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Transimpedance Amplifier suits coherent receiver applications.

April 8, 2015

With power dissipation of 300 mW per channel, Model MATA-003806 is suited for next generation of micro Integrated Coherent Receivers for metro applications at 100 Gbps and beyond. Dual-channel linear TIA has transimpedance gain which can be adjusted from 100 Ω up to 10 KΩ with manual and automatic gain control modes of operation. Input and output peak detectors are available for RSSI and AGC functionality. Read More

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Transimpedance Amplifier targets optical networking systems.

September 29, 2014

Intended for 100G optical networking market, 4-channel ONET2804T provides less than 2 µA input-referred noise and virtually no cross talk between channels. Internal circuit provides photodiode reverse bias voltage and senses average photocurrent supplied to each photodiode. Available in 750 µm channel-pitch bare die, TIA serves parallel optical interconnects in applications with data rates up to 28 Gbps, such as optical line cards, point-to-point microwave backhauls, and video over fiber. Read More

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Ultrafast Amplifiers deliver greater than 14 W power.

February 14, 2014

Suited for research applications, Spitfire® Ace™ PA Power Amplifier delivers >14 W output power at 5 kHz and >12 W at 1 and 10 kHz repetition rates, while Spitfire Ace Regenerative Amplifier provides >7 W at 5 kHz and >6 W at 1 and 10 kHz. Spirit-NOPA automated non-collinear optical parametric amplifier, when used with Spirit™ ultrafast laser, creates system that is tunable from 250–900 nm and capable of generating sub-20 fs pulses with user-adjustable repetition rates from single shot to 1 MHz. Read More

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RF Power Amplifier integrates linearization technology.

August 1, 2013

Designed for half-duplex RF transceivers with amplitude-modulated waveforms, Xtender™ Linear Bidirectional S-Band Power Amplifier module, Model NW-LBSSPA-10W-2.2-2.5, generates 6 W of average RF output power from 2,200–2,500 MHz, given 10 dB peak-to-average power ratio waveform. With continuous wave signals, amplifier generates 10 W of RF output power. Automatic transmit sensing circuitry provides nearly instantaneous switching between receive and transmit modes, at less than 2 µs. Read More

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Tunable Laser System delivers speed and versatility.

May 16, 2013

Ultrafast laser system, combining automated Spirit™-OPA (optic parametric amplifier) and Spirit 1040-4 or 1040-8 industrial-grade femtosecond laser, tunes virtually gap-free from mid-IR to deep ultraviolet (DUV), from 16 µm to 210 nm, and offers user-adjustable repetition rates from tens of kHz up to 1 MHz. Functionality serves such time-resolved spectroscopy applications as single molecule studies, nonlinear optics, and fluorescence lifetime measurements. Read More

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Raman Amplifiers include automatic gain control.

March 11, 2011

In combination with erbium-doped fiber amplifiers, HPU42000 Series Amplifiers optimize optical signal-to-noise ratio and compensate for optical loss resulting from optical transmission lines and optical components. With built-in AGC function, output power per channel at each amplifier is kept constant by controlling gain automatically, optimizing integration in transmission systems. Read More

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Optical Data Transmission Systems utilize optimized software.

November 26, 2010

DarkStar® optical transport and in-line amplifier product lines feature DXMOS v2.2 OS, which offers tunable laser compatibility that promotes flexibility by reducing type and number of required spare part components. It also facilitates overall operational management associated with laser optics. Error-forwarding scheme enhances reporting and amplifier support functions of DarkStar products, which can be deployed in metro, regional, and long distance networks. Read More

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Optical Amplifier is suitable for WDM and DWDM networks.

September 28, 2009

Model R-SOA-EAM-1550 monolithically integrates semiconductor optical amplifier with reflective electro-absorption modulator, combining high optical gain with high-speed modulation. Unit also offers low sensitivity to input polarization, suiting it for DWDM transmission at speeds of 10 Gbps over fiber optic links of up to 80 km. It can be used across entire C-band and is compatible with HyBoard® photonic integration platform. Read More

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Optical Amplifier is capable of uncooled operation.

September 24, 2009

SOA-R-OEC-1550-CO high signal gain reflective semiconductor optical amplifier is coaxially packaged in pigtailed TO-56 can and is capable of uncooled operation over extended temperature range, making it suitable for applications including sensor networks and WDM-PONs. It uses buried InP heterostructure design and offers over 20 dB of signal gain across C-band at temperatures up to 70°C. Device also incorporates monitor photodiode. Read More

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Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier offers custom configurability.

August 7, 2009

Intended for 1,550 nm optical transmission networks, WaveSmart PowerNode 1550 EDFA offers custom wavelengths and user-defined power output levels for distribution of optical signals. Internal microprocessor provides real-time monitoring and control for operating status of pump and I/O optical power. Warning information will be generated in case of amplifier failure and in critical condition, pump laser will be automatically switched off when no optical power is available. Read More

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Optical Isolation Amps sense current in electronic drives.

October 14, 2008

Supplied in auto-insertable stretched SO-8 package, ACPL-C78x series delivers working insulation voltage to 1,140 V and meets 8 mm creepage and clearance requirements. Products use sigma-delta ADC technology to let designers accurately measure motor phase currents in servo and high-end inverter motor drives. Common-mode rejection (15 kV/µs at VCM = 1,000 V) capability provides precision and stability needed to accurately monitor motor current in high-noise motor control environments. Read More

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Amplifier Gainblock measures 70 x 40 x 7.5 mm.

September 18, 2008

Enabled by Mini-DIL un-cooled 980 nm pump module, MiNi Block(TM) u7040 targets 40 Gb/s transport systems in which low-noise optical amplification is required for each channel before 40 Gb/s receiver. Unit offers output power up to 15 dBm and produces 1.2 W thermal dissipation. Available in semi-custom variants to meet specific requirements, amplifier is built using telecom-grade 125 µ fiber and 12-way electrical connector. Read More

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Logarithmic Amplifier is suited for signal compression.

May 14, 2007

Designed to amplify photodiode signals from fiber optic cables in ONET, Model LOG114 operates on single +5 or ±5 V dual supply over temperature range of -5 to +75°C. DC precision product features 1 µsec rise and fall time, and can handle 8 decades of dynamic range (equivalent to 27 bits, 100 pA to 10 mA input) that suits laser control systems. Available in 4 x 4 mm QFN-16 package, unit can be used for industrial/medical optical density/absorbance measurements. Read More

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EDFA Optical Performance Monitor fits in tight spaces.

October 17, 2006

PureGain(TM) Optical Amplifier module combines Erbium Doped Fiber Amplification with Optical Performance Monitoring (EDFA-OPM) capabilities. Providing automatic and remote EDFA control in single module, integrated product offers self-compensating solution that maintains backwards-compatible electrical and mechanical configurations to promote future network upgrades. Uses include next-generation networks targeting delivery of high-bandwidth triple play services. Read More

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Amplifier Module measures only 7.5 mm thick.

May 15, 2006

Ultra-thin PureGain 400 erbium doped fiber amplifier module is designed to work within stringent space constraints found in transponder and line card applications. It can be used in pre-amp configuration, which enables high receiver sensitivity without trans-impedance amplifier, or booster configuration, which enables high launch power in advanced transmitter designs. Utilizing standard optical components, amplifier is compatible with Telcordia requirements. Read More

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Fiber Amplifier is compatible with Xenpak chassis.

March 28, 2006

Enabling field upgrades or healing stressed links, fully integrated PureGain(TM) 200 Hot-Pluggable EDFA includes controls with alarm set-point management, and command line interface that is compatible with PureGain product line. Up to 8 EDFAs can be integrated in standard, high-port-density chassis. Transmitters and receivers can be interchanged in same Xenpak bay, enabling flexible design and minimized inventory. Read More

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Optical Parametric Amplifier can be pumped at 1 or 5 kHz.

February 10, 2004

OPerA(TM) is a low noise, femtosecond OPA that extends wavelength range of Ti:Sapphire kilohertz amplifiers from UV through mid-IR. Standard unit tunes from 1,150-2,900 nm, while Opera-VIS adds output from 400-1,150 nm, and Opera-UV adds output from less than 300-400 nm. A 1.0 mJ of pump energy produces more than 0.1 mJ signal and more than 0.05 mJ idler beams. OPerA is suited for femtosecond spectroscopy and nonlinear optic applications. Read More

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Laser Amplifier suits industrial/scientific applications.

January 8, 2004

Libra(TM) regenerative amplifier consists of femtosecond laser system that combines on-board diagnostics, seed laser-to-OPA computer interface, and hands-off operation in compact, one-box package. Integrated design incorporates Vitesse(TM) as seed laser and Evolution-15 as pump laser. Unit delivers 1 W of 800 nm output at repetition rates of 1 or 5 kHz. It also pumps multiple optical parametric amplifiers, providing wavelength tunability from deep-UV to mid-IR. Read More

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Error Amplifier suits power conversion applications.

July 3, 2003

Model FOD2742 Optically Isolated Error Amplifier features tolerance as low as 0.5%. It incorporates optocoupler, precision reference, and error amplifier into 8-pin SOIC package. Unit provides isolated voltage feedback between secondary and primary sides of power conversion circuits for control and regulation purposes. Reference voltage tolerances include 0.5, 1, and 2%. Model FOD2742 has UL, CSA, VDE, and BSI safety agency certification. Read More

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Optical Distribution Amplifiers handle video/audio/data signals.

May 27, 2003

Pure Digital Fiberlink® 8000 and 8100 Series transmit 1-4 and 2-12 channels, respectively, of any combination of video, audio, and data signals from one-way Pure Digital Fiberlink Transmitters. They transmit to multiple one-way Pure Digital Fiberlink Receivers without degradation to quality of original baseband signals. Both series can receive signals over multimode or single mode fiber at wavelengths of 850, 1310, or 1550 nm. Read More