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Compact Woodworking Router features 1 1/4 hp motor.

March 28, 2012

Weighing 3.9 lb, RT0700C Compact Router offers variable speed control from 10,000-30,000 rpm, enabling user to match speed to application. Tool is double-insulated with heavy-duty aluminum motor housing, rack-and-pinion fine depth adjustment system, soft start feature, and electronic speed control that maintains constant speed under load. Router is also available in kit, Model RT0700CX3, which includes accessories as well as plunge, tilt, and offset base. Read More

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Diamond Coated Carbide Routers

December 8, 2011

Guhring has given new meaning to the phrase, "Diamonds in the rough," with the introduction of more resilient, diamond coated cutting tools in recent years. <4444>For slot and periphery milling in composite and fiberglass materials, Guhring's CR100 Diamond Coated Carbide Routers sport multiple flutes, that eliminate delamination in machine or hand routing applications. <4444>The special flute... Read More

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Solid-Carbide Routers suit CFRP applications.

December 6, 2011

Specifically engineered for machining carbon fiber reinforced polymer parts, Beyond(TM) KCN05(TM) Routers possess solid carbide substrate and HP diamond coating. Four models are available, including ball-nose router dedicated for pocketing and profiling, down-cut style with left-hand flutes that compress fibers as it cuts, compression-style router with left-hand flutes on shaft and right-hand flutes at bottom, and burr-style model with many thin flutes for optimized productivity. Read More

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Composite Cutting Routers accommodate range of materials.

November 11, 2010

Covering variety of materials and operations, Jabro routers include 5 solid carbide styles featuring DURA CVD diamond coating that provides thermal and abrasive barrier. Specific models include JC840 Left-Right Helix Router, JC850 Light Helix Ballnose Router, JC860 Honeycomb Router, JC870 Diamond Cut Router, and JC880 Light Helix Router. Depending on specific style, cylindrical shank diameters range from 3.0-20.0 mm. Read More

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Router Tables have self-contained, folding design.

June 24, 2009

Designed for beginners and DIY woodworkers, RAS800 comes with guard, featherboard, miter gauge, and bit inserts. Other features include integrated accessory storage bag, smooth laminated MDF top, and built-in tool-less mount. For advanced woodworkers, RAS900 adds quick-release router mount, tall fence with adjustable laminated MDF faces, bit height gauge, and dual featherboards. Also, starter pin and guard add support when routing curved work pieces. Read More

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CNC Router is equipped with stepper motors.

May 20, 2009

Available in sizes from 2 x 4 to 10 x 40 ft cutting surface, Routermate CNC router system has Z-axis bearings located at bottom of axis plate to maintain rigidity. Z-axis is re-circulating ball screw drive with traveling distance of 8.5 in., while all other drive systems are completely gear driven. Unit's table is adjustable in height from 6-34 in. and has cross slat brackets that are adjustable to left and right, allowing for side clamping of larger parts. Read More

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Bosch Expands Colt(TM) Palm Router Line with 10 New Accessories and PR20EVSNK Installer's Kit

October 24, 2006

Mount Prospect, Ill., October 4, 2006 - The Bosch 1.0 HP Colt(TM) Palm Router (PR20EVSK) forever changed the way woodworkers and contractors look at routers. Bosch recently expanded the Colt platform with the addition of 10 new accessories designed to increase the tool's versatility as well as the new multi-base PR20EVSNK Colt Palm Router Installer's Kit.<4444>These 10 new palm router... Read More

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Compact Router handles cutting of hardwoods.

October 20, 2006

Equipped with 5.6 A, 30,000 rpm motor, Model D26670 features spindle lock design that speeds bit changes using one wrench, and ¼ in. collet that enables users to cut with round-over bits, laminate bits, and variety of decorative detail bits. Model D26670 accepts standard guide bushings for cutting mini dovetails, hinge butt, and strike and latch templates. Additional features include extra-large base locking knob and large, vertical power switch. Read More

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Router operates from 15 A motor.

July 10, 2006

Designed for groove cutting, chamfering, window cutting, trimming, shaping, and pattern cutting, M12V2 plunge router features soft start 15 A motor that produces 3¼ peak hp. Dust guide diverts dust and debris away from workpiece and user, and collet chuck secures bit into armature shaft for maximum hold. Weighing 13.9 lb, M12V2 is equipped with electronic variable speed dial, produces 8,000-22,000 rpm, and can be converted for tabletop use. Read More

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Router Table includes pre-drilled router mounting plates.

June 20, 2006

Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table features 27 x 18 in. die-cast aluminum top that resists corrosion and distortion from element. Precise cuts are enabled by 4 7/8 x 25 1/8 in. aluminum fence with adjustable MDF face plates. Two adjustable featherboards can be mounted directly on fence or table to safely guide work. Designed for finish carpenters, remodelers, and woodworkers, table comes with 3 mounting plate insert rings, 1 adjustable clear guard, and 2 outfeed fence shims. Read More

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Router Trimming System is designed for plastics industry.

June 1, 2006

Mounted on single base plate, pre-engineered RoboTrim(TM) RT-500 router trimming and knife deflashing system is designed with access to 3 sides of fixture and servo table. Riser-mounted robot and servo-controlled rotating table allow processing of 60 x 60 x 36 in. high parts. Longer parts of up to 80 x 36 in. with shorter heights can also be processed. Ability to incorporate RPT AccuTrim(TM) R-44 or RPT AccuTrim(TM) R-110 robots allows users to adapt spindle size to part material. Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools, Portable Tools

Air-Powered Router speeds production.

March 7, 2006

Featuring base with adjustable depth up to 6 in., Model MP-22000RTR includes ¼ in. collet, button throttle for smooth operation and control, heavy-duty ball bearings, and replaceable plastic base cover. Air-powered unit is suited for wood, fiberglass, and aluminum routing in any factory or industrial environment. Read More

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CNC Profilers target stone industry.

December 23, 2004

Series GR Granite Profilers feature 10-pocket automatic tool changer and 40-taper, 10,000 rpm spindle with 15 hp vector drive that provides power and torque to profile laminated granite slabs up to 6 cm thick. Machines can radius edges, cut 2D and 3D contours, and perform sink cutouts and core drillings. Open-table design allows pod-mounting of large or awkwardly shaped workpieces. Brushless servo motors combined with high-pitch ballscrews produce rapids up to 2,100 ipm. Read More

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Carbide Routers machine plastic and composite materials.

March 2, 2004

High-speed, single-flute, solid carbide routers feature optimized rake and clearance angles to produce high material rates with improved surface finishes. Single-flute end mill geometry avoids chip melting and chip re-welding problems. Cutter dia. are from 1/16 to ½ in. with shank dia. from 1/8 to ½ in. Overall lengths are 1½ to 3 in. Shank dia. accuracy is -.0001 to -.0003 in. and cutter dia. are held to +.000 to .002 in. TIR is .0005 in. maximum. Read More

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Router features 13 A, 2¼ hp motor with soft-start.

May 14, 2003

BodyGrip® EVS Router uses electronic feedback circuitry for variable speed control from 10,000-24,000 rpm. Linear height adjustment system provides coarse adjustments to within 1/8 in. and microfine adjustments to 1/64 in. Wide 2½ in. sub-base center hole provides maximum bit visibility and clearance. Router includes ¼ and ½ in. self-releasing collets and also comes in kit version with impact resistant carrying case and integral RouterStation(TM). Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools, Portable Tools

Fixed Base Router offers max horsepower of 3 ½ hp.

January 8, 2003

Model 5625-20 features 15 A motor and electronic feedback circuitry offering electronic variable speed control from 10,000-22,000 rpm. Linear height adjustment system provides coarse adjustments to within 1/8 in. and microfine adjustments to within 1/64 in. Rubber dust-shield allows for dust-free access to height adjustment system. Tool includes ¼ and ½ in. self-releasing collets, 100% sealed ball bearings, impact-resistant handles, and 8 ft rubber cord. Read More

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Router Kit routs 3/4 in. thick stock flat on workbench.

July 2, 2002

Model 693VSPK's design combines plunge router and standard router by offering swappable fixed and plunge bases. Kit includes 1 3/4 hp variable speed motor, router edge guide, plastic carrying case, ¼ and ½ in. collets, and two collet wrenches. Model 9690VSK kit includes same tools as model 693VSPK except plunge base (not included). Each incorporates model 690LRVS, 11 amp router which features variable speed range between 10,000 and 27,500 rpm. Read More

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