Optical Micropositioners

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Tip/Tilt Piezo Stage targets research and OEM markets.

September 18, 2015

Featuring position noise of 0.2 microradians with strain gauge sensors, Model RXY3-410 provides accuracy for advanced applications, such as beam steering, image stabilization, and laser scanning. Piezo-driven, flexure-guided device is characterized by travel of 3 mrad for tip and tilt motion and resonant frequency of 1,400 Hz, which allows for scanning and settling times of less than 3 ms. Design provides pairing option for mirrors of 2 in. or larger and offers linearity of less than 0.02%. Read More

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Piezoelectrical System precicely positions microscope revolver.

September 10, 2014

Mounted between objective revolver and microscope stand, MIPOS R120 allows operator to switch between lenses without changing setup. Parallelogram design and solid-state flexure hinges make unit free of mechanical play and eliminate any evidence of friction and stiction. Equipped with capacitive or strain gauge sensors, unit ensures resolution in nanometer range, repeatability, and stability. System features up to 5 kg load bearing capacity, and resonant frequency suit dynamic applications. Read More

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Micro-Positioner produces motion with 6 degrees of freedom.

July 29, 2013

Featuring freely programmable center of rotation, H-820 Hexapod 6-Axis Positioner is suited for applications that require multi-axis motion and flexibility but do not need nanometer or sub-micrometer precision. Driven by brushless motors, parallel kinematic unit delivers linear travel to 100 mm, rotary travel to 60°, load capacity of 20 kg, and velocity of 20 mm/sec. Applications include industrial automation, alignment and assembly of mechanical components, micromachining, and X-ray microscopy. Read More

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Linear Dual-Axis Stages provide 1 nm resolution.

September 16, 2011

With low profile of 85 mm, Series ANT130-XY offers travels up to 160 x 160 mm with 1 nm resolution, 75 nm repeatability, and 250 nm accuracy/axis. Stages utilize crossed roller bearings and direct-drive technology, which has no hysteresis or backlash, enabling accurate motion in both X and Y dimensions. Applications include data storage, semiconductors, laser micromachining, sensor testing, material deposition, and MEMS/nanotechnology device fabrication. Read More

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Micromanipulator features fully enclosed 3-axis design.

August 13, 2009

Weighing 2 kg, Model MP63 combines DC gear motors, rotary encoders, lead screws, and non-contact limit switches in fully enclosed assembly. Unit provides 25 mm stroke in each direction with 5 micron accuracy and ±1 micron repeatability. Standard straightness and flatness is ±3 microns. Cable connectors are located on one end, and, as option, assembly can be made clean room compatible. Read More

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Micropositioning System suits parallel kinematic systems.

July 6, 2009

Driven by 6 LTA actuators, Hexapod 6-axis micropositioning system features anti-friction coated spherical joint design. Hexapod XPS electronic controller offers freely-definable virtual pivot point, instrument grade I/O, hardware-based input triggers, event triggers, high-speed data acquisition, TCP/IP communication, and integrated TCL programming language for on-board processes. Two user-definable coordinate systems are provided, which facilitate incremental displacements. Read More

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Nanopositioning Systems suit super-resolution microscopy.

May 6, 2009

Featuring 0.8 in. profile, PI nano(TM) Series delivers accurate motion with sub-nanometer resolution in 2 and 3 axes. Piezo controller is included and comes with 24-bit USB port, Ethernet, RS-232, and analog interfaces, as well as software support for all major image acquisition packages. For highly stable, closed loop operation, piezoresistive sensors are applied directly to moving structure and precisely measure displacement of stage platform. Read More

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Piezo Stage, 3-axis Controller offer nanometer resolution.

February 19, 2009

Available in X/XY/XYZ configurations, NPX linear stages use frictionless guide design. Multi-axis XY and XYZ devices utilize parallel motion principle, ensuring parallel and straight motion up to 400 micron travel. Mounted between microscope and objectives, NPO NanoFocusing stages allow up to 250 micron focusing range. NPA Translators can generate forces up to 1,000 N, while PSM Ultrafast Piezo Steering Mirror provides sub-microradian resolution, tip, tilt, and z-motion for optics. Read More

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