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Traverse Winding System features closed loop tension control.

February 26, 2014

Operating inline with existing process, 4-position SMARTWINDER-XL™ supports flat wire speeds to 1,000 fpm. Spools move under fixed input of material to eliminate skewing and ensure wire maintains lateral position from process to spools. For level winding, each position has computerized microprocessor-based electronic traverse for pitch, stroke length, and end dwell. All traverse adjustment settings are accessed through Panel View Touch Screen with SMARTWINDERS™ software. Read More

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Coreless Winders handle bags, sheets, and industrial products.

June 7, 2013

Available in widths up to 44 in., IW Series can wind rolls up to 11 in. in diameter. Standard unit can produce up to 5 rolls/min, at line speeds up to 250 fpm, while HS high-speed model enables winding at line speeds up to 500 fpm, and special HSE model can run at speeds up to 750 fpm. In addition to IW model for winding bags on roll, Series includes IWP model, with integrated perforation unit, for winding sheets, tubing, or bags and making multiple sheets per roll. Read More

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Wire Payoff increases worker safety and productivity.

April 5, 2013

By eliminating need for heavy, cumbersome spools, SIMpull® CoilPAK™ payoff enhances productivity and safety for electrical contractors installing branch circuit wiring. Process used by workers to coil NoLube® SIMpull THNN® wire, contained in sturdy yet lightweight package, provides completely tangle-free pull. Inertia-free pulling facilitates operation, and package with molded carrying handle can lay flat or be stacked directly on floor/lift when wire is being pulled. Read More

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Flange Detection System utilizes laser sensor technology.

October 16, 2012

Operating with straight or tapered flange spools, PLC-controlled FA-II eliminates need to adjust reversal stops on Uhing traverse. Laser sensor mounted to traverse continually references distance from spool core to highest point that wire or other material will be spooled. When sensor detects spool flange, reading is not within acceptable variance and signal is sent to pneumatic cylinder which reverses traverse. System accepts materials with round cross-sections and diameters from .004–.079 in. Read More

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Slitting and Spooling System handles flat tissue material.

January 17, 2012

Designed to handle ¼ in. wide material, 10 in. wide system features modular slitting station with cantilevered unwind and separate 16-position Smartwinder(TM) traverse winding section. Slitter is main speed reference for system with range to 750 fpm and supports interchangeable assemblies for shear, score, and razor slitting. Accommodating max 8 in. W x 10 in. OD spool, each traverse winding position has computerized, fully adjustable, servo driven traverse. Read More

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Spool Gun offers features for heavy-duty use.

January 5, 2010

Optimized for soft alloy wire welding in light industrial, automotive, and farm applications, DP 3545-20 Spool Gun comes with 20 ft cable as well as gun barrel and cable suited for IronMan 230 MIG welder's 250 A output. Direct-connect power pin accelerates connection to wire drive system. Offering wire speed range of 200-1,200 ipm, 200 A spool gun weighs 8 lb with cable assembly and uses .030-.047 in. dia aluminum, steel, and stainless steel wire. Read More

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Multi-Unwind/Rewind System features cantilevered design.

October 29, 2009

Cantilevered Multi-Unwind and Rewind System offers auto edge control that is accurate to ±1 mm, and auto jog that allows material to automatically advance when pulled over load cell roll. System's auto run mode automatically unwinds start tension control when tension set point is reached. Configurable, PID-controlled product allows enable/disable, under/over-wind, tapering, and side-lay of each winder. It is suited for webs up to 18 in. wide with 20 in. roll dia and 100 lb roll weight. Read More

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Winding System handles pressure-sensitive coated materials.

April 17, 2009

Measuring 14 in. wide, Smartwinder-XL is designed for slitting and traverse winding materials that require minimum product backbend and lateral movement. Computerized system includes 2-position cantilevered unwind for supply rolls to 48 in. OD with auto edge guide and programmable tension control. Each of 16 cantilevered traverse winding positions accommodates spools up to 20 in. W x 25 in. OD. Operating up to 750 fpm, slitter accommodates assemblies for shear, score, and razor slitting. Read More

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Multi-Reel Rewinder suits high-speed stamping processes.

July 21, 2005

To maximize unattended winding capacity, automatic Wyndamster 3210 incorporates 10-reel operation with side-by-side reel design. It coils any product strip up to 2.5 in. wide and accommodates reels up to 30 in. in dia. Operating at speeds up to 650 ipm, machine can function in overwind or underwind mode; complete conversion from one direction to other takes less than 1 min. Features include tangential feeder and paper interleaf with programmable tension control. Read More

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Core Slip Rewinding System provides constant coil tension.

September 20, 2004

Slip Tech system consists of core winding surface made entirely of bearings, which reduce friction between core surface and winding drum. This eliminates excess tension in individual rewound coils during build up, resulting in ability to maintain consistent coil tension because each strip is independently tensioned from core to finished coil OD. Product can also eliminate need for looping pits in some applications. Read More

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Multi-Spindle Winder offer max line speed of 500 fpm.

July 16, 2004

Modular Model MS 104 runs either independently or series-coupled with other modules to control entire take-up line. Each module contains 20 moving parts, and all components are accessible from front or rear of unit. With standard tension of 8-32 oz, winder handles packages weighing up to 80 lb and measuring up to 18 in. diameter and 12 in. wide. Adjustable traverse assembly and lay on roller guides make system adaptable to spool or coil winding of flat materials. Read More

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Screen Winder/Wrapper produces up to 20 rolls/min.

July 8, 2004

Model ESW-48 rewinds and wraps aluminum wire screen and fiberglass insect window screening. Cut lengths of 7-25 ft are standard. Roll widths range from 24-48 in. with finished roll diameter up to 4.25 in. Integral wrapper automatically introduces wrapping film into extended tail of roll as it exits rolling head. Overwrap shrink-film rolls, up to 54 in. wide and 10 in. diameter, can be used. After wrapping, roll ends are automatically tucked and shrunk. Read More

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Modular Pay-Off handles fine and very fine wire.

May 17, 2004

Motorized Payoff utilizes low-stress, French Curve unwind path and accommodates fine wire materials from .006-.050 in. diameter. It features snag detection sensor and shutdown signal output, controlled back tension for precise control of any downstream straightening process, as well as built-in loop control reservoir for up to 4 ft of pulled wire. Accommodating up to 60 lb of material, payoff can be spool or coil configured with standard OD of 24 in. Read More

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Winding System winds ferrous and non-ferrous metal strip.

March 2, 2004

Model 620 features oscillating spindle that allows material to remain in fixed position while spool moves back and forth. Accurate traverse and pitch control from 1/8 to 1½ in. minimizes camber and results in solid, damage-free wind build. System is suited for secondary operations such as single strand rewind lines or converting pancake coils into traverse wound stock, as well as level winding product downstream from intermittent operation. Read More

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Winding System handles fine, delicate materials.

January 30, 2004

Featuring both spooler and pay off, table top Model RS100 can be operated from standing or sitting position. Control panel offers digital entry of winding parameters such as package width and material length. Stepper motor provides pitch control with digital readout in .0001 in. or 2.5 micron increments. Speed and tension are managed ultrasonically with non-contact loop detector. By regulating DC drive motors, system is capable of 600 fpm speeds on 6 in. core. Read More

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Winders suit film and sheet applications.

August 8, 2003

Suited for winding rolls up to 29 in. wide for narrow web production, Killion KXE winders are offered in single, dual, and multi-shaft versions with fixed or turret configurations. Options include cone or air shaft core location and collapsible mandrels. Supplied with cantilevered shaft, products operate as self-contained, compact units and may be used on any width line for line speeds up to 100 m/min. Read More

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Winder incorporates Accu-Wind control system.

October 1, 2002

Model MS 103-LD PMC, with dual spindle design, winds continuous lengths of difficult profile products. Both spindles operate through common dancer system to minimize change-over from full to empty spool. Accu-Wind manages machine functions/winding patterns, insuring precise placement of successive layers while maintaining tension and pitch controls. Line speed is rated to 500 FPM, package width and winding diameter is up to 16 in., and package weight is up to 60 lbs. Read More

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Strapping Winder offers modular flexibility.

February 4, 2002

Model MS120T runs either independently or series-coupled with other modules to wind as many strips as necessary. Each module contains 2 alternately driven spindles mounted in common steel frame. MS120T can handle packages 16 in. in diameter, and 12 in. wide, at up to 60 lb weight. Adjustable traverse assembly and guiding options make system adaptable to spool or coil winding of flat materials. Standard tension range is 2 to 8 lb. Maximum line speed is 500 FPM. Read More

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Winding Machine features modular design.

December 19, 2001

Model MS 102 provides programmable control in dual spindle design. Multiple configurations of banks of up to 12 winding stations allow winding multiple strips simultaneously. Each module incorporates 2 individual speed, tension and control dancer systems. Computer control manages all machine functions and winding patterns. Unit features package width up to 21 in., winding diameter up to 16 in., package weight up to 60 lb, and line speed to 500 fpm. Read More

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