Cable Cutters

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Wire Processing Equipment foster productivity via flexibility.

November 27, 2015

Due to quick change transport unit for belts, rollers, and shortmode, EcoStrip 9380 cut and strip machine delivers flexible capabilities. It works with diverse accessories, has color touchscreen UI, and can be integrated into networks. UniCrimp 100 benchtop crimping press, delivering up to 2 tons of force, has safety guards that can be completely opened and handles wires up to 10 AWG. ShieldCut 8100 safely cuts and removes braided shield layer from shielded cables. Read More

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Multi-Material Cutter offers programmable operation.

November 27, 2015

Featuring fully electric design, Model MMC71 is capable of cutting flat material up to 3.3 in. wide, tubing up to 3/16 in. OD, and wire up to 14 AWG stranded or 16 AWG solid. Programmable machine offers 10 fixed feed rates, 10 fixed cut rates, and storage for up to 99 batches and 10 kits, depending on available memory. Material guides are adjustable for each application. Typical applications include heat shrink tubing, silicone tubing, tapes, foils, and ribbon cable. Read More

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Multi-Material Cutter cuts tubing, tape, wire, and cable.

September 21, 2015

Featuring fully electric design, Model MMC71 is capable of cutting wide range of materials, including flat material up to 3.3 in. wide, tubing up to 3/16 in. OD, and wire up to 14 AWG stranded or 16 AWG solid. Programmable unit offers 10 fixed feed rates, 10 fixed cut rates, and storage for up to 99 batches and 10 kits. Material guides are adjustable for each application, and additional guide kits are available to allow multiple pieces of same material to be cut simultaneously. Read More

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Cut and Strip Machines handle shielded and coaxial cables.

December 9, 2014

Equipped with high-resolution indexing cutter head and programmable rotary incision capability, MultiStrip 9480 provides high-precision processing of coaxial and other shielded cable. SmartBlade system and magnetically held guides maximize output and production by minimizing changeover times. Offering semi-automatic operation, CoaxStrip 5200 multi-step coaxial stripping machine processes coaxial, multi-conductor cable and single conductor wire. Read More

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Bidirectional Cutter clears stubborn drain clogs.

August 5, 2014

Used for drain cleaning applications, Spider double cutter features front and rear blades. Cutting starts as cable feeds into line and continues as it retracts to increase chance of removing stoppages and promote thorough cleaning. Double U-Cutter and Double Heavy Duty Side Cutter models are both offered in 3 and 4 in. sizes, and Double U-Cutters can also be adapted to sectional machines or to other brands of cable-type drain cleaners. Read More

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Coax Cable Cutter cuts copper-clad steel cable.

July 30, 2014

Featuring specialized notched blade, Model CCS can cut steel-core coaxial cable without damaging knives or deforming cable. Shears can also cleanly cut and snip solid and stranded copper, aluminum, and UTP/STP twisted pair wires and cables. Made of through-hardened tool steel with hot-riveted joint, tool features high-leverage handles for one-handed operation. Cutter is suited for electricians, voice/data/video technicians, and security installers that work with variety of cables and wires. Read More

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Compact Cable Cutter combines ergonomics and capacity.

July 9, 2014

Designed for single-handed operation, ratcheted 500 MCM Cable Cutter (p/n 10569) cuts stranded, flexible copper, and aluminum cable up to 500 MCM (240mm²). Ergonomic, non-slip comfort grip handles facilitate cutting of larger cables, while precision ground fixed and moving cutting blades promote performance. Able to work in tight spaces, tool features locking latch for safe storage, quick blade release system in any position, and heat treated, high carbon tool steel cutting blades. Read More

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Drill Attachment helps utility linemen cut overhead cable.

April 23, 2014

Designed to fit onto corded or cordless drills, Merlin PowerBlade can cut through thick Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced cables in 20 sec or less. Unit features hardened blades and heavy-duty gears that are protected within reinforced, all-metal housing. Once installed, attachment is held in place with adjustable torque arm, while user grips ergonomic Santoprene handle for stability. To assure little or no cable distortion, blade is contoured to provide clean, rounded cutting of cable. Read More

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Electrician's Tools increase safety via 3-part insulation.

April 11, 2014

Comprised of New England style side cutters, diagonal cutters, long-nose pliers, cable cutters, pump pliers, and wire strippers, Electrician’s Insulated Tools are marked with 1,000 V symbol that indicates testing to 10,000 V. Injection-molded grips feature 3-part insulation; white underlayer acts as continuous sleeve around steel handle and serves as warning sign if insulation is compromised. Multi-color design features small thumb guards to facilitate handling and storage in tool belt. Read More

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Diagonal Cutting Pliers feature box-joint design.

February 25, 2014

Suitable for industrial, trade, and craft applications, X-Cut Pliers can cut through fine strands with precision, but also feature large jaw opening for multi-strand cables. Box-joint design provides stability and eliminates backlash movement, while slim shape of tool's head provides access in confined spaces. Manufactured of forged and oil-hardened chrome-vanadium, heavy-duty steel, cutters are available with polished or chrome-plated finish and multi-component handles. Read More

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Cable Cutter handles large MCM cables.

November 26, 2013

With 3.5 in. jaw opening, Big Kahuna™ Power Blade produces clean, installation-ready cuts on large-diameter, high-voltage, copper and aluminum electrical cables up to 1250 MCM in <20 sec. Contoured blade design minimizes cable distortion, while adjustable torque arm holds drill in place. Able to attach to any 12 V or higher drill, cutter features hardened, replaceable steel blades that last for thousands of cuts on 1250 MCM aluminum or copper cables. Read More

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Ratcheting Cable Cutter features front loading jaws.

November 7, 2013

With high-leverage ratchet mechanism, Open Jaw Cable Cutter allows for single handed cutting of 600 MCM copper and 750 MCM aluminum without leaving burrs or sharp edges. Tool can also cut 1 1/8 in. communication cable. Front loading jaws wrap around cable in confined spaces, while spring release lever quickly resets blades between cuts. For comfort and firm grip, tool has plastic covered handles and hand guards. Read More

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Cut and Strip Machine has modular system architecture.

July 2, 2013

Used for processing stranded wires, multi-conductor cables, and shielded cables up to 1.38 in. dia, MegaStrip 9650 can be configured to handle anything from simple stripping to multi-stage operations. RX technology is available for concentric rotary shield cutting, while options for axial slitting, inner-conductor processing, and special blades allow multiple steps to be included in one pass. Also included, 10 in. color touchscreen offers self-explanatory icons and intuitive navigation. Read More

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Multi-Step Stripping Machine offers semi-automatic operation.

March 28, 2013

Employing rotary stripping and cutting concept, CoaxStrip 5200 has color touchscreen and works with coaxial, multi-conductor cable and single-conductor wire. Universally designed blades, centralizers, and clamping jaws enable processing of full range of cables without requiring mechanical adjustments, and machine design facilitates access to LED-lit working area. Menu-driven data input system allows cable programs to be created, saved, and recalled for consistent, repeatable results. Read More

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Multi-Material Cutter offers max cutting force of 600 lb.

February 18, 2013

Able to produce round or flat material up to 3.94 in. wide and 5/8 in. thick, Model MMC200 can cut copper wire/cable, silver solder, power cords, cellophane, fiberglass sleeving, latex, fabrics, belting, flat/ribbon cable, strapping, hosing, and tubing. Microprocessor-controlled unit can be programmed to cut any length with 1% or better tolerance reliant on material construction. Programmable for up to 99 batches and 10 fixed feed rates, MMC200 is rated to cut up to 7,592 two inch pieces/hr. Read More

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Wire/Cable Cut and Strip Machine processes wires up to 2/0 AWG.

March 11, 2011

Combining precision indexing cutter head technology with servo drives and intelligent force/speed management, PowerStrip 9550 handles stranded wire and multi-conductor cables as well as coaxial and other shielded cables. Machine includes 10.5 in. color touchscreen and SmartBlade(TM) system, which uses exchangeable cartridge to hold all blades and tools for specific application. Since machine is modular in construction, various processing modules can be combined with various function modules. Read More

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Cable Cutter includes auto clamping feature.

September 27, 2010

Designed to accommodate any cable from 14-2 to 10-4 or 3/8 in. Flex, Roto-Split RS-101B automatically adjusts to cable OD, eliminating need for thumb screw. Unit includes self-tightening blade system and ergonomic crank handle with offset for max hand clearance. Blade penetration is set at factory to prevent nicking of wires in standard size AC/MC cable. Featuring die cast, epoxy-enameled body, cutter has storage cartridge in knob for up to 6 blades. Read More

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Battery Operated Cable Cutter weighs less than 7 ½ lb.

March 5, 2010

Equipped with 2 1/8 in. dia blade opening for cutting jacketed underground cables, ES1000 can cleanly cut 1,000 kcMil copper and aluminum cable in less than 8 sec. It features forward/reverse lever and precision ground, extra thick blades that do not flex during cut. Measuring only 14 ¾ in. long, lightweight cutter runs on 14.4 V battery that recharges in 1 hr and performs around 35 cuts per charge. Each tool comes with 2 batteries, molded carrying case, and 120 or 230 V battery charger. Read More

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Cut and Strip Tool is self adjustable.

February 27, 2009

With ability to strip wires with insulation types from PVC to PTFE, cut-and-strip tool cuts stranded wires up to 8 AWG and solid wires up to 16 AWG. It removes insulation from copper/fiber optic audiovisual, data transmission, instrumentation, signal, and telephone cables up to 11 mm and insulation up to 1 mm. Other features included are replacement blade and jaw inserts, interchangeable stripping cassettes, and 9 position blade height adjustment wheel provides adjustability/repeatability. Read More

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Wire and Flexible Tubing Cutter offers automated operation.

February 17, 2009

Able to cut wire, tubing, sleeving, and more to programmed length and number of pieces, WC302 supports 9 variable feed rates for choosing correct rate for any given material to optimize production rate, repeatability, and cut length accuracy. As many as 99 batches may be programmed, each containing all variables for specific frequently run jobs. Also included, kitting feature allows for multiple pieces of different lengths to be cut within one batch; up to 10 kits can be programmed. Read More