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Full-Featured Spray Foam Rig has towable form factor.

September 21, 2011

Measuring 12 ft long with 4 ft V-nose, XTR1s hydraulic spray foam rig features frame construction that allows towing behind trucks starting from F150 and up in size. Complete solution includes PMC GH-25 hydraulic foam machine, 5 hp 15 cfm vertical air compressor, 160 ft of PMC heated hose, 220 V full shore power, and support for 2 sets of material, all contained in 12 ft, 7,000 lb GVWR V-nose shell. Read More

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Lugless BOP Cap provides secure sealing.

July 29, 2011

Suitable for installation on older 150H(TM) BOP models that currently have wing caps, Hercules® Lugless 150H(TM) BOP Cap has lugless end caps that allow operations to use wrench rather than hammer. Unit can be operated with standard 24 or 36 in. pipe wrench, 36 in. adjustable wrench, or 3 in. wrench. Product provides security for operators, secure sealing without leakage, and optimized service life. Read More

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Dust Suppression System reduces health risks for miners.

June 16, 2011

Comprised of wetting agents that accelerate water penetration in areas where dust poses hazard, DUSTGRIP(TM) TURBO reduces total water volume consumed for dust suppression purposes. It mixes with water and can be used with mine's existing equipment; no post-application rinsing of equipment is needed. Repeated applications have cumulative effect, maintaining subsoil moisture content for extended periods depending on soil types, traffic, and weather conditions. Read More

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Multi-Stage Fracturing System simplifies downhole well drilling.

April 1, 2011

QuickFRAC® is multi-stage completion system that can fracture 60 stages downhole in shale and tight sandstone formations, during pumping of 15 treatments at surface. This is accomplished as single pumping treatment is conducted on surface and directed into 2-5 stages downhole. System allows operator to fracture several isolated stages at one time through process of batch fracturing. Read More

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Subsea Flange Adapters tolerate high pressure and vibration.

November 29, 2010

Dual Seal Flange Adapters optimize reliability and safety of high-vibration, high-shock hydraulic 4-bolt connections in subsea oil and gas applications. Available in ½, 1, and 1½ in. sizes, they incorporate radial and face seal methods to ensure port retention and maximize sealing capacity. Captive O-ring groove on flange head helps prevent leaks, while face seal resists environmental pressures. Adapters are constructed from SAE 316/316L stainless steel. Read More

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Oil Pipe Cleaning System is trailer-mounted for on-site use.

June 17, 2010

Drill Pipe Enviro-Cleaner(TM) cleans drill pipe, cables, and down hole tools as they are removed from well, allowing mud and oil removed from pipe to fall back into well, not onto soil. Trailered system provides 320°F water pressurized at 250 psi to steam collar, which is mounted in-line above blow-out preventer between 2 API flanges. As drill pipe is extracted from well, it passes through collar where it is instantly cleaned. Collars are available in stainless and anodized carbon steel. Read More

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Subsea Drilling Tree suits deepwater operations.

May 14, 2010

Designed to handle depths up to 10,000 ft and pressures to 15,000 psi, VetcoGray DHXT has footprint pf 4.5 x 4.4 m, and includes integral VetcoGray ModPod, a subsea control module that is powered by SemStar5(TM). Standard production tree DHXT-SP comes in compact, lightweight and flexible package, while DHXT-EP has extended annulus wing block for improved annulus pressure management. DHXT-GP includes gas lift choke, dual-bore flow-line connector and sensors in addition to standard system. Read More

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ROV Sensor Retrieval System targets subsea production equipment.

May 12, 2010

Consisting of permanently installed mechanical interface, sensor/transmitter, Remote Operated Vehicle-based sensor retrieval tool, and hydraulic and control system, Roxar ROV Sensor Retrieval System provides underwater maintenance and repair capabilities. Retrieval process takes place within controlled, leak-proof environment. Since only sensor needing replacement or repair is involved, system eliminates need to manually retrieve entire production asset. Read More

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Electric Drilling Package withstands rigors of oil field.

April 30, 2010

Designed to meet high power and low fuel consumption demands of drill rig operations, self-contained MTU Electric Drilling Package consists of diesel engine, generator, radiator, and control panel mounted on rigid base frame. Generator is powered by MTU 12 V 4000 G73 engine capable of producing 1,105 kW plus 10% overload capability at 1,200 rpm. For rigs with high power load, multiple EDPs will operate in parallel. Read More

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Grade Control System facilitates excavation.

March 1, 2010

Available for Trimble® GCS600 Grade Control System, CB450 Control Box provides graphical display of 2D profile information, grade guidance, and warnings. Adjustable brightness and viewing angle accommodate various outdoor lighting conditions, while 4 integrated LED lightbars enable user to monitor grade guidance information in cab of excavator while also viewing conditions at dig site. Featuring sealed cast aluminum display housing, CB450 survives harsh construction site conditions. Read More

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Slicklines resist corrosion and aggressive environments.

September 25, 2009

Used to lower heavy tools and instruments into oil and gas wells, Bright Surface Slicklines feature smooth surface that minimizes friction, maximizing life expectancy of pulleys, sheaves, and counters. Smooth surface also minimizes microscopic pores, which can lead to pitting, especially on line exposed to aggressive conditions encountered in deepest part of well. Read More

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Subsea Oil Tree is suited for harsh, shallow waters.

September 24, 2009

Merging horizontal and vertical tree technology, VetcoGray S-Series SVXT delivers essential functionality in pre-engineered, pre-configured, modular manner. Design enables deployment using standard offshore jack-up drilling rigs without requiring major modifications. Features include smaller tree and fisher-friendly wellhead protection structures as well as barrier approach that removes need for separate tree cap. SemStar5-powered ModPod control system is also included. Read More

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Surface Crawler Drill Rig features modular design.

September 9, 2009

Equipped with COP 1840 rock drill offering 18 kW of drilling power, Model ROC T35M employs cylinder-driven aluminum feed system that provides optimal penetration rates and drill steel life. Hydraulic-based control system COP Logic adjusts feed speed, feed pressure, and impact pressure in real time according to rock condition. Maintenance is simplified by all around access to service points and optimized hose management with bulk heads. Read More

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Crane Trash Skip is designed to facilitate discharge.

August 28, 2009

Heavy Duty Crane Trash Skip, Model 1450, has rated capacity of 12,000 lb to handle trash or bulk material. Designed to be hoisted with set of 10 ft or longer cable or strap slings, product has sloped end that facilitates safe load discharge. Unit measures 10 x 4 x 2 ft and is suited for removing tear-off or other construction refuse from roofs and elevated decks. It is constructed of heavy steel and reinforced at all stress points for extended life. Read More

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LED Headlamps include visor clip.

May 4, 2009

Designed to clip to hat brim, lapel, or car visor, Enduro® LED Headlamps offer hands-free operation in low-light conditions. White LED model provides up to 850 candela peak beam intensity and 14.5 lumens output in high-level mode and 6 lumens in low mode, while green LED version provides 162 candela peak beam intensity and 8 lumens output in high mode and 4 lumens in low mode. Weighing 2.75 oz, both are constructed with impact-resistant housing and are waterproof to 1 m for 1 hr. Read More

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Filtration System enables continuous on-line flow.

March 16, 2009

With absolute-rated performance from 1-70 µ, Cuno High Flow Triplex Skid is suitable for filtration of small to medium volumes of fluids ranging from 200-20,000 bbl in both deck-side offshore and onshore applications. System houses 3 vessels and each 6½ dia x 40 in. long cartridge provides 13 m² filtration area, resulting in total of 117 m² effective filtration area. Measuring 2.72 m², skid offers 99 kg total dirt loading capacity and connection to standard 4 in. service pipework. Read More

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Centrifuge offers feature set for productivity and safety.

March 5, 2009

Heated Oil Test Centrifuge incorporates LCD touchscreen control panel that can be used to govern centrifuge rotation speed, turn heat on/off, set duration of test, and choose type of rotor assembly and corresponding glassware to be used during test. Manufactured to meet Class 1, Division 2 explosion resistant rating, system conforms to range of Standard Test Methods and features top-opening lid that provides access to rotor and tube holders and features 18½ in. dia viewing window. Read More

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Network Monitoring Service serves mining industry.

March 4, 2009

Acting as remote network operations center for mining industry, ActiveVision(TM) provides 24/7 monitoring and support for ActiveMine(TM) network, voice communications, and tracking systems anywhere on globe. Services include real-time network diagnostics and troubleshooting as well as ability to pinpoint network and component issues. Able to track and store operational statistics, solution also lets mine operators centrally view and monitor multiple mine operations. Read More

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Oil Rig drills to 15,000 feet vertically.

October 28, 2008

Designed for oil and gas industry, 1,100 hp SpeedStar SS-1100 features state-of-the-art controls, allowing drill to be monitored from remote location, and enabling service departments to diagnose and prevent maintenance issues before they happen. Due to its size, SS-1100 can be set up in mountainous areas, and once on site, rig can begin drilling within a few hours. Read More

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Foam Wrap compensates for subsea well annular pressure.

October 10, 2008

Typically installed within B or C annuli of subsea wells, CFW+ (Crushable Foam Wrap) acts as mechanical fuse and collapses at pre-determined pressure and temperature (110ºC) envelope. This allows expansion of annulus fluids as well as dissipation of any potentially hazardous increase in pressure. By incorporating Glass Bubbles, solution helps mitigate subsea well casing failure due to annular pressure build-up or trapped annular pressure. Read More