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Laser Engraver handles heavy-load and high-throughput operation.

August 25, 2015

Employing 150 W CO2 laser, SID XL 2513 respectively cuts and engraves at rates up to 12 and 16 ips. Industrial flatbed design, featuring large-format, 96 x 52 in. cutting area, lends to stability and productivity, while steel strip belt and ball screw transmission ensure X/Y positional accuracy of 0.01 mm. Also, open bed design allows facilitates handling of standard 4 x 8 ft material sheets. Machine works with acrylic, wood, aluminum bond, glass, and select metals. Read More

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Laser Shaft Alignment System provides precise measurements.

July 1, 2015

Comprised of 2 measuring units with detectors and lasers, TKSA 31 helps users identify and correct shaft misalignments of rotating machines. Embedded soft-foot tool helps establish basis for successful alignment, while touchscreen LCD accelerates and facilitates alignment. Measurements can be performed using 9-, 12-, and 3-o’clock positions (with additional flexibility of 40° around each), and live view supports intuitive measurements and facilitates machine position corrections. Read More

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Q-Switched, Green Lasers deliver industrial-grade reliability.

July 1, 2015

Providing average power up to 80 W at 527 nm with beam profile featuring smooth energy distribution, Revolution series suits pumping amplifiers and commercial applications. Pulse rate flexibility allows smooth adjustment of repetition rate from single shot to 10 kHz; additional option extends pulse repetition rates up to 40 kHz. Sharing 8.5 x 17 in. footprint, each diode-pumped Nd:YLF laser utilizes intra-cavity frequency doubling to generate green output from NIR (1,054 nm) fundamental. Read More

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Fiber Laser System suits development, small lot size production.

June 30, 2015

Featuring third generation BeamDirector®, which provides 2 axes of laser beam motion without part movement, LASERDYNE® 430 Versa can be used for laser cutting, welding, drilling, texturing, and marking. This 3D fiber laser system employs air-cooled, 3,000 W peak power fiber laser, supports range of standard focusing lens assemblies, and employs capacitive and optical methods of focus control. Motion system and other features promote performance, accuracy, and applicability. Read More

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Sensors and Accessories measure large and divergent laser sources.

June 23, 2015

Respectively, 6000W-BB-200x200 and L2000W-BB-120 water-cooled laser power/energy sensors have 200 x 200 mm and 120 mm apertures and measurement capabilities of 100–6,000 W and up to 2,000 W. With 120 mm aperture, L100(500)A-PF-120 laser power/energy sensor measures lasers for ~1 sec exposures at up to 6,000 W or continuously up to 100 W (500 W with heat sink). Scatter Shields 30K-W and 10K-W reduce heating effect of backscatter on surrounding sensor surfaces when measuring 30 and 10 kW lasers. Read More

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Pulsed Laser Diode Modules suit optical test applications.

June 22, 2015

Operating at center wavelength of 1490 nm, Series SCW 1430 is specifically designed for optical test applications such as optical time-domain reflectometers and optical spectrum analyzers. Al RWG F/P units come in 4 packages: 14-pin DIL, 14-pin butterfly, 3-pin coaxial, and 3-pin TO56. Integrating into new or existing systems, RoHS-compliant modules deliver no less than 100 mW optical power (fiber) and minimum of 300 mW (TO56). Read More

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Laser Shaft Alignment System offers touchscreen navigation.

June 1, 2015

Developed for use in industrial applications utilizing rotating machines, Model TKSA 41 helps identify and correct shaft misalignment to maximize equipment uptime. Free measurement feature allows alignment measurements to start at any angle and finish with total angular sweep of only 90°. Live view supports intuitive measurements and facilitates horizontal and vertical alignment corrections. After each alignment, TKSA 41 generates customized report with notes and pictures from built-in camera. Read More

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Flatbed Laser Engraver is suited for signage applications.

June 1, 2015

With 51 x 35 in. working area and 100 W laser tube power, SID XL 1390 is suited for production of engraved and POP displays, award plaques, architectural signage, and promotional items. Sensors and laser cutting head ensure precise engraving of fine details, such as 2 mm dia circles, while productivity is fostered via 16 ips max cutting speed and 23 ips max engraving speed. System also works on acrylic, MDF, plywood, rubber, and cardboard. Read More

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Custom Laser Engraving affords design flexibility.

May 15, 2015

Performed by in-house graphic design department wth CO2 laser system, RoHS- and REACH-compliant laser engraving offers alternative to decals and screen printing with regards to adorning glass parts with logos, scales, or serial numbers. Accurate and repeatable etching process produces permanent images that will not wear, peel, or rub off. Images and logos can be changed instantly, and supported materials include quartz, glass, wood, stainless steel, Kovar, acrylic, plastic, and ceramics. Read More

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LiDAR Sensors use SDK to develop 3D automation applications.

May 4, 2015

When used with real-time obscurant-penetrating 3D OPAL LiDAR sensors, 3DRi™ SDK can develop intelligent 3D automation applications in harsh environments. Software Development Kit consists of 3DRi System Manager/API and 3DRi Viewer, together with optional 3DRi Plugins that add object segmentation, recognition, tracking, and automatic change detection. Release also provides Automatic Scan Scheduling, Web-Engine, and Grid Generator that down-samples 3D data into user-defined regularly spaced grid.
Read More

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Access Control Barriers, Accessories protect device body.

April 28, 2015

Safety light curtains of Contrinex YCA 50-series are 24 Vdc, active optoelectronic devices available with 300 or 400 mm beam gap, configurable 1–15 m and 10–50 m operating distances, and 832–1,232 mm protective heights. Also available, 1,060–1,874 mm long, impact-resistant light curtain mirror columns of YXC-series deflect light curtains or access control barriers to provide multi-sided safeguarding of danger zones. Class 2 laser alignment tool with 50 m range is also available. Read More

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Laser Cutting Service offers delay-free turnaround.

April 20, 2015

Turnkey in-house metal laser cutting services are made possible via VyTek FiberCAB 44 fiber optic laser cutting machine. Using 3,000 W fiber laser, machine can cut and engrave various metals, including stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper, in thicknesses of up to ¼ in. in order to produce custom parts and solutions for projects as needed. Read More

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Tunable Laser Source offers sub-picometer tuning repeatability.

March 27, 2015

As module for 8164B lightwave measurement system, 81606A accelerates automated adjustment of wavelength-selective devices to facilitate device verification. Respective tuning ranges for Option 216 and 116 are 1,450–1,650 nm and 1,490–1,640 nm. While cavity and laser module design promotes dynamic range, wavelength reference unit maximizes accuracy. Feedback controls and drive mechanics enable accelerated sweeps without impacting specified dynamic accuracy. Read More

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Integrated Tunable Laser Assembly offers 8 W EOL power disspation.

March 25, 2015

Solid-state dual micro-ITLA provides flexibility of using separate laser for transmit and local oscillator for 100G/200G deployments or output power in dual carrier applications for next gen 200G/400G coherent links. Electronically tuned device can enable rapid wavelength switching and features DS-DBR wideband tunable laser technology based on InP chip. Features include full C-band dual-laser tunable source (1529–1568 nm), +15.5 dBm nominal EOL, and variable output power range of 8 dB. Read More

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High-Power Pulsed Laser Diode Module is used for optical testing.

March 23, 2015

Designed for use in optical spectrum analyzers (OSAs) and optical time domain reflectometers (OTDRs) for optical testing applications, SCW 1632-350R operates at 1,625 nm and features optical power of 350 mW typ. Ridge waveguide (RWG) Fabry-Perot (FP) laser diode, housed in 14-pin butterfly package, is optically coupled to single-mode fiber (SMF) pigtail and includes thermoelectric cooler (TEC) and electrically isolated, temperature-sensing thermistor. Read More

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Laser Platform is dedicated to glaucoma treatment.

February 26, 2015

Cleared by US FDA, Cyclo G6™ laser platform is designed to treat patients diagnosed with range of glaucoma disease states. Product features MicroPulse tissue-sparing technology as well as single-use probes, including MicroPulse® P3 Disposable, that connect to usability-optimized laser console. MicroPulse offers repeatable, minimally invasive approach to slowing progress of glaucoma. Read More

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Beam Combiner features optical power rating of 4 kW.

February 20, 2015

With TrueM2 platform, machine manufacturers can build their own fiber laser source using modular architecture and produce customized fiber laser based on specific requirements. Featuring 1,100 W max input per port and greater than 97% transmission, 4 x 1 TrueM2-14 can be mated with up to four TrueMode-kW laser cavity modules, or other compatible modules. Read More

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High Power Laser delivers up to 20 W.

February 12, 2015

Controlled by internal microprocessor, Grande Laser is suited for analytical, research, 3D printing, and machine vision applications. LCD provides users safety status as well as real-time information on power current settings and internal temperature. Drive current and bias settings are user controllable with 12 bits of resolution (4,096 steps). With typical input of 5 Vdc, or 8 Vdc for blue and green lasers, Grande uses passive cooling for circuitry and laser. Read More

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SFF Diode Pumped Lasers incorporate rugged components.

February 10, 2015

At 6 in. long and 2.5 lb, DPSS Jewel Laser features swappable resonator that reduces downtime and USB or optional Bluetooth wireless interface with Built-In-Test that may be used for remote programming and diagnostics. MIR Series Mid-infrared lasers, also available, offer software-selectable output pulse energies in compact packages. Supporting laboratory experiment integration or use as OEM unit, these lasers offer single-mode emission and turn-key operation. Read More

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Seafood Tracking System has water- and dust-resistant touchscreen.

February 2, 2015

Targeting seafood processors, SIMBA Seafood Traceability System lets users process, label, and track their products. Washdown touchscreen supports use in harsh conditions and fosters accelerated processing. Providing information of production in real-time for inventory reporting to sales, system can track, label, and ship unlimited number of products with specific species and characteristics. Direct interface is supported to any scale with digital output to serial or USB port. Read More