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Linear Modulator Driver supports long haul applications.

April 7, 2015

Integrating 4 linear driver channels, Model MAOM-003418 provides differential surface mount inputs and single-ended GPPO outputs for direct connection to OIF compliant LiNbO modulator. Unit features 46 Gbaud capability to support 200G and 400G ultra-long haul applications. Operating with minimum input voltage of 450.00 mVpp, device delivers max output voltage of 5.0 Vpp. Read More

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Isolated Sigma-Delta Modulator fosters precision measurement.

June 3, 2014

Able to achieve 81 dB min signal-to-noise and distortion ratio (SINAD) @ 78 KSPS over -40 to +125°C range, AD7403 promotes current and voltage measurement accuracy in DC/AC power conversion applications and subsequently improves performance of motor drives by reducing torque ripple on motor shaft. SINAD value also increases power transfer efficiency in DC/AC power inverter applications. Modulator employs iCoupler® digital isolation technology and offers 1.5 µV/°C typ offset drift. Read More

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Spacial Light Modulators feature plug-and-play design.

August 15, 2013

Using both translucent and reflective liquid crystal micro-display technology, Spatial Light Modulators dynamically modify amplitude and/or phase of incident light. Units individually manipulate each pixel in real-time and include patented technology for eliminating Black-matrix effects and phase calibration. Users can directly connect PC video/graphics to modulators, as well as program units to behave like gratings, lenses, diffractive optical elements, masks, and encryptors. Read More

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Modulators are available for satellite or terrestrial operations.

April 9, 2013

As independent 1RU system compatible with any existing environment or module for embedding in any 1RU Telairity encoder, Orion modulators for satellite or terrestrial operations fully comply with DVB, ATSC, and ISDB-T standards. Orion 6500 satellite models come with QPSK, 8PSK, 16APSK, and 32APSK, offering rates up to 68 Mbaud. Orion 6600 terrestrial models allow DVB-T2/T2 transmitters to operate close to their saturation regions. L-Band or IF-Band RF output is available with both models. Read More

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All-Inclusive Modulator meets needs of broadcasters.

March 20, 2013

In addition to supporting front panel control, portable ZMOD-X1 series can also be monitored and controlled using any Web browser. Basic unit comes with DVBS (QPSK) as well as DVBS2 (QPSK and 8 PSK) modulation schemes, IF output, L band output, and ASI input. Available options include 16 and 32 APSK modulation and IP input. Read More

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Polarization Modulator enables display of 3D digital films.

April 1, 2011

DepthQ® Polarization Modulator for 3D Digital Cinema allows digital projector to display stereoscopic 3D films, viewable using passive circular polarized glasses. Paired with projectors up to 18.5°K ANSI lumens, it supports screens up to 45 ft, and also varies polarity of light passing through it in synchronization with triple-flash of left and right eye images. Device also provides symmetrical 50 ms switching time between eyes for low-crosstalk operation, and can switch between 2D and 3D. Read More

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Reflective Electro-Absorption Modulator has 60 GHz bandwidth.

December 3, 2009

With insertion loss of only 3.6 dB, combined modulation and photodetection transducer 60G-R-EAM-1550 provides digital optical modulation at 50 GBps, RF modulation over 60 GHz bandwidth, and photodetection with 1.0 A/W responsivity and 43 GHz bandwidth. It operates across 1,550 Nm C-band with low chirp parameter and is designed for use with laser diode source. It is available in custom variants, standard package with RF connectors is suited for use with external RF components/drivers. Read More

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Polarization Modulator enables single-lens HD 3D projection.

November 11, 2009

DepthQ Polarization Modulator electronically switches polarization orientation of light passing through it and, when combined with polarization-preserving screen, stereoscopic 3D projector, and passive 3D eyewear, enables high-brightness, flicker-free viewing. It provides high polarization efficiency over visible wavelengths from 400-750 nm and transition switching speeds of under 0.5 msec between polarization states. Small and large versions are available. Read More

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Optical Amplifier is suitable for WDM and DWDM networks.

September 28, 2009

Model R-SOA-EAM-1550 monolithically integrates semiconductor optical amplifier with reflective electro-absorption modulator, combining high optical gain with high-speed modulation. Unit also offers low sensitivity to input polarization, suiting it for DWDM transmission at speeds of 10 Gbps over fiber optic links of up to 80 km. It can be used across entire C-band and is compatible with HyBoard® photonic integration platform. Read More

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Spatial Light Modulators come in 121 x 73 x 22 mm package.

May 12, 2008

Based on reflective LCOS microdisplays with 1,920 x 1,080 pixel HDTV resolution, PLUTO phase only spatial light modulators feature pixel pitch of 8.0 µm, image refresh rate of 60 Hz, and pure phase shift of 2 Pi up to 1,550 nm. PLUTO-VIS, PLUTO-NIR, and PLUTO-TELCO are optimized for 420-850, 850-1,100, and 1,550 nm wavelengths, respectively. They are suitable for applications such as wave front correction, optical tweezers/metrology, interferometry, lithography, or holography. Read More

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Holographic System manipulates microscopic elements.

February 11, 2008

Comprised of Spatial Light Modulator, Collimated Fiber Laser, CCD camera, and Holographic Optical Trapping workstation with LabRyx software, HOTkit(TM) Holo-Tweezers System can be incorporated into virtually any research-grade microscope or imaging modality. Instead of being limited to stationary or single beam, holography allows user to create hundreds of traps to grab and move multiple cells and particles in three dimensions with point and click mouse control. Read More

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Universal Edge QAM facilitates modular deployments.

June 29, 2007

Designed for deployments of switched digital video, M-CMTS, and DOCSIS 3.0, HyperQAM(TM) is able to simultaneously support high-speed data, broadcast video, and VOD services in same chassis. Fully software-upgradeable modulator, built for redundancy and modularity, suits any operator planning value-added video or data services. With 128 fully DRFI-compliant QAM outputs in 2 rack units, scaleable platform allows outputs to be added in increments of 1, 2, 4, 6, or 8. Read More

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Phase Only Spatial Light Modulator offers HDTV resolution.

June 5, 2006

Featuring GUI that lets user adapt modulation performance to actual task and laser wave length, HEO 1080 P is based on reflective LCoS microdisplay with full WUXGA resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels). All optical phase functions are addressed by DVI graphics card, pixel pitch is 8.0 µm, and image refresh frame rate is 60 Hz. Due to ECB display mode, phase panels provide pure phase shift of 2 Pi up to 1064 nm. Available panel versions are optimized for 420-810 nm or 800-1,100 nm. Read More

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External Modulator provides 10-12.5 Gb/s transmission.

March 2, 2005

PowerBit(TM) F2000 Lithium Niobate NRZ Modulator features chirp mechanism capable of extending reach of uncompensated signal transmission to 120 km over single-mode fiber at 2,000 ps/nm. Designed for 4 in. transponders, unit can replace modulators in existing transponder designs, upgrading standard transponder to 120 km extended metro applications. Read More

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Laser Diode Modulator suits DVD players.

March 11, 2004

Model SP8110 features 2 output channels, 400 MHz on-chip adjustable oscillator, and extended temperature range of -40 to +85°C. Output channels are individually programmable up to 130 mA. High-frequency current modulation is utilized to suppress noise of grounded laser diodes. Nominal 400 MHz modulation frequency is adjustable for both channels via external resistor RF tied to ground. Power saving mode, as well as error mode, enhance application performance. Read More

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