Air Amplifiers

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Low-Power Rail-To-Rail Amplifiers drive 12-, 14-, and 16-bit ADCs.

October 1, 2014

Intended for high-speed DAQ applications, ADA4805-1 (single) and ADA4805-2 (dual) amplifiers come in SC70, SOT23, MSOP, and LFCSP package options. Dynamic Power Scaling feature lets user dynamically manage power consumption by shutting down amplifier between analog-to-digital converter samples. Along with slew rate of 160 V/µsec, 100 MHz ADA4805-1 and ADA4805-2 offer low noise (5.9 nV/√Hz at 100 kHz) and low distortion (-102 dBc/-116 dBc HD2/HD3 at 100 kHz) while consuming 1.5 mW.
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Mechanical Power Transmission, Electronic Components & Devices

Driver Amplifier delivers 21 dB gain across 6-16 GHz bandwidth.

September 29, 2014

Operating from single positive supply voltage of +5.0 V @ 95 mA, CMD158C4 delivers 21 dB of gain across its bandwidth while providing +21 dBm of saturated output power at PAE of 24%. This 6–16 GHz driver amplifier comes in Pb-free, RoHs-compliant, ceramic, 4 x 4 mm QFN SMD package and does not require any external components for operation except bypass capacitors on VDD line. Areas of use include point-to-point/-multipoint radios, VSAT, LO driver amplifiers, and military applications. Read More

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GaN Power Amplifier is optimized for power and linearity.

September 8, 2014

As 28–32 GHz GaN power amplifier (PA) in die form, CMD217 features >20 dB gain across operating frequency range with corresponding output 1 dB compression point of +36.7 dBm and saturated output power of +39.3 dBm (8.5 W). Power added efficiency is 28%–35% across band. This fully matched 50 Ω design requires only external bypass capacitors to complete bias circuitry. Suited for Ka-band communication systems applications, die is passivated for reliability and moisture protection. Read More

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High Voltage DAQ Module promotes safe and accurate measurement.

July 11, 2014

Capable of making 1,000 V measurements and acquiring data synchronously at all times to other physical quantities, MX403B amplifier offers 4 differential, isolated channels with analog anti-aliasing filters and 24-bit ADC. Users can also apply several digital filters to acquired data. Along with 10, 100, and 1,000 V measurement ranges, features include sampling rate of 100 kS/s per channel, signal bandwidth up to 38 kHz (78 kHz in dual-channel mode), and 0.05% accuracy. Read More

Mechanical Power Transmission, Electronic Components & Devices

Operational Amplifier drives heavy loads at high output.

June 25, 2014

Delivering over 1 A output current, 40 V Model ADA4870 provides wide bandwidth of 52 MHz and slew rate of 2,500 V/µs to facilitate high-voltage pulses necessary to drive piezoelectric transducer in high-intensity focused ultrasound for medical treatment and procedures. In small-cell base stations and compact military radios, op amp assists with drive of power amplifier’s low impedance bias control to track envelope of RF signal, only using as much power for PA as needed to pass signal. Read More

Communication Systems & Equipment, Mechanical Power Transmission, Electronic Components & Devices

Distribution Amplifiers (1.2 GHz) are DOCSIS 3.1 compliant.

May 16, 2014

AC1500 distribution and A2500 distribution trunk amplifiers ensure that downstream frequency band reaches up to 1.2 GHz and upstream is upgradable to 200 MHz. Both can be equipped with Remote Ingress Switching (RIS) system that allows ingress detection and countermeasures at headend. For management feature diversity, amplifiers can also be equipped with intelligent transponders with measuring capabilities as well as programmable signal and ingress monitoring. Read More

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Flashing Dome LED Beacon Lights suit AC or DC applications.

April 10, 2014

Offering IP23 protection and vibration resistance, Models XPE and XME provide brightly colored triple-flash sequence that illuminates at 110 flashes/min, making them suited for indoor mobile equipment. XPE model measures 162 mm dia x 203 mm tall and has high-impact, heat-resistant ABS resin body, while XME version, made of stainless steel with melamine baked finish, is 187 mm in dia x 239 mm tall. Typical current consumption ranges from 0.07 A for 230 Vac models to 0.42 A for 12 Vdc models. Read More