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Precision Ring Drive Indexer mounts in any orientation.

January 13, 2016

Offering alternative to direct drive motors, PRD Precision Ring Drive Indexer can start and stop at any incremental position. Motion profile is easily changed by loading new servo drive program into system. PRD combines Roller Pinion System technology with precision-grade bearing and gearhead. Supported by high-capacity cross-roller bearing rated for loads up to 1,575 kN, table is capable of speeds up to 94 rpm and can handle peak torque inputs at any time. Read More

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Rotary Indexer fis designed for passive flexible tooling.

February 18, 2014

As positive lock mechanical indexer for trunnion fixtures, model change-over tooling, and small dial tables, Rota-Flex provides secure, repeatable positioning in 30° increments. Unit does not require power, additional controls, or sensing and can be used in horizontal or vertical applications. Suited for palletized systems, indexer features spring-loaded, self-locking mechanism that can be passively actuated by robot, manual tool, or pneumatic foot pedal/hand button. Read More

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Indexing Servo Motor Drive works with Rockwell Automation® PLCs.

May 30, 2013

Optimized for pulse duty, indexing servo applications requiring up to 300% peak torque, dynamic response, and usability, Digitax ST-X has torque range of 6–382 lb-in. (1,147 lb-in. peak) with 230 V, 1Ø and 3Ø and 460 V 3Ø line voltage capabilities. Along with Add-On Instruction (AOI) block programming and built-in EtherNet/IP™, features include EMC filter, 14 types of encoder feedback, Safe Torque Off, 3–6 digital inputs, and 0–3 digital configurable digital outputs. Read More

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Rotary Index Fixture features ceramic bearings.

April 24, 2013

Measuring 6 x 5 x 5 ¾ in., RIF-S Stainless Steel Rotary Index Fixture enables setting of precise angles within 15 arc-seconds, and supports submerged spin and burn operations. Unit features 1 in. through hole capacity, up to 45 adjustable indexing positions, and digital readout in decimal or degrees, minutes, and seconds. To facilitate use in grinding, submerged wire and sinker EDM, and inspection operations, multiple motor and face tooling options are available. Read More

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Ring Drive suits indexing and rotary positioning applications.

May 4, 2012

Merging Roller Pinion System technology with precision-grade bearing and gearhead, Precision Ring Drive can reach speeds up to 300 rpm and handle peak torques at all times. Unit offers indexing precision up to ±11 arc-sec with repeatability up to ±1.2 arc-sec. Supported by high-capacity cross-roller bearing, drive is rated for loads up to 1,575 kN, making it suited for demanding applications, including welding systems, medical products, robotics, automotive, and aerospace uses. Read More

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Indexing Servo Drive is configurable on EtherNet/IP network.

February 25, 2010

Supporting up to 5 indexing types and 32 indices, EtherNet/IP-enabled Allen-Bradley Kinetix 300 enables machine builders and end users to standardize on one communication network to facilitate commissioning, configuration, and startup. It enables entire control solution - HMI, programmable automation controllers, I/O, and motion - to be connected over standard EtherNet/IP network. Also, safe torque-off functionality allows maintenance work without removing power from entire machine. Read More

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Indexer Servo Drives offer 32 motion profiles.

January 27, 2010

Allowing users to specify motion control parameters, XD-Series Indexer Servo Drives also enable individual motion profiles to be mapped to I/O points, with 1 or 2 functions/point, initiated via Modbus/TCP, and chained or looped together. Adaptable I/O includes 14 inputs and 8 outputs. Communication setup is accomplished via USB or Ethernet, while included software offers load-and-go application templates to simplify motor setup. Devices are available with 115, 230, and 460 Vac input power. Read More

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Ring Index Drives suit automated machinery applications.

January 9, 2009

Designed with large through-holes to accommodate variety of automated machinery and equipment, CAMCO® Ring Index Drives include Models 1100RNG, 1550RNG, 750RNG, and 2000RNG with nominal ring diameters of 1.0, 1.5, .75, and 2.0 m, respectively. Users can attach fixtures directly to dial ring, eliminating need for additional dial plate. Direct shaft-mounted motorized drive package features precision ground cam with preloaded cam followers, cast steel housing, and preloaded center rib design. Read More

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Multi-Station Parts Indexer is PLC controlled.

October 20, 2008

Pneumatically operated, Toggle-Aire® Multi-Station Indexer performs 100% pre- and post-assembly parts inspection automatically at 1,600 parts/hr. It is suitable for pressing inserts, swaging, broaching, crimping, and related assembly operations, and can be equipped with 3-10 ton presses. Featuring ram to station accuracy of ±.0015 in. with ±.001 in. press component repeatability, unit offers user-programmable dwell timers and mechanical and optical sensing inspection options. Read More

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Rotary Indexer features dual-bearing spindle.

January 3, 2008

Equipped with removable handle, 5C² Rotary Indexer offers ±4 arc-sec repeatability, ±25 arc-sec accuracy, and max runout of .0002 in. TIR. Unit features hardened and ground steel worm gear with cross-axis helical gears, and hardened and ground steel worm drive shaft. Pneumatic fail-safe closer provides 1760 lb of drawbar force, while pneumatic high-force closer allows reduction of gripping force for delicate parts. Manual closer is lever-operated with 950 lb of drawbar force. Read More

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Rotary Indexing Table can raise/index/lower over tooling.

September 6, 2007

MS series elevating rotary indexing table features integrated pneumatic lift mechanism that utilizes guided rods to maintain indexer position. Motion control is achieved through touchscreen pendant that includes move time, dwell time, number of stops, torque limiting, home set, and on-the-fly dialing-in of stations. Featuring 0-3 in. adjustable elevation height, unit is mounted in 30 x 30 in. steel fabricated machine base and features 48 x 1 in. ground aluminum dial plate. Read More

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Rotary Indexer Adapter Kit speeds setup times.

August 1, 2007

Designed to work with Unilock Clamping System, 210 mm Adapter Kit mounts to any rotary table with T-slot faceplate, enabling operators to quickly unlock Unilock chuck and change setups or workpieces. Clamping system preserves repeatable accuracy of .0002 in. or better with retention force greater than 11,000 lb. Since it only takes seconds to open chuck and swap out workpiece or fixture, Unilock optimizes productivity of machine tools running rotary indexing tables. Read More

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Rotary Systems feature direct-drive design.

January 23, 2007

With no gearboxes or worm gear drives, Super-Precision® Rotary Systems produce accurate bidirectional response with .01 arc/sec repeatability and zero backlash. Featuring pneumatic collet closer with dual cylinder that delivers 4,560 lb adjustable draw bar pull, A2-5 16C is suited for precision machining or jig grinding applications. System A2-4 5C provides indexing speed of 3,600°/sec making it suited for drill and tap, laser processing, and high-speed milling applications. Read More

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Infinite Positioning Indexer offers ergonomic operation.

December 1, 2006

Greased for life to provide zero-maintenance positioning solution, RS-320A has low-profile design (14 in. from floor to mounting surface) and incorporates near-zero backlash gearbox with right angle motor mounting. System features cast iron base, unbalanced load support capability, and no pre-set stops. Thrust capacity is 11,000 lb, positioning accuracy is .0025 in. at 3 ft radius, and E-stop capacity is 138,874 in-lb. Read More

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Multi-Station Indexer performs 100% parts inspection.

March 23, 2006

Pneumatically operated, PLC controlled Toggle-Aire® Multi-Station Indexer provides pre- and post-assembly parts inspection at up to 1,600 parts/hour. It assembles, counts, and ejects correctly assembled parts and rejects bad parts automatically. Indexer can be equipped with 3-10 ton press and is suited for pressing inserts, swaging, broaching, crimping, and related assembly operations. Inspection options can include mechanical and optical sensing. Read More

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Programmable Indexer is offered with high voltage control.

March 2, 2006

Available with diameters from 12 in. to over 8 ft, MS Series is capable of operating directly on 380-480 Vac, 3-phase power without requiring auxiliary transformer due to its high-voltage control. Series features internal control power supply and supports direct wiring of unit to plant power. Single- and 3-phase, 200-240 Vac versions are also available. Applications include assembly, welding, inspection, dispensing, testing, and UV curing. Read More

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Programmable Indexers require no programming experience.

November 15, 2005

Suited for small to medium positioning and rotating applications, MS Series is supplied with LCD pendant and can be configured out of box since there is no programming language to learn. Changes can be made from pendant, with all parameters in simple English such as Move Time, Number of Stations, and Move Direction. Ranging from 12 in. to larger than 8 ft in diameter, indexers are supplied assembled, wired, and tested. User just connects power and bolts on dial plate. Read More

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Separating Indexers count, separate, and/or sort parts.

September 11, 2005

VE and VEG Series, which respectively feature 2 and 1 tappet rods, have stroke lengths from 20""60 mm and incorporate double acting, reciprocating cylinders with opening force up to 220 N @ 6 bar. Dual air fittings control indexer opening and closing cycle times of 0.25 sec each way. VE Series is powered by independent pistons, while internal air passages and finger locking pin allow one finger to retract only after other finger is completely extended. Read More

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Rotary Indexing Machine automates manual operations.

August 12, 2005

Fully pneumatic, PLC-controlled Toggle-Aire® Model 1011 RTPLC provides ram-to-station accuracy of ±.0015 in. and press component stroke repeatability of ±.001 in. Unit features 24 V PLC with 2-line LCD display, intuitive operator interface, and self-diagnostics. User can independently control index and ram speed, up/down stroke, dwell-at-station, and totalize. Available in ½, 3, 5, and 10-ton press versions with up to 24 stations, machine produces up to 3,600 parts/hr. Read More

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Collet Indexers come in 1- or 2-axis configurations.

July 26, 2005

With 36:1 gear ratio, 3C collet indexer features ½ in. collet capacity and tapered spindle nose, while 5C collet indexer features 60:1 gear ratio, 1/16 in. collet capacity, and 2 3/16 in. -10 threaded spindle nose. Featuring A2-5 spindle nose, 16C collet indexer offers 60:1 gear ratio, single- or dual-axis machining of parts up to 1 5/8 in. dia, and internal pneumatic clamping. Indexers all feature pneumatic collet closers, 1-4 spindles, and 0-50 rpm speed range. Read More