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Stockpile Monitoring System targets mining industry.

May 8, 2015

Using OPAL laser scanners deployed around cluster of stockpiles at mine site, 3DRi™ Stockpile software automatically monitors stockpile levels and reports volumes. Dust-penetrating OPAL scanners are specifically designed for harsh, dusty environments and can be deployed without any special, air-conditioned or heated enclosures. Through 3DRi web interface, users can remotely schedule scanning events, define individual stockpiles in cluster, and customize automatic reporting. Read More

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Mini LED Scanner System facilitates design and inspection.

December 3, 2014

Using blue LED structured-light scanning technology and choice of 3DS' Geomagic software products, Capture™ Mini brings real objects into CAD packages. Portable system provides accuracy of .0013 in. and can capture nearly 1 million points per scan in .3 seconds. With 88 x 87 mm field of view, system is suited for inspection of small objects that fit in palm, including jewelry, dental prosthetics, electronic components, and automotive/aerospace components. Read More

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Photo Scanners deliver precise color and detail.

November 6, 2014

Featuring 4800 x 6400 dpi resolution with 4.0 Dmax optical density and Epson's Dual Lens scanning system, Epson® Perfection® V800 Photo and Epson Perfection V850 Pro are suited for film and photo archiving and reproductions. Perfection V850 Pro adds High Pass Optics with anti-reflection optical coatings and high-reflection mirror to optimize image quality and performance. With 8 x 10 in. transparency adapter, users can quickly scan slide-packs and negative strips into printable contact sheets. Read More

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EBTS/F-Certified Scanner can capture 4 flat fingerprints at once.

March 13, 2014

By capturing 4 fingers of each hand and both thumbs together, FS64 can capture 10 fingerprints in ~10 sec for fingerprint enrollment and identification applications. Unit also supports capture of rolling fingerprint images, has effective scanning area of 3.0 x 3.2 in., and is certified by FBI as compliant with EBTS/F Image Quality Specification for Identification Flats Systems and Live Scan Systems. Modular version, FS65, does not have plastic shell and is suited for embedded applications.
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Portable Robotic Laser Scanner provides 3D analysis.

March 10, 2014

Offering fully automated scanning with 3D analysis, RoboScanner accurately measures components in production environment. Product uses high-resolution digital blue-light scanning system and can capture over 500,000 points in less than 0.2 sec. Multiple scans are automatically registered and resulting file is compared to nominal CAD model to receive instant go/no-go decision. RoboScanner provides accuracy as high as ±.002 in. or ±0.050 mm and resolution as fine as .0005 in. or .012 mm. Read More

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Wireless Barcode Readers integrate Bluetooth® connectivity.

December 5, 2013

Portable handheld imagers HS-51 and HS-51X, which employ 1.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor and dual field optics, perform up to 50,000 reads from 1,300 mA Li-ion battery and offer 32 MB of non-volatile memory. While HS-51 decodes 1D/2D symbols in applications such as high-contrast, black and white labels, HS-51X adds X-Mode decode algorithms and bright field lighting for reading difficult, low-contrast codes. IP54 enclosure is ergonomically designed, and readers withstand multiple drops from 6 ft. Read More

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Robot-Mounted 3D Scanners work on and off production line.

May 8, 2013

Enabling inspection of up to few hundred parts per day with accuracy of up to 0.085 mm in shop floor conditions, MetraSCAN-R™ series includes 2 versions of optical CMM 3D scanners, 70-R and 210-R, designed for automated and robotized applications. System can be fully configured and programmed to meet inspection automation projects requirements for parts of various sizes and shapes, and optical reflectors allow automatic detection of part alignment.

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Slide Scanning System supports digital pathology applications.

July 31, 2012

With up to 5 fluorescence channels per slide, Model SCN400 2.2 provides flexible whole slide scanning solution. Ability to capture multiple markers on single sample, with clear focus and channel separation, ensures that researchers maximize results from precious or rare samples. Capacity for multiple filter cubes enables up to 7 distinct fluorescence channels to be utilized across scanning batch. For brightfield imaging, advanced tissue finding system automatically identifies areas for capture. Read More

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Portable Scanning System provides precision 3D digitizing.

September 23, 2011

Combining blue light technology with 2 megapixel camera, COMET L3D is intended for quality control as well as 3D digitizing for reverse engineering in plastics and metal industries. System has fixed triangulation basis, which can be used with pre-adjusted lenses. Supplied in ergonomic transport box, portable unit features standard thread that allows usage of commercial video tripods and heads. Read More

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Forensic-Level Reader authenticates taggants through windows.

January 21, 2011

Fostering enforcement of motor vehicle safety laws and regulations, CarSure can read taggants (optical codes) and authenticate documents through car windows. Invisible taggants are integrated into documents during manufacturing process and thereafter can only be detected by CarSure reader. Taggants can be incorporated into any material, including plastics commonly used in stickers affixed to car windows, and are active for entire life of document. Read More

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Mobile ID Reader provides 5 data capture modes.

December 9, 2010

Suited for border management, law enforcement, and transportation, handheld Model MD6000 enables users to validate multiple types of IDs while in field. Unit is equipped with readers for optical character recognition, 3-track magnetic stripes, contactless RF chips and contact chips, as well as optical single fingerprint capture. After data is captured, device encrypts and relays it via wireless Bluetooth technology to user's laptop, tablet PC, or smartphone. Read More

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Optical CMM 3D Scanner features handheld, arm-free design.

November 29, 2010

Utilizing C-Track(TM) dual-camera sensor, MetraSCAN features TRUaccuracy(TM) technology, ensuring accurate dimensional measurements regardless of environment or operator skills. C-Track performs continuous image acquisition and transmission, lighting of reflectors, and wireless communication with MetraSCAN. Scanning, probing, gap and flush analysis, shiny part inspection, and fine surface detail acquisition can be performed through uninterrupted process that is compliant with industry standards. Read More

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3D Optical Scanner incorporates dual-camera sensor.

October 15, 2010

Complementing HandyPROBE optical CMM, MetraSCAN 3D Scanner is powered by C-Track(TM) dual-camera sensor and features TRUaccuracy(TM) technology, ensuring accurate dimensional measurements regardless of measurement environment or operator skills. Scanning, probing, gap and flush analysis, shiny part inspection, and fine surface detail acquisition can be performed through integrated and uninterrupted process that is compliant with industry standards. Read More

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Contrast Scanners have simplified adjustment, configuration.

April 7, 2010

Available with multicolor, white, or red-light laser transmitters, KRT 3B contrast scanners offer average scanning range from 14.5-60 mm, and response time from 50-125 µs. Products have EasyTune feature for fine adjustments, which enables switching thresholds to be set during operation. For on-site configuration, IO-Link supports digital output, time functions, internal mark counters, and remote control of sensor functions. Units are also available with 3 different teach processes. Read More

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Production Scanner can digitize wide range of documents.

June 1, 2009

Ngenuity digitizes documents, from rice paper to plastic cards to stuffed envelopes to fetal monitoring strips, at speeds up to 150 ppm at 200 dpi in color, bitonal, and grayscale. Rotary paper path allows users to scan most documents, while straight pass through paper path offers alternative for scanning exception documents that might not make turn through rotary path. SharpShooter(TM) cameras ensure 600 dpi optical capture while LED illumination provides scans with optimal image quality. Read More

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Resonant Optical Scanner features sub-miniature design.

April 21, 2009

Measuring 0.9 x 0.5 x 0.43 in., SC-3 Non-MEMS Resonant Scanner features one fixed scanning frequency in range of 100-1,000 Hz and optical scan angle up to 50°. Electromagnetically driven, moving mirror device deflects light beam with continuous sinusoidal motion. High flexural stiffness provides resistance to shock and vibration, as well as low wobble and optimal scan repeatability. Models can be used in VIS, IR, UV, high-temperature, and vacuum applications. Read More

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Card Reader features intuitive optical user interface.

March 17, 2009

Able to display alpha-numeric digits and Asian character sets, DIGIPASS® 835a features optical interface for automatic download of encrypted data from PC onto display. Data is transferred by holding optical interface in front of computer screen. Utilizing 5 phototransistors, optical technology has data transmission speed of 20 fps and can be used with CRT, TFT, LCD, LED, and plasma screens. EMV-PLA-compliant, reader is suited for e-banking solutions in countries that use PIN-less payment cards. Read More

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Mobile Computer comes with Windows Mobile 6 OS.

January 14, 2009

Equipped with Shift-PLUS(TM) technology for extended battery life, flashlight-sized Dolphin 7600 incorporates Adaptus Imaging Technology v5.0, which allows unit to read 1D and 2D bar codes, OCR fonts, and images to meet scanning needs for variety of retail or light industrial applications. Core features of Windows Mobile 6 include integration with Microsoft applications including Office, Internet Explorer Mobile, Exchange and Outlook, and SQL Server. Read More

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Compact Reader identifies 2D data matrix and 1D bar codes.

August 18, 2008

Multi-Code Reader can identify, verify, and qualify most marking methods including dot-peened, laser-etched, and printed DMC codes as well as printed barcodes. Suited for harsh environments, solid-state, metal housing measures 80 x 42 x 53 mm and unit incorporates CMOS image sensor with DSP and integrated lighting system. Maximum target speed is 7 msec and unit can read even partially damaged or worn code from any orientation. It is available in 2 x 24 Vdc models with VGA resolution. Read More

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OCR Document Reader measures 36.3 x 22.7 x 18.5 mm.

July 16, 2008

Operating from 3 Vdc power supply, Model OCR130 is designed for OEM integration into portable devices via 12-way, 0.5 mm pitch FFC. With operating current of 130 mA which drops substantially when reader is in rest mode, it captures code lines from machine-readable travel documents including machine-readable passports, visas, and travel cards conforming to ICAO Document 9303. APACS debit and credit documents can also be read together with E13B OCRB and mixed E13B and OCRB fonts. Read More