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Adept Technology Wins Innovation Award for "SoftPIC" Food Gripper

March 3, 2014

Pleasanton, Calif. – Adept Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq:ADEP), a leading provider of intelligent robots, autonomous mobile solutions and services, today announced that it was awarded an Innovation Award at the CFIA Rennes 2014 exhibition for its Adept "SoftPIC" food gripper. CFIA Rennes 2014, a regional exhibition for the food-processing industry, was held February 11-13, 2014, at Parc Expo Rennes... Read More

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Hygienic EOAT Vacuum suits food processing and transport.

March 3, 2014

With HDSV Hygienic Design SAS Vacuum technology, vacuum is generated by means of compressed air directly in gripper, allowing air to continually clean tool. Vacuum created does not have to be additionally guided by tubes and machines to product. In addition, high leakage tolerance allows secure grip even with incomplete seal between product and gripper or porous or uneven food surface. System can grab wide range of diverse foods such as tofu or topped muffins. Read More

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Linemaster Hercules RF Foot Control with Handle

February 28, 2014

Linemaster introduces a new handle option for the Industrial RF Wireless Hercules foot control.  Three standard off the shelf models are available with the positioning handle, SP-831-111100XA (single function), SP-831-111201XA (two function), and SP-831-111302XA (three function).  After being attached, the RF Hercules Handle stands about 3 feet tall when measured from the top of the foot... Read More

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Replacement Electrodes feature silver insert.

February 28, 2014

Combining copper electrode body and solid silver insert, PT-36® Replacement Silver-Pro Electrodes deliver powerful plasma arc while minimizing downtime. Silver insert optimizes conductivity of electricity and dissipates heat of plasma arc more efficiently than standard copper electrodes, extending electrode life. With replacement electrode holder for PT-36® torch, replacement electrodes and OEM’s original electrodes can both be used. Read More

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Gripper Components offer power from compact form factor.

February 28, 2014

Supporting range of sensor, assembly, and mounting options, Gripper components of Blue Line series include GRF 14-35 and GRF 14-90 Gripper Finger, GRZ 10-10 D Sprue Cutter, and GRZ 20-22 G-STC Gripper Plier. Latter features aluminum housing and jaws, several mounting options, and sensor jaw that accepts off-the-shelf sensors. Various sizes and types of pneumatic gripping fingers and pliers are available, and tools deliver gripping and clamping power in compact form factor. Read More

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Single-Station CNC Vises feature one-piece body, stationary jaw.

February 28, 2014

With one-piece body and stationary jaw design, VersatileLock® Vises provide rigid clamping with 0.0005 in. repeatable accuracy. There are 12 models, available in manual, air, and hydraulic versions, designed to handle range of part clamping applications. AngLock® feature and pull-type clamping design reduce stationary jaw deflection. Respectively, clamping forces for models 3600 (manual) and 3600H (hydraulic) are 6,356 lb at 80 lb of input torque and 12,600 clamping force at 3,200 lb of input psi. Read More

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ROTA NCR Precision 6-Jaw Compensation Chuck

February 27, 2014

The clamping of thin-walled and easily deformed components is challenging. With the ROTA NCR 6-jaw compensation chuck, SCHUNK offers a standard solution for this type of workpiece. SCHUNK has standardized the sizes of the ROTA NCR with diameters up to 1200 mm opening up the possibilities for precision workpiece clamping with large lathe chucks.  The ROTA NCR consists of a central chuck... Read More

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International End-of-Arm Tooling Leader Reveals Three New Products at Motek

February 27, 2014

SAS Automation launches Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) for EOAT, Hybrid End Effectors and Adjustable Bag Grippers KARLSRUHE — SAS Automation, the leader in superior robotic End-of-Arm Tooling (EOAT) and automation technology for the material handling industry, is unveiling three new products at the 2013 Motek International Trade Fair. The three new products being debuted include: ... Read More

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TRIBOS Slims Down - SVL Extensions

February 27, 2014

The slim design of the TRIBOS-SVL toolholder extensions allows precise and smooth machining of workpiece areas that are difficult to access. In spite of the slim design, the extension is robust and permits a run-out accuracy of less than 0.003 mm. The TRIBOS-SVL can be combined with a variety of toolholders, such as our TENDO hydraulic expansion toolholders, CELSIO heat shrink toolholders,... Read More

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Automation Leader Receives Global Recognition for Sustainable, Environmental Manufacturing Solutions

February 27, 2014

SAS Automation named a member of German-based global alliance, Blue Competence KARLSRUHE – SAS Automation, the leader in superior robotic End-of-Arm tooling (EOAT) and automation technology, has been recognized as a Blue Competence Alliance Member for its sustainable, energy saving manufacturing solutions. Blue Competence, based in Germany, is the global alliance for Mechanical Engineering... Read More

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Needle Depanner System handles commercial bakery products.

February 27, 2014

Designed for high-volume applications, SAS Depanner features custom stainless steel grippers, each using 4 curved needles to depan 144 muffins from 2 moving baking pans on oven conveyor. Welded tubular steel frame supports mounting of stroking cylinders, bushing rails, grippers, and actuating cylinders. In addition to depanning, tool compresses muffin spacing in 2 directions for direct deposit into retail and wholesale trays on adjoining conveyor. Other uses include cupcakes, cakes, and brownies. Read More

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Sprue/Part Pliers work with end-of-arm tooling.

February 27, 2014

Compatible with SAS’s modular End-of-Arm Tooling/Gripper System, Model GRZ 10…ST features single action spring return function and aggressive grooved tooth pattern that helps grippers turn and tighten sprues. Model GRZ 20-22/GRZ 20-22 C, featuring slimmer design, helps automate work in tight areas. Small, grooved teeth and increased force capabilities handle large and die-locked sprues and runners. Both are available with or without sensors and connectors. Read More

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Suction Cups open bags in bag filling machines.

February 27, 2014

Measuring 26 mm and 33 mm in diameter, respectively, Models F26 and F33 are used on horizontal and vertical form-fill-seal machines to securely grip plastic film material used for bags in consumer and food industry. Thin conformable lip with unique cleat design underneath is made to prevent film/sheet from being sucked in, preventing damage while optimizing lifting force. Made of silicone material that complies with FDA standards, suction cups have temperature range of -40 to 392°F. Read More

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Quick-Change Mounting Plate combine security and flexibility.

February 26, 2014

As fully adaptable custom gripper component, SWM LK Quick Change Mounting Plate is compatible with every robot. Product also features interchangeable End-of-Arm tooling (EOAT), minimizing downtime during installation, modifications, or other setup changes. While mounting plate features aluminum base plates and can be locked to ensure secure foundation, EOAT grippers also stay aligned and secure in quick change mounting plate. Unit also integrates pneumatic quick disconnect system. Read More

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Full Handle Replacement Tailgate Lock fits Isuzu D-Max.

February 25, 2014

Providing secure locking option to factory tailgate, PL1850 and PL1850C (Chrome) replacement handles fit 2013–2014 platforms for Isuzu D-Max sold outside of USA. This international product, designed to facilitate installation, features raised lock that aids operation. Side mount presents original equipment aesthetic, and drilling of corrosion surface is not required. Read More

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Cam Indexing Tables incorporate wear-resistant elements.

February 24, 2014

Offered in 5 frame sizes and various configurations, RIGIDIAL cam tables transform uniform rotary input drive into series of equal output motions. Indexing faceplate (table top) is supported by large-diameter crossed roller bearing capable of withstanding axial and radial forces while retaining accuracy and rigidity. Globoidal cam is hardened and ground to ensure wear resistance, and pre-loaded cam followers promote positioning accuracy with zero backlash. Read More

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Electronic Knifeholder highlights operator safety.

February 21, 2014

Designed to optimize overall slit quality with auto-calibrating side force and blade overlap, Tidland Digital e-Knifeholder helps ensure operator safety with integration of 360° blade guard, which fully protects blade when not in operation. System features keypad control with LEDs to visually indicate knifeholder position and readiness for operation. Read More

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Tandem Indexing Tables for Increased Productivity

February 18, 2014

Many of our Non-Lifting "Hirth Coupling" Indexing Tables & NC Rotary Tables have over the years been engineered into a tandem housing configuration with either two, three or four tables side by side. These tandem tables are used in a wide variety of multi-spindle, multi- fixturing or multi-station machine applications. The multiple tables are connected by a common drive train for a smooth and... Read More

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Steady Rests suit crankshaft and camshaft applications.

February 17, 2014

Specifically designed to support shaft type workpieces on grinding machines, SRG Series includes 3 sizes, providing clamping diameter range of 20–85 mm. Horizontal and vertical fine adjustments of grinding center make high precision grinding possible. In combination with retractable arms, these allow for rapid set up, making steady rests suitable for follow down grinding as well. Units also feature port for compressed air, stroke control, and central lubrication. Read More

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IP69K Rated Hygienic Clamping Assembly from Ruland

February 14, 2014

Marlborough, Massachusetts – Ruland has developed an IP69K rated patent pending hygienic clamping assembly to help protect food processing, medical and other types of equipment from bacteria buildup. Traditional clamping components such as shaft collars have hot spots such as screw pockets, saw cuts, and surface imperfections where bacteria can grow and spread within the system. These hot... Read More