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M&H Packages Bottled Science

August 17, 2015

Bottled Science Ltd is the creator of the beauty drink Skinade, a beauty product designed to boost the body’s own production of collagen to improve the look of skin. Skinade ‘better skin from within’ is a professional channel only product manufactured in the UK. Packaging was sourced from MH Plastics, part of the RPC Group, who was able to provide large volumes and flexible production at... Read More

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Bulk Bag Filling System includes scale and weight indicator.

August 14, 2015

Equipped with gain in weight scale system and digital weight indicator, Bulk Bag Filling System allows bulk bag to be filled accurately to programmed set weight. Unit includes conveying system, adjustable height frame, bag inflation system with air amplifier, pneumatically actuated bag strap release system, and stainless steel product contact surfaces. With variable control feature, stainless... Read More

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Chamber Port Plugs fit 3, 4, and 6 in. diameter openings.

August 13, 2015

Designed for Environmental Test Chambers, E-Plug™ Chamber Port Plugs press fit into access openings to seal against air, humidity and temperature escape, or ambient air entry into testing environment. Standard E-Plugs™ are made from 4 in. thick silicone foam with .125 in. thick closed cell silicone foam skin on one side, while Semi-Custom E-Plugs™ are fabricated from pre-made 4 in. thick... Read More

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Traceability/Verification Solution enhances solder paste printing.

August 4, 2015

Powered by Speedline Open Apps Interface (OAI), MPM® PrinTrack™Â provides accessible history details as to how each product was printed, when it was made, process parameters, and all pertinent information for tracking products or troubleshooting process. Web interface can be configured to produce traceability reports. While focused on printing process parameters, solder paste, and... Read More

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Growing PartnerNetwork Program Provides Proven Industrial Automation Solutions to Global Manufacturers

July 31, 2015

MILWAUKEE — Manufacturers taking advantage of advanced technology to build a more Connected Enterprise increasingly require proven solutions and industry partners. These companies recently gained nine additional trusted resources in the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork program to help optimize production and maximize automation and technology investments. The PartnerNetwork program provides... Read More

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Closed System Dispensing of Bulk Chemicals Makes Foam and Coating Applications Safer and More Efficient

July 27, 2015

Used in a two-part foam applicator unit from Specialty Products, Inc., CPC’s DrumQuik® PRO dispensing system protects workers and materials. Two-part urethane foams and polyurea elastomer spray-on coatings are found in diverse applications, from construction uses, such as home insulation, commercial roofing and joint fillers, to waterproofing of fishing vessels and submarines. The coatings... Read More

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Custom Vinyl Protectors protect medical, pharmaceutical documents.

July 24, 2015

Able to be made from 6–15 gauge clear vinyl and include colors for confidentiality, RNR Medical & Pharmaceutical Packaging protects and keeps important documents with instruments, equipment, trays, and kits as required. Sizes range up to 8 ½ x 11 in. and can incorporate pockets with flaps for spill protection, tamper-evident closures, and full-color printing and embossed logos. Products... Read More

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Vial Filling and Capping System Integrates with Robotic Tray Loader

July 24, 2015

ESS Technologies will demonstrate the equipment in Las Vegas in September at the Pharma Expo in Booth #N-623. Blacksburg, Virginia – The Model MB 25 Monoblock Filler/Capper for vials provides a compact, high performance solution for filling and capping micro vials and small bottles. Micro vials are manually fed to the MB 25, or the filler/capper can be integrated with an automatic micro vial... Read More

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Special Bracing for Roll Shipments

July 23, 2015

Greenville, Wis. – Large or heavy roll suspension packages may face unusual stress when shipped long-distance or overseas. To add extra stability for these rolls, Badger Plug offers specially notched timbers that securely interlock suspension boards. This unique bracing serves as tie-bars to keep endboards from twisting or racking out of position and jeopardizing the package integrity.... Read More

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Unit Pack Enhanced by 3D Printing

July 20, 2015

Unit Pack, a leading innovator of single-dose liquid packaging, has enhanced its production capabilities by adopting 3D printing technologies at its state-of-the-art facility in Cedar Grove, New Jersey. Since 1964, the Unit Pack name has been synonymous with innovative research and improvements in unit-of-use packaging. 3D printing will enhance Unit Pack's production flexibility and rapid... Read More

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Metering Pumps and Dispensers for the Dairy and Food Industries

July 15, 2015

Fluid Metering, Inc. provides a wide range of Valveless Metering Pumps and Dispensers ideal for applications in the Dairy and Food industries. FMI Pumps and Dispenses integrate FMI's unique patented CeramPump® valveless pumping principle.  The CeramPump® utilizes one moving part, a sapphire-hard ceramic piston, to perform all fluid control functions, eliminating valves typically... Read More

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In-line Capper offers tool-less changeovers in 5 min.

July 14, 2015

Equipped with servo-driven cap elevator-feeder, which features adjustable cleats and indexes on demand, beltorque® caps up to 300 bottles/min. Two-station system uses 2 pairs of belts to gently rotate and tighten caps. One drive synchronizes linear displacement speed of container with rotating speed of closure, eliminating damage. System handles round, oval, square, and rectangular bottles... Read More

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Bulk Bag Conditioner features height-adjustable rams.

July 10, 2015

To condition bags ranging from short to extra tall, BLOCK-BUSTER® Hydraulic Bulk Bag Conditioner uses hydraulically actuated rams that provide 6 ft of vertical travel, automatically adjusting in height during conditioning cycles. User can program single or multiple heights at which rams condition bag, amount of pressure applied by rams' end plates, frequency of ram actuations, and number... Read More

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Hand Pack Station increases ergonomics and efficiency.

July 2, 2015

Built to customer specifications and able to integrate with equipment, mild steel hand pack station with rod chute for cases and cartons reduces load of manual applications while providing semi-automatic, ergonomic solution. Features include adjustable tilt bed for empty cases, 2 operator-controlled pneumatic stops, 2 load stations, and automatically triggered upstream pneumatic 90° pusher.... Read More

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Machine and Equipment Builders Recognized as Industry Leaders

July 2, 2015

MILWAUKEE — Nine companies have been named OEM Partners in the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork program, in recognition of their innovative solutions and industry expertise. The PartnerNetwork program is comprised of leading machine and equipment builders, suppliers, distributors and system integrators. PartnerNetwork members are available in more than 80 countries to help manufacturers solve... Read More

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OSI Systems Receives $47 Million in Orders from Middle East Customers for Inspection Systems

June 30, 2015

HAWTHORNE, Calif. – OSI Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: OSIS) today announced that its Security division, Rapiscan Systems, received orders totaling approximately $47 million from customers in the Middle East to provide Baggage and Parcel Inspection (BPI) and Eagle® Cargo and Vehicle Inspection (CVI) systems. OSI Systems CEO, Deepak Chopra, commented, "We are honored to receive these awards. Our... Read More

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Pre-Molded Foam Packaging provide custom-fit product protection.

June 29, 2015

Providing secure, custom-fit product protection, FOAMplus® Premold Urethane Protective Packaging exhibits design tolerance of 1/32 in. for precise product fit in finished cushion. Various foam densities are available to provide correct cushioning protection for range of products, which can be as small as 4 x 4 x 1 in. Designed to reduce dunnage and minimize package size for DIM weight... Read More

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Filling Machine uses electron beam for package sterilization.

June 29, 2015

Targeting beverage carton industry, modular Tetra Pak® E3 affords production flexibility to manufacturers and runs up to 40,000 portion packages/hr (11 packs/sec). Integrated eBeam sterilization technology uses focused electron beam to sterilize surface of packaging material as it runs through filling machine, killing any bacteria or micro-organisms present. Negating use of hydrogen peroxide... Read More

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High-Speed Filling Machines handle shelf-stable beverages.

June 25, 2015

Featuring stainless steel 3-A certified sanitary construction, Level-Filling Machines are suited for shelf-stable juices and drinks, as well as salad dressing, salsa, ketchup, and other viscous sauces. Shelf-stable beverage container size ranges from 6–32 oz and viscous filler from 4 oz to 1 gal. Filling speed is rated at hundreds per minute, depending on container size. By adding positive... Read More

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PortionPac® Introduces Safer, Better, Smarter Solutions

June 24, 2015

CHICAGO - PortionPac Chemical Corporation is pleased to introduce Safer, Better, Smarter Solutions. To meet the needs of customers, PortionPac® has improved its entire product line including formulations, packaging and manufacturing. This summer PortionPac® will complete its transition to manufacturing operations that will increase production capabilities and dramatically reduce lead... Read More