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High-Speed Logic Gate Optocoupler comes in 8-pin SOP.

September 21, 2015

Suited for serial and field bus interface isolation in industrial applications, single-channel EL071L consists of IR emitting diode optically coupled to CMOS detector IC. SMD device is Pb-free, halogen-free, and RoHS compliant; offers 15 Mbps data transmission rate; and operates from -40 to +110°C. Other features include 3.3 and 5 V CMOS compatibility, CMR of >10,000 V/µsec, 10 kV/µsec min common mode transient immunity, and 3,750 Vrms isolation voltage between input and output.
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High-Isolation Optocouplers are capable of data rates to 10 MBd.

September 19, 2014

Consisting of GaAIAs IR emitting diode optically coupled with integrated photo detector, VOW135/136/137/2611 isolate low- to high-voltage circuits in alternative energy systems and industrial applications. Optocouplers, which feature safety isolation as well as internal Faraday shield, provide VIOTM of 8,000 V and VIORM of 1,414 V and offer external creepage distance of >10 mm. Respectively, VOW135/VOW136 and VOW137/2611 offer common mode transient immunity of 1,000 V/µs and up to 40,000 V/µs. Read More

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Low Input Current Optocouplers feature phototransistor output.

July 11, 2013

Supplied in SSOP-4 mini-flat package with double-molded construction, Models VOS628A and VOS627A have low input currents of 1 mA and 5 mA, respectively, and are suited for PLCs, industrial control systems, and office automation. Devices protect equipment users from electrical shocks and protect microprocessors within systems from damage by voltage spikes. SSOP-4 package provides 3,750 Vrms isolation voltage, half lead pitch of 1.27 mm, and creepage and clearance distance of ≥5 mm. Read More

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Interface Modules monitor/control high-voltage field devices.

May 16, 2013

Measuring 22.5 mm wide, DIN rail-mount BusWorks®XT Series connects discrete field devices to measurement and control system I/O modules. XTA-120V-6 optocoupler modules have 6 individually isolated 120 Vac/Vdc digital inputs to sense on/off levels and provide 5–32 Vdc logic outputs to fieldbus input module or controller. XTA-MRNO-6 interposing relay module receives 4–32 Vdc logic-level signals from output module or controller to switch 6 mechanical relay outputs. Read More

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Low Input Current Optocouplers provide phototransistor output.

March 12, 2013

Housed in SSOP-4 mini-flat package, Series VOS618A and VOS617A feature DC input currents of 1 mA and 5 mA, respectively. Units have GaAs infrared emitting diode, which is optically coupled to silicon planar phototransistor detector. SSOP-4 package provides 3,750 Vrms isolation voltage rating, half lead pitch of 1.27 mm, and creepage/clearance distance of ≥5 mm. Offering CRT ranges from 40–600%, devices protect users from electrical shocks and microprocessors within systems from voltage spikes. Read More

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Low Input Current Optocouplers feature phototransistor output.

September 26, 2012

Housed in SOP-4 mini-flat package, Series VOM617A and VOM618A feature input currents of 5 mA and 1 mA, respectively. Each includes 9 current transfer ratio ranges from 40–600%. Equipped with GaAs IR emitting diode that is optically coupled to silicon phototransistor, devices are designed for isolated feedback loops, I/O isolation, and isolation in switchmode power supplies, AC adapters, and motor drivers. Package provides 3,750 Vrms isolation voltage and creepage/clearance distance of ≥ 5 mm. Read More

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Low-Input Current Optocouplers come in SOP-4 mini-flat package.

September 25, 2012

Featuring respective input currents of 5 and 1 mA, VOM617A and VOM618A series each offer phototransistor output and 9 current transfer ratio (CTR) ranges from 40%–600%. Products are designed for isolated feedback loops, I/O isolation, and isolation in switchmode power supplies, AC adapters, motor drivers, solar invertors, networking switches, and telecom line cards. Optocouplers protect equipment users from electrical shocks and protect MPUs from being damaged by voltage spikes. Read More

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Phototriac Optocouplers feature blocking voltage of 600 Vac.

June 13, 2012

Housed in miniflat SOP-4 package with 2.0 mm height, VOM160 and VOM305x Series offer input trigger LED current of 5, 7, and 10 mA. Non-zero crossing phototriac optocouplers turn motors and solenoid controls on/off in refrigerators, lamps, washers, and coffee makers. Models VOM3052T and VOM3053T, with static dV/dt of 1,500 V/µs, are well suited for noisy environments where lower dV/dt can cause thyristor to be triggered as result of high slew rate transient on output load. Read More

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Non-Zero Crossing Phototriac Optocouplers come in Green package.

June 12, 2012

Supplied in miniflat SOP-4 package with 2.0 mm profile, VOM160 and VOM305x series offer 3 choices of input trigger LED current: 5 mA (VOM160NT/VOM3053T), 7 mA (VOM160PT), and 10 mA (VOM160RT/VOM3052T). Blocking voltage is 600 Vac, and static dV/dt is 500 or 1,500 V/µs. In addition to being used for turning on/off motors and solenoid control in refrigerators, washers, lamps, and coffee makers, products may also be used to drive TRIACs for solid-state relays and static AC power switches. Read More

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Isolated Half-Bridge Gate Drivers have 50-year operating life.

May 11, 2012

Respectively providing 3 kV rms isolation in narrow-body, 16-lead SOIC and 5 kV rms reinforced isolation in wide-body, 16-lead SOIC, ADuM3223 and ADuM4223 use iCoupler® digital isolator technology, feature sub 55 nsec propagation delay and less than 5 nsec delay matching, and offer 700 Vpeak galvanic isolation between high- and low-side outputs. With 2 independent isolation channels, drivers feature 4 A PEAK current drive and operate from 3.3-5.5 V. Read More

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ATEX-Certified Optocoupler serves potentially explosive areas.

April 5, 2012

Supplied in 17.8 x 9.6 x 6.1 mm plastic package, CNY65Exi meets EU ATEX 94/9/EC directive for operation in potentially explosive atmospheres while offering isolation voltage of 11,600 V and comparative tracking index of 475. IR light transmits data and control signals from typically low-voltage control side to high-voltage equipment, and emitter and detector are separated by distance of greater than 3 mm. Multiple current transfer ratio binning options are available from 50%-300%. Read More

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Low-Input Current Optocouplers feature phototransistor output.

December 20, 2011

Available in DIP-4 package with 5,000 Vrms isolation voltage, Models VO617A and VO618A achieve CTR of 40-320% at input drive current of 5 mA and 1 mA, respectively. Models VOL617A and VOL618A, offered in 2 mm SOP-4L package, feature 8 mm creepage distance, isolation voltage of 5,000 Vrms, and CTR of 40-320% at input current of 5 mA and 1 mA, respectively. Offered in SSOP-4 package, Models VOS618A and VOS628A feature isolation voltage of 3,750 Vrms and CTR of 63-320% at 1 mA input current. Read More

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Four-Channel Optocouplers handle temperatures to 110°C.

November 2, 2011

Comprised of photo transistor optically coupled to gallium arsenide infrared emitting diode, TLP290-4 (AC input) and TLP291-4 (DC input) feature quad configuration in double-molded package and operate from -55 to +110. Both EN60747-5-2 approved optocouplers, supplied din SO16 package, offer 5 mm min creepage distance, 2,500 V(rms) isolation voltage, and 565 Vpk max operating insulation voltage. Applications include power supplies and motor controllers. Read More

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Isolation Optocouplers suit solar, wind turbine installations.

October 26, 2011

Available in SMT packages, CNY64ST and CNY65ST series are VDE-certified and offer respective creepage distances of 9.5 and 14 mm. Products protect equipment and people from being damaged or injured by high-voltage spike or transient and recurring peak voltage while allowing data to pass from high-voltage side to low-voltage monitoring equipment. With CAT IV working voltages to 600 V and insulation distance greater than 3 mm, products provide range of CTR values from 50%-300% at 5 mA. Read More

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Digital Optocoupler offers high data rates, insulation voltage.

June 25, 2010

Intended for power supply and motor control applications, single-channel ACNV2601 provides 10 MBd data rates as well as 7,500 Vrms/1 min isolation voltage, 1,768 Vpeak continuous working insulation voltage, and 12,000 Vpeak transient over voltage. Internal shield between AlGaAs LED and photo-detector ensures 20,000 V/µs common-mode transient immunity with common-mode voltage of 1,500 V. Operating from 5 V supply, product also provides reliable logic interfacing and I/O buffering. Read More

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Isolated Gate Drive Optocouplers offer fast switching times.

April 27, 2010

Each optically coupled isolator of PS9505 and PS9305 series contains GaAlAs LED on input side and integrated receiver containing photo diode, signal processing circuit, and power transistor on output side. UVLO (Under Voltage Lock Out) protection with hysteresis is also standard. Characteristics include high common mode transient immunity (CMR), where CMH, CML = ±25 kV/µs min; peak output current of 2.5 A max and 2.0 A min; and fast switching times, where tPLH, tPHL = 0.25 µs max. Read More

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Integrated Power Phototriacs offer output current up to 1 A.

April 22, 2010

Rated at 600 V blocking voltage, 0.9 A Model VO2223 and 1.0 A Model VO2223A provide isolation between DC and AC voltages on 120 and 240 Vac lines and offer input-to-output isolation voltage of 5,300 V. Units integrate functions formerly performed by phototriac and power TRIAC, eliminating need for external power TRIAC. Packaged in 8-pin DIP, optocouplers protect people against electric shock and low-voltage control circuitry against overload conditions. Read More

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Optocouplers isolate signals in harsh environments.

February 22, 2010

Model FODM8061 with open collector output and FODM8071 with logic gate output offer common mode noise immunity of 20 kV/µs minimum. Operating in temperatures of -40 to +110ºC, they provide supply voltage range of 3.3-5 V, facilitating logic-level translation. Units are housed in compact 5-pin SO package with Optoplanar® technology, which ensures insulation thickness of over 0.4 mm to attain UL1577 and IEC60747-5-2 certified, high-voltage isolation. Read More

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Gate Drive Optocoupler targets hybrid electronic vehicles.

January 28, 2010

Housed in SO-16 surface mount package, 2.5 A Model ACPL-36JV incorporates integrated desaturation detection and fault status feedback system while operating over temperature range of -40 to +105°C. Unit provides reinforced insulation that delivers safe signal isolation. Featuring 500 ns max switching speed and under voltage lock-out protection, device is qualified to automotive AEC-Q100 Grade 2 semiconductor requirements for use in automotive applications. Read More

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Phototransistor Optocouplers have low-profile design.

January 5, 2010

Supplied in package with 2 mm max height and 2.54 mm lead pitch, EL101X-G series of 4-Pin SOP phototransistor optocouplers enables power supply designers to derate their boards up to 110°C. Characteristics include 5,000 Vrms isolation voltage, minimum creepage and clearance distance of 8 mm, and 80 V breakdown voltage. Halogen-free, Pb-free, and RoHS-compliant, product also offers multiple selectable current-transfer-ratio (CTR) bins and operates from -55 to +110°C. Read More