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L-com Releases Serial and USB Converters, Repeaters and Hubs

April 28, 2016

NORTH ANDOVER, Mass. – L-com Global Connectivity, a preferred manufacturer of wired and wireless connectivity products, announced today that it has introduced a series of industrial RS232/422/485 repeaters and converters as well as a series of industrial USB hubs, converters and isolators. The addition of these new serial and USB connectivity products complements L-com's existing line... Read More

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Fiber Optic Repeater offers auto speed detection.

June 25, 2012

Measuring 4.2 x 4.8 x 1.7 in., Model 2147 Profibus-DP-Ring Bit-Driver® features 1 RS485 port and 2 fiber optic ports. Both multimode and single mode fiber optic ports are provided with ST connectors per Profibus standard. Housed in IP40-rated enclosure, DIN rail-mounted repeater features redundant 24 Vdc power input commonly available in industrial plants. Unit can be set for Ring operational mode, where redundancy is provided from Fiber Optic Bus. Read More

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Signal Repeaters suit PCIe 3.0 datacenter applications.

May 6, 2011

PowerWise repeaters are offered as model DS80PCI402 with 4 bidirectional channels, DS80PCI800 with 8 channels, and DS80PCI102 with 1 channel. Delivering 65 mW/channel power consumption, all support selectable 3.3 or 2.5 V single-supply voltage. Receive equalization gain is up to 36 dB and transmit de-emphasis is 12 dB, with both performing on each lane to compensate for channel loss. Repeaters enable up to 40 in. FR-4 backplane reach to simplify migration to PCIe Gen-3 data rates. Read More

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Multi-channel Repeaters have 20 m reach over 24-AWG cable.

January 28, 2011

Powered by SiGe BiCMOS process, PowerWise® repeaters provide 36 dB equalization gain, consume 55 or 65 mW/channel, and deliver 20 m reach over 24-AWG cable. They enable data bandwidth up to 10.3125 Gbps by performing receive equalization and transmit de-emphasis. The DS100BR410 has 4 unidirectional channels and supports 2.5 V single-supply voltage, while DS100BR210 (2 unidirectional channels) and DS100BR111 (1 bidirectional lane) support 3.3 and 2.5 V supplies. Read More

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Fiber Optic Repeater offers interference-free data transfer.

November 28, 2008

Model 4154 HP Fiber Repeater with RS232 Monitor Port is used to regenerate data signals in order to extend range to greater than 1,640 ft between optically linked data terminals and may also be used to monitor network traffic. Fiber optic communication standard allows data transmission that is unsusceptible to electrostatic/electromagnetic fields, and RS-232 monitor port is protected from damage by potential differences. Fiber connections are via 2 standard Versatile Link connectors. Read More

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HD Video Solutions deliver end-to-end video processing.

May 13, 2008

Designed for broadcast and post-production, ImageEvolution video processor is suited for image correction and scaling while also functioning as video converter that supports HDMI, SDI, and HD-SDI. It has Gennum VXP(TM) image processor and offers multi-mode fiber ports for video extension up to 3,280 ft. Also available, ImageEvolution HDMI Repeater for distribution of one of 2 HDMI/DVI video sources to 4 digital displays, simultaneously, with identical reproduction and no signal loss. Read More

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Repeater suits analog 450 MHz networks.

July 5, 2007

Self-diagnosing and self-adaptive Node C is designed for operators who are converting networks from legacy analog protocols to CDMA-450 and FLASH-OFDM(TM) digital standards and new carriers considering 450 MHz standards. Interference cancellation equipment minimizes isolation requirements between donor and coverage antennas. Suited for applications where higher data rates are required and to fill gaps in network coverage, unit operates with 5 W of output power. Read More

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Antenna System facilitates emergency communications.

June 7, 2007

MOFORSAS Multiple Output Fiber Optic Repeater Smart Antenna System provides clear communication to disaster recovery teams in extreme, hostile conditions such as building collapse, mining accidents, hurricanes, and similar harsh situations. Designed to bring radio communication signals from outside building and carry it into deep interior locations where no signal exists, it can achieve band range of 380-2,500 MHz. Military version with features for battlefield conditions is also available. Read More

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Leviton Expands DMX Signal Management Product Line with 1 Input/8 Output DMX Splitter/Repeater

April 6, 2007

Little Neck, NY, December 8, 2006 - Leviton announces its latest addition to its DMX signal management product family, an optically isolated splitter/repeater. The DMXSM-H18 splits a single DMX512 input into 8 optically isolated DMX512 outputs. This product offers an ideal alternative to traditional daisy-chained signal routing by employing a star-based or "home run" signal transmission... Read More

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Profibus FO Repeater offers transfer rate up to 12 Mbit/s.

June 26, 2006

Featuring 2 optical and 1 electrical port, OZD Profi G12 ATEX 1 supports HIPER-Ring redundancy, which ensures repeater switches over to another ring segment without measurable interruption in case of faults. Optical power can also be monitored continuously by signal strength outputs, which can be integrated in process control system. Stainless steel and plastic housings with or without viewing window are available for installation in explosion protection Zone 1. Read More

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Fiber Optic Repeaters suit RS485 fieldbus systems.

June 26, 2006

Basic version, OZD 485 G12 BAS, enables linear and star-shaped wiring and covers distances up to 3,100 m, while Professional version, OZD 485 G12 PRO, can be used additionally in ring topology and ranges up to 22 km. Data is transmitted over 1 or 2 independent data channels transparently and continuously at 0-1.5 Mbit/s. Due to optical transmission technique and redundancy mechanisms, repeaters are suited for secure data communication in areas with electromagnetic conditions. Read More

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Data Transceiver has drop and repeat architecture.

October 29, 2002

Series D7400 4-Port Transceiver transmits four 10/100 Mbps Ethernet data signals over 1 or 2 multimode or single-mode optical fibers. Signals travel over distances up to 28 miles. Each independently configured RJ-45 port provides MDI/MDIX auto cross feature that detects whether straight through or crossover cables are plugged into port. Multi-port Ethernet Switch offers auto-sensing technology for selection of data rate. Read More

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