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Reflective Optical Coating optimizes output of LED lighting.

August 24, 2015

Used in manufacturing of LED lamps and lighting assemblies, Dow Corning® CI-2001 optimizes light output and efficiency while offering resistance to aging and UV light. White silicone coating features low viscosity of 1,500 cP which optimizes flow and fills in narrow gaps and spaces. Curing at room temperature to tough, resilient non-tacky surface, CI-2001 can be applied to large variety of substrates, such as polycarbonate, aluminum, and PMMA. Read More

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Precision Optics are designed for Nd:YAG and fiber lasers.

March 18, 2015

Intended for use in Nd:YAG and fiber lasers, precision laser optics include lenses, beamsplitters, polarizing components, super flat mirrors, and high-damage threshold coatings that operate in 1 micron wavelength region. Key specifications, including transmission, wavefront, and laser damage threshold (LDT), are analyzed and measured by technicians and scientists. Subesquently, measurements are tested at RMI facility via high-power Nd:YAG laser. Read More

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Optical Coatings feature high laser damage threshold.

August 13, 2014

Both highly reflective and anti-reflective, High Laser Damage Threshold Optical Coatings are manufactured to withstand laser damages up to 40 J/cm² at 20 ns pulse width at 1,064 nm. Coatings are also available for wavelengths from 300–2,500 nm. Read More

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Optically Clear Hard Coating increases lens durability, film life.

July 1, 2014

Engineered for resistance to scratches, abrasion, and chemicals, OC-4122 UV-curable, optically clear, hard coating for polycarbonate lenses is suited for use with such film substrates as PC, PET, TAC, and PMMA. Surface energy prevents materials from readily adhering to cured coating, resulting in non-stick or self-cleaning surface, while transparency and low haze characteristics maintain optical clarity over time. This 100% solids hard coating cures tack free when exposed to UV light. Read More

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Optically Clear Hard Coating targets PET and PMMA films.

June 30, 2014

Engineered for scratch, abrasion, and chemical resistance, OC-3021 Hard Coating is typically used in manufacture of electronic touch panels, LCD polarized displays, and polarized sunglasses, safety glasses, and goggles. Low surface energy prevents materials from easily adhering to cured coating, resulting in non-stick or self-cleaning surface. Offering optimized transparency and low haze characteristics, 100% solids coating cures tack-free when exposed to UV light. Read More

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Anti-Newton Ring Coatings can be UV or thermally cured.

May 1, 2014

UV-curable Vueguard® 901 AN, 902 AN, 903 AN, 904 AN, and 907 AN are respectively available for polycarbonate, PMMA (acrylic), PET/PETG, ABS, and glass substrates. Also available, thermal cure Zestguard 907 AN is suitable for glass substrates. All products, exhibiting chemical and abrasion resistance, completely eliminate Newton rings from LCDs, displays, and optical filters. Read More

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Protected Gold Coating are available for large-format substrates.

February 7, 2014

Protected gold thin-film coatings are available for deposition on lightweight optical elements for applications, such as terrestrial and airborne imaging systems, where weight and performance are critical design factors. Coating can be applied to optical elements with diameters in excess of 350 mm. Read More

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Optical Thin Film Coatings are intended for instrumentation.

January 20, 2014

Intended for use in imaging, display, projection, scanning, defense, biomedical, aerospace, and other instrumentation applications, precision optical thin film coatings include thin film filters with anti-reflective, heat-resistant, dielectric, and IR and visual transmission qualities. Thin films include UV, IR, anti-reflective (AR), BBAR, cold mirror plate, hot mirrors, aluminized mirror, plate beamsplitters, indium tin oxide (ITO), maximum reflectors (Max Rs), and more. Read More

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Optically Clear Hard Coating offers scratch resistance.

November 7, 2013

Engineered for scratch, abrasion, and chemical resistance, OC-4021 can be used with film substrates such as PET and TAC, and is suited for manufacture of electronic touch panels, polarized sunglasses, safety glasses/goggles, and LCD polarized displays. Product can be mixed with variety of solvents before roll or dip coating to obtain desired coating thickness of 2–5 microns. Offering transparency and low haze characteristics, 100% solids coating cures tack-free when exposed to UV light. Read More

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Anti-Fog Coating optimizes optical clarity of displays.

September 27, 2013

With Vueguard® 932-AF Coating, gauges, lenses, visors, and display windows can withstand moisture and heat conditions without fogging, and with optimized abrasion and chemical resistance. UV-curable, super hydrophilic coating also features optimized surface hardness, water immersion resistance, and surface slip. It is suited for marine, medical, eyewear, electronic, appliance, automotive, and aerospace industries. Read More

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Thin Film Coatings span variety of wavelengths.

July 16, 2013

Spanning UV, VIS, NIR, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR, and VLWIR wavelengths, Optical Thin Film Coatings include anti-reflection coatings, hot and cold mirrors, front-surface mirrors, and infrared coatings for commercial and industrial applications. Products can be applied to variety of substrates, including glass, ceramics, plastics, metal, and active device silicon wafers. Typical applications include displays, lighting, UV curing filters, ophthalmic lenses, and X-ray systems. Read More

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Optical Coating targets high-precision bandpass filters.

October 11, 2012

Opening up possibilities for application-specific cameras, PixelTec™ enables optical devices to be micro-patterned with multiple narrow-band filters, creating optimal contrast and resolution for multispectral applications ranging from cellular microscopy to factory vision systems. By combining sputtered coating with microlithography technology, PixelTec delivers accurate geometric and spectral performance across UV, visible, and near-short wave infrared ranges. Read More

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Multispectral Optical Coatings offer dielectrical performance.

August 3, 2012

Hybrid Diamond-Like-Carbon coatings resist conditions of harsh environments and feature transmittance of dielectrical coating. Using appropriate design and production process, internal coating tensions are minimized, and durability and adhesive power comply with testing standards such as TS 1888 (Windscreen-Wiper Test). Coatings can be manufactured on materials such as silicon or germanium. Their spectral properties can be achieved in 2 separate wavelength ranges, such as MWIR and LWIR. Read More

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IR Bandpass Filters minimize fluctuation in CWL.

June 6, 2012

Intended for critical applications that require minimal fluctuation in center wavelength, Low Temperature Shift Infrared Bandpass Filters suit environments where it is impractical to actively heat or cool to maintain temperature stability, such as instruments used for anesthesia monitoring, gas-sensing, and chemical analysis. Filter characteristics, such as bandwidth, center wavelength, slopes, and blocking level can be customized depending upon application requirements. Read More

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Hybrid-DLC Coatings combine optimized durability, transmittance.

May 17, 2012

Hybrid-Diamond-Like-Carbon (DLC) coatings combine toughness of protective DLC (hard carbon) coatings with versatility and multispectral functionality of High-End IR coatings. Design and production processes make it possible to minimize internal coating tensions and warrant durability and adhesive power in accordance with such established testing standards as TS 1888. Spectral properties can be achieved in 2 separate wavelength ranges, such as MWIR and LWIR. Read More

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Standard/Custom Coatings optimize glass and optical performance.

July 20, 2011

Applied via electron beam guns with ion-assisted deposition to surface of glass substrates, optical coatings alter interaction with wavelengths of light in terms of reflectance, transmittance, and absorption as well as abrasion resistance and electrical conductivity. Coatings and components can be provided from 200 nm to 20 microns, from UV to far IR. Standard as well as custom coatings and filters are available to suit unique application requirements. Read More

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Hydrophilic/Hydrophobic Optical Coatings meet needs of various applications.

January 21, 2011

Suited for outdoor use or environments where moisture is present, hydrophilic coatings reduce distortion by interacting positively with water and causing condensates to spread uniformly over surface of coated glass. They comply with MIL-C-675C for severe abrasion and can be applied on glass substrates for optics applications with wavelengths from 350-2,700 nm. Available as coated and laminated solutions, hydrophobic coatings create barrier against dirt, dust, and liquids. Read More

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Conductive Coatings deliver high transmittance for optics.

January 21, 2011

Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) and Index-Matched Indium Tin Oxide (IMITO) coatings are optically transparent and can be applied to various technical and commercial glass substrates. Able to be designed with sheet resistances below 5 ohms per square, IMITO solutions inhibit effects of EMI, RFI, and ESD. By using ITO coating, EMI, RFI, and ESD are minimized and may be virtually eliminated. Coatings are resistant to flaking, peeling, cracking, delaminating, and crazing. Read More

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Optical Coatings on Plastics enable lightweight optics.

July 7, 2009

Operating from visible through IR spectral wavelengths, thin film optical coatings can be deposited on materials such as Ultem®, Zeonex®, and various polycarbonate plastics. Properties suit applications requiring lightweight and low-cost optics, such as LED lighting, medical devices, UAV optics, and photovoltaic solar systems. Specific products include band pass filters, dichroic coatings, high reflectors, and various metals coatings. Read More

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Optical Bonding promotes LCD clarity in bright environments.

June 11, 2009

IMO-bond(TM), optical coupling of contrast enhancing cover glass to front polarizer of display, eliminates reflections from rear surface of optical filter and front surface of display system. Process of applying rigid optical filters to electronic displays via refractive index matched optical (IMO) bonding process includes index-matched adhesives that optically couple cover glass or touch screens to display to eliminate reflection and enhances sunlight readability by greater than 90%. Read More