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Optics & Photonics -> Optical Measuring Devices, Sensors & Tools -> Lasers & Laser Accessories -> Other


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Fiber Laser Cavity outputs up to 1 kW.

OFS    Norcross, GA 30071
Feb 11, 2014 Made possible via its core architecture and fiber design, 1 Kilowatt TrueMode™ Fiber Laser Cavity offers complete package with matched components that deliver 1 kW of true single-mode output. This laser cavity, featuring package design that accommodates use of customer-selected pump diode, helps simplify multi-kW system designs.

UV Laser supports microelectronics manufacturing.

UV Laser supports microelectronics manufacturing.

Coherent Inc., Laser Group    Santa Clara, CA 95054-1112
Apr 10, 2013 Offering 33 W of output at 355 nm, AVIA™  355-33 Micromachining Laser includes ThermEQ™, PulseEQ™, and PulseTrack™, which enable precise control of delivered pulse energy, allowing OEM to define and optimize laser process. Laser also has automated harmonic crystal shifter to maintain constant output power for more than 20,000 hours. With Posilock™ beam position sensor and feedback loop, AVIA 355-33 provides optimal beam position stability over lifetime.

Laser Line Generators provide output power up to 200 mW.

Laser Line Generators provide output power up to 200 mW.

Coherent Inc., Laser Group    Santa Clara, CA 95054-1112
Jul 24, 2012 Intended for machine vision systems that utilize 3D triangulation, StingRay Line Generators mate diode laser with electronics and refractive optics. Units also incorporate optional diffractive elements for creating complex output patterns. Operating at key wavelengths throughout 450-1,550 nm spectral range, StingRay lasers feature line intensity non-uniformity down to ±5%. External user focusable optics enable laser line to be precisely optimized for exact distance over which it is projected.

Laser Ablation System features dual-volume sample cell.

Laser Ablation System features dual-volume sample cell.

Resonetics, Inc.    Nashua, NH 03063
Feb 01, 2012 Featuring S-155 sample cell with 155 x 105 mm working area, RESOlution DUV Laser Ablation System for LA-ICP-MS analytical instruments is available with range of sample holders, all with top-surface sample referencing. Holders can accommodate 15-26 mm samples and 12-13 mm standards, 3-165 mm long slots for 28-30 mm microscope slides, or any combination of above. With 38 mm headroom, S-155 minimizes condensation of ablated material on window for decreased element fractionation.

Laser Speckle Reducers dynamically diffuse laser beam.

Laser Speckle Reducers dynamically diffuse laser beam.

Edmund Optics    Barrington, NJ 08007
Sep 08, 2011 Available with 5 or 10 mm clear aperture and diffusion angles of 1, 10, and 20°, Laser Speckle Reducers remove local interferences and minimize speckle noise in laser systems. Units utilize 4 electro-optic polymers, which selectively move each reducer's central diffuser along X and Y axis to form circular pattern of motion. Powered by USB, reducers are suitable for beam homogenization, 3D scanning, metrology, microscopy, and interferometry applications.

Fractional Ablative Systems facilitate laser skin treatment.

Alma Lasers(TM) US    Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
May 17, 2011 Fractional laser resurfacing systems are available as iPixelCO2, for use with Pixel CO2 system, that channels 70 W of energy into 7 pixels. Pulses are released as roller wheels turn, regardless of speed at which handpiece is moving. Model iPixelEr systems, for use with HarmonyXL laser, utilize iPixelEr, 7 x 7 mm stationary, and 4 mm Erbium tips. Both feature roller-style technology that maximizes maneuverability to help physician glide laser smoothly along patient's skin.

Laser Guidance System optimizes welding in pipe mills.

Meta Vision Systems Inc.    Montreal, QC H4S1M5  Canada
Feb 04, 2011 Designed to optimize speed and accuracy of submerged arc welding in longitudinal pipe mills, VistaWeld integrates Smart Laser Sensor head within VistaWeld architecture based on Ethernet backbone and Ethernet IO board. TruRoot tracking finds actual root of joint for OD SAW, even though root may be covered by tack weld. Standard tracking feature uses look-ahead distance, welding speed, and other information to determine correct position for welding head at all points along pipe.

Pockels Cell Driver suits continuous pulsed applications.

Pockels Cell Driver suits continuous pulsed applications.

Analog Modules, Inc.    Longwood, FL 32750
Jan 31, 2011 Model 823B Pockels Cell/Shutter Driver utilizes solid-state MOSFET technology to provide trigger noise immunity and smooth output waveform. Amplitude is continuously variable up to 3.2 kV by adjusting internal high voltage power supply with risetime of 30 nsec typical at full output. Output is push-pull, which effectively cancels EMI of output pulse. Applications of Model 823B include driving E-O switches for Q-switching solid-state lasers, high voltage pulser, and E-O Shutter.

Laser Absorbers allow power densities up to 3 kW/cm².

Laser Absorbers allow power densities up to 3 kW/cm².

Ophir-Spiricon, Inc.    Logan, UT 84321
Jan 19, 2011 Designed for lasers with less than 1 µs pulses, PF Sensors absorb laser's energy in volume of material being used. Units make use of spray deposited on surface rather than typical glass or ceramic substrate. Since absorbers consist of layer and not solid surface, units handle up to 20 x power density and offer response times of 1 s. Four models are available for various continuous and intermittent powers.

Triple-Plane Hybrid Line Laser delivers 360-degree coverage.

Triple-Plane Hybrid Line Laser delivers 360-degree coverage.

Bosch Production Tools    Mount Prospect, IL 60056
Nov 01, 2010 Utilizing Bosch patented Cone Mirror Technology, GLL3-80 delivers full 360° coverage on 2 perpendicular vertical planes and one horizontal plane. Provision of 5 cross points and self-leveling lines in 360° facilitates layout, leveling, and squaring processes. Combined with ability to project 3-axis planes simultaneously in all directions, functionality to switch between triple axis-plane, vertical-only, and horizontal-only modes lets user complete entire room from one setup point.

Laser Beam Dumps target high power applications.

Laser Beam Dumps target high power applications.

Ophir-Spiricon, Inc.    Logan, UT 84321
Feb 02, 2010 Model BD5000W-BB-50 and BDFL500A-BB-50 are designed to safety absorb unused part of high power laser beam and dissipate resulting heat, protecting nearby personnel and equipment. BDFL500A-BB-50 is fan-cooled beam dump for up to 500 W, while BD5000W-BB-50 is water-cooled beam dump for applications up to 5 kW. With ability to handle 7 kW/cm2 at 500 W and 3 kW/cm2 at 5 kW, broadband absorber makes them suitable for applications across UV to far IR.

High-Power Laser Diode Drivers are offered in 4 models.

High-Power Laser Diode Drivers are offered in 4 models.

Newport Corp.    Irvine, CA 92606
Jan 29, 2009 Models 5700-30-5 (30 A, 5 V) and 5700-80-7 (80 A, 7.5 V) are designed for single-bar multi-emitter diodes while 5700-100 (100 A, 30 V) and 5700-150 (150 A, 20 V) models, utilizing 3,000 W supply, are suited for stacked multibar, multi-emitter lasers. All models include USB 2.0 interface enabling full LIV characterization of laser diodes. Various protection features are included and DB25 connector satisfies signal I/O requirements. Units offer continuous wave or pulsed-current mode of operation.

Ignitor Assemblies target CO2 laser industry.

Alberox Corp.    New Bedford, MA 02745
Jan 06, 2009 Intended for CO2 lasers used for cutting, marking, scribing, and engraving, Gas Discharge Igniter Assemblies include igniter ceramic manufactured with 99.5% high-purity alumina, sleeve, and flange. Ceramic-to-metal seals offer impact and thermal shock resistance, and can maintain hermeticity in variety of harsh conditions, including corrosive environments and temperature extremes up to 1,000°C, as well as high-pressure and high-vacuum environments.

Laser Trackers have maintenance-free internal design.

Leica Geosystems Inc.    Norcross, GA 30092
Feb 14, 2008 Utilized for portable applications, Absolute Tracker® measures 2 ft tall and weighs 48 lb. Model AT901-LR, for aerospace applications, has measurement volume of up to 262 ft when used with corner cube or 98 ft with Leica T-Probe, T-Scan, or T-Mac. Suited for automotive applications, AT901-MR measurement volume is up to 163 feet with corner cube and 59 feet with Leica T-Products, while AT901-Basic has measurement volume of 262 ft and is intended for use with corner cubes only.

Fractional Handpieces facilitate skin resurfacing.

Palomar Medical Technologies, Inc.    Burlington, MA 01803
Feb 07, 2008 Offered as single-treatment device, Lux2940(TM) fractional ablative laser handpiece lets practitioner tailor level of skin tightening to patient needs. It offers 3 treatment modes and uses microfractional technology to preserve portions of healthy tissue surrounding treatment zone. Also available, Lux1440(TM) fractional non-ablative skin resurfacing handpiece is suited for skin resurfacing treatments where patient comfort is of priority and little to no downtime is necessary.

Laser Engine Chip simplifies custom laser development.

Intense    Glasgow   United Kingdom
Jan 29, 2008 Power Core 808 single-emitter laser engine chip features compact design that combines 100 µm emitting aperture with low beam divergence to produce very high brightness in small chip-level device. Delivering up to 4 W of output power at 808 nm, it is designed for use in demanding industrial and coding applications, such as pumping and sensor-based instrumentation. It can be packaged into variety of enclosures, including C-mount, fiber-coupled MFP, and HHL.

Pattern Generator can accommodate address grid down to 50 nm.

Heidelberg Instruments GmbH    Heidelberg   Germany
Jun 15, 2007 Suited for high volume production of packaging photomasks, Volume Pattern Generator (VPG) line of large area lithography systems feature exposure speed of over 17,000 mm²/min. Systems can be configured with various stage dimensions designed to accommodate substrate sizes of 1,600 x 1,400, 1,100 x 1,100, and 800 x 800 mm. They can also be equipped with air-bearing stage, semi or fully automatic feeder for substrate loading, and automated resolution exchanging unit.

Laser Ablation System features beam homogenizing optics.

New Wave Research, Inc    Fremont, CA 94539
Mar 06, 2007 As flexible analytical tool for range of materials, UP193-FX 193 nm short-pulse excimer laser ablation system is suited for bulk or micro-feature analysis and includes 13 pre-calibrated spot sizes with constant fluence. Use results in consistently smaller aerosol particles from all materials for optimal ionization and crater quality as well as minimal fractionation. System offers fully homogenized beam, wavelength coupling to ICP-MS, and up to 4 GW/cm² irradiance at sample.

Variable Attenuator/Beamsplitter can be mounted on any post.

Impulse Optics    Encinitas, CA 92024
Nov 22, 2006 Designed to work with lasers at variety of wavelengths, Variable Attenuator/Beamsplitter can be used as beamsplitter in holography and precision interferometry applications and as attenuator for general laboratory applications. It divides incident polarized light beam into 2 beams by 90° and intensity ratio of beams can be continuously varied by rotating input half-wave plate. Polarizing beamsplitting cube is built in with 532, 632.8, 800, and 1,064 nm wavelength options.

Solder Mask is suited for LDI applications.

Taiyo America, Inc.    Carson City, NV 89701
Nov 16, 2006 Used for designs that need laser direct imaging, Model LDI-1000 GA solder mask requires 80 mJ/cm² of exposure energy and provides coatings up to 65 microns in thickness. RoHS compliant product meets low halogen standards and is compatible with final finishes including electroless nickel/immersion gold, silver, and tin. Solder mask is heat resistant and is compatible with lead-free assembly.

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