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Concrete Rotary Hammer hastens drilling while minimizing vibration.

November 11, 2014

Powered by 15 A motor, 26.2 lb HR5212C offers 19 J of impact energy, 2 in. capacity in concrete, and 9 m/sec² vibration rating. Latter is due to Anti-Vibration Technology (AVT®), which consists of synchronized, 3-component internal counterbalance system featuring air-actuated counterbalance, vibration-absorbing housing, and damper spring at base of impact bolt. Other features include soft start, torque-limiting clutch, and 2-mode operation for chipping only or hammering with rotation. Read More

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Welding Hand Tools include chipping hammer, multifunction pliers.

October 3, 2014

Radius™ chipping hammer facilitates cleaning and removal of remove slag from any weld. While head includes flat and spiked sides, spiral handle recuses shock. Constructed from drop-forged steel, welding pliers is designed for 6 functions: nozzle and tip installation, wire cutting, nozzle cleaning, spatter removal, and slag hammer. Welper®, designed for use with MIG welding guns, offers 8 functions in one pair of pliers. All three tools aid welding operators regardless of environment. Read More

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DTH Hammers and Bits are designed for down-the-hole drilling.

May 8, 2014

Designed to increase productivity in reverse circulation (RC) drilling and conventional down-the-hole (DTH) drilling, BLH™ series includes valved BLH5 and BLH3 hammers as well as valve-less BLH1. Bits are available to support all BLH hammers. BLH5 delivers balanced operation with minimized vibration as well as optimized productivity in various ground conditions, and BLH3 adds steel valve system. With minimal moving parts, BLH1 achieves balance between simplicity and performance. Read More

Portable Tools

Rotary Hammer delivers faster drilling with minimal vibration.

March 19, 2014

Featuring 1 9/16 in. capacity in concrete, 1,450–2,900 bpm AVT® HR4013C incorporates synchronized Anti-Vibration Technology (AVT) with 3 components — air-actuated counterbalance, vibration absorbing housing, and integrated damper spring at base of impact bolt — to reduce vibration to 5 m/sec² for operational efficiency and comfort. Dual mode tool offers 24 bit angle settings and one-touch sliding chuck. Motor, rated at 11 A, delivers 8.4 lb-ft of impact energy for accelerated drilling. Read More

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Corded, 1 in. Rotary Hammers are suited for overhead drilling.

February 27, 2014

To increase accuracy, model HR2611F, and model HR2621 feature Anti-Vibration Technology (AVT®) internal counterbalance system. Both models deliver 2.1 lb-ft impact energy and offer 3 selectable modes of operation: rotation only, hammering with rotation, or chipping only. Other features include sequential impact timing, variable speed trigger, and 40 bit angle settings. While HR2621 has ergonomic D-shaped handle with rubberized soft grip, HR2611F has LED light at base of pistol grip. Read More

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Cordless Brushless Rotary Hammer integrates dust containment.

September 17, 2012

Suited for commercial concrete applications, 10.2 lb LXRH011 is powered by 18 V Li-Ion battery and features SDS-PLUS shank, BL™ brushless motor, and trigger-activated HEPA Dust Xtraction Vacuum Attachment. BL brushless motor supports variable speeds from 0–950 rpm and 0–4,700 bpm, while separate vacuum motor promotes suction efficiency without sacrificing rotary hammer performance. Respectively, capacities for concrete, steel, and wood are 1, ½, and 1 1/16 in. Read More

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Multipurpose Mallet features balanced design.

August 30, 2011

Featuring FSC-certified hickory wooden handle, PB Swiss Tools Model PB 304 has 2 different shaped heads made of wear-resistant polyamide. Hardened head features steel plate covering polyamide head for flat striking surface, best suited for heavy-duty applications. Soft head, featuring crowned striking surface made of special polyamide material, is intended for precise, fine striking and other gentle or light-duty applications. Read More

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Rotary Hammer and Grinder Attachments contain dust in concrete applications.

February 9, 2011

Designed to work with Makita SDS-PLUS corded/cordless rotary hammers, Dustless Hammer Attachment 193472-7 features 17 in. hose, telescoping spring-loaded barrel, depth stop, bit size adjustment knobs, and built-in ruler. Grinder Dust Shroud 195236-5, intended for Makita 4 ½-5 in. grinders, has spring-loaded suspension system that keeps shroud flush to surface during movement and compensates for blade wear. Soft brushes help contain dust and allow for smooth movement over work surface. Read More

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Combination Hammer suits drilling and demolition applications.

January 6, 2011

Equipped with 15 A motor, Model KHE 76 provides rotational torque of 796 lb-in., max impact rate of 2,735 blows/min, and variable impact energy from 1-16 joules/blow. Vario-Tacho-Constamatic electronic speed control enables tool to maintain virtually constant rate of impact and speed between no-load and load. For added precision, chisel can be fixed in 12 positions. Impact reduction setting reduces impact energy by 30% when working with extremely pliable and brittle materials. Read More

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Breaker Hammer delivers up to 68 lb-ft of impact energy.

November 12, 2010

Weighing 65 lb, Brute BH2760VC combines ergonomically designed shock-absorbing handles with Active Vibration Control(TM) technology to substantially minimize vibration levels at source. Service Minder(TM) Brush System shuts tool off when brush replacement, lubrication, or preventative maintenance is needed, while grease-packed gear box and hammer mechanism eliminate uncertainty of jobsite lubrication. Tool is supplied with non-slip rubber cover to prevent tipping while in storage. Read More

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Impact Tools deliver 180 lb-ft max torque.

September 29, 2010

Combining impact with capabilities of ratchet, Hammerhead 2015MAX and 2025MAX feature 3/8 and ½ in. drive, respectively, with head-height of less than 2 in. and speeds up to 7,100 rpm. Tools include 2-position power regulator and forward/reverse collar that provides unrestricted access to change direction of tool in tight spaces. Knuckle-saver reactionless torque eliminates kickback and further protects technicians' hands while working in confined areas. Read More

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Cordless Rotary Hammer features shock-absorbent D handle.

August 13, 2010

Powered by 18 V LXT Li-Ion Battery Technology, Model BHR241 features variable speed motor that delivers 1-1,000 rpm and 0-4,000 bpm. Three-mode operation allows for rotation only, hammering with rotation, or hammering only. Providing 7/8 in. capacity in concrete and ½ in. capacity in steel, tool has chisel that rotates 360° with 40 locking positions, built-in clutch that minimizes gear damage by disengaging gears if bit binds, and Rapid Optimum Charging System that charges battery in 30 min. Read More

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Rotary Hammer balances power and ergonomics.

February 8, 2010

Featuring 8.4 A motor that delivers 950 W of input power, DH38YE2 is 1½ in. spline shank rotary hammer with dial that lets operator select hammer-only or hammer/drilling operation. It produces 5.9 ft/lb of impact energy for drilling and chiseling and offers 510 rpm full load speed and 2,800 bpm full load impact rate. Although it gives off vibration levels of 18.8 m/s² and noise of 95.2 dB at full load, soft elastomer handle absorbs vibration to promote operator comfort and control. Read More

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Impulse Hammers feature TEDS capability.

November 3, 2009

With head weight of 100 g, 5800BT Series of impulse hammers are available in 5 ranges, between 50-1,000 lbf. Acceleration compensated quartz force sensor ensures that hammer's self-resonances do not produce spurious bumps in output spectrum. Hammers include head assembly containing force sensor and handle with rubber grip, as well as interchangeable head extenders and variety of impact tips, including steel, aluminum and soft plastic. Read More

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Hydraulic Breaker offers optimal percussive power.

September 14, 2009

Designed with noise and vibration damping, Model MB 750 guarantees sound power level of 118 dB(A). Extra long retainer bars provide maximum contact surface to tool and lower hammer, and can be used on both sides for extended service life. Breaker is optionally available with DustProtector(TM) II 2-stage wiper system, which minimizes penetration of abrasive dust into breaker. Read More

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Pneumatic Hammers feature vibro-reduced housing.

September 10, 2009

Offering large D-handle and multiple gripping surfaces, chipping hammer Model TEX 05PE is developed for small jobs in soft material, while medium-weight pick hammers, Models TEX 09PE and TEX 12PE, handle medium to heavy applications in brick, concrete, or other hard materials. TEX 05PE comes with standard hexagonal 19 x 50 mm shank, while TEX 09PE and TEX 12PE come in 2 versions, one with standard 22 x 82.5 mm hexagonal shank and one with 25 x 75 mm round shank. Read More

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Rotary/Demotion Hammers offer vibration dampening features.

March 24, 2009

Both 11264EVS and 11265EVS 1 5/8 in. rotary hammers and 11321EVS 12 lb demolition hammer employ Vibration Control(TM) technology that reduces vibration at point of impact and increases impact energy. Also, shock-absorbent main handle features rubber damping elements to isolate user from vibration. Models 11264EVS/11265EVS deliver 8.1 lb-ft impact energy and have 170-340 rpm and 1,700-2,900 bpm operating range. Offering 9.6 lb-ft impact force, 11321EVS has 1,300-2,900 bpm operating range. Read More

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Chiseling Hammer is designed for optimal user control.

February 12, 2009

Measuring 18 in. long and weighing less than 17 lb, SDS-max MHE 56 provides 0-2,840 bpm with up to 14 J/impact, suited for precision removal of concrete and stone. It features 14 A motor, Vario Tacho Constamatic electronic soft start, and service indicator light. D support handle has integrated damping system and can be fitted at 3 different points on tool, and chisel is lockable in 12 positions. Tool comes with auto-stop carbon brushes and carbon brush wear indicator. Read More

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Rotary Hammers utilize lithium-ion battery technology.

December 19, 2008

Designed to drill holes for installation of concrete anchors, 2-mode 18 V Model DH18DL delivers 0-750/-1,500 rpm and 0-3,100/-6,200 bpm. Three-mode 25.2 V Model DH25DAL, suited for variety of drilling and chiseling tasks, delivers 0-550/-1,100 rpm and 0-2,250/0-4,500 bpm. SDS Plus cordless rotary hammers feature 2-step speed switches, factory set slip clutches that protect user and gears in event of bound bit, and idle strike restrictors that prevent no-load hammering. Read More

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Demolition Hammer features antivibration technology.

October 29, 2008

Equipped with 15 A motor, MHE 96 SDA-Max is suited for demolition in stone, concrete, and brick. Motor provides 0-1,950 bpm and 1-27 joules of single blow energy, while vario tacho constamatic electronic speed control enables tool to maintain virtually constant number of blows per minute between load and no-load. Measuring 27¾ in. long, hammer includes VibraTech technology, which incorporates damping system into main and side handles to minimize vibration and user fatigue. Read More