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Low Profile Lift Table Rotates

April 1, 2014

Australia’s industrial safety product expert Actisafe has available a low profile electro-hydraulic lift table with rotating disc suitable for handling weight up to two tonne. This low profile materials handling item is mainly used for loading or unloading product on or off a pallet – particularly non-uniform challenges such as mixed SKUs, bagged product, boxed items, plastic containers... Read More

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Block-Bit System optimizes trenching and foundation drilling.

April 1, 2014

Featuring internal groove in block bore, RockRazor™ Block and Bit System accommodates 3 retainer styles and 6 rotating or non-rotating bits. Not only can rotating bits be quickly swapped out with non-rotating bits when applications or conditions change, non-rotating flat-spade bits can be indexed in up to 4 positions for maximum productivity. At tip end, proprietary point designs combine with advanced carbide grades, resulting in minimized cracking and extended performance in abrasive conditions. Read More

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Block System optimizes road milling efficiency.

March 31, 2014

Consisting of taper-press retention system that requires only single spare part for backup, KPL/KPR302 System offers long gauge length, which minimizes power requirements for road milling. Longer wear length translates into extended milling before maintenance is required. Tools and holders are designed for all road milling applications and cutting conditions, particularly for profile milling with cuts greater than 6 in. Read More

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Quick-Change Block System maximizes uptime.

March 31, 2014

For surface mining and trenching machines, no-weld QC42 Quick Change Block System cuts time needed to change block from machine base from 60–90 min down to 10–15 min. System features 1070 spring steel retainer that provides added safety feature to keep unit together when not fully engaged from tapered press fit. Rubber bumper stops keep block from over-locking, while hardfaced block face ensures optimal conical rotation and minimizes wear. Read More

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SCHUNK PRONTO Quick Jaw Change System

March 18, 2014

With a change-over time of 5 seconds per jaw, the SCHUNK PRONTO quick jaw change system offers turbo-charged set-up times for all standard lathe chucks with fine serrations of 1/16" x 90° and 1.5 mm x 60°. The quick-change retrofit set consists of support jaws and clamping inserts. It is suitable for O.D. clamping of pre-machined and finished parts. By using the interchangeable insert, the... Read More

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RVK "Collect and Place"

March 18, 2014

The RVK has a revolving head which allows for easy application of a "Collect & Place" principle by being able to collect several workpieces before transferring them. The gripper in the working position can be operated independently from the other grippers, which remain in the gripped state when not in use. The RVK allows for lower cycle times and fewer transport strokes in a pick & place... Read More

Material Handling & Storage

Precision Toolholder provides concentric clamping.

March 18, 2014

Balanced to G2.5 at 25,000 rpm, TENDO Platinum delivers precision for milling, drilling, and reaming applications. Combined brazing and hardening process lends to product rigidity and clamping durability. Manufactured from tool steel, product is thru-hardened for extended life expectancy. With run out accuracy of <0.0001 in. at 2.5x clamping diameter, toolholder protects machine spindle and cutting tool from wear and damage. There are 3 lengths with 2 precision ground taper sizes available. Read More

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Rotary Tables used for Accumulation and Unscrambling

March 17, 2014

Winneconne, WI – Multi-Conveyor ( - This brief video shows a typical rotary table by Multi-Conveyor.  One of the earliest designs for accumulation or unscrambling for food and beverage packagers is the rotary table.  Both configurations can handle multiple container sizes and materials. The rotary design is flexible and... Read More

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Sanitary Boxed Cheese Conveyor with High Speed Curve and Clamping Device

March 17, 2014

Winneconne, WI – Multi-Conveyor ( - This brief video shows a high speed sanitary conveyor that moves boxes of cheese through a horizontal curve then down the line to a clamp feature that aids in accumulation, taking off pressure between boxes.  Multi-Conveyor excels in sanitary designs that are sought after by the country's... Read More

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EXSYS to Spotlight New Gearbox and Vise Offerings at MMTS 2014

March 14, 2014

SAN ANTONIO, Fla. – In booth 441 at the Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show (MMTS), May 12-14 at Place Bonaventure, Montreal, Quebec, high-precision toolholding, workholding, and gear technology provider EXSYS Tool, Inc. will exhibit a selection of innovative new products including precision EPPINGER gearboxes and modular Gressel vises. Among the established EXSYS offerings on display will... Read More

Material Handling & Storage

A Leading Manufacturer and Distributor of Automotive Glass Products Approached Pentalift

March 14, 2014

Guelph, Ontario – A leading manufacturer and distributor of automotive glass products employing over 4,000 people worldwide approached Pentalift looking for a solution to their specific application. Pentalift designed and manufactured custom upender lift tables which are used in the final stages of the manufacturing process when windshields are presented to the material handlers in the... Read More

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Flexible Hydraulic Workholding Saves Set-up Time

March 13, 2014

Planet Products Corporation introduces flexible top tooling modules for use on the ProHold series hydraulic vises and vise towers. The flexible top modules along with the base module can act as a vise, fixture plate, hydraulic chuck, or any combination thereof, allowing a quick change, flexible workholding system for various sized work pieces. Although the vise and tower modules are designed for... Read More

Material Handling & Storage

Low-Leak Suction Plates automate sheet metal handling.

March 13, 2014

Equipped with flow limiters that keep leakage rate to permissible level, SPLT Series ensures vacuum remains intact, even if all suction cups can't grip sheet equally. Vacuum cups are arranged on plate as network of 4 x 4 or 6 x 6 bellows, with holding force of 182 N and 409 N, respectively. Available with centric or eccentric vacuum connections, plates offer automatic height adjustment via spring plunger and are suitable for loading/unloading punching and laser-cutting machines. Read More

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REGO-FIX to Spotlight Cool, Secure Products at MMTS 2014

March 12, 2014

reCool® and secuRgrip® take center stage in booth 150 INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.  — At the Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show (MMTS) in booth 150, REGO-FIX will showcase new technology that quickly and easily retrofits a live tool head on a CNC lathe to make it coolant through instead of coolant flood as well as a highly secure tool holding solution for demanding part machining... Read More

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AnywhereCommerce's Nomad 2.0(TM)Achieves Global Security Certifications

March 11, 2014

Newest EMV Chip and PIN Device in Compliance with PCI PTS 3.x and SRED MONTREAL – AnywhereCommerce, a global payments technology provider, today announced that Nomad 2.0, its newest and most innovative mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) appliance for chip-card and magnetic stripe card acceptance, has been certified PCI PTS 3.x and Secure Reading and Exchange of Data (SRED) compliant. Nomad... Read More

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Motorized Micromanipulator positions probes under microscope.

March 7, 2014

Offering resolution finer than 0.05 µm, M-LSM Series delivers 25 mm travel along X/Y/Z axes, 0.5 kg load capacity, 14 mm/s speed, and up to 15 N thrust. Unit features adjustable probe holder than can mount probes with diameters from 2&ndash;13 mm. Using holder, probes can be rotated full 360° and locked in position. Mounting to metric or imperial optical breadboards with options for right- or left-hand orientation, M-LSM Series offers plug and play connectivity to T-JOY joystick. Read More

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Compact Pin Clamp supports small part location and clamping.

March 7, 2014

Suitable for robot end effector welding applications, Model PCT features gapless, dual-finger design that provides linear non-toggle clamp action, clamping multiple parts within 7 mm range. Unit is available with 12&ndash;16 mm diameter pins for 2-way or 4-way locating, and bullet or low-profile nose styles. Pin is self-contained in cartridge that is replaceable in field. Steel and aluminum bronze backups are offered in various sizes. Read More

Material Handling & Storage, Robotics

Angle Clamp offers swivel mounting solution.

March 6, 2014

Able to mount to any SAS aluminum profile, Model WSL-SH allows for top mounting of gripper arms and holders to frame profile. Users can determine where they would like to place robotic gripper arms and holders without being limited by stationary mounting solutions. In addition to swivel mounting feature, custom clamp is also adjustable, parallel and perpendicular to frame. Read More

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Screwdriver Kit affords versatility via 22-in-1 functionality.

March 5, 2014

Intended for use by security professionals, 22-in-1 Security Screwdriver Kit (Part No. 19105) features handle with non-slip, comfort grip and shaft design that reaches screws recessed up to 5 in. deep. There are 11 double-ended shaft-style bits, which include multiple sizes of security Torx®, hex, and Robertson along with spanners and tri-wings; standard slotted and Phillips bits are also represented. Selection provides versatility for security and traditional applications. Read More

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Sign Holder displays up to 3 signs. .

March 5, 2014

With SuperGrip® Adjustable Multi-Mount Sign Holder, retailers can display up to 3 signs on fixtures throughout store. Pivoting holder accommodates material from 0.30&ndash;0.80 in. thick and adjusts to display signs at optimal viewing angle. Top and bottom card holders, accepting 0.20&ndash;0.40 in. thick materials, provide for branding or promotional signage. Made of clear PVC, holder mounts to 1.25 in. H shelf channels; wire and plastic front fences, baskets, and shelves; slatwall; and corrugated materials. Read More