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Print Feeder has cycle times up to one second per tote.

Jun 10, 2002

Laser quality Print-Feeder suits On Demand documents. It accelerates order fulfillment by intelligently printing and inserting packing slips, invoices, statements, and marketing information into passing totes or boxes on conveyor lines. Scanner, positioned upstream, determines what orders require documents, which are printed and stored in its buffer. Cycle time is independent of printer's... Read More

Material Handling & Storage, Packaging Products & Equipment

Load Transfer Station includes pallet dispenser module.

Jun 06, 2002

Load Transfer Station removes original pallet and automatically replaces it with outbound pallet without assistance of forklift. Single pallets can be tranferred by selecting Manual Override Cord. Pallet dispenser becomes dormant and unit operates as standard Semi-Automatic Load Transfer Station. Systems can transfer from 3 to 55 loads per minute. They include overhead pivot pole controls, hour... Read More

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Slider Zipper seals large bags.

Jun 05, 2002

ArrowSlide® rip-n-zip® resealable bag closure system works on large multi-wall paper or plastic bags from 8 to 21 in. wide, regardless of weight of packaged product. Slider remains tightly affixed to zipper profile during filling and distribution processes, eliminating chance of slider pop-off. One-piece slider and zipper profiles are made of FDA-approved plastic materials and are suitable... Read More

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Liquid Filling System accommodates 6 to 36 fill stations.

May 24, 2002

Economy Rotary Top Drive Filling System is suitable for all free-flowing, non-carbonated liquids including food, beverages, cosmetics, and chemicals. It provides foam control, easy height and fill-level adjustment, and quick-change recirculating nozzle. Power transmission and timing-screw assemblies are positioned on top of machine, keeping important components away from wetted areas. Read More

Packaging Products & Equipment

Baler compacts up to 30 tons per hour.

May 16, 2002

Custom-engineered T-Rex baler offers 80 x 70 in. hopper that readily accepts large quantities of bulky materials without pre-processing or shredding of incoming waste. Hydraulic cylinder, with 12 in. diameter, delivers more than 339,000 lbs of compression force to compact old corrugated container (OCC) scrap into evenly compacted bales weighing up to 3,000 lbs. Automatic wire tier is standard. Read More

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Brush Tips apply materials consistently.

May 16, 2002

Dispensing Brush Tips, in soft and hard styles, are suitable for applying consistent brush deposits of most materials, particularly grease and lubricants. Tapered bristles ensure accurate applications and long life. Both styles are connected to syringe or dispensing valve by a quick-release Luer-Lock fastening. They can be used with any of company's automatic or manual dispense systems. Read More

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Robotic Loading Systems pack individually wrapped items.

May 06, 2002

Vertical racetrack robotic loading systems consist of LJ Series Systems with carton erectors and 3-flap FCC closers to create top load packing lines, which can automate loading operations of individually wrapped products. Features include servo-driven conveyors, adjustable lug spacings with Smart Belt Technology, and either vacuum or mechanical gripper type end of arm tooling. Cartons may be... Read More

Packaging Products & Equipment

Tray Wrapper uses stretch/shrink films.

May 01, 2002

Model FW-3462 horizontal film wrapper provides fully sealed, leak-proof packages for trayed products. Film is wrapped around tray, creating center seal underneath tray. Box-motion end sealers are used for close-tight wrapping. It has cantilevered frame for easy cleaning and sanitation, and stainless-steel,rust-proof, light metal-alloy construction. Read More

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Tape Dispenser keeps tape ready and out of the way.

Apr 30, 2002

Pull-and-Tear bench-mount tape dispensers, built from 1/8 in. metal with powder coat, are available in 1 and 2 in. widths. Both widths are available in either permanent flush mount or portable clamp-on versions. Dispensers mount permanently on either side of workstations using screws or, temporarily, with a clamp. Tape may be slipped onto spool without dis-assembling unit. Applications include... Read More

Packaging Products & Equipment

Cycling Baler wraps up 60 tons/hr.

Apr 29, 2002

Ram I series balers has cycle times as fast as 7 seconds and produces dense bales weighing over 2,000 lb. Large 41 x 80 in. hopper accepts large quantities of bulky materials, including OCC, ONP, paper, aluminum, and plastics. Compaction forces of up to 215 psi produce dense 43 x 43 in. bales. Length is easily adjusted during operation. Read More

Packaging Products & Equipment

Carton Packer handles aseptic drink boxes.

Apr 25, 2002

MP-20 Multi-Packer/Bundler takes aseptic cartons of single drink box units, collates them into bundle, inserts J card, and shrink wraps cartons into bundle using either PE, PVC, or registered films. It has stainless steel construction, primary motions that are servo operated for smooth, continuous operation and collation, and positive container handling of 100 ml to 2 liter containers. Single... Read More

Packaging Products & Equipment

Liquid Filler prevents spillage and waste.

Apr 22, 2002

Model ILF-6 six station piston filler uses sanitary 316 stainless steel for all wetted components. It has stainless steel frame, safety switches, and jam proof nozzles. Nozzle adjustments and container changeovers can be made in 5 minutes, without tools. Product spillage is virtually eliminated with no bottle, no fill check. Read More

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Label Applicator does not dirty users' hands.

Apr 19, 2002

Fully programmable Tritone 100 label dispenser and applicator can be used in both vertical and horizontal positions. It applies labels with widths to 4 in. and lengths to 14 in. at rates of 1-30 meters/min. Stepper motor controlled Microprocessor control box provides LCD display for memory and change of label parameters. Tritone 100 works with conveyor speeds from 16 to 100 ft. per min. Read More

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Pipettes and Dispenser provide sample prep and liquid handling.

Apr 19, 2002

Evolution(TM) P3 benchtop system dispenses into 96-, 384-, and 1536-well microplates. It includes 16-position deck to hold labware, and is controlled by WinPREP(R) automation software. Stand-alone FlexDrop(TM), for assay development, dispenses up to 4 reagents into 96- to 1536-well, SBS-standard, shallow or deepwell microplates with dynamic dispense range of 500nL to 2.5mL and above. Up to 99... Read More

Packaging Products & Equipment

Packaging Machines handle perfume and cosmetics.

Apr 18, 2002

Filling and capping machines can handle up to 70 different package formats, including bottles of various shapes and sizes. ROBO semi-automatic filling/screw-on/push-fit machine has infeed/outfeed conveyor with push-fit module mounted on the conveyor. DOL inline dosing machine handles large range of products and viscosities including alcohol-based, foamy, oil-based and, fairly viscous semi-liquids... Read More

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Dispensing System suits potting/encapsulation applications.

Apr 17, 2002

Air-powered See-Flo(R) 387 table-top meter/mix/dispense system is designed to dispense 2-component materials. Suitable for low-viscosity silicone, urethane, or epoxy, system permits dispensing as metered shot or controlled bead. Its positive displacement meter mixes precisely to established ratio. Applications include central fill stations that manually fill syringe style applicators. Read More

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Impeller Packer handles particle sizes of 10 mesh and smaller.

Apr 11, 2002

Model I is designed for heavy, dense, difficult to feed powders and fine granular mixtures. Weigh Mast design provides stable structure to support bag. Available with single or multiple spouts, fill range is 15 to 110 lbs, handling up to 540 bph per spout with accuracy of +/-.3 lb. Model I uses concave paddle style impeller to propel product through spout and into bag. Precision regulator meters... Read More

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Tiny MSOP Package supports 32 and 64 kbit serial EEPROMS.

Mar 30, 2002

With 2.5 V operating voltage, 1 milliamp active current, and 1 microamp standby current, 24LCXX device suits most applications. 24AAXX version enables operation down to 1.8V for battery-powered applications. Eight-lead package is designed with company's PEEC technology; footprint is approximately 14.7 cu mm (including leads), 23% smaller than TSSOP package. At 1.1 mm in height, MSOP is 29% lower... Read More

Packaging Products & Equipment

Tray Packing Machine eliminates hand labor.

Mar 15, 2002

Compact Model 170 packs rigid and semi-rigid containers into variety of corrugated tray types including display, half height and full height. Corrugated dividers may be inserted automatically between product rows for label protection and to add stacking strength. Steel folding arms square and seal each tray around product load for tight-packed trays. Components that contact product are stainless... Read More

Packaging Products & Equipment

Packaging Machine wraps delicate food products.

Mar 13, 2002

Mini Donut System has in-feed mechanism with high-speed flow wrapper that wraps mini donuts in multi-packs. System feeds donuts into vibratory feeder, which funnels product into individual lanes in vertical position. Donuts are then accumulated and fed into rotary drum assembly where wrapper lug strips set of donuts and feeds them into Delta wrapper. Machine processes 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 donuts per... Read More