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Solvay's Chemical Reagent Solutions Enhance Performance Throughout Phosphate Value Chain

October 19, 2016

Woodland Park, N.J., Oct. 12, 2016-Solvay, a leading global supplier of advanced mining chemical technologies, will be showcasing its phosphate product portfolio at the 31st Annual FLSME Regional Mining Conference in Lakeland, Florida. “Increased demand, declining ore grade and growing competition have made increased P2O5recovery and plant optimization more important than ever before,”... Read More

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ElectriPlast Corp. Demonstrates Bipolar Battery with Conductive Plastic Plates

November 10, 2015

Technology Could Be a Game Changer CANTON, Mich. - Integral Technologies, Inc. (OTC-BB: ITKG) ("Integral"), an emerging light-weighting leader and its wholly owned subsidiary ElectriPlast Corp., have successfully demonstrated a prototype 12v lead acid bipolar battery with its patent pending ElectriPlast plates. "The follow-up inquiries from our unveiling/demonstration at The Battery Show... Read More

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De Dietrich Announces Record Orders at the ACHEMA Trade Show

August 26, 2015

De Dietrich, which recently scored new successes that provide it with opportunities for sustainable growth, is continuing its international expansion and has secured, in China, the biggest deal in its history. Under the deal, De Dietrich will deliver a waste acid treatment system for a new toluene diisocyanate plant to be built in northwest China. Toluene diisocyanate (TDI) is used in the... Read More

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Test Medical Cannabis Potency With Greater Accuracy Using Restek's New DEA-Exempt CBDA Certified Reference Material

May 11, 2015

As part of its commitment to the emerging industry of medical cannabis analysis, Restek has expanded the most comprehensive selection of cannabinoid-related reference standards by adding cannabidiolic acid (CBDA, cat.# 34094). This diluted standard is DEA-exempt, so there's no need to purchase costly neat materials or make your own standards, and it is prepared in acetonitrile, which helps... Read More

Materials & Material Processing

Foodchem International Corporation Start To Supply Amino Acid

August 12, 2014

Foodchem International Corporation, the leading food additives supplier from China, announced today that it will start to carry amino acids, which are widely used as nutritional supplements in North American market. As basic blocks of proteins, amino acid is essential to our health. Usually, people can get enough amino acid through general diet. Lack of specific amino acid could cause... Read More

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Reverdia Showcases Biosuccinium(TM) 100% Bio-Based Succinic Acid and Underlines Its Importance for the Chinese Plastics Market

April 28, 2014

As a first time exhibitor at Chinaplas 2014, Reverdia demonstrates the benefits of Biosuccinium™ sustainable succinic acid and highlights the value of partnership with the Chinese plastics industry. At Chinaplas 2014, Reverdia will demonstrate the benefits of Biosuccinium™, a succinic acid with 100% bio-based content and lower environmental footprint. Biosuccinium™ enables the... Read More

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Raw Materials are available for biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

November 26, 2012

PharmaGrade products comprise 65+ buffers, amino acids, and specialty chemicals that address need for supply chain transparency and risk management for biopharmaceutical manufacturing. Each product comes with documented production history that highlights processes compliant with GMP or SAFC Elite grade documentation guidelines. Features also include formal manufacturer qualification, QA review and release of every lot, change control notification, and quality/regulatory support. Read More

Materials & Material Processing

Inorganic Binder System resists temperatures to 3,200°F.

October 12, 2012

Consisting of water-dispersed, aluminum-phosphate binder, Ceramabind™ 542 is suited for hardening and sealing porous refractories and thermal spray coatings. Inert, electrically and chemically resistant material will not outgas in ultra high vacuum. It is formulated to viscosity of 40-50 cP with 40.0-45.0% solids content by weight and specific gravity of 1.47 g/cc. Applied by brush, spatula, spray gun, or syringe, product cures fully in 1 hr at 700°F or in-situ during equipment operation. Read More

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Arizona Chemical Partners with Nexeo Solutions for SYLFAT(TM) and SYLVATAL(TM) Distribution

September 20, 2012

THE WOODLANDS, Texas - Arizona Chemical, a world leader of bio-refined products, announced it has entered into an exclusive agreement with Nexeo Solutions to distribute its SYLFAT(TM) tall oil fatty acid (TOFA) and SYLVATAL(TM) distilled tall oil (DTO) in the U.S. This agreement takes effect November 1, 2012.<4444>SYLFAT(TM) is a tall oil fatty acid (TOFA) that is used in a wide range of... Read More

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BioAmber Partners with Mitsubishi Chemical in Succinic Acid

May 3, 2011

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - BioAmber Inc. has joined forces with Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation in the field of biobased succinic acid, in a strategic agreement that makes BioAmber and its Asian distribution partner Mitsui & Co. the exclusive suppliers of biobased succinic acid to Mitsubishi Chemical. The three companies are also conducting a feasibility study to build a succinic acid production... Read More

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IDT Enters Exclusive Agreement with 454 Life Sciences to Provide Custom Primers for GS FLX Titanium Chemistry

October 18, 2010

HPLC purified and MS certified primers for genome sequencing<4444>CORALVILLE, IA - Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT), the custom biology company, has signed an exclusive agreement with 454 Life Sciences, a Roche company, to provide researchers with custom primers for the GS FLX Titanium Chemistry, used on the company's GS FLX System and GS Junior System. Available as FusionPrimers or Rapid... Read More

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Malvern ® Instruments' Mastersizer ® 2000 Helps Indorama Fine Tune PTA Production

January 10, 2008

Indorama Petrochem Limited have chosen the Mastersizer® 2000 particle size analysis system to provide quality control for the manufacture of Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA) at their site in Rayong, Thailand. The extensive capabilities of the Mastersizer system, coupled with the applications expertise of both Malvern® Instruments and Diethelm Ltd, the company's distributor in Thailand, have... Read More

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Sterile Agents & Solutions For Cleanrooms

October 26, 2007

Miller Products Company Inc., Cleanroom Products division has announced the release of a new assortment of Sterile and Non-Sterile Alcohol, Ethanol, Hydrochloric Acid, and Hydrogen Peroxide solutions. Available for cleanroom & sterile applications in aerosol cans, trigger sprayers, and gallon jug containers, Miller's 70% Isopropyl Alcohol is mixed with Water for Injection (WFI) and augments an... Read More

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Acid Etch Cleaner preps for coating, anodizing, and welding.

October 1, 2007

Designed to clean and deoxidize aluminum as well as wrought and cast aluminum alloys, Diverclean AC Aluminum Cleaner Activator removes light soils, extruding oils, and machining oils. Concentrated, water-based liquid features low drag-out, low foaming, and free rinsing. It is usable at low temperatures, typically 100-150°F. Offering alternative to alkaline cleaners, Diverclean AC produces chemically clean surface in immersion time of 30 sec to 5 min. Read More

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Intradigm Selects Agilent Technologies as Manufacturing Partner for Novel RNA Interference Oncology Therapeutic

September 24, 2007

PALO ALTO, Calif., and SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 26, 2007<4444>Intradigm Corp., a leading developer of targeted, systemic RNA interference (RNAi) therapeutics, and Agilent Technologies Inc. today announced that Intradigm has selected Agilent to manufacture the active small interfering RNA (siRNA) component of its RNAi therapeutic. In addition, Intradigm announced that it has formally selected... Read More

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