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Acoustic Micro Imaging System inspects IGBT modules.

January 21, 2015

Featuring fully automated design, C-SAM® Model DF2400Z images and analyzes voids and other structural defects of power IGBT modules. Inverted transducer, placed beneath module, prevents water from reaching module circuitry. Once recipe for scanning has been defined, factory automation interface controls operation with no need for human attention. Because imaging is typically carried out before encapsulation, acoustic images reveal what type of rework is needed on rejects. Read More

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Mini-Split Installation Support Tool reduces labor requirements.

January 20, 2015

Supporting up to 100 lb, Mighty Bracket™ fits most mini-split sizes and enables hands-free, single-person installation of evaporator coil. Reusable bracket, constructed of ABS plastic, hooks onto both tabs of mini-split wall mounting plate in <1 min and holds mini-split evaporator coil for electrical, refrigeration line, and condensate drain pump/hose connections. Due to 20 in. long support arms, evaporator coils can be temporarily angled away from wall at 23° to 45° for back panel access. Read More

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Ultra Low-light PTZ Network Camera enhances surveillance options.

January 20, 2015

Capturing full color images down to 0.002 lux and B/W to 0.0002 lux, DS-2DF8223I-AEL Darkfighter employs 2 MP, 1/1.9 in. progressive scan CMOS image sensor; ultra-low-light MP lens; EIS; and smart detection technologies. Camera can stream full HD 1920 x 1080 video at full frame rate, offers IR distance of up to 200 m, and features 120 dB WDR as well as 3D Digital Noise Reduction technology. Optical 23x zoom lens can rotate endlessly through full 360° and tilt from -20° to 90°. Read More

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Hyperpolarizer Upgrade Kit doubles polarization levels.

January 19, 2015

Available to owners of 9800 Series Polarean Xenon Hyperpolarizers, Upgrade Kit enables users to consistently reach polarization levels of 20–25%. Hyperpolarization technology produces hyperpolarized inert xenon gas, used in conjunction with standard MRI imaging to create high resolution 3-D images of human lung. Higher levels of polarization can reduce amount of Xenon to be inhaled, without compromising image quality, which is especially important in pediatric studies. Read More

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Long-Range Radios are suited for noisy RF environments.

January 15, 2015

Digi XLR PRO™ radios, intended for wireless data transmission in various industries with remote assets, Ethernet, and serial devices, overcome noisy RF environments via Punch2™ Technology, which leverages Chirp Spread Spectrum (CSS) modulation. With line of sight range of >100 miles, 1 W unlicensed 900 MHz wide-band radio supports data rates >3 Mbps. Radio does not require any programming and can be configured using XCTU configuration platform and managed/maintained via Device Cloud Manager. Read More

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Laser Diode Module operates at 650 nm.

January 13, 2015

Intended for general-purpose, medium-duty applications, Model GPL 105 includes 3/8 in. NPT-threaded housing with mounting hardware and plug-in USB-type power supply. Cable connector length is 36 in. and available patterns are red dot or line with nominal focal length of 17 in. Equipped with static, surge, and reverse polarity protection as well as auto power control, laser features optical output power of less than 5 mW, operating current of less than 50 mA, and operating voltage of 5 Vdc. Read More

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Full Spectrum Endoscopy System enables wider view of anatomy.

January 12, 2015

Used to examine gastrointestinal tract, second generation Fuse system employs 3 cameras that provide 330° panoramic field of view during colonoscopy (245° during upper endoscopy). Camera feeds can be projected on one wide-screen, 4K Ultra HD monitor with ~8 million pixels; sizes up to 65 in. are available. While included FuseBox® offers software and hardware that facilitates use by doctors, nurses, and technicians, Strataflex™ feature offers technology that improves handling during procedures. Read More

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Fiber Recoaters feature automatic operation.

January 12, 2015

Consisting of programmable resin injection quantity and colored/non-colored fiber recoating capability, Models FSR-05, FSR-06, and FSR-07 feature exchangeable molds for common coating sizes, including 196, 255, 280, 450, 670, and 1,000 µm. Model FSR-05 is designed without proof tester, while Model FSR-06 includes proof tester with linear clamping system, and Model FSR-07 incorporates mandrel proof tester. All include PC interface via USB. Read More