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Reflective Optical Coating optimizes output of LED lighting.

August 24, 2015

Used in manufacturing of LED lamps and lighting assemblies, Dow Corning® CI-2001 optimizes light output and efficiency while offering resistance to aging and UV light. White silicone coating features low viscosity of 1,500 cP which optimizes flow and fills in narrow gaps and spaces. Curing at room temperature to tough, resilient non-tacky surface, CI-2001 can be applied to large variety of substrates, such as polycarbonate, aluminum, and PMMA. Read More

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WACKER Presents New High-Performance Release Agents for PSA Labels

August 10, 2015

LABELEXPO EUROPE 2015 Munich – "Let’s make the perfect combination" is the motto under which the Munich-based chemical company WACKER is showcasing highly efficient coating compounds for the paper and film coating industry at Labelexpo Europe 2015. The focus is on four new silicone polymers for industrial label applications. They are solvent-free and cure extremely quickly, which is why... Read More

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Silicone Resin and UV Cure Coating protect electrical components.

March 18, 2015

Curing within seconds upon exposure to UV light or within 2 hr at 80°C for curing in shadowed areas, UVCL protects electronic circuitry produced in high volumes. VOC-free, low-viscosity conformal coating allows application of relatively thin films without need for dilution. Also available, SC3001 silicone resin consists of optically clear and flexible 2-part encapsulation compound that helps to protect and insulate LED components from harsh/challenging environments. Read More

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McLube Has New Releases/ Products for Engineered Wood

January 29, 2015

The McLube Division of McGee Industries, Inc. has manufactured release since 1954. Currently, there are more than 100 products manufactured to satisfy diverse industry needs. Some of the new releases for engineered wood include:  McLube 1777 A water dilutable dispersion of solid active ingredients (PTFE) which is particularly effective for release of hard-to-release binder systems. This product... Read More

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Stainless Steel Paint withstands up to 1200°F.

November 28, 2014

Adhering to cast and machined metal surfaces, Dampney Thurmalox® 282 will not discolor, chip, crack, or peel at temperatures up to 1,200°F. High-heat, one-component silicone coating comes in aerosol spray cans as well as quarts and gallons for application by brush or roller. In addition to industrial heaters, vents, conveyors, compressors, piping, and turbines, paint is suited for automotive exhaust manifolds, BBQ pits, smokers, and grills. Read More

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Silicone Release Coating offers flat release profile.

September 15, 2014

Targeting low-platinum, solventless systems, Silcolease®Poly 356 provides flat release over broad range of strip speeds, enabling label manufacturers to boost productivity. Product provides good cures at high coating line speeds, effective cure on thermally sensitive substrates, and wide range of release levels with addition of release modifiers. Silcolease®Poly 356 anchors to most substrates and has optimized bath stability. Read More

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Silicone Curative optimizes epoxy polysiloxane topcoats.

July 8, 2014

Designed to optimize durable flexibility of epoxy polysiloxane protective topcoats in marine applications, without sacrificing weatherability, SiVance® C1008 Curative solves problems of brittleness and cracking that can develop over time as coating cures. Product is fully miscible with hydrogenated bisphenol-A epoxy resins. In addition to marine applications, C1008 is suited for coatings used on piping, bridges, wind turbines, offshore platforms, structural steel, and heavy equipment. Read More

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White Reflective Coating suits LED lighting applications.

June 12, 2014

Designed to spray onto almost any surface, CI-2001 White Reflective Silicone Coating forms tough layer with internal high reflectivity. Product delivers optimized mechanical, thermal, and optical stability at elevated temperatures, allowing LED lamp and luminaire components to maintain high reflectivity as well as consistent color and structural performance over lifetime. Read More

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EV Group and Brisbane Materials Introduce Novel Anti-Reflective Coating Solution for LED Lighting Applications at Strategies in Light 2014

March 3, 2014

Unique anti-reflective materials combined with coating equipment and process expertise create 'total' AR coating solution to increase lumen output by up to eight percent SANTA CLARA, Calif. - STRATEGIES IN LIGHT- EV Group (EVG), a leading supplier of wafer bonding and lithography equipment for the MEMS, nanotechnology, solar and semiconductor markets, and Brisbane Materials Technology (BMT),... Read More

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Electrolube's Thermal Products for LEDs a Resounding Success at Productronica India

September 20, 2013

Electrolube, the leading manufacturer of high performance electro-chemicals for the electronics, automotive and industrial manufacturing industries, has reported an overwhelming response from visitors at Productronica India to the company's new thermal management products for LED production. The specialist chemicals manufacturer returned from the show with an impressive enquiry list from new... Read More

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Dow Corning Showcases Benefits of High-Performance Silicones for Next-Generation LED Designs at LIGHTFAIR® International 2013

April 26, 2013

Philadelphia – Dow Corning, a global leader in silicones,silicon-based technology and innovation is showcasing at LIGHTFAIR® International 2013 (booth #159) how LED designers and manufacturers can capitalize on the unique benefits that advanced silicone materials offer the fast-growing LED lighting industry. On display at the company’s booth, LED applications and live demonstrations are... Read More

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World's First at Cigre 2012: Wacker Presents Solvent-Free Silicone Coating for Insulators

August 21, 2012

Munich - WACKER, the Munich-based chemical group, will, for the first time, showcase a solvent-free silicone coating for electrical insulators at CIGRE 2012. The one-component emulsion called POWERSIL® 570 PLUS is applied by spraying and then cures to form a water-repellent silicone coating. The coating considerably increases the reliability and fail-safe characteristics of insulators for... Read More

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Electrolube Showcases New Silicone Resins, Conformal Coatings, and Non-Silicone Thermal Products at NEPCON South China

August 21, 2012

Electrolube, the global manufacturer at the forefront of chemicals technology for the electronics, automotive and industrial manufacturing industries, will showcase its newest SC Silicone range and non-silicone thermal products to the Chinese market at NEPCON South China 2012, taking place between the 28th to the 30th August at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Centre.<4444>The new SC range... Read More

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Advanced Materials Development of "High-Performance Metal Pretreatments" Aims to Improve US Manufacturing

May 17, 2012

The National Science Foundation provides a two-year Small Business Innovation Research grant to Ecosil Technologies<4444>FAIRFIELD, Ohio - It was announced today that the National Science Foundation (NSF) has granted Ecosil Technologies LLC funding for a two-year program to further demonstrate SILSBOND(TM), the company's innovative and environmentally friendly metal surface treatment product. ... Read More

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H.C. Starck - Molybdenum Sputtering Targets and Silicon Nitride Powders for the Photovoltaic Industry - PVSEC 2011

September 7, 2011

NEWTON, Massachusetts - As a world leader in vertically integrated manufacturing of molybdenum sputtering targets for back contacts in CIGS and CdTe solar modules, H.C. Starck is proud to be a sponsor of the Welcome Reception as well as exhibitor at this year's 26th European PV Solar Energy Exhibition, September 5-9, in Hamburg, Germany. Samples of highly engineered planar and monolithic... Read More

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Sun Chemical to Demonstrate Commitment to Narrow Web Market at Label Expo, Brussels 2009

November 16, 2009

LONDON, UK - 28 August 2009 - Sun Chemical will be demonstrating its commitment to delivering quality, service and innovation for the narrow web market at Label Expo Europe in Brussels from 23 - 26th September 2009.<4444>Delegates at the conference can expect to learn more about the fully upgraded range of core products within the Solaris® system which offers increased productivity, added value... Read More

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Silicone Release Coating suits filmic applications.

September 14, 2009

Offering adhesion to both primed and unprimed polyester films, solvent-free Syl-Off® System includes base coating, anchorage additive, choice of crosslinkers, and platinum catalyst. System uses thermal-cure technology and offers stability against both solvent and water-based acrylic adhesives. Applications include filmic pressure sensitive laminate and labelstock, polyester release films, and release liners for polyester technical adhesive tapes. Read More

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PCB Conformal Coating cures tack free in less than 5 min.

September 9, 2009

With ability to maintain low modulus over temperature range of -65 to +200°C, Master Sil 773 is formulated to provide protection to electronic circuitry in high humidity environments as well as upon exposure to shock and vibration. One part, ultra low viscosity silicone conformal coating can be applied by dipping, spraying, brushing. Coating offers volume resistivity of 1x1014 W-cm, dielectric strength of 25 kV/mm, dielectric constant of 3.3, 60 Hz and dissipation factor of 1x10-4. Read More

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Hybrid Hard Coat protects surfaces prone to abrasion.

June 9, 2009

Combining silicone and fluorine resins and polymers, Hybrid Hard Coat Technology provides hard weather-resistant coating with low surface energy. UV-cure coating contains no ozone depleting chemicals, has high solids content, and is PFOA free. It can be used on many common substrates and is specially designed for portable electronic devices such as cell phones, computers, MP3 players, and GPS units, as well as automotive components. Read More

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Dow Corning Materials Give New Life to Historical Building Facades

May 13, 2009

Date: May 4, 2009<4444>Silicone Solutions Help Restore and Protect Building Structures<4444>MIDLAND, MI: Silicone sealants and coatings from Dow Corning are working behind the scenes to help construction engineers combat and repair weather damage to large, stately building façades. Silicone sealants and coatings are used to repair failed weatherseals and revitalize a building's appearance,... Read More