Light Curtains

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Light Curtains meet global safety standards.

June 2, 2015

Featuring IP67 wash-down rated design, F3SG-4RA Series meets all global safety standards to protect fingers or hands/arms. Units feature DIP-switch selectable PNP/NPN outputs and are supported by 24-hour multi-language online diagnostics. To minimize wiring and installation time, curtains come with Smartclick™ connectors requiring just 1/8 turn. Mounting brackets that slide onto channels in light curtain body allow positioning anywhere along length without additional screws, washers, or clamps. Read More

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Access Control Barriers, Accessories protect device body.

April 28, 2015

Safety light curtains of Contrinex YCA 50-series are 24 Vdc, active optoelectronic devices available with 300 or 400 mm beam gap, configurable 1–15 m and 10–50 m operating distances, and 832–1,232 mm protective heights. Also available, 1,060–1,874 mm long, impact-resistant light curtain mirror columns of YXC-series deflect light curtains or access control barriers to provide multi-sided safeguarding of danger zones. Class 2 laser alignment tool with 50 m range is also available. Read More

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Light Curtains and Light Grids work for all applications.

September 23, 2013

Consisting of transmitter and receiver, Focus II Light Curtains and Light Grids protect personnel from potentially hazardous machinery, robots, or automated systems by creating protection field with infrared beams, which, if interrupted, trigger safety mechanism that immediately stops machinery. Light curtains are used for inner area closer to machinery, with multiple beams placed 14–30 mm apart, while light grids protect areas further away from machinery using 2–4 beams placed 200–500 mm apart. Read More

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Safety Light Curtain suits space-constrained applications.

September 17, 2013

Available in front and side view models, GL-S deliver Type 4 level protection and features 3 color operational status indicators that can be seen from any angle. Built-in muting function, external device monitoring, and interlock function eliminate need for external devices, while Edge-to-Edge Protection eliminates need for additional guarding. Built-in mounting brackets reduce installation time, and selectable wiring options facilitate integration. Read More

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Safety Light Curtains have no dead zones.

May 2, 2013

With IDEC SE4D Safety Light Curtains, detection can be performed along entire area with no dead zones. Up to 3 sets of curtains can be connected in series to safeguard L- or U-shape pattern without need for overlapping. Featuring response speed of 14 ms, each IP67-rated light curtain is available with both PNP and NPN transistor output. Units include external device monitoring, blanking functions, and muting function, which causes line to stop only when person passes through curtain. Read More

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Safety Light Curtains protect fingers, hands, and body.

April 9, 2013

Featuring slim 28 x 30 mm housing, Type 4 Light Curtains offer protective heights of 160–1,510 mm in 150 mm increments. Units provide multi-beam barrier of 950 nm IR light in front of hazardous area. If any beams are blocked by object, such as finger or hand, light curtain sends signal to machine to place it in safe state. Installed without software or control boxes, 24 Vdc units are IP65/IP67 rated and meet maximum safety level requirements according to IEC61496; SIL 3, SILcl 3, and PL e. Read More

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Safety Light Curtains and Grids perform multiple functions.

September 6, 2012

Operated without use of external programming devices or software, SLC/SLG440 Series offers fully integrated functions such as programmable blanking, integrated contactor monitoring, start/restart interlock, beam coding, and double acknowledgement reset. Programming of features is made user friendly via button/enabling switch. Measuring 28 x 33 mm with 4-sided structure, units have 7-segment display that can be used to help with alignment, error diagnostics, or operational mode status. Read More

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Safety Light Curtain is sealed to IP65 and IP67 ratings.

May 25, 2012

Featuring 3 mm thick extruded aluminum body with 9 mm wide recessed lens surface, GL-R Series is completely guarded from impact damage. One-line wiring system allows transmitter to be connected in series directly to receiver for power and synchronization purposes. Locking into back channel of housing via 2 screws, pre-assembled, quick fit brackets facilitate installation. Smart features include edge-to-edge detection, built-in muting and blanking, and monitoring software. Read More

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Safety Light Curtains provide finger protection.

April 2, 2012

SG4-Finger safety light curtains feature maximum operating distance of 6 m, controlled heights ranging from 150-1,800 mm, and 14 mm resolution. Along with selectable EDM and manual/automatic restart, devices feature compact 32 x 37 mm profile and are designed for simple installation with rotating fixing brackets. Configuration requires no external control units or supplementary cables. Read More

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Safety Light Curtains deliver hand protection.

February 9, 2012

Featuring compact 32 x 37 mm profile, selectable EDM, and manual/automatic restart, SG4-Hand series is comprised of Type 4 hand safety light curtains that offer max operating distance of 19 m, controlled heights from 150-1,800 mm, and 30 mm resolution. Design facilitates installation with rotating fixing brackets, and configuration accomplished without external control units or supplementary cables. Read More

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Safety Light Curtains feature Category 4 safety rating.

August 2, 2011

Offering protection heights from 12-50 in., Safety Light Curtains feature 2-component system that does not require separate control box, allowing transmitter and receiver to be wired directly into safety relay inside control cabinet or PLC. Units provide detection range up to 30 ft, 15 mm beam spacing, and LED indication of light intensity to facilitate alignment. Applications include stamping presses, conveyors, welding booths, robot cells, and assembly machines. Read More

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Safety Light Curtains enable secure operation of industrial doors.

May 25, 2010

Using sequential blanking algorithm, BFD Series can distinguish between door closing and object or person in door opening. When door area is clear, closing door will block beams in pre-determined sequence, and will not trigger alarm signal. If person or object breaks beam, alarm output is immediately sent, which can stop or reverse door, or prevent it from closing. Designed for door openings up to 12 m wide, BFD Series comes in 6.5 and 8.2 ft heights with NO or NC selectable outputs. Read More

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Multi-Segment Safety Light Curtain replaces multiple units.

April 14, 2010

Designed to replace master/slave or cascaded units with single integrated unit, Slant-Guard Light Curtain can have 2 or more segments, each at different angle, up to max length of 6 ft. Unit operates up to 98 ft with 1 3/16 in. resolution. Housed in IP65 rated enclosure, light curtain provides response time of less than 18 msec and is suitable for machine guarding, hazardous area protection, access monitoring and control, and diagonal zones of protection. Read More

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Light Curtain prevents elevator doors from closing when obstructed.

January 20, 2010

Featuring dual voltage input and 6 output configurations, UL approved and CE marked BFL Series detects people and objects in door opening of elevators. It is offered in 2 beam configurations: 104 beams for standard applications, and 194 beams for those that require detection of small objects throughout height of door. With 100,000 lux light immunity, product is suited for use in bright and outdoor installations. Read More

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Light Curtains replace safety edges and photo eyes.

January 6, 2010

Mounted on industrial door rail tracks, BFD40E Series protects entire door height up to 2.5 m and is designed to distinguish between closing door and other obstacles or people standing in operation area. Units feature 40 LEDs, light immunity greater than 100,000 lux, automatic signal level adjustment, and sequential blanking algorithm. Operating from -20 to 55°C, IP65-rated light curtains come with insulated housing and integrated controller. Read More

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Safety Light Curtains provide max sensing range of 26 ft.

October 16, 2009

Measuring 20 x 30 mm, SLCS and SLCT Series are available in IEC 61496-compliant Type 4 or Type 2 versions, respectively. Units feature M12 micro connector cordsets, integrated control electronics, and solid state OSSDs for self-contained 2-box system. Operating from -22 to +140°F, curtains are available with beam spacings of 14, 30, and 60/90 mm for finger, hand, and body detection, respectively. Quick-release clamp bracket facilitates installation, removal, or replacement without tools. Read More

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Safety Light Curtains/Grids can safeguard large areas.

September 3, 2009

Available in heights from 160-1,510 mm in intervals of 150 mm, Safety Light Curtains offer 30, 40, 50, and 90 mm resolution options, and can be mounted vertically or horizontally along floor to detect foot traffic. Light Grids are available in pairs in 2, 3, and 4-beam versions. Both include emitter/receiver pair that create multi-beam barrier of IR light, protecting operator from hazards associated with mechanical and hydraulic power presses, molding presses, and automated assembly machines. Read More

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Safety Light Curtains extend application versatility.

June 17, 2009

Equipped with integrated laser alignment system, GuardShield Safe 4 transmitter and receiver pair is available in 14 and 30 mm resolutions with protective heights from 120-1,920 mm. Also offered in 14 and 30 mm resolutions, GuardShield Cascadeable Micro 400 consists of Type 4, 3-box curtain for small assembly machines. With operating range of 30 m, GuardShield Safe 4 PAC is available as 2-segment pair with 600 mm protected height or 3-segment pair with 840 mm protected height. Read More

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Rugged Safety Light Curtain is expandable.

April 21, 2009

Shadow® 8 can guard multiple sides of machine with only one pair of cables connected to clutch/brake control or to optional Shadow 8 Control. Main heads can be used as standalone light curtain, or users can connect 1-3 pairs of extension heads in series with main unit. Programmable fixed blanking window allows fixtures like conveyors or worktables to remain in sensing field without triggering machine stop. Light curtain is OSHA 1910.217, ANSI B11.1, ANSI B11.19, CSA Z142, and CSA Z432 compliant. Read More

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Light Curtains target elevator and automatic door industry.

February 23, 2009

Featuring 94 cross beams, and optical synchronism, ASI light curtains operate without needing any external control box. They have switching distance of over 12 ft, are powered by 12-24 Vdc, and come with both supply and output indicators. Available with integrated solid state and relay outputs, units are protected from short circuit, polarity reversal, and offer sensitivity adjustment. Read More