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Unrivaled Line-X Protective Coatings Boost Work Fleet Performance at the 2017 NTEA Work Truck Show

March 10, 2017

– American-Made, Scientifically Advanced ‘Armor’ Extends Vehicle Life and Enhances Performance for Work Trucks, Fleet Vehicles and Associated Equipment –

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., (March 9, 2017) – LINE-X, a global leader in powerful polyurea coatings designed to deliver extreme protection in the most mission-critical conditions, will be featuring their full line of protective... Read More

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Michelman Hosting Multiple Product Showcase Presentations at ECS 2017

March 9, 2017

CINCINNATI, OH (March 7, 2017) – Michelman will be hosting four product showcase presentations at the European Coatings Show being held April 4-6 in Nuremberg, Germany. The wide-ranging presentations will cover numerous critical topics.

Dr. Julien Verron, Industry Manager, Coatings Group at Michelman will present details on a novel new waterborne direct-to-metal coating resin that... Read More

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New Die Design for Multi-Layer Fluid Coating Makes Changing Die Gaps Easier, More Accurate, and Less Prone to Human Error

March 8, 2017

Nordson Innovation Makes the Economic and Productivity Benefits of Multi-Layer Slot Dies More Accessible by Eliminating Calculation in Use of Shims to Achieve Lip Face Alignment

CHIPPEWA FALLS, WI, U.S.A., March 6, 2017: A new, patent-pending design for dual- or multi-layer versions of Nordson Corporation’s Premier™ and Ultracoat™ fluid coating dies makes it easier to achieve... Read More

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Polyaspartic Coating System for Concrete and Steel Surfaces

March 7, 2017

Polyset, a leading manufacturer of high performance coating systems, offers a two-component, fast-curing polyaspartic coating system that can be applied directly to prepared concrete or metal surfaces. Ply-Guard AS exhibits superior color and gloss retention, excellent abrasion, impact, and wear resistance, and excellent Direct-To-Metal (DTM) coating – passing 2,000 hours of testing in... Read More

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Liquid NanoTint is the First Nano-Insulation Glass Coating to be Implemented into a Federal Building

March 3, 2017

DryWired's Liquid NanoTint thermal insulation coating for glass was selected by the Texas National Guard to be a part of the energy efficiency retrofits being performed on two of its readiness centers - in Weatherford, Texas and Terrell, Texas in the last few weeks. Liquid NanoTint was used to coat un-insulated single-pane glass in order to increase the building's energy conservation... Read More

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Liquid NanoTint added to Google's Healthy Materials Program

March 3, 2017

DryWired's Liquid NanoTint has been added to Google's Healthy Materials Program

Google's Healthy Materials Program was created to identify the healthiest products and materials for every Google building around the world.

Portico was developed by the Healthy Building Network team led by Chief Technology Officer Larry Kilroy, in collaboration with Google, to advance... Read More

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101X Receives UL Recognized Component Certification

March 3, 2017

DryWired's 101X, a hydrophobic coating for electronics, has been recognized as a UL compliant component.

DryWired's 101X is now certified as a coating for use on UL recognized printed wiring boards. This means no additional certification is needed to use the UL mark on a finished good that wishes to use the 101X coating. To achieve this certification, the 101X cured coating was... Read More

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Hydrophobic Metal Coating- Extensive Line of Coating from Nanoslic

March 3, 2017

Nanoslic enlisted organization applies high accuracy optical coatings to the surface of glass substrates to change the collaboration with wavelengths of light as far as reflectance, transmittance, and retention and additionally scraped area resistance and electrical conductivity. The broad line of coatings offered by the organization incorporates various standard and off-the-rack medications... Read More

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Nordson ASYMTEK Exhibits Innovative Technologies for Dispensing and Conformal Coating Systems at IPC APEX 2017 Booth 1611

February 2, 2017

Sponsor of the IPC's 60th anniversary celebration

Carlsbad, CA, USA - 31 January 2017 - Nordson ASYMTEK, a Nordson company (NASDAQ: NDSN), will exhibit its latest and most popular technologies for fluid dispensing, jetting, conformal coating, and hot bar soldering in booth 1611 at the IPC APEX tradeshow, in San Diego, California, being held February 14-16, 2017. ASYMTEK is joining... Read More

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AGC Chemicals Americas to Showcase Advantages of LUMIFLON® FEVE-Based Coatings for Exterior Architectural Applications

February 2, 2017

EXTON, Pa., February 1, 2017 - Hongli Wang, Ph.D., Senior Technical Development Engineer with AGC Chemicals Americas Inc., will present on value-added FEVE formulations for high performance powder coatings at the 2017 Waterborne Symposium. Dr. Wang will discuss the exceptional weatherability, corrosion and chemical resistance and environmental benefits of FEVE resin-based powder coatings.... Read More

Materials & Material Processing, Paints & Coatings

Color Pigment System comes with ColorActiv® Technology.

January 30, 2017

Used for military vehicles and structures, Color Pigment System is highly reflective, energy saving colorants. Depending on color choice, product offers 23% to 77% reflectivity. Allowing dark colors with more reflectivity, product's colorActiv® technology reduces surface temperature.

Read More

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Tank Connection Unveils Glass/Porcelain Enamel Coating Line

January 28, 2017

PARSONS, Kan., Jan. 26, 2017 - Tank Connection, headquartered in Parsons, KS, is nearing completion of an expansion at their Galesburg, KS facility. This equipment expansion consists of the most technologically advanced setup for the application of glass/porcelain enamel-to-steel panels to support continued growth in their liquid storage markets. The new glass-fused-to-steel tank panel line... Read More

Materials & Material Processing, Paints & Coatings

Borosilicate and Aluminosilicate Glass Solutions offer EMI shielding.

January 27, 2017

Enhancing product reliability and scratch resistance, Borosilicate and Aluminosilicate Glass Solutions are used on image and biosensors, displays and touch panels. Borosilicate glass solutions are available in 0.3 to 1.1 mm thickness whereas Aluminosilicate Glass Solutions are available in 0.4 to 0.21 mm thickness. Used as bolt or blond in layers, product can accommodate flexible and non-flat... Read More

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ZCR Coatings are resistant to chemical and heat.

January 27, 2017

Used in industrial 3D metrology, gesture recognition and digital imaging applications, ZCR Coatings enable Sensor and Laser Scanners for VIS 425-675nm, VIS-NIR 425-1050nm, SWIR 700-1800nm and LED wavelengths from 405 to 1550nm. Coatings are designed for image sensors and scanners used in machine vision, document scanners and digital imaging applications. Product has oleo/hydrophobic surfaces... Read More

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Diba’s DP3® Probe Polishing Reduces Carryover by up to 75 Percent

January 21, 2017

Highly polished probes can save cycle time and ensure consistent fluid handling

Danbury, Conn. (January 19, 2017) – The DP3® polishing process from Diba Industries, Inc. improves the performance of stainless steel and other metallic probes used for IVD and diagnostic instruments. Diba’s proprietary process creates an extremely smooth and durable internal surface that reduces... Read More

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GP4850 Polyaspartic Floor Coating provides uniform and smooth finishing.

January 19, 2017

Available in clear and standard packaged colors, GP4850 Polyaspartic Floor Coating minimize potential for roller marks. Providing 15 to 20 minutes setting time, GP4850 offers low-temperature cure, mechanical strength and chemical resistance. Having 6 to 36 hours recoat window, product provides improved flow and leveling characteristics. Coatings can be squeegeed or roll applied on concrete... Read More

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Improve the Performance and Durability of Industrial Surfaces with Metal Protective Coatings

January 10, 2017

Metal Protective Coatings are in huge demand across different sectors of a widespread industry. Industries invest a significant amount in procuring vital capital assets that play a primary role in performing various productional and functional duties. Since these equipments are continuously exposed to harsh environmental elements, these become more prone to corrosion and rust which in turn... Read More

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ArmorGalv® Thermal Zinc Diffusion Coating provides zero emissions.

December 19, 2016

With 1,000+ hours of corrosion resistance, ArmorGalv® Thermal Zinc Diffusion Coating offers uniform deposition coating. Poised to revolutionize industrial fastener market, unit eliminates the risk of hydrogen embrittlement. Including dowel bushings, spring dowels, spacers and compression limiters, device is recognized by Environmental Protection Agency. Maximizing corrosion protection, unit... Read More

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Chemline Premium Concrete Coatings Protect Structural Integrity and Reduce Down Time

December 13, 2016

St. Louis, MO - Chemline fast-set spray polyurea coatings protect concrete and precast concrete by preventing moisture migration from the surface into the substrate, where it can cause significant corrosion to the internal rebar and impact structural integrity. Chemline coatings also reduce costly down time on the plant floor by allowing for a quick return of treated materials to production.... Read More

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Rigaku Innovative Technologies Announces Precision EUVL Optical Coatings for Manufacturing Reflective Mirrors Used In Semiconductor Printing

December 1, 2016

Reflective optics critical for high speed printing of chip patterns onto wafers

Rigaku Innovative Technologies (RIT), a global supplier of high performance multilayer optics, announces a range of precision extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUVL) optical coatings for manufacturing reflective mirrors for semiconductor industry wafer pattern printing. RIT’s reflective optics are critical... Read More