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Microscopy System analyzes multi-scale and multi-modal images.

August 11, 2015

Consisting of hardware and software package, ZEISS Atlas 5 extends capacity of SEMs and FIB-SEMs. System streamlines automatic image acquisition, enabling navigation and correlation of images from any source including light and X-ray microscopes. Users can acquire large sets of 2D or 3D microscope images for hours, or even days, without operator supervision. Correlative workspace brings together images from multiple sources: zooming in from full macroscopic view down to nanoscale details. Read More

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Edge Heating System optimizes TEM performance.

August 3, 2015

Combining Aduro semiconductor-based thermal sample supports with redesigned TEM holder, Aduro with Edge technology optimizes thermal accuracy and uniformity for in situ heating experiments while minimizing thermal drift. Edge technology maximizes performance of Transmission Electron Microscope by allowing scientists to visualize materials at nano and atomic scale while at accurate and uniform temperatures. It provides 99.5% temperature uniformity of imaging area with 95% thermal accuracy. Read More

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Wireless Microscopy Instruments enhance classroom interactivity.

April 29, 2015

While Leica EZ4 W consists of educational stereo microscope with built-in wireless camera, Leica ICC50 W digital camera can be added to educational compound microscopes. Both Wi-Fi®-capable systems transfer HD images directly to mobile devices; iOS- and Android-compatible AirLab App allows capture, annotation, sharing, and organization of images to foster interactivity within biology, anatomy, chemistry, geology, and material sciences classrooms. Read More

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Digital Microscope delivers precision and repeatability.

April 28, 2015

Designed for inspection, analysis, and measurement in QC, QA, failure analysis, R&D, and forensics, Leica DVM6 tracks specific parameter values and saves them with image data. Reports and documentations can be generated by pressing one button. Along with integrated illumination options and PlanApo-corrected optics, features include tilting microscope head, 16:1 zoom range and choice of objectives that cover magnification range from 10x to 2,350x to resolve details down to size of 0.4 µm. Read More

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FE-SEM System features integrated EDS capabilities.

February 16, 2015

With integrated silicon-drift X-ray detector, digital multichannel analyzer, and intuitive software, Model 8500B allows users to perform quantitative elemental analysis on arbitrary points, on continuous line scan, or in user-defined regional map. Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy results are analyzed and displayed in real-time and researchers can export data for further off-line analysis. Patented event-streamed spectrum imaging saves full spectrum at every pixel for analysis and display. Read More

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Scanning Electron Microscope delivers 3D volume imaging.

September 9, 2014

Integrating SEM with VolumeScope™ in-chamber microtome and analytical software, Teneo VS™ provides fully automated, large-volume reconstructions with optimized Z-axis resolution. VolumeScope uses serial block face imaging to acquire 3D volume from block of tissue or cells. ThruSight multi-energy deconvolution resolves features at different depths within each slice, while MAPS software uses tiling and stitching to acquire high-resolution composite images that are larger than single field of view. Read More

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Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope utilizes Airyscan principle.

August 21, 2014

Able to identify and localize biological molecules of interest even in challenging specimens, LSM 880 offers optimal resolution in all spatial dimensions, 140 nm laterally and 400 nm axially, as well as sensitivity that promotes image quality and speed. Multichannel area detector with 32 elements collects all light from Airy disk simultaneously. Knowing beam path and spatial distribution of each Airy disk enables light-efficient imaging; researchers can use all photons that objective collected. Read More

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PFIM System and SEM accelerate metals research.

August 4, 2014

Utilizing plasma focused ion beam, Helios™ PFIB DualBeam™ delivers rapid 3D imaging and analysis for metals research as well as delamination of paints and coatings and analysis of grain boundaries, thin films, interfaces, and adhesion layers. Teneo™ Scanning Electron Microscope, featuring non-immersion objective lens, provides high-resolution, high-contrast images on magnetic materials. Energy dispersive spectrometry and EBSD are supported by high-beam current and full 90° stage tilt. Read More

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Automated Digital Microscope suits QA/QC applications.

June 4, 2014

Incorporating optical engine with zoom, overview camera, and coaxial illumination, Smartzoom 5 uses macro recording mode to optimize workflow for repeat sample analyses in step-by-step manner. QA/QC GUI combines with gesture control to support seamless macro-to-detail workflow. System's guided workflow, in combination with calibrated components, supports user-independent measurement results and can export reports of routine measurements, as well as failure analysis, to Word templates. Read More

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Atomic Force Microscope offers ILM and STM capabilities.

June 3, 2014

Equipped with 90 µm AFM closed-loop scanner, Agilent 7500 achieves low-noise performance, enabling atomic-resolution imaging. Design includes built-in environmental chamber with 6 inlet/outlet ports as well as precision temperature and humidity sensors. Inverted Light Microscope system supports MAC Mode for gentle imaging of fluids, while Scanning Tunneling Microscope system provides stable imaging at pA and sub-pA currents to resolve individual atoms and molecules. Read More

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AFM Accessory enables scanning electrochemical microscopy.

May 20, 2014

AFM-enabled Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy (SECM) mode, using Agilent atomic force microscope, lets scientists perform scanning electrochemical microscopy with nanoscale resolution on conductive and insulating samples. Enabling immediate data collection, EC SmartCart cartridge combines nanoelectrode with pre-mounted AFM tip. Features include bi-functional probes, in situ research capabilities, built-in potentiostat, dual-chamber glove box, and Agilent PicoView software. Read More

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Digital Microscope eliminates need for focus adjustment.

May 8, 2014

Providing Hi-Res, large depth-of-field imaging and integrated 2D/3D measurement, VHX-5000 can capture any area in complete focus without user adjustment. CMOS camera, imaging at 50 fps, and graphics engine allow microscope to provide fully-focused images in as little as 1 sec. High Dynamic Range algorithm, which enhances contrast and reduces over/under saturated areas on target, can be used with Super High Resolution imaging mode that uses short-wavelength light and pixel shift technology. Read More

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Motorized Micromanipulator positions probes under microscope.

March 7, 2014

Offering resolution finer than 0.05 µm, M-LSM Series delivers 25 mm travel along X/Y/Z axes, 0.5 kg load capacity, 14 mm/s speed, and up to 15 N thrust. Unit features adjustable probe holder than can mount probes with diameters from 2–13 mm. Using holder, probes can be rotated full 360° and locked in position. Mounting to metric or imperial optical breadboards with options for right- or left-hand orientation, M-LSM Series offers plug and play connectivity to T-JOY joystick. Read More

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Digital Inspection Microscope has HDMI and USB outputs.

February 28, 2014

Cyclops, supplied with 4x objective lens (10x optional), lets users see magnified views via direct connection to HD monitor via HDMI output or computer via USB output. In HDMI mode, magnification is 15x–270x on 21.5 in. HD monitor. Magnification increases up to 534x if USB cable is used for PC viewing. Adaptable instrument, featuring 5 MP CMOS sensor and 30 LEDs, lets operators see 30 fps video or single frames. Also included, image capture software provides measurement and editing tools.
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Probe Microphone can be used in small, hard-to-reach areas.

January 22, 2014

Accommodating R&D engineers who need to measure sound pressure in confined areas, Model 377B26 comprises microphone, preamplifier, housing, and probe tips of different lengths. Max operating temperature of 800°C suits HVAC manufacturers and test engineers performing leak detection tests. With 0.050 in. dia probe tip that allows near field measurements with minimal disturbance of sound field, prepolarized design can be powered by ICP® or any 2–20 mA constant current supply. Read More

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Scanning Electron Microscope delivers high definition imaging.

December 24, 2013

Intended for material and life sciences applications, EVO Series delivers workflow automation, reducing typical workflow from over 400 steps to just 15. Workflow productivity is also improved by automated image settings such as beam alignment, magnification, and focus. Mid-column click-stop aperture changer ensures reproducible results, while beam deceleration technology and high definition BSE detector provide images rich in topographical information.
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FIB/SEM Systems facilitate imaging of challenging materials.

July 23, 2013

DualBeam focused ion beam/scanning electron microscope (FIB/SEM) systems provide imaging and analysis of diverse samples. With electron optics suited for investigating such challenging materials as insulating or magnetic materials, Scios™ DualBeam™ is positioned for accelerated 2D and 3D characterization. Helios NanoLab™ 660 DualBeam, with its patterning engine, MultiChem™ gas delivery system, and Tomahawk™ ion optics, provides capabilities for fabricating prototypes of complex nanodevices. Read More

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Digital Pocket Microscopes deliver 1280 x 1024 resolution.

July 15, 2013

Available with Paint, Print, and Textile modules, DPM Series features integrated LED illumination that can be switched on/off, allowing external illumination for special investigations. With instrument placed directly upon surface, focus wheel has two positions for different magnification levels. Included software provides dimension calibration, background correction, and image enhancements. Captured images are stored in database together with comments and manual measurements. Read More

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FIB SEM System investigates materials at nanometer scale.

July 9, 2013

Combining high-resolution scanning electron microscope with focused ion beam milling, Helios NanoLab™ 660 DualBeam™ is used to investigate structure and function of materials at nanometer scale, create prototypes of micro and nano electro-mechanical systems, and prepare ultrathin samples for atomic scale imaging and analysis in TEM. NanoBuilder™ 2.0 nanoprototyping toolset automatically fabricates 3D prototypes of nano- and microscale devices from computer-generated models. Read More

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Macroscope completes instant, non-contact 3D measurements.

June 18, 2013

Incorporating one-shot 3D algorithm, VR-3000 Series enables 3D surface measurements such as height, angles, and radii to be taken simultaneously. Irregularities like waviness, curvature, and warpage can also be measured. System features magnification range from 12–160x and includes high-resolution digital camera for capturing images up to 9 megapixels. Three double-telecentric lenses minimize distortion and ensure accurate measurements throughout field-of-view. Read More