Optical Fiber Sensors

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Fiber Optic Sensors are ATEX rated, inherently safe.

October 7, 2014

While MR380 series offers emergency stop (ESTOP) functional safety compliance with SIL1 rating, MR382 series Fiber Optic U-Beam Sensor acts as general-purpose photo interruption/slot sensor. Both inherently safe fiber optic signaling products, suited for industrial automation, robotic, and medical markets, consist of passive optical sensor that connects to DIN rail-mount controller module via OM1 duplex 62.5/125 multimode fiber optic link. Sensors operate over distances up to 8,200 ft. Read More

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Digital Fiber Optic Current Sensor has free standing design.

August 26, 2014

Suited for current measurement applications in 245–800 kV substations, FOCS-FS has digital interface capability that fosters deployment in digital substations and facilitates adaptability to future substation automation needs. Sensor complies with IEC 61850 open systems communication protocol, facilitates development of digital substations, and enables smart grids. Free of magnetic saturation, sensor can capture fast transient currents, short circuit currents, and AC with DC-offset. Read More

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Fiber Optic Position Sensor offers 14-bit single-turn resolution.

March 28, 2014

Featuring all-optical design immune to any EMI and other harsh environment conditions, MR330 series offers inherently safe operation and interference-free sensor transmission over distances exceeding 300 m. Absolute rotary encoder measures absolute angular position from 0° to 360° via programmable 13-bit (8,192 count) or 14-bit (13,950 count) resolution at speeds exceeding 2,500 rpm. Firmware also tracks turns up to 12 bits (4,096 revolutions). Read More

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Hexagonal Fiber Units affords stable detection with built-in lens.

November 1, 2013

Allowing for stable detection by incorporating lens units, series E32-LT11N/E32-LD11N are standard fiber units with hexagonal shape that is designed to facilitate installation, promote reliability, and foster neat cable connections. Fiber unit integrates lens with 15° aperture angle, helping increase incident light level even if emission light level is same as before. Offering stable detection in dusty environments, units include M4 through-beam model and M6 diffuse-reflective model. Read More

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Fiber Optic Sensors feature IP50 and IP65 protection.

January 31, 2012

For high operating distances, S7 Series includes 10-bit resolution models with 500 µsec response. For high speed, series has models with 12-bit resolution, 50 µsec response and 4-digit display. Versions are also available with multiturn mechanical trimmer adjustment. To facilitate installation and setting, sensors feature ultra-thin housing with CLEARLOCK(TM) and EASYtouch(TM) adjustment system. Read More

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Compact Laser Displacement Sensor delivers 1 nm resolution.

June 15, 2011

Suited for semiconductor HDD and web processing industries, SI-F1000 Series Micro-Head Spectral-Interference Laser Displacement Sensor provides precision performance from 2 mm dia sensor head. It delivers laboratory accuracy measurements inside production process as well as assembled products. Optical system uses fiber optic detecting, enabling precision measurements to be taken without introducing electromagnetic effects or adding another head to measurement system. Read More

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Plastic Fiber Optic Amps can reduce wiring by up to 70%.

November 16, 2009

Intended for plastic fiber optic cables, SU18 and SU19 Photoelectric Fiber Optic Sensors feature multiple detection modes, selectable timing functions, remote teach capability, and 4-in-1(TM) output. Latter automatically selects NPN light/dark on and PNP light/dark on output options from single sensor. While SU18 series is available in pushbutton or potentiometer adjustable versions, SU19 series offers 4-digit, percentage-of-light-received LED display and glass detection mode. Read More

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Fiber Optic Sensor accurately counts small objects.

September 17, 2009

Comprised of D10 Expert sensor paired with PFVCA fiber optic arrays, D10 Expert(TM) Small Object Counter creates 2D sensing field in which objects are detected upon breaking any point of array. Arrangement facilitates alignment and marginalizes object positioning control, ensuring consistent counting with response times as fast as 150 µsec. Features include Dynamic Event Stretcher, which prevents double-counting; selectable threshold with automatic compensation; and self-diagnostics. Read More