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Welding Hand Tools include chipping hammer, multifunction pliers.

Oct 03, 2014

Radius™ chipping hammer facilitates cleaning and removal of remove slag from any weld. While head includes flat and spiked sides, spiral handle recuses shock. Constructed from drop-forged steel, welding pliers is designed for 6 functions: nozzle and tip installation, wire cutting, nozzle cleaning, spatter removal, and slag hammer. Welper®, designed for use with MIG welding guns, offers 8... Read More

Portable Tools

Lineman's Wrench features 6-in-1 design.

Oct 01, 2014

Measuring 8 in. long with ½ in. thick handle, 100 TDE Dual End Ratchet Wrench features ratcheting socket end with ¾, 13/16, 1, and 1 1/8 in. sizes and ratcheting box end with 9/16 and ¾ in. hex sizes. Latter will also turn 5/8 in. square nuts. For work in tight spots, socket end only requires 11° swing while gear end requires 12° swing. Made of cast-iron, wrench has bolt-through... Read More

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Emuge Introduces Tool Program for Efficient, Economical Threading of Nickel-Based Alloys

Sep 30, 2014

Includes Taps Featuring Advanced Geometry and New VHC Technology. WEST BOYLSTON, MA U.S.A. – Today, Emuge Corp. (www.emuge.com) announced they are introducing a comprehensive line of high-performance tools for threading demanding nickel / super alloy materials to 46 HRC. The new program includes tools ranging from taps with unique new geometry designs to... Read More

Portable Tools

Hose Clamp Pliers feature rotatable tips for tight grabbing.

Sep 29, 2014

Made specifically for opening hose clamps up to 3 in. in diameter, Cobra® Hose Clamp Pliers are maneuverable for all different angles enabling use in confined areas. Unique design of tips minimizes slipping off workpiece, while pushbutton allows for fine adjustment. Made from German chrome vanadium electric steel, forged and oil hardened, pliers have box-joint design for stability and... Read More

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Storage Platform keeps grinders and accessories within reach.

Sep 25, 2014

With magnetic or universal c-clamp base, Grinder Rest respectively allows tabletop or table edge storage of frequently used handheld, 4½ or 5 in. grinders and grinder components. Product ensures safe storage of grinder, wrench, and spare discs and keeps them near work area to promote efficiency in shop or field. While cable wrap hook allows safe storage of grinder's... Read More

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All-Electric Tube Hone handles bore ID's up to 35.41 in.

Sep 22, 2014

Combining servo precision and cycle-automation features with 0.004 in. stroke repeatability, Model HTR can hone blind bores or correct tight spots in bore without operator intervention. Modular design can be configured for stroke lengths from 8–46.2 ft. Machine's 12 kW spindle motor, combined with 4-step gearbox, produces constant power band through entire speed range of 10–470 rpm for... Read More

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Solid Carbide Milling Cutters reduce micro fracturing.

Sep 19, 2014

Designed for stability and to minimize likelihood of micro fracturing, Walter Prototyp Supreme MB265/MB266 feature coolant strategy without radial exits, V-cutting edges that increase ramping angle, and one cutting edge to center. Engineered primarily for use with ISO N material group, these milling tools come in WJ30UU (uncoated) grade; Supreme MB265 is also available in WJ30CA (CrN coated)... Read More

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CS Unitec's Model 5 6005 0010 Air Reciprocating Saw

Sep 15, 2014

CS Unitec's versatile reciprocating saw, The Wolf, makes straight cuts in steel and has a long orbital stroke for cutting softer materials including wood, plastic and aluminum. A selector switch easily changes the stroke setting to either straight or orbital. Model 5 6005 0010 is designed with a powerful 1.6 HP pneumatic motor for cutting steel pipe and channel from 1/2" up to 6" diameter and... Read More

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Plasma Cutting/Gouging System is designed for manual applications.

Sep 10, 2014

Delivering 100% duty cycle at 200 A, PAK® 200i supports hand cutting up to 2¾ in. on mild steel, as well as 10 ipm on 2 in. carbon steel, and will remove up to 25 lb of carbon steel per hour. Upon accidental tip-to-work piece contact, Tip Saver Plus feature folds back current to 35 A to ensure tip is not damaged. System can be configured to operate at 380–415 V, 480 V, or 400 V CE, and... Read More

Portable Tools

Multi-Bit Screwdriver Kit ensures right tool is always available.

Sep 09, 2014

Designed for security and traditional application professionals, 22-in-1 Security Screwdriver Kit (p/n 19105) features 11 double-ended shaft-style bits, which include multiple sizes of security Torx®, hex, and Robertson, along with spanners and tri-wings. Standard slotted and Phillips bits are also included, and shaft design can reach screws recessed up to 5 in. deep. To facilitate... Read More

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Southwire Launches 42 New Voice-Data-Video Tools

Sep 09, 2014

New VDV Tools Meet Key Installer Needs and Expand Southwire Tools & Equipment Line CARROLLTON, Ga. -- Southwire will unveil a new line of over 40 voice-data-video (VDV) tools at CEDIA Expo 2014, a showcase for new audio, video, control, networking and lighting products taking place in Denver from Sept. 10-13. The new VDV tools complement Southwire's full line of Low-Voltage cable products and... Read More

Portable Tools

Portable Magnetic Drill can be converted to standard drill press.

Sep 08, 2014

Featuring 8.2 A motor and no-load speed of 450 rpm, MABasic 200 drills up to 1¼ in. dia, 5¾ in. depth with annular cutters in structural steel and other metals. This heavy-duty, single-speed, 14¼ in. tall, 27 lb tool accepts cutters with ¾ in. Weldon Shank. With optional chuck, product converts to standard drill press with 6 1/3 in. stroke for... Read More

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Samuel Strapping Systems' Completes New Equipment Install at HW Culp

Sep 08, 2014

Since their start in 1925, HW Culp has been producing high quality lumber, with annual production exceeding 100 million board feet per year, for wholesale customers at competitive prices. With this in mind, the need for a fast and reliable lumber strapper has always been important to the company; however, due to changes in the business, the previous machine was no longer up to the job. "The... Read More

Portable Tools

Cordless Rotary Tool integrates LED front-end lighting.

Sep 05, 2014

Featuring ergonomic design for detailed projects and tight spaces, Dremel® Micro™ 8050 enables user to select optimal speed for each application, ranging from 5,000–28,000 rpm. Unit operates on 8 V Max Lithium-ion battery and has LED smart features such as front-end lighting, variable speed indicator, and fuel gauge. Additional features include Quick Collet Lock for fast accessory changes,... Read More

Portable Tools

Pipe Press Kits feature blow-molded carrying case.

Sep 04, 2014

Weighing 21 lb lighter than previous models to facilitate carrying on and off jobsite, MegaPress® Kits include RIDGID Press Tools, Jaws, Rings, and Prep Tools built for demanding applications. Flameless system eliminates need for hot work permits. Press connections can be made on wet system. Kits include ½–2 in. Full MegaPress Kit and ½–1 in. Jaw-Only MegaPress Kit. Read More

Portable Tools

Cordless Impact Wrench delivers precise fastening control.

Sep 03, 2014

Combining extended run time of brushless motor technology with 18V LXT® Lithium-Ion 4.0 Ah battery, Model XWT02M provides 3 speed settings for fastening applications with ½ in. sockets. Low, Medium, and High Speed settings offer speeds from 0–1,600, 0–2,100, and 0–2,800 rpm with 0–1,800, 0–2,600, and 0–3,500 impacts/min, respectively. Star Protection Computer Controls™ allow... Read More

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EC&M Announces Klein® Tools Wins 2014 Product of the Year

Sep 03, 2014

Klein Tools’ Open Jaw Cable Cutter Receives Platinum Award (Lincolnshire, IL) - Klein Tools (www.kleintools.com , for professionals since 1857, was awarded the ECM Product of the Year award for the Open Jaw Cable Cutter (Cat. No. 63711). The new tool earned high marks for solving a common problem identified by customers. Electricians and overhead and... Read More

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Eraser's Model MMC200 Can Cut a Virtually Limitless Range of Materials

Aug 29, 2014

Eraser's Model MMC200 Multi-Material Cutter offers users a wide range of industrial cutting applications. The unit can process tubing up to 5/8" (15.8mm) OD, flat material up to 3.94" (100mm) wide and round copper wire up to 10AWG (2.58mm) solid.  Rollers and diameter settings are easily adjusted to accommodate different material sizes. Boasting a maximum cutting force of 600 pounds, the... Read More

Portable Tools

Ergonomic Scissor cleanly cuts difficult threads, cords, yarns.

Aug 26, 2014

Designed for cutting threads, cords, and yarns that are waxed, fluffy, soft, and slippery, Model 441 Thread & Cord Scissor is ergonomically designed with open handles for comfortable fit in smaller hands. Design does not have any finger loops and includes soft rubber grips and Light-Touch™Â return spring. Sharp, tapered cutting blades feature one serrated edge for holding threads, cords,... Read More