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The World’s Strongest and Most Reliable Clamping System

March 15, 2017


Sync your workholding with your machine for ultimate spindle uptime today! Set up changes are reduced by 90% with this fast, extremely accurate quick change, workholding, and positioning system. Infinite combinations are possible as any workholding can be mounted on top, from a standard vise to a custom fixture, for a reliable and consistent changeover.

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SmartBox Shark Tooth Fixture Box offers perfect hole cut.

March 3, 2017

Used for installing overhead lighting, wall sconces and smoke detectors, Shark Tooth Fixture Box features piercing drill at center of blade for pinpoint accuracy. Designed with hole saw and 9/16 lug, unit provide surface mount installations, basement or attic studs using raised mounting rings. Meeting UL standards, product comes with 8/32 machine threaded holes and NM clamps and can... Read More

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Innovative Can Handles that Help Sell Craft Beer Featured at Pack Expo East

February 24, 2017

The design and vibrant colors of the unique Roberts PolyPro handles prominently displays craft brewed canned beer on retail shelves. These handles are also more sustainable and affordable than old style handles – they use 30 percent less plastic. (Roberts PolyPro Pack Expo East Booth # 1102)

CHARLOTTE, NC - At Pack Expo East, February 27 – March 1, Pennsylvania Convention Center in... Read More

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Metric Shaft Collars & Couplings Product Line Features Over 800 Items

February 23, 2017

An expanded line of metric shaft collars, couplings, and mounting components suited for mechanical drive systems and structural applications has been introduced by Stafford Manufacturing Corp. of Wilmington, Massachusetts.

Stafford Metric Shaft Components feature over 800 items including the Grip & Go™ quick release handle which can convert a standard shaft collar into a rapidly... Read More

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Fluke 1630-2 FC Stakeless Earth Ground Clamp performs automatic data recording.

February 23, 2017

Capable of storing 32,760 measurements in memory, Fluke 1630-2 FC Stakeless Earth Ground Clamp automatically records data at pre-set intervals. Product is integrated with Fluke Connect® which helps in viewing, recording and sharing measurements through smartphones or tablets. Unit helps electrician for measuring earth ground loop resistance using dual-clamp jaw.

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Zero-Max ETP-EXPAND® Provides Ideal Connection within Hollow Shafts for Pump Drives

February 18, 2017

Plymouth, Minnesota: Connecting a rotating piston lobe to a hollow shaft has been improved using the ETP-EXPAND®, a patented bushing device that is fast and easy to install and adjust.

The ETP-EXPAND was developed to simplify exchanging seals in pumps when fluid viscosity is changed. This is often required in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and beverage processing systems with the seal... Read More

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REGO-FIX to Showcase Innovative Tooling Solutions at PMTS 2017

February 18, 2017

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., February 16, 2017 - At PMTS 2017 in booth #472, REGO-FIX will highlight tooling technologies that improve operator safety, enhance machine tool coolant capabilities and speed tool changing. The company will feature its new intRlox® MX Mini Nut slip proof clamping system, reCool® Mini, a retrofittable coolant-through system for use on Swiss-style machines, and SwissQuick... Read More

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With the Schunk Tendo Slim 4ax Hydraulic Expansion Toolholder it is Now Possible to Combine the Complete Outside Geometry of Heat Shrinking Mountings with the Proven Qualities of Schunk Hydraulic Expansion Technology

February 16, 2017

The slim precision mounting makes it ideal for use in series production, particularly in the automotive industry. It was designed for axial operations, and shows its strength during milling close to interfering contours, countersinking, and reaming in 5-axis centers and the die and mold industry. Test series prove that the mountings with the vibration-damping properties of the hydraulic... Read More

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Pin-in-Paste P1xP Holder uses IR reflow soldering.

February 15, 2017

Available for PCBs with thickness ranging in 1.0mm to 1.6mm, Pin-in-Paste P1xP Holder is designed with large pick-and-place area and clips. Featuring three-point, surface-mount solderable tabs, P1xP reduces number of insertion points. Providing irradiance of 0.08 mW/m² at 0° for TSOP33xxx series and 0.12 mW/m² for TSOP53xxx series, units are halogen-free and ROHS-compliant.

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2016 Series Sprue Grippers enable quick and easy replacement.

February 9, 2017

Having wide jaw opening with high closing force in single-acting operation, 2016 Series Sprue Grippers are used in automotive and plastic molding industries. Designed with zinc plated steel with anodized aluminum alloy jaws, units deliver 52 N gripping forces at 6 bar operating pressure. Grippers are available with weight between 148g-168g and 20 mm clamping diameter.

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EXSYS Highlights Flexible, Customizable Technologies at HOUSTEX 2017

February 2, 2017

SAN ANTONIO, Fla., Jan. 31, 2017 – EXSYS Tool Inc. will demonstrate several of its innovative tooling, rotary table and gear making solutions in booth 2435 at this year’s HOUSTEX on Feb. 28 – March 2 to be held at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas. Booth visitors will discover the benefits of the industry-leading PRECI-FLEX® tooling system, high-precision pL... Read More

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Zinc Die Cast Adjustable Levers are RoHS compliant.

February 2, 2017

Available in GN 303 and GN 303.1 models, Zinc Die Cast Adjustable Levers feature push button for effortless action. Unit’s pushbutton comes in black, orange, and gray colors and is made of nylon plastic. Product is designed with spring and stud type insert manufactured in stainless steel or steel with black oxide finish. Units are used in applications which do not require lever to be... Read More

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Fuseholders meet IP67 standards.

January 30, 2017

Available in FUS and FUL series, Fuseholders are made of halogen-free plastic. Accepting 5 x 20 mm or 6.3 x 32 mm fuses, units feature snap-in brackets for quick assembly. Meeting IEC and UL/CSA standards, FUS and FUL series are rated to 16 A @ 500 VAC and 32 A @ 600 VAC / VDC respectively. Product is used in chemical, marine and mining environments. Rated to 4 W / 16 A @ Ta 23°C, units can... Read More

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EOAT Gripper System offers 30-45 seconds cycle time.

January 27, 2017

Featuring vacuum technology, EOAT Gripper System combines vacuum cups and compact ejectors for protective film removal. SM-F Series flat vacuum cups provide high degree of slip resistance and come with vulcanized aluminum connection thread and flexible sealing lip. Cups are designed with silicone-free NBR materials. Incorporating pressure regulator and electronic air saving function, EMA... Read More

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One Vise for All Workpieces

January 20, 2017

The SCHUNK KONTEC KSC centric clamping multifaceted vise has optimal jaw support for I.D. and O.D. clamping with long base jaw guidance. It can be easily adapted for conventional clamping, short clamping depths for 5-sided machining, mould parts, plates or saw cuts. This innovative vice has already set itself apart on the market because of its functionality and affordability.

The KSC is... Read More

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Universal Hydraulic Toolholder is suitable for high volume cutting.

January 20, 2017

Transfering torques up to 520 Nm at 20 mm clamping diameter, Universal Hydraulic Toolholder is available in lengths CAT 40 (4“) and CAT 50 (6“). Suitable for high volume cutting, with vibration damping less than 0.003mm at 2,5 x D. Product is designed with HSK-A63, SK40, BT40, AT40, and CAT50 interfaces. Tendo E compact protects machine spindle and cutting tool from damage. Unit is... Read More

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SideWinder Vise eliminates need of re-indicating setup.

January 7, 2017

Available in SDW25 II and SDW35 models mounting on to 6 and 8-in. vises, SideWinder Vises feature integral bracket which allows mounting to machine table on stationary jaw end of Vise. Using Kurt Pull-Type design, unit reduces jaw deflection for accurate clamping. Featuring 80,000-PSI robust ductile iron bodies, unit comes with convenient locating pin and is designed to reduce setup time for... Read More

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SCHUNK EGL: Intelligent Gripping Module

December 17, 2016

The SCHUNK EGL 70 mechatronic parallel gripper combines power and intelligence. With variable gripping force between 50 and 600 N it is one of the most powerful and flexible mechatronic grippers on the market and was specifically developed for industrial applications.

Since the finger position, closing speed, and gripping force are freely programmable within a maximum stroke of 48 mm... Read More

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Ethernet Cable Clamp Tester™

December 17, 2016

Ensure the quality of your cable with ETS Ethernet Cable Clamps...

The ETS Ethernet Cable Clamp Testers (CC-101/102/109) allow for the injecting of a common mode current into CAT5e, CAT6A and CAT7 cables in order to test gigabit Ethernet for the common mode noise.

The CC-101 and CC-102 have (6) thumb-bolts allowing the release of the unit halves for cable insertion for testing... Read More

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TriGrip’s Carbide Gripper Inserts and TriMax’s Vises designed in G, C, M and T variations.

December 16, 2016

Preventing use of dovetailing workpieces and vibration dampening, Carbide Gripper Inserts makes holding secure at low clamping forces. At 3.5mm of clamp surface and 0.14 in. clamping, triangular gripper has 2 rows of teeth at different angles with 5° taper. Allowing multiple part clamping, quick change components and easy adjustments, Vises can hold workpieces up to 7.87 in. length and... Read More