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Aluminum Tri-Adjustable Portable Cranes are made of steel.

February 15, 2017

Available in ½ ton to 3 ton capacity, Aluminum Tri-Adjustable Portable Cranes provide height adjustability from 21 ft. 7 in. to 15 ft span. Suitable in chemical, optical, and electronic clean rooms, units are adjusted in height, span and caster frame speed and come in non-marking and non-sparking wheels.

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ALL Pre-Orders Remarkable New Liebherr Rough-Terrain Cranes

January 13, 2017

Packed with safety features, LRT 1090-2.1 debuts at CONEXPO

January 10, 2017- Respected German crane manufacturer Liebherr has re-entered the rough-terrain market. Knowing their reputation for quality, and impressed by the new line’s capabilities and robust safety features, the ALL Family of Companies has pre-ordered 15 machines. The LRT 1090-2.1 is a 100-USt full power boom crane,... Read More

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Versatile Crane Systems Comply with International Regulations & Standards

January 7, 2017

The crane systems manufactured by material handling specialists J D Neuhaus are designed for arduous operating conditions, and have a proven track record throughout worldwide installations. Industry applications include oil and gas exploration and processing locations, both on and offshore, where explosion-proof operating conditions are paramount. Utilizing an impressive range of compliance... Read More

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Conductix-Wampfler Achieves Several Firsts with Port of Montreal's E-RTG Conversion Project

December 22, 2016

At the Port of Montreal, Conductix-Wampfler has just completed the first E-RTG (electrified rubber-tyred gantry) container crane conversion in Canada. This conversion is believed to be the first performed on Liebherr RTG cranes. In addition to the usual benefits of RTG electrification "reduced fossil fuel consumption and reduced air pollution" Montreal Gateway Terminals (MGT), terminal... Read More

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MEI Places New Data Equipment for Dallas Justice Center with a Helicopter

December 2, 2016

DALLAS, Nov. 30, 2016 -- The Helicopter overhead in SE Dallas early morning last Saturday wasn't the local traffic reporters. Instead, it was the installation of data equipment at the Lew Sterrett Justice Center in West Downtown Dallas. MEI Rigging & Crating used a helicopter, three forklifts, and a small mobile crane to complete the move in less than one hour. In that hour, they moved... Read More

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CM Tornado 360° Hoist features Sidewinder lever handle.

December 1, 2016

Available in 3/4 and 1 1/2 ton capacities with standard lifts up to 20 feet, CM Tornado 360° Hoist is designed to reduce repetitive wrist action. Allowing operator to utilize full 360° range of motion, unit’s double-reduction gearing and high-quality bearings reduce force up to 30 percent. Featuring 360-degree rotating lever and fold-out revolving handle, hoist is used for lifting,... Read More

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ALL Invests in New Liebherr All-Terrain Cranes Ahead of Their U.S. Debut

December 1, 2016

LTM 1450-8.1 to be unveiled at spring CONEXPO Show

November 29, 2016- The ALL Family of Companies announces that they have preordered several new Liebherr models as yet unavailable in the United States - including two LTM 1450-8.1 500-USt all-terrain cranes. The Liebherr Group plans to debut the LTM 1450-8.1 at the 2017 CONEXPO-CON/AGG show (March 7-11, Las Vegas).

With a... Read More

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Clean, Safe & Hygienic Materials Handling

November 30, 2016

Materials handling specialist J D Neuhaus (JDN) can provide a whole host of innovative hoist solutions for working environments that demand high levels of cleanliness and hygiene. Industries such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical must all conform to strict regulations when it comes to clean working practices. Utilizing the appropriate materials handling equipment, therefore, is a... Read More

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American Crane and Equipment Corporation Manufacture Turbine Cranes: The Gentle Giants of Overhead Lifting Equipment

November 18, 2016

American Crane and Equipment Corporation recently engineered and manufactured turbine cranes for several generating stations. In the world of cranes, turbine cranes are some of the largest and most powerful overhead lifting machines made.

Douglassville, PA November 11, 2016 American Crane & Equipment Corporation, a manufacturer of overhead electric cranes and hoists, has recently... Read More

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Norheim Hoist meets CMAA Class D Duty of up to 60 Ton Capacity.

November 9, 2016

Available with capacities ranging up to 160 tons, Norheim Hoist meets requirement of Crane Manufacturers Association of America (CMAA) Spec # 70. With two speed hoists and trolley controls of up to 20 horsepower, utilizing standard magnetic contactor controls, hoist allows lifting speed to increase for loads that weigh up to 30% of the rated load capacity. Unit can be utilized for foot... Read More

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Innovative H-Gantry Design with Large Theta

November 8, 2016

Repeatability and accuracy are essential characteristics of any motion control system, and the objective of the design is to assure the desired trajectories can accurately follow through the working range of the system.

In traditional XY gantry designs upper gantry member (Y axis) is carried by two identical bottom axes (X1 and X2). Each X1 and X2 axes motor/screw/bearing systems are... Read More

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Ace to Supply Custom EOT Crane with Three Hoists for Steel Facility

October 14, 2016

Overhead crane and hoist manufacturer Ace World Companies has received an order for a custom hot metal ladle crane with three hoists from Nucor Steel Kankakee Inc. in Illinois. The 175/35/15 ton capacity crane will have a 70ft span, 460 VAC power supply and meet Crane Manufacturers Association of America (CMAA) duty classification F. CMAA Class F covers continuous severe service and is reserved... Read More

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Manual Hoists and Trolleys feature spark-resistant design.

September 20, 2016

Offered in capacities of ½, 1, 2, and 3 tons, RCB Ex Certified Spark Resistant Hand Chain Hoists and RPT/RGT Manual Push and Geared Trolleys minimize risk of sparks produced by impact or friction in heavy-duty industrial applications. Spark-resistant features include copper plated load hook, stainless steel hand chain, nickel-plated DIN load chain, and rubber trolley bumpers. Models from... Read More

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American Crane & Equipment Corporation Increases Columbus McKinnon Product Offerings

September 14, 2016

As a long time Columbus McKinnon Corporation (CMCO) channel partner, American Crane announces additions to at least 11 CMCO product lines, now available for shipment. The additional offerings are driven by the company’s mission to provide a wide variety of equipment in order to meet the specific requirements of the application. DOUGLASSVILLE, PA - American Crane Equipment Corporation and... Read More

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Nickel Plated Hoists suit hygienically critical areas.

August 19, 2016

With nickel plating thickness of 25 µm, Air Operated Hoists are available for cleanroom operations and other specialist applications that require hygienic working conditions. Units offer general corrosion resistance as well as resistance to environmental humidity. Models include Profi TI hoists with 0.5 and 1 metric ton lift capacities, big-bag handling unit with 1 metric ton lift, and low... Read More

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Spider Returns to San Francisco's Bay Bridge with Complete Access Solution

August 3, 2016

Seattle – Spider, a division of SafeWorks, LLC, hasbeen providing suspended access solutions throughout various construction and retrofitting phases of San Francisco’s Bay Bridge, most recently supplying the access, fall protection, and training solution for electrical work including low voltage upgrades and network service installations. Rosendin Electric turned to Spider when faced with the... Read More

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Wire Rope Hoist targets facilities with space limitations.

July 28, 2016

Available in capacities ranging from 10–25 tons, Yale LodeKing LT™ is designed for heavy-duty CMAA Class D service. Ultra-low headroom top-running hoist comes equipped with Magnetek IMPLUSE®VG+ Series 4 closed-loop variable frequency drive that allows for accurate and precise load control while minimizing brake wear. Wire rope has plastic core that prevents metal-to-metal contact between... Read More

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Compact Hand Chain Hoist has ½ ton rated capacity.

July 8, 2016

With ½ ton rated capacity, CX005 mini hand chain hoist is available in 10 and 16 lb models respectively offering 10 or 20 ft of lift. Load limiter prevents overload, and metal chain guide lends to durability. Sized to fit in tool box or on tool belt, all models also feature hook latch with safety tip design, aluminum body with steel frame, and grade 100 nickel-plated load chain.... Read More

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Mobile Crane operates both indoors and outdoors.

July 1, 2016

Suited for locations requiring crane for short period of time, such as vehicle maintenance, CXT Explorer combines electric overhead traveling crane on steel frame with 2 standard ISO shipping containers to create adaptable, mobile industrial crane. Lifting height and span are both 5 m. True vertical lifting helps maintain safety, with minimal chance of damage or collision. On leaving, crane can... Read More

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Manitou Americas Welcomes Notre Dame Motors Ltd to the Manitou Dealer Network

May 24, 2016

• Notre Dame Motors Ltd has been in business since 1942 • Notre Dame Motors Ltd is located in Notre Dame de Lourdes, Manitoba will represent Manitou agricultural/multi-purpose telescopic loaders (MLT product line) WEST BEND, WISCONSIN – Manitou, the world leader in all-terrain material handling equipment, is pleased to welcome Notre Dame Motors Ltd to the Manitou dealer network. Notre... Read More