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Hyster Company Helps Port of Virginia Prepare for Increased Cargo Volumes

July 12, 2016

Greenville, N.C. - With the expansion of the Panama Canal almost complete, ports in the eastern United States are bracing for additional port traffic and increased cargo volumes. The Canal's expansion will allow passage of ships with up 14,000 TEUs, almost three times the current 5,000 TEU capacity. The Port of Virginia, the only U.S. east coast port with congressional authorization for... Read More

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Scaffold Lifting Rig comes in underhung trolley configurations.

July 12, 2016

When job site access constraints preclude use of cranes, telescoping boom lifts, or fork lifts, Safway Systems™ Scaffold can be configured to lift center load of up to 3,750 lb and off-center load of up to 1,875 lb. This is enabled by adding Safway System Bearer/Runner, Truss Bearer, or I-beam. For lifting and horizontal movement, configuration can include header beams and underhung trolley I-beam between them. Product meets seismic qualification tests of Class 1E equipment. Read More

Material Handling & Storage

Bishamon's Mobile Lifts are Here to Grow with Businesses

June 27, 2016

For a growing business to thrive, it needs equipment that can adapt to its changing needs and projects. Versatility, adaptability and durability are key qualities that enhance the work environment for several years to come. For over two decades, Bishamon Industries has been manufacturing top-quality products that grow with businesses by producing a variety of mobile lifts that meet workplace... Read More

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Bishamon Industries Corporation - Pallet Trucks

June 14, 2016

Pallet trucks are used in commercial and industrial facilities to move pallets loaded with heavy materials. Although they are not motorized, they enable one person to easily move very heavy objects simply by wheeling them along a level surface. A pallet truck can be especially useful in tight spaces like the trailer of a transport truck where there is no room for a full-sized fork lift to... Read More

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Pallet Positioner offers 2,500 lb capacity.

June 14, 2016

Featuring space-saving 37 x 40 in. footprint, Lift Pilot is pallet truck accessible with no ramps, bumps, or obstructions, eliminating reach over. Unit provides hydraulic lift and lower with inverted ram style cylinder. When suspended, operator can adjust height while having access to 3 sides of pallet. Designed to handle GMA and CHEP pallets, Lift Pilot features telescopic forks, Foot Clear safety design, pallet presence sensors, and function lights at top of mast to help position pallet. Read More

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Telescopic Truck-Mounted Forklifts are Tier IV-certified.

June 14, 2016

Along with telescopic extension up to 4 ft 10 in. and 360° views, TMT 55 features single engine hood design, plastic roof cover for cabin, as well as optimized dashboard layout and instrument cluster. Versions include HT (High Traction) and XT (Extra Traction) as standard TMT 55 or TMT 55 4-Way. Latter provides 4-way steering for pivoting in tight areas. Able to load/unload from one side of truck bed, forklifts feature 5,500 lb max lifting capacity and 11 ft 3 in. max lift height. Read More

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Hand Pallet Truck are designated as Legal for Trade.

May 19, 2016

To maximize efficiency in large-scale delivery/distribution/pharmaceutical applications and increase flexibility of warehouse/delivery operations, legal for trade (LFT) hand pallet truck uses 4 certified load cells to generate data with percentage of error of 1 lb for loads up to 3,000 lb and 2 lb for loads from 3,000–5,000 lb. Design with onboard thermal printer, quick lift pump, and exchangeable/rechargeable battery facilitates movement between docks, and available functions include gross net weighing, automatic/manual tare, totaling with sequence of loads, and piece counting. Read More

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Manitou Americas Welcomes Insley-McEntee Equipment Co., Inc. to the Manitou Dealer Network

May 18, 2016

• Insley-McEntee Equipment Co., Inc. has been in business since 1954 • Insley-McEntee Equipment Co., Inc. located in Rochester, New York will represent Manitou rough terrain vertical masted forklifts and semi industrial vertical masted forklifts WEST BEND, WISCONSIN – Manitou, the world leader in all-terrain material handling equipment, is pleased to welcome Insley-McEntee Equipment... Read More

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Hydraulic Gantry suits lifting and rigging applications.

May 10, 2016

Equipped with 2 stage lifting cylinders, Model SBL900 lifts up to 37 ft and can handle up to 667 tons at top of second stage. Folding boom gantry features self-propelled drive system, self-contained hydraulics, and mechanical locking to hold load for extended periods. Users can operate lift locally at each leg or use Intellilift remote control. Wireless system ensures automatic synchronization of lifting with accuracy of 1 in. and automatic synchronization of travel with accuracy of 0.60 in. Read More

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Self-Propelled Mobile Manipulator improves safety, efficacy.

May 6, 2016

Installed on RBC-6000-SPBW Reversible Boom Crane, manipulator with gripper handles and articulates large items. Axes consist of lift, extend, pitch, roll and grip (2,000 lb max), and lift from ground level height to 12 ft. Addition of yaw axis and powered mast rotation increases total functions to 7. Ranges are 130° for pitch axis, 180° for roll axis, and 90° to left and 90° to right (parallel to boom) for yaw axis. Infinitely variable speed control and 90° steering capability are also standard. Read More

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FIPA's Latest Custom Lifting and Gripping Solution Enables Safe, Efficient, and Cost-Conscious Palletizing

May 5, 2016

Combining standard specialized components, FIPA’s latest custom material handling solution spares employees from manually handling 5 – 10 tons daily, proving that even small companies can afford to improve throughput, efficiency, employee health CARY, N.C. — FIPA Inc., a leading manufacturer of advanced vacuum technology, gripper systems, air nippers, tube lifters, and... Read More

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Magline Introduces Video Demonstration of the Ergonomic LiftPlus Powered Lift Truck

May 3, 2016

Magline’s innovative LiftPlus, provides an all-in-one lift, transporter, and positioner. The LiftPlus is a workforce multiplier that kicks in productivity with no need for special training or licensing. The ergonomic answer to sprains, strains, and pains. The LiftPlus was designed for ease of use, higher productivity, and to keep workers on the job and free from injuries; lifting 350 pounds... Read More

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Crown Equipment Picks Up Excellence in Ergonomics Award for Forklift Design

May 3, 2016

NEW BREMEN, Ohio - Crown Equipment Corporation, one of the world’s largest material handling companies, recently earned the Excellence in Ergonomics award from the Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA) for the Crown SC 6000 Series electric counterbalanced forklift. Known as the “Archies,” the FLTA awards are designed to encourage and reward examples of excellence throughout the forklift... Read More

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Manitou Americas Welcomes Toyota Material Handling Ohio, Inc. to the Manitou Dealer Network

May 2, 2016

• Toyota Material Handling Ohio, Inc. has been in business since 1978 (38 years) • Toyota Material Handling Ohio, Inc. locations serving Columbus and Toledo, Ohio will represent Manitou rough terrain vertical masted forklifts and semi industrial vertical masted forklifts WEST BEND, WISCONSIN - Manitou, the world leader in all-terrain material handling equipment, is pleased to welcome... Read More

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Yale Brought Interactive Booth Experience to MODEX 2016

April 28, 2016

GREENVILLE, N.C. – Industry events like MODEX 2016 offer a dynamic, informative experience to help attendees discover the latest warehouse solutions, and gain a competitive edge in the highly-volatile supply chain environment. At booths #3147 and #2263, Yale Materials Handling Corporation offered an interactive booth experience complete with product demonstrations and the latest technology to... Read More

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Work Assist Vehicle can travel and lift simultaneously.

April 26, 2016

With load tray that supports up to 200 lb and load deck that holds up to 250 lb, Crown WAV 60 Series (Wave®) is suited for receiving, shipping, and stocking of small loads in busy, confined spaces, as well as order picking/fulfillment. AC drive motors and controls enable travel speeds to 5 mph with responsive acceleration and maneuverability. For safety, vehicle includes hand sensors, interlocking gates, and dual foot pedals with built-in sensors. Vehicle can be charged via 110 V power outlet. Read More

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Cynergy Vacuum Lifters Slash Packaging Time of Boilers

April 14, 2016

St. Louis, MO – A Cynergy Ergonomics vacuum lifter recently installed for a boiler manufacturer lifts and rotates boiler bodies to facilitate the final assembly and packaging in a faster, safer and more ergonomic fashion. The purpose-built vacuum lifter allows an operator to lift a variety of electric boilers, with weights to 200-pounds, and rotate them for palletizing and packaging. These... Read More

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From the Ship to the Store and Everywhere in Between, Hyster Displays it All at MODEX 2016

April 7, 2016

GREENVILLE, N.C. – With a full range of products, Hyster Company shows MODEX attendees its ability to meet the needs of their entire operation with just one brand of lift trucks – from the ship to the store and everywhere in between. Hyster booth #2927 is a one-stop shop for MODEX visitors looking for the latest in materials handling solutions and technology. From the Hyster® BE100ZHD... Read More

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Hyster Demonstrates Commitment to High Performance Solutions

April 7, 2016

Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Lithium-Ion Batteries and Extensive Engine Options on Display GREENVILLE, N.C. – THINK PERFORMANCE is a top priority for Hyster Company. This unrivaled commitment to deliver a broad range of high performance solutions will be on display in Hyster booth #2927 at MODEX 2016. From hydrogen fuel cell-powered lift trucks, to lithium-ion batteries to the company’s extensive... Read More

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Lift Trucks operate in variety of applications.

April 6, 2016

Available in 4,000, 5,000, and 6,000 lb models, H50XT Lift Trucks are equipped with PSI 2.4 L dual-fuel engine featuring Hyster® Variable Power Technology™, which includes selectable performance modes that allow customers to maximize productivity or fuel economy to fit specific application requirements. It delivers power at low speeds with accurate and responsive traction and hydraulic controls, allowing operators to place loads quickly where intended. Read More