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Camera Lenses target sports and entertainment applications.

July 27, 2015

Part of 4K Ultra HD Series, UA22x8 Portable Zoom Lens and UA80X9 Field Lens feature 2/3 in. design and 16-bit encoder. Model UA22x8, offering 22x zoom ratio and focal length from 8 mm in wide angle to 176 mm in telephoto, is suitable for live sports, program production, and news reporting. With 80x zoom and optical image stabilization, UA80x9 is suited for coverage of large-scale live events, such as concerts and sports. Lens covers focal lengths from 9 mm in wide angle to 720 mm in telephoto. Read More

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Pre-Terminated Cable helps maximize rack density.

July 23, 2015

Specifically designed for use with angled RapidNet panels, RapidNet RNS Short Body Cassette is available in Category 6 UTP and provides 6 ports per cassette or 24 ports in 1U. Ports come standard in black but are available in choice of colors, which can help define network features such as routes, services, hierarchies, or security levels. In addition, colors can be used to define connections within shared space, such as in co-location data centers. Read More

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Video Security System targets medical industry.

July 22, 2015

Designed as central part of comprehensive security solution, Video Security System provides open interfaces to all other security subsystems. Applications range from patient observation in intensive care unit to access control. If alarm occurs, system is activated, prehistory saved, events played back in live stream, and location/position displayed in graphic map. Automatically generated information package makes it possible to clearly assess situation and take targeted actions. Read More

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Thermography Camera features F1.0 lenses for max sensitivity.

July 21, 2015

Featuring uncooled 384 x 288 sensor with 25 µm pixels, and radiometric calibration from -20 to +650°C over 2 imaging ranges, Cox CX320 is suited for machine vision, process monitoring, and benchtop R&D applications. LWIR camera system has Ethernet data out, and comes complete with thermography analysis package for Windows XP/7/8 machines. Offering variety of focal lengths from 8–100 mm, system provides on-screen display of temperature data points output on NTSC/PAL analog video signal. Read More

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Polarization Microscope aids crystalline structure investigation.

July 21, 2015

Fully coded and semi-automated, Leica DM4 P is used to investigate crystalline structures. Ability to be configured with either transmitted light axis or incident light axis as well as with both transmitted and incident light axis accommodates all polarization tasks. Along with LED illumination, features include strain-free optics and objectives as well as automatic store and recall functions. Optional equipment includes coded Bertrand lens and magnification changer. Read More

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Shutter and Shutter Driver are designed for reliability.

July 21, 2015

Uniblitz® DSS35B 35 mm aperture, bi-stable shutter does not contain any protruding actuator or other interfering components. All drive and damping related components are completely contained or integrated within device itself. Compatible with uni- and bi-stable shutter devices, UNIBLITZ VED24 Shutter Driver provides simple, straightforward shutter control. Operation options include manual shutter control, external triggering, and remote computer interface. Read More

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Active V-groove Splicer targets high-end FTTH applications.

July 21, 2015

Designed to handle range of different fibers, including SMF, MMF, DSF, and NZDSF, Model 22S provides splice result storage of 200 splices and 5–16 mm short cleave length splicing. Unit weighs just 1.1 kg including battery, and delivers 200 splice/tube heating cycles per full battery charge. Equipped with 4.7 in. LCD screen, Model 22S is intended for high-end FTTH applications in FTTX, data center/LAN, and access networks. Read More

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Rugged In-Vehicle NVR is certified by Milestone Systems.

July 20, 2015

Housed in completely fanless and ventless chassis, Model MX1000 is engineered for security installations prone to dust, debris, shock, vibration, extreme temperatures, and rigors of transportation. Unit is powered by quad-core Intel i7 processor, enabling collection and processing of video from up to 25 HD cameras simultaneously. Onboard storage is provided by 2.5 in. HDD/SSD for up to 2 TB of total capacity with 1 TB SSD standard. System also comes with 8 GB of memory. Read More

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Metrology System supports 3D wafer fabrication.

July 16, 2015

By offering wide range of metrology measurements that drive tighter process control for critical parameters in Logic, Flash, and DRAM, HelioSense100™ Optical CD System supports industry transition to multi-patterning small pitch manufacturing and 3D vertical devices. Standalone system is optimized by NovaMARS modeling software and Nova's high-performance computation solution, allowing customers to utilize system from early R/D stages through to manufacturing and device maturity. Read More

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Rugged HD-SDI Video Recorder provides dual channels.

July 15, 2015

Featuring SWaP-optimized design, DZUS-mounted Model VRDV7000 captures dual channels of digital (HD-SDI) and analog (RGB and composite) video. Unit supports simultaneous recording and playback, enabling surveillance teams to view uninterrupted live video sources while reviewing previously captured video in separate or single display. With support for metadata, recorder can capture live video and combine it with critical situational data such as camera, date/time, and GPS information. Read More

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Signal/Spectum Analyzer covers 2 Hz to 85 GHz range in one sweep.

July 14, 2015

Offering touchscreen operation, R&S FSW85 enables users to test baseband and RF with one analyzer. No external harmonic mixers are required, which facilitates test setup, and internal preselection suppresses image frequency and other spurious emissions that typically occur during harmonic mixing. Optionally, instrument can be equipped with internal analysis bandwidth of 500 MHz. When combined R&S FSW-B2000 option and R&S RTO oscilloscope, analysis bandwidth of 2 GHz can be achieved. Read More

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Upright Microscopes are used for materials science and analysis.

July 14, 2015

Respectively designed for manual and automated operation, Leica DM4 M and DM6 M can be used for imaging, measurement, and analysis of similar features across many samples and materials. Modules of Leica Application Suite benefit such applications as steel inclusion rating, particle analysis, and phase/grain analysis. Along with pushbutton-actuated Illumination and Contrast Manager, features include LED illumination, settings recall, and 1.25x Panorama objective. Read More

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Articulating Borescope supports high-risk inspections.

July 14, 2015

Powered by rechargeable Li-ion battery, Freedomview Advanced Borescope combines 360° angulation, no light loss LED lighting, joystick-controlled operation, and 3.7 in. transflective touchscreen display. Hand-held viewing device works with 79 in. tungsten-braided probes that are highly maneuverable, capable of passing multiple obstacles and bends in pipe due to articulating 11 m distal end with 110° articulation in each direction. System is certified for Class 1 Div 2 hazardous locations. Read More

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Microscope System utilizes angle measuring eyepiece.

July 14, 2015

Available for modular tool microscope system, AME-5M Goniometer Eyepiece measures over 360° to accuracy of 5' (minutes) by use of rotary Vernier and crosshair eyepiece. Unit features white scale on black background and can be enlarged by 10X magnifier. Modular design enables user to attain magnifications from 3X–800X using choice of 3 microscope body styles, 3 rack-and-pinion mounting brackets, 2 illuminators, and 2 video adapters. System can handle workpieces up to 7 in. in length. Read More

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Video Camera increases vehicle/driving safety.

July 6, 2015

Available for compact C and D segment sedan and crossover vehicles in Europe, North America, and Asia, S-Cam 3 is optimized for processing power. It offers such functions as traffic light detection, large animal and general object detection, and automatic emergency braking for pedestrians at night. Fostering mass market integration of active safety technology, this camera carries ASIL-B rating. Read More

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Industrial Videoscope delivers high quality still images, video.

July 2, 2015

Series C enables remote visual inspections of manufactured parts, structures, or areas that have limited direct visual access. While insertion tube maneuverability is enabled via flexible distal tip and spring neck design, combination of 8 brightness settings, glare reduction, high-intensity LED, and light-sensitive CCD camera chip technologies enables capture of images with desired brightness. Thumb-driven joystick controls 360° articulation of distal tip and up to 120° angulation. Read More

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Laser Shaft Alignment System provides precise measurements.

July 1, 2015

Comprised of 2 measuring units with detectors and lasers, TKSA 31 helps users identify and correct shaft misalignments of rotating machines. Embedded soft-foot tool helps establish basis for successful alignment, while touchscreen LCD accelerates and facilitates alignment. Measurements can be performed using 9-, 12-, and 3-o’clock positions (with additional flexibility of 40° around each), and live view supports intuitive measurements and facilitates machine position corrections. Read More

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Multiband 400 MHz Transceiver suits telemetry applications.

July 1, 2015

Featuring programmable frequency bands and channels, STD-601 comes in SMD, 20 x 32 x 5 mm package and offers communication range of 600 m (LOS) at 10 mW. Frequency bands – 429,  434, 447, and 458 MHz  – conform to various ISM bands to allow frequencies to be set within wide range, and transparent user data input allows use of proprietary protocol. Module also offers selectable RF power levels – 1, 5, 10, 20, 25, 50 mW – and data rates: 1,200, 2,400, 4,800, 9,600, and 19,200 bps. Read More

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Q-Switched, Green Lasers deliver industrial-grade reliability.

July 1, 2015

Providing average power up to 80 W at 527 nm with beam profile featuring smooth energy distribution, Revolution series suits pumping amplifiers and commercial applications. Pulse rate flexibility allows smooth adjustment of repetition rate from single shot to 10 kHz; additional option extends pulse repetition rates up to 40 kHz. Sharing 8.5 x 17 in. footprint, each diode-pumped Nd:YLF laser utilizes intra-cavity frequency doubling to generate green output from NIR (1,054 nm) fundamental. Read More

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Atomic Force Microscope delivers ultrafast scanning rates.

July 1, 2015

With integrated imaging and analysis software, FPGA-based digital controller, and mechanical design, 9500 provides scan rates up to 2 sec/frame (256x256 pixels). More than 6 AFM imaging modes are supported by standard nose cone, which can be interchanged with specialized nose cones as needed, and system offers 90 µm closed-loop AFM scanner with atomic resolution, environmental control, and temperature control. Workflow-based GUI provides step-by-step guidance.
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