Mechanical Power Transmission

Mechanical Power Transmission

All-Wheel Drive System incorporates disconnect function.

October 15, 2014

Intended for A-, B- and C-segment vehicle platforms, Disconnect All-Wheel Drive System responds to driver inputs and road conditions by connecting and disengaging drive to rear axle to enhance traction, dynamics, stability, and on-highway fuel efficiency. Monoblock housing fully integrates propshaft's constant velocity joint. Other features include power transfer unit, electro-mechanically actuated clutch in rear axle, dedicated driveline control unit, and active torque biasing function.
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Brushless Actuator suits web guide applications.

October 14, 2014

Featuring brushless motor design, TA Brushless Actuator offers maintenance-free performance in demanding web guide applications. Unit delivers 200 lb of thrust at 2x speed of MME actuators and provides potentiometer feedback as standard. Actuator is available on AccuWeb web guides and can be retrofit into most narrow-to-mid web width applications. Read More

Mechanical Power Transmission

Brushless Slotless Motor produces high continuous torque.

October 10, 2014

With rated speed of ~60 K rpm, 16ECH comes in 36 and 52 mm length versions with hall sensors and 3 coil options to match speed and voltage requirements. Magnetic circuit reduces iron and recirculation losses, and customization options include gearboxes, encoders, sensorless versions, and mechanical interface modifications. Optimized for high continuous torque at low to medium speeds, motor exhibits maximum power between 40 K and 55 K rpm. Read More

Mechanical Power Transmission

Commercial 824cc Engine combines power and fuel efficiency.

October 10, 2014

Offered in 4 models with ratings from 27–33 hp, Command PRO 824 employs air intake system that enhances airflow to maximize power and torque. Other features include closed-loop, electronic fuel injection (EFI) system; commercial, high-density air cleaner; and optional electronic governor. While design with 2 spark plugs per cylinder head promotes combustion to maximize fuel efficiency and engine torque, efficient engine cooling is promoted via baffles, cylinder heads, and crankcase fins. Read More

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HEV Motor provides up to 36 Nm torque.

October 9, 2014

Part of Global Vehicle Motor Series of PMAC traction motors, Model GVM142 features 142 mm frame size with SAE A adapter mount to be close coupled to hydraulic pumps. Within frame size, there are 3 rotor lengths and dozens of winding variations, allowing more than 100 combinations of base speed and power output. Operating from 24–800 Vdc, motor is rated from 2.6–30 kW+ with speed range from 1,600–9,800 rpm and peak power densities up to 3.7 kW/kg. Read More

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Linear Positioner offers 0.5 micron resolution, 500 mm travel.

October 7, 2014

Able to be computer controlled, M-417 linear translation stage offers velocity capabilities to 100 mm/sec. Precision recirculating ball bearings provide guiding precision in 100 µrad range over complete travel range, low-friction ball screw with 2 mm thread pitch allows maintenance-free operation, and integrated PWM servo amplifier facilitates installation and operation. Incremental optical rotary encoder with 4,000 counts/rev controls position, providing unidirectional repeatability of 0.5 µm. Read More

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Linear Guides include self-aligning feature.

October 7, 2014

Using unique shape for ball groove, NH and NS Series offer optimized contact surface pressure distribution for maximum load rating and operating life. Guides have interchangeable sliders and rails that can be combined with conventional linear products and self-aligning feature that accommodates misalignment and minimizes internal loads. Available with optional NSK K1™ lubrication unit for maintenance-free operation, guides are suited for all types of production equipment. Read More

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Wind Turbine yields high energy at low-wind sites.

October 2, 2014

Delivering 3.3 MW, SWT-3.3-130 has 130 m dia rotor and optimizes energy extraction in low- to moderate-wind velocities. Direct-drive PMG generator operates with permanent magnets to enhance output, servo motors ensure precise rotation of nacelle, and hydraulic cylinders in rotor hub enable exact adjustment of rotor blade angle. Under turbulent wind conditions, ends of B63 aeroelastically tailored blades cushion and absorb wind pressure to limit static loading of nacelle and tower. Read More