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CMM Systems offer end-to-end inspection solutions.

May 2, 2016

Integrating with MetraSCAN 3D optical CMM scanner and HandyPROBE Next arm-free portable CMM, VXinspect dimensional inspection software is intended for manufacturing companies that conduct first article inspection and complete quality control on production line or shop floor. Multi-function buttons on CMM systems enable users to directly interact with software right from devices. With single-click color mapping, VXinspect users can identify faults and deviations before production starts. Read More

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3D Laser Scanner targets shop floor applications.

April 28, 2016

Efficient on black, multicolored, and shiny surfaces, MetraSCAN 3D helps manufacturers address potential quality control issues at any stage of production cycle, regardless of part complexity and material. System provides 480,000 measurements/second and volumetric accuracy of 0.0025 in. Thanks to TRUaccuracy, MetraSCAN 3D’s optical-based data acquisition process delivers measurement accuracy for small to large parts and assemblies that are insensitive to instabilities of environment. Read More

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Color Flatbed Scanner offers backlight option.

December 9, 2015

Designed for formats up to 25 x 18.5 in., WideTEK 25 uses stitching process to deliver max resolution of 1,200 dpi and can scan A2-sized document in 3 seconds at 300 dpi. CCD system is housed in hermetically sealed camera box, ensuring dust-free operation. Integrated in scanner lid, backlight option can be used for digitizing film footage, X-rays, and other transparent material. Option lets operators scan medium and large format films and glass negatives in less than 6 seconds at 600 dpi. Read More

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Rockwell Automation and FANUC Work Together to Optimize Manufacturing Production

November 20, 2015

Industrial IoT drives need for integrated solutions throughout The Connected Enterprise CHICAGO — As manufacturing companies aspire to drive tangible value from the industrial Internet of Things (IoT), they look to streamline and integrate processes as one of the most efficient steps to achieve an IoT-ready production and supply network. Rockwell Automation and FANUC are collaborating on... Read More

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Handheld 3D Laser Scanner delivers 1 mm accuracy at 1 m range.

September 22, 2015

Through intuitive data acquisition, FARO Freestyle(3D) X transforms how Law Enforcement, Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industries document 3D data. Handheld unit incorporates automatic flash mode, which enables users to scan objects in variety of lighting conditions. Software tools deliver intensely detailed visualization of created 3D point cloud, while integrated best-point filter optimizes quality of scan data by minimizing noise. Read More

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Stockpile Monitoring System targets mining industry.

May 8, 2015

Using OPAL laser scanners deployed around cluster of stockpiles at mine site, 3DRi™ Stockpile software automatically monitors stockpile levels and reports volumes. Dust-penetrating OPAL scanners are specifically designed for harsh, dusty environments and can be deployed without any special, air-conditioned or heated enclosures. Through 3DRi web interface, users can remotely schedule scanning events, define individual stockpiles in cluster, and customize automatic reporting. Read More

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Nutfield Tech is Leading the Way When it Comes to Galvanometer Optical Scanning Devices

April 28, 2015

Hudson NH — Nutfield Technology (www.nutfieldtech.com) has been designing and innovating galvanometer optical scanning devices for almost 20 years.  With four-week standard lead time, outstanding technical support and high performance products, Nutfield Tech manufactures galvanometer optical scanning devices that provide outstanding value. Nutfield... Read More

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RME Geomatics Purchases and Takes Delivery of their First RIEGL VUX-1

April 27, 2015

RIEGL USA is proud to announce that RME Geomatics has purchased and taken delivery of their first VUX-1 UAS LiDAR scanner! “At RME Geomatics, we recognize RIEGL as a world leader in LiDAR technology and innovation, especially in the unmanned industry. We chose the VUX-1, based on a combination of range and accuracy abilities for aerial surveys. We evaluated the market need through the pull... Read More

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Nutfield Leads the Way in Galvanometer Mirror Scanners Including Two and Three Axis Scan Heads

March 25, 2015

Hudson NH — Nutfield Technology has been designing and innovating galvanometer mirror scanners, scan heads and scan control software since 1997. Known for innovative design and manufacture, Nutfield recently expanded into a 20,000 square-foot facility. Their commitment to high quality, affordability and innovation make them an ideal partner, with four-week lead times, and outstanding technical... Read More

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ShapeGrabber Expands USA Sales Network

January 12, 2015

20 new partners to sell and support ShapeGrabber 3D scanners in North America OTTAWA, Canada – ShapeGrabber, a subsidiary of Quality Vision International (QVI) that manufactures 3D scanners for industrial applications, today announced the addition of more than 20 new channel partners across the USA. The addition of these partners further extends the reach of ShapeGrabber 3D scanners across... Read More

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Mini LED Scanner System facilitates design and inspection.

December 3, 2014

Using blue LED structured-light scanning technology and choice of 3DS' Geomagic software products, Capture™ Mini brings real objects into CAD packages. Portable system provides accuracy of .0013 in. and can capture nearly 1 million points per scan in .3 seconds. With 88 x 87 mm field of view, system is suited for inspection of small objects that fit in palm, including jewelry, dental prosthetics, electronic components, and automotive/aerospace components. Read More

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Photo Scanners deliver precise color and detail.

November 6, 2014

Featuring 4800 x 6400 dpi resolution with 4.0 Dmax optical density and Epson's Dual Lens scanning system, Epson® Perfection® V800 Photo and Epson Perfection V850 Pro are suited for film and photo archiving and reproductions. Perfection V850 Pro adds High Pass Optics with anti-reflection optical coatings and high-reflection mirror to optimize image quality and performance. With 8 x 10 in. transparency adapter, users can quickly scan slide-packs and negative strips into printable contact sheets. Read More

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Metrolog X4 i-Robot at CONTROL '14 - Metrologic Group Automates the STEINBICHLER T-SCAN CS Laser Scanner

April 30, 2014

Steinbichler Optotechnik GmbH, the worldwide leading provider of optic measuring and sensor technology, will be presenting the STEINBICHLER T-SCAN CS hand-guided laser scanner that can now be mounted on a robot at CONTROL. "This makes it possible to use the system for automated measurements both on and off the production line," said Carsten Gericke, Business Development/OEM, Steinbichler... Read More

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Creaform and HGS Automation Form Strategic Reselling Partnership

March 26, 2014

HGS Automation to leverage Creaform's 3D inspection solutions for its custom automation solutions Lévis, Québec and Fraser, Michigan Creaform, a worldwide leader in portable 3D measurement solutions and 3D engineering services, and HGS Automation, a custom robotic solutions integrator with proven success in plant automation, today announce that they have formed a strategic alliance. ... Read More

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EBTS/F-Certified Scanner can capture 4 flat fingerprints at once.

March 13, 2014

By capturing 4 fingers of each hand and both thumbs together, FS64 can capture 10 fingerprints in ~10 sec for fingerprint enrollment and identification applications. Unit also supports capture of rolling fingerprint images, has effective scanning area of 3.0 x 3.2 in., and is certified by FBI as compliant with EBTS/F Image Quality Specification for Identification Flats Systems and Live Scan Systems. Modular version, FS65, does not have plastic shell and is suited for embedded applications.<br /> Read More

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Portable Robotic Laser Scanner provides 3D analysis.

March 10, 2014

Offering fully automated scanning with 3D analysis, RoboScanner accurately measures components in production environment. Product uses high-resolution digital blue-light scanning system and can capture over 500,000 points in less than 0.2 sec. Multiple scans are automatically registered and resulting file is compared to nominal CAD model to receive instant go/no-go decision. RoboScanner provides accuracy as high as ±.002 in. or ±0.050 mm and resolution as fine as .0005 in. or .012 mm. Read More

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Wireless Barcode Readers integrate Bluetooth® connectivity.

December 5, 2013

Portable handheld imagers HS-51 and HS-51X, which employ 1.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor and dual field optics, perform up to 50,000 reads from 1,300 mA Li-ion battery and offer 32 MB of non-volatile memory. While HS-51 decodes 1D/2D symbols in applications such as high-contrast, black and white labels, HS-51X adds X-Mode decode algorithms and bright field lighting for reading difficult, low-contrast codes. IP54 enclosure is ergonomically designed, and readers withstand multiple drops from 6 ft. Read More

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NVision Helps "Shark Tank" Winner Expand Product Line

September 13, 2013

Coppell, TX – NVision, Inc. is helping ReadeREST, a recent winner on the ABC TV show "Shark Tank", expand its line of magnetic reading glass clips by quickly and efficiently modeling common objects so they can be used as the basis for creating decorative new clip designs. NVision's Engineering Service Division is laser-scanning objects selected by ReadeREST, creating computer aided design... Read More

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Scheduling of in-Vessel as-Built Measurements by Underwater Laser Scanner during Outages Gains Wider Acceptance from Nuclear Operators

May 21, 2013

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – Joining in what is becoming an industry-accepted practice as part of the nuclear plant refuel process, the owners of Nine Mile Point Nuclear Station in Scriba, New York, scheduled in-vessel underwater laser scanning to measure several as-built components during the Unit 1 reactor outage in mid-April for the purpose of documenting any cycle-to-cycle changes. A two-man... Read More

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[TC]² 3D Scanner Technology Supports Revolution in Healthcare Measurement

May 20, 2013

[TC]2  3D Scanner Technology Supports revolution in healthcare measurement [TC]², for more than three decades a worldwide technology leader for apparel and retail, is taking its 3D Scanners and software — typically used to facilitate better fitting and/or custom-made apparel — into healthcare data collection; and the move is expected to have significant benefits in identifying health... Read More