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Marine Vibrator Seismic Source replaces controversial air gun.

July 20, 2015

As powerful as air gun, Distributed Seismic Source™ eliminates explosive blasting that has been blamed for harming whales, porpoises, and other marine life. DSS puts array of powerful sources downhole, each providing more than 2,400 lb of force at 200 Hz. Placing sources beneath near-surface weathering layer eliminates 95% or more of attenuation seen by surfaces sources. System can change how offshore seismic surveys are performed for exploration and production of oil and gas. Read More

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Sample Handling Products cover diverse applications.

January 22, 2015

Shakes, rockers, mixers, and stirrers are available for molecular and biological mixing applications, while peltier chiller or thermocyclers, which chill or heat samples, facilitate temperature-sensitive reactions. Homogenizers and liquid nitrogen cooler mortars blend, homogenize, or crush samples, while splash shields and fume hoods protect laboratory workers from injury and provide proper ventilation. Vacuum desiccators protect and preserve moisture-sensitive and hygroscopic materials. Read More

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Vibrator and Recording System meet seismic industry needs.

November 4, 2014

Generating up to 34,000 lb peak force, UNIVIB® 2 vibrator employs 173 hp diesel engine and features cab designed for safety, ergonomics, and diagnostics. Footprint promotes maneuverability through dense terrains and environmentally sensitive areas with minimal impact. Helping oil and gas companies maximize efficiencies during data acquisition on land and transition zone environments, G3i® HD cable-based recording system has scalable architecture and supports up to 240,000 channels. Read More

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Vibratory Finishing Machines offer wide range of options.

March 10, 2014

Available in 3 models with process chambers of 300, 150, and 75 L, Vibratory Finishing Machines features stress relieved bowl with cast polyurethane lining, driven by heavy-duty, 3-phase electric motor. Comprehensive range of options is available, including PLC control of chemical additive dosing, water metering, and recirculation, as well as effluent control, automatic parts separation from media, and acoustic suppression cover.   Read More

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Digital Orbital Shakers suit sensitive culture applications.

January 20, 2012

Consisting of open air and incubated bench-top models and incubated or refrigerated floor models, MaxQ® HP shakers provide hard shake for bacteria with speed range from 25-525 rpm. Brushless DC motors allow maintenance-free, 24/7 operation, and programmability includes function that restricts unauthorized/inadvertent changes to key functions. Temperature uniformity is ±0.3°C for incubated bench-top model and ±0.2°C for incubated and refrigerated floor models. Read More

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Portable Vibrators serve concrete construction forms, equipment.

December 29, 2011

Suited for use with forms, hoppers, bins, chutes, and more, UHVM portable concrete construction vibrators offer adjustable frequency vibration for optimal efficiency. Air-powered units are available in impact or air-cushioned, low-noise versions with 1 ¼ or 2 in. dia piston. Respectively, 1 ¼ and 2 in. versions weigh 8 and 23 lb and feature air consumption rate of 7.2 scfm at 60 psig and frequencies of 4,640 and 4,500 vibrations/min under no load conditions. Read More

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Vibrating Shaker features maintenance-free design.

October 19, 2011

By utilizing electromagnetic drive, fixed amplitude, and rubber spring mounts, Meinzer II Test Sieve Shaker produces simultaneous vertical and horizontal movement needed for basic dry particle sizing analysis. Portable unit has no moving parts and can run continuously for over ½ day. Equipped with built-in 60-minute timer, shaker is suitable for use with sand, cement, chemicals, and powder metals as well as grains, seeds, soils, and other dry components in ground, granular, or powder form. Read More

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Miniature Vibration Exciter features integrated power amplifier.

July 1, 2011

By integrating solid-state power amplifier, SmartShaker(TM) K2007E01 can be driven directly from any sound source. Unit provides force rating of 7 lbf with ½ in. usable stroke and 92% efficiency, contributing to precise modal testing or vibration studies. Model K2007E01 includes flexure suspension arms built from carbon fiber composite and EasyTurn handles for shaker positioning. Multiple gain settings and system mute are selectable via integrated digital control. Read More

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Sieve Shaker combines gentle motion and low maintenance.

June 28, 2011

Occupying 10 in. footprint and weighing 36 lb, portable Meinzer II eliminates need for hand sieving with its gentle motion. Electromagnetic drive produces simultaneous vertical and horizontal movement needed for basic dry particle sizing analysis, while rugged construction and lack of internal moving parts promotes maintenance-free, repeatable use. Supporting timed or continuous operation, unit can accommodate several 3 or 8 in. test sieves concurrently. Read More

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Automated Flask Shaker frees hands for other tasks.

May 13, 2011

Simulating back-and-forth action of human wrist, Wrist O'Matic Shaker comes in Fixed and Variable Speed models that shake at respective speeds of 400 and 0-500 oscillations/min. Mixing amplitude on each model can be set from 0° to 15°, and built-in timer can be set for continuous operation or timed operation from 0-60 min. Each unit comes with adjustable finger clamps, which accommodate up to 8 flasks (500 mL or smaller) or ¼-2 in. dia tubes/vessels. Read More

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Electrodynamic Vibration Test System is rated to 12,000 lbf.

May 11, 2010

Air cooled and compatible with environmental test chambers, Model DSX-12000 supports payloads up to 1,500 lb and offers velocity up to 115 ips. Shaker features 16 in. dia magnesium armature that produces acceleration levels up to 120 g, and dynamic centering system with optical sensors that ensures armature remains centered during travel. DSX-12000 is controlled by VCS-3200 Vibration Control System, which features over 85 dB of dynamic range and selectable resolution up to 3,200 lines. Read More

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Bin Vibrators have no rotating or sliding parts.

May 22, 2009

Featuring dust-tight construction, maintenance-free electromagnetic bin vibrators are suited for continuous or intermittent operation and maintain flow of bulk materials from bins, hoppers, and chutes. Encapsulated coils prevent wire degradation and also provide protection from moisture and other contaminants. With optional adjustable control, vibration force can be varied with simple turn of potentiometer. Water-proof models are also available. Read More

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Concrete Vibrator features 2.5 hp Honda engine.

December 3, 2008

Constructed of lightweight steel frame and extra-thick padding, Backpack model Right Built Concrete Vibrator weighs 24 lb and features patent-pending rotary throttle control to maintains proper vibrations/min. It handles all Stone shafts and heads up to 2½ in. which attach to unit with quick-connect coupler. Read More

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Orbital Platform Shaker combines 3 mixing functions.

September 30, 2008

Designed for biotech, biopharmaceutical, and academic research laboratories, Grant-bio PSU-20 heavy duty microprocessor controlled orbital platform shaker provides orbital motion, reciprocation, and vibration functions. Programmable mixing functions can be set for continuous or timed operation (1 min to 96 hr) to achieve optimum mixing either in single mode or in any different combination of 3 functions. Measuring 140 x 485 x 520 mm, unit features loading capacity of 15 kg. Read More

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Portable Shaker helps verify accelerometer/sensor performance.

May 12, 2008

Operating at 159.2 Hz, hand-held Model 699A02 delivers controlled, 1 G rms or 1 G peak acceleration to test accelerometers and vibration sensors weighing up to 250 g. It features automatic shut-off to preserve battery life, external power jack for ac compatibility, mechanical stops for overload protection, and capability to perform up to 1,600 operating cycles in field. Unit also meets NIST traceability requirements. Read More

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Round-Bowl Vibrator has rotating divider and sound hood.

May 16, 2005

Model OR-3 vibratory finishing machine has rotating urethane divider that creates multiple compartments for individual part deburring, prevents damaging impingement, and eliminates fixturing of metal parts. Featuring 3 ft³ tub, unit occupies 36 x 53 in. footprint and comes with sound hood to keep noise at acceptable level. Offering constant speed of 1,750 vpm, unit enables parts to be loaded/unloaded from rotating mass without stopping machine. Read More

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Industrial Vibrators have Teflon® coating option.

July 6, 2004

Industrial vibrators offer Teflon® coating option that helps extend product life. Coating resists corrosion and oxidization, enabling vibrators to be used in harsh work environments with dust, dirt, contaminated air, or poor lubrication. Teflon® coating is recommended for food applications where lubrication is of concern. Standard Teflon® option includes coated bore and piston, with outside coating also available to facilitate washdown. Read More

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Pneumatic Turbine Vibrator moves bulk solids.

May 12, 2004

MARTIN® WHIRLWIND(TM) High-Frequency Turbine Vibrator uses urethane-encapsulated turbine to output over 10,000 force pounds with noise levels well within OSHA limits. Built-in handle allows one-worker portability for use in railcar unloading or for consolidation of pre-cast concrete or refractory. Unit mounts to cradle lug bracket or railcar wedge, or can be permanently mounted. Read More

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Portable Vibrator facilitates material flow.

February 24, 2004

Magnevibe employs pneumatic piston vibrator with magnetic mounting head that allows it to stick firmly to ferrous surfaces. Ferrous mount pad stickers are available to enable product to work with plastic and stainless steel hoppers. Single unit may be moved around as needed to any bin or hopper location where flow is restricted. Product is suited for use on small storage vessels. Read More

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Electric Vibrators have direct current motors.

June 3, 2003

With centrifugal force of 0.98-1.89 kN, MVCC-S02 Series 12/24 V direct current electric vibrators are suited for use in places where mains electricity is not available. Electric motor design incorporates permanent magnet poles and oversized electrical parts. Supplied with 2.5 m of power flex, unit has IP 66 mechanical protection due to metal core hitch and O-Ring seals in all exposed covers in addition to electrostatic surface coating and stove polymerizing treatment. Read More