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Spectrophotometers target education and QC laboratories.

June 29, 2016

Featuring wavelength range of 325–1100 nm, Novaspec III+ entry level visible spectrophotometer performs single wavelength measurements of absorbance, % transmission, and concentration, and has ability to perform simple kinetics. Novaspec Pro builds on features of Novaspec III+ with addition of multi-wavelength measurements and life science methods that include BCA, Bradford, Biuret, and Lowry. Both instruments accept standard 10 mm pathlength glass or disposable cuvettes. Read More

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Block Scientific Offering Quality Lab Equipment at Competitive Prices

December 30, 2015

Block Scientific, an established supplier of laboratory equipment based in New York, offers quality range of laboratory instruments, reagents and consumables from the top manufacturers at competitive prices. The company's extensive product portfolio includes both new and reconditioned lab equipment. The extensive collection includes blood gas analyzers, electrolyte analyzers, chemistry... Read More

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Konica Minolta Sensing Americas Announces FD-9 Auto Scan Spectrophotometer at Graph Expo 2015

September 15, 2015

RAMSEY, N.J. - Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, provider of advanced optical technology that precisely measures the elements of color and light, will show the new FD-9 Auto Scan Spectrophotometer at Graph Expo 2015 September 13-16 in Chicago's McCormick Convention Center. Konica Minolta Sensing will be co-exhibiting with its sister division Konica Minolta Business Solutions, manufacturers... Read More

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Deep UV Spectrophotometers offer long-life operation.

June 2, 2015

Designed to directly measure absolute transmission and variable angle reflectance, UV Spectrophotometers are suited for analyzing doped crystalline materials, deep UV optics, and coatings. VUVAS models, available for long-life purged or vacuum operation, provide direct optical measurements from 120–350 nm. Some systems are available with both options, allowing users to select operational mode for application. For deeper UV measurements below 120 nm, windowless metrology systems are available. Read More

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Absorbance Spectrophotometer extends to deep ultraviolet.

April 17, 2015

Based on direct detection, ultraviolet-sensitive CCD detectors, VUVAS Spectrophotometer features open concept sample area, and works with commercial cryostats as well as sample cells having magnesium fluoride or other UV transmitting crystalline windows. Three-position sample mount for 1 in. diameter optical samples is standard. For absorbance measurements from 120–215 nm, users can collect entire range with better than 0.5 nm spectral resolution in milliseconds. Read More

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Microspectrophotometer works with large scale samples.

April 14, 2015

Applying non-destructive analysis to microscopic areas of large samples, such as 300 mm wafers, 20/30 XL™ measures thin film thickness as well as Raman spectra of microscopic sampling areas. Flexible design does not impose upper limit to sample size, and thickness of thin films can also be measured in both transmission and reflectance. Along with manual or automated operation, capabilities also include UV and NIR microscopy of semiconductor and other types of samples. Read More

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Circular Polarization Tools aid microscopic sample spectroscopy.

March 24, 2015

Available for CRAIC microspectrophotometers, circular polarization package, comprised of optics and hardware, lets users measure circular polarization spectra in either transmission or reflectance (incident illumination) modes. Flexible solution enables measurement in micron scale sample areas, promoting versatility in materials science, biological research, and experimental microspectroscopy. Read More

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Spectrophotometer offers auto-scanning capability.

February 16, 2015

Capable of automatically measuring color chart for profile creation in about 4 minutes, Model FD-9 can reduce scanning time and operator errors while optimizing measurement accuracy. LCD mounted on main body allows users to set up, operate, and monitor instrument. FD-9 can be used in network environment to serve multiple printers from all major manufacturers. With optional automatic sheet feeder, up to 100 charts can be loaded into feeder and measured continuously. Read More

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Premium Glass Refractive Index Measurements with CRAIC Technologies

February 4, 2015

rIQ™ from CRAIC Technologies is designed to help the forensic scientist measure the refractive index of glass quickly, accurately and easily using the ASTM E1967 methodology. San Dimas, CA - CRAIC Technologies, Inc., the world's leading innovator of UV-visible-NIR microscopy solutions, joins with Laboratory Imaging, s.r.o., a leading specialist in imaging software solutions for... Read More

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Deep UV Luminescence Spectrophotometer extends research abilities.

January 23, 2015

Used for characterization of spectral measurements from vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) to NIR, VUV universal spectrophotometer can measure reflectance, transmission, and fluorescence emission over its complete working range of 120 nm to 2.2 microns. Test system includes sample chamber with toroidal optics, can operate purged or under vacuum, and interfaces to cryogenic and heated sample mounts. Other features include auxiliary ports in sample area and interchangeable 5-position sample holders. Read More

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Microspectrophotometer acquires images from deep UV to NIR.

January 8, 2015

Integrating spectrophotometer, digital imaging, UV-visible-NIR range microscope, and software, FLEX™ can analyze samples by absorbance, reflectance, luminescence, and fluorescence, depending upon configuration. Digital imaging lets users store color photos of microscopic samples as they acquire spectra. Suitable for laboratories and manufacturing facilities, multi-functional tool enables features such as ability to measure thin film thickness or refractive index to be added. Read More

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Microspectrophotometers utilize polarization package.

December 4, 2014

With UV-Visible-NIR Polarization Package, users can measure polarization spectra in either transmission or reflectance modes, suitable for both materials science and biological research. Package consists of optics and hardware designed to be added to CRAIC Technologies microspectrophotometers, enabling measurement of polarization microspectra™ in ultraviolet, visible, and near infrared regions. Read More

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Spectrophotometer offers wavelength range of 185-3,300 nm.

November 28, 2014

Equipped with 3 detectors, UV-3600 Plus UV-VIS-NIR Spectrophotometer utilizes photomultiplier tube for UV and visible regions, and InGaAs and cooled PbS detectors for near-infrared regions. Instrument's double monochromator makes it possible to attain ultra-low stray light level of 0.00005% max at 340 nm. Multi-purpose, large-sample compartment and integrating sphere options enable high-sensitivity measurement of solid samples. Absolute specular reflectance accessories are available. Read More

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Atomic Emission Spectrometers analyze multiple elements.

November 17, 2014

With photometric system suited for analyzing variety of samples, ICPE-9810 (Axial) and ICPE-9820 (Dual View) spectrometers feature vertically oriented plasma torch that minimizes adhesion of samples on torch walls and reduces carryover. This allows simultaneous analysis of trace and high-concentration samples without contamination by switching between axial and radial views. Along with 1 in., one million pixel CCD detector, features include Eco Mode and mini-torch system. Read More

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Datacolor Pioneers Digital Color Communication with Introduction of 45/0 Handhelds

October 27, 2014

Family of spectrophotometers tailored to meet critical color and gloss measurement needs of automotive-interior, hard goods, large appliances, building materials industries Datacolor®, a global leader in color management solutions, today announced the availability of the Datacolor 45 family of hand-held, high-accuracy, spectrophotometers with best-in-class repeatability and industry leading... Read More

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Portable Spectrophotometer suits security printing industry.

October 24, 2014

Designed to meet ink formulation requirements of security printing industry, Datacolor 45IR will help prevent counterfeiting of banknotes and confidential government or company documents. System uses industry standard 0/45 geometry for colorimetric and near infrared ranges as well as densitometric functions to provide optimized formulation, quality control, and authentication. In addition to intuitive interface and color screen, instrument includes onboard software for stand-alone measurement. Read More

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In-Line Spectrophotometer automates color management/verification.

October 7, 2014

Available for 17, 24, and 44 in. Epson Stylus® Pro printers, SpectroProofer®-UVS models are driven by supporting RIP technology and provide automated color management and verification-related tasks in proofing applications. Products support M1 measurement illumination standard and are UV selectable between M1 and M2. Functionality promotes color consistency between printers, making them suited for commercial graphics, package proofing, and remote proofing applications. Read More

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Support the Maintenance of Water Health with Efficient, Reliable Chlorophyll Measurement from Jenway 67 Series Spectrophotometers

September 10, 2014

Staffordshire, UK – Bibby Scientific demonstrates how users of the company’s popular Jenway 67 series spectrophotometers can implement them in assessments of chlorophyll in water samples. When it comes to these crucial analyses, the quality optics installed in the instruments reliably deliver results to the level of precision required to meet strict water testing requirements. Further... Read More

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Microspectrophotometer is capable of Raman spectra acquisition.

September 3, 2014

Leveraging optical aperturing technology, 20/30 Perfect Vision™ (20/30 PV™) lets users acquire Raman spectra, with multiple laser wavelengths, in addition to UV-visible-NIR absorbance, reflectance, fluorescence, and emission microspectra™ from same microscopic sample area. Self-contained unit can also acquire images of same microscopic samples in UV, Vis, and NIR regions. Light sources, solid state lasers, Lightblades™ spectrometers, and Lambdafire™ spectral and imaging software are included. Read More

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Harbec, Inc. Invests in People and Equipment for Continuous Improvement in Quality

August 1, 2014

Harbec's investment in new instrumentation equipment combined with a focus on employee engagement and training reinforces the quality culture for the Upstate, NY manufacturer; and adds new technical capability for measuring and managing the quality of precision engineered tightly toleranced components for medical, aerospace, transportation, and electronics customers. Ontario, NY ... Read More