10°F from 180-1,200°F, while gun's air volume is controlled in five ± steps from 7.0-17.5 cfm. To assure safe usage, gun includes double-insulated power cords, non-slip handles, balanced weight, and UL/CUL Listings. Read More

Portable Tools

Heat Gun provides air temperatures from 120-1,100°F.

November 22, 2006

Featuring 15 A motor with double fan, 3-speed Model HE 2000 produces airflow rates of 8.8, 9.5, and 17.7 cfpm. Air filter keeps debris away from motor and extends life of tool. Airflow and temperature are separately and infinitely adjustable with one hand, and wide-set non-slip pads allow users to securely stand tool on end for stationary use. Measuring 11 ¼ in. and weighing 2 lb, Model HE 2000 is available with variety of nozzles for specific tasks. Read More

Portable Tools

Heat Gun delivers digital programming capability.

October 3, 2006

Weighing 2 lb, 1944LCD 13 A heat gun provides 109 temperature settings from 120° to 1,200°F in 10° increments and 10 airflow settings from 8.8-17.6 cfm. All settings are displayed on LCD, and ability to set and store 4 specific temperature and airflow combinations helps prevent overheating. Removable heat shield promotes access to confined areas, while integrated stand makes bench top work possible. Complete kit, 1944LCDK, includes case and optional nozzle attachments. Read More

Portable Tools

Heat Gun Kits include attachments and carrying case.

July 22, 2005

Master HG and Varitemp Heat Gun® Kits include heat gun, deflector for heat shrink materials up to ¾ in., 2¼ in. spreader, and 7/8 in. reducer attachments. Providing adjustable temperatures up to 1,000°F, guns feature die cast aluminum housing and universal motor with 23 cfm air flow. They include mica-insulated, ceramic heating element; double protected element housing; non-slip, rubber-backed adjustable base; and oil-resistant, neoprene, 3-wire grounded cord set. Read More

Portable Tools

Heat Guns melt and bend plastic and laminates.

March 15, 2005

General-purpose Economy Model HG-001VT offers 2-speed motor, electronic variable temperature control from 250-1,100°F, and built-in safety handle. Industrial Grade Models HG-002/003/005 offer flameless heat, adjustable air intake regulator, and variable temperature adjustment from 200-750°F. Units are suited for heating and drying, as well as smoothing vinyl wrinkles and softening floor tiles. Diffuser nozzles with reflectors and concentrators are available. Read More

Portable Tools

Heat Gun Kit repairs canoes and kayaks.

November 9, 2004

Used to repair cracks, punctures, and worn bottoms, Plastic Welding Kit HGK108 includes compact, 1,600 W Leister Triac hot air tool with adjustable temperature from 70º to 1,400ºF and air flow to 8 cfm. It also provides users with 4 lb of flat, round, and triangular plastic welding rod, supplied in ABS UC, PC, polyethylene, and polypropylene. Kit also includes tacking tip, two nozzle types, scrapers, pliers, side cutters, and rotary burr. Read More

Portable Tools

Contractor-Grade Heat Guns have ergonomic design.

November 8, 2004

Designed to work in tight spaces, Heat Elite Series includes 3 models with double insulated power cords, non-slip handles, and balanced weight distribution. HEAT ELITE has 660 and 930ºF temperature settings, while HEAT ELITE PRO features stepless temperature adjustment dial with variable temperature range from 180 to 1,020ºF. Both have 2-step on/off temperature and airflow control switch. HEAT ELITE PLUS has 7 preset application functions and LCD digital terminal. Read More

Portable Tools, Materials & Material Processing

Heat Gun offers precise heat and airflow control.

November 3, 2004

Proheat® Variair(TM) PH-1300 Heat Gun features separate controls for temperatures from 130-900°F and air flow from 1,425-3,550 fpm. Using closed loop feedback system, electronic circuitry maintains constant temperature at all airflow settings while using any of 5 attachments. UL Certified unit is suited for soldering and desoldering, heating temperature sensitive materials, bending and forming plastics, curing resins, drying filler, and shrinking tubing. Read More

Portable Tools

Battery Powered Heat Gun tests sensors safely.

September 28, 2004

Model MCH-100C Battery Powered Heat Gun Kit features 1¼ lb, hand-held tool that reaches 1,100°F and has built-in motor with fan to provide 2.66 cfm air flow. Equipped with 48 V rechargeable battery and interchangeable 200-400 W heating element, unit allows testing of heat sensors and fire alarms without an open flame. Read More

Portable Tools

Heat Gun Kit offers 500 and 1,000 °F settings.

January 5, 2004

Ecoheat(TM) EC-100K Kit contains Model EC-100 flameless heat gun, 7/8 in. air reducer, 1 in. heat shrink attachment, 1 15/16 in. and 3 1/8 in. spreader attachments, and manual packed in plastic carrying case. Built-in hand guard protects hands and fingers, while recessed switch guards against knocks and bumps. Kit is suited for drying, activating adhesives, bending plastics, curing defrosting coils, stripping paint, and shrinking tubing and packaging. Read More

Portable Tools

Heat Gun is approved for use around fueled aircraft.

November 19, 2003

Portable Battery-Powered Heat Gun, Model MCH-100 has passed Mil-Std-810 F Explosive Atmosphere Test for N-Hexane and JP-5 Aviation fuel. Featuring interchangeable heating elements from 200-400 W, and variety of nozzles, gun can reach temperatures up to 1,100°F. Built-in motor with fan provides 2.66 cfm air flow. Model MCH-100 is suited for installing heat shrinkable tubing, soldering, and welding plastic parts in remote locations. Read More

Thermal & Heating Equipment, Portable Tools

Infrared Heating Tool shrinks heat-shrink tubing.

August 6, 2003

Glo-Ring handheld tool heats without blowing hot air and operates silently. Quartz elements, available in sizes from ½ to 3 in. OD, open and close to surround work piece for quick and even heating. Custom elements are available for unique shrinking requirements. Glo-Ring is CE certified to meet all applicable EU safety standards. Read More