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FIPA's Latest Custom Lifting and Gripping Solution Enables Safe, Efficient, and Cost-Conscious Palletizing

May 5, 2016

Combining standard specialized components, FIPA’s latest custom material handling solution spares employees from manually handling 5 – 10 tons daily, proving that even small companies can afford to improve throughput, efficiency, employee health CARY, N.C. — FIPA Inc., a leading manufacturer of advanced vacuum technology, gripper systems, air nippers, tube lifters, and... Read More

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Cynergy Vacuum Lifters Slash Packaging Time of Boilers

April 14, 2016

St. Louis, MO – A Cynergy Ergonomics vacuum lifter recently installed for a boiler manufacturer lifts and rotates boiler bodies to facilitate the final assembly and packaging in a faster, safer and more ergonomic fashion. The purpose-built vacuum lifter allows an operator to lift a variety of electric boilers, with weights to 200-pounds, and rotate them for palletizing and packaging. These... Read More

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ANVER Corp. Announces ISO 9001:2008 Certification

April 1, 2016

Upon completion of an extensive quality system evaluation, ANVER Corp. announced receipt of their ISO 9001:2008 certification. This globally recognized certification of quality management system standards is in full support with ANVER’s commitment to creating and maintaining quality processes that ensure consistency, visibility, and accountability across their business operations, including... Read More

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Digital Control Mechatronic Gripper delivers process stability.

March 17, 2016

Powered by brushless DC servo motor and controlled by digital I/O, PGN-Plus-E offers gripping force that can be adjusted in 4 levels and comes in size 80. Multi-tooth guidance, designed for higher moment capacity, features continuous lubrication pocket in guide contour and wedge-hook kinematics with maximized surface coverage in all stroke positions. Suited for industrial environments, universal 24 V gripper integrates required control and power electronics. Read More

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Overhaul Balls provide ballast on crane hoist rope.

January 20, 2016

Made of heavy steel, Overhaul Balls are used on hook end of crane hoist rope to supply downhaul weight that is needed to counter bearing friction and winch-to-boom line weight. Spilt Overhaul Balls are made up of 2 cast iron halves, which clamp to line by means of bolts. Models are available in diameters of 7.12, 9.19, 9.50, and 11.25 in. or in weights of 50, 100, 89, and 154 lb, respectively. Read More

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Burn Table Lift Magnet System moves multiple parts at once.

January 14, 2016

Available in 24, 48, and 120 in. designs with powerful magnetic circuit, Burn Table Lift Magnet System simultaneously moves multiple parts or cut-outs up and off burn tables. Advanced transfer system can also lift single sheets or plates up to 3 in. thick from stack to load table. When activated, stainless steel stripper pan retracts to engage steel parts with high magnetic holding force. To release, air cylinders push stripper pan away from magnetic head to create gap and break holding force. Read More

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Mini Grapple is available for sub-compact tractors.

January 12, 2016

Used for handling debris, brush, or orchard prunings, CTMG-48S is designed for sub-compact tractors that use universal skid steer quick attach system. Gripping notches in both upper grapple and lower rake help retain loose materials. While 31 in. wide single upper grapple is made of 3/8 in. material, lower 48 in. wide rake has tines made from ½ in. material. Read More

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FIPA is Exhibiting & Demonstrating its Innovative & Extremely Customizable FIPALIFT Tube Lifting Technology at FABTECH 2015

November 3, 2015

Allowing a single person to quickly, safely, efficiently lift, transport, precisely place even bulky awkward loads up to 639.34lbs, FIPALIFT Expert tube lifters significantly improve the economy productivity of sheet metal processing applications CARY, N.C.  - FIPA Inc., a leading manufacturer of advanced vacuum technology, gripper systems, air nippers, tube lifters, and End-of-Arm-Tooling... Read More

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Reach-Fork Truck offers 4-direction travel.

October 19, 2015

With 4-directional travel capability, Model 7310 4-D® Reach-Fork Truck allows increased storage space and aids operators in handling long, bulky loads. Torsion tube anti-friction scissor is designed with radial thrust bearings to extend life of mast and scissor mechanism. ACR® system accelerates electronic braking as well as lift/lower speeds and ensures smooth direction changes. With Model 7310 4-D, operators can work in narrow aisles, storing and retrieving loads with precision. Read More

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ESP LOW-E® Therma Sheet Earns ICC Certification as Stand-Alone Underlayment

October 15, 2015

Industry-first designation results in an affordable energy upgrade for homeowners (New Oxford, PA) - Environmentally Safe Products Inc. (ESP), maker of patented ESP Low-E® Reflective Insulation, today announced that its Therma Sheet roofing underlayment has been certified by the International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES). The designation means Therma Sheet meets the code... Read More

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Wireless Scale Forks weigh low pallets.

September 24, 2015

Available for counter balance, reach, and narrow aisle lift trucks, RAVAS iForks XT Pro measures 1.9 in. thick x 6.4 in. wide to fit into notched 4-way side of GMA pallet. Unit comes in 42 and 48 in. lengths with capacity of 5,000 lb, allowing transporting and weighing to be accomplished simultaneously. It is no longer necessary to drive pallet or container back and forth to fixed floor scale. All components are fully integrated into forks with no external cabling. Read More

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Metric Wheel End Trucks meet CMAA Class C/D service requirements.

September 23, 2015

Offered in 115, 160, 200, 260, and 305 mm sizes, Yale Hoists top-running, integral-axle, tube-frame end trucks feature bolted rail sweeps with removable bumpers, bolted girder connection plates, oversized hand holes, rotating axle driver and trailer wheels, and FVD-controlled motors. Standard bogie configurations of Yale end trucks provide alternative to larger single trucks. Wheel diameters start at 160 mm, and 4-wheel design fosters increased load capacity and spans. Read More

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COE to Demonstrate Cut-to-Length Calculator: Determines Cost Savings by Blanking In-House

August 17, 2015

Sterling Heights, Mich. — In booth S4734, COE Press Equipment will calculate savings -- based upon ton-usage and toll rate -- that can be achieved by blanking in-house with a "Value-Added Series" COE Cut-to-Length (CTL) line. In-house CTL lines provide flexibility to run blanks in the sizes needed as needed, reducing inventory, scrap and overall processing costs while improving quality. ... Read More

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Coil Unwinder/Straightener/Feeder handles high-strength materials.

August 13, 2015

SpaceMaster Series 4 combines unwinding, straightening, and feeding of coil stock into one piece of equipment that occupies 22 ft of floor space. While Feeder-Straightener features servo-actuated pilot release of upper straightener rolls, systems also feature tension-maintaining powered pull-off rolls. Products handle materials – CRS, HRS, AHSS, stainless, and aluminum – from .020–.40-in. thick and 12–72 in. wide and 10,000–60,000 lb coil weights. Press feeding speeds range from 70–80 spm. Read More

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Lear to Install Four COE Coil Processing Lines in Mexico

July 20, 2015

Sterling Heights, Mich. – COE Press Equipment announced that it has received orders for four new coil processing lines from Lear Mexican Seating Corp for installation at the company’s Saltillo, MX location. All of the coil processing systems will feed new AIDA presses being installed at the facility. Two of the lines are designed to process coil stock up to 24 in. wide in thicknesses... Read More

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Equipment Line covers below-the-hook and material handling units.

June 26, 2015

Below-The-Hook equipment include lifting beams, spreader beams, roll lifters, coil lifters, tongs, sheet lifters, and pallet lifters. Material Handling Equipment includes fork truck accessories, material stands, and material baskets. Suited for industrial and construction markets, all products come in standard and fully engineered custom design options. Below-The-Hook lifters are designed and manufactured to ASME B30.20 & BTH-1 standards and Proof-Tested to 125% capacity. Read More

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Heavy-Duty Crane Hooks handle up to 1,250 metric tons.

June 25, 2015

Available in single- and double-hook configurations with capacities up to 1,250 metric tons, CM Heavy-Duty Crane Hooks include standard forged hooks, hooks with extended shafts, custom-designed hooks, and complete hook suspensions for variety of industrial applications. Made of steel, single hooks are available as un-machined and machined with multiple suspension types. Double hooks are suited for applications that require equal load distribution when using multiple slings. Read More

Material Handling & Storage

Adjustable Vacuum Tweezer handles fragile components.

June 16, 2015

Available in various models to suit handling application requirements, ADJUST-A-VAC handles very thin/delicate substrates, wafers, MEMS devices, and other fragile components. Adjustable vacuum level, from 1–10 in. of mercury, lets operator limit force applied to part, while integrated 10-segment bar graph display visibly shows present vacuum level. Vacuum port integrates user-replaceable inlet filter to protect tool operation. Read More

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ANVER Corp. Takes Steps Towards Going Green

June 11, 2015

User's Guides and supplemental information now provided on USB flash drives Hudson, MA - In efforts to reduce waste and save natural resources, ANVER Corporation has announced its enacting some basic, yet impactful, green initiatives. By eliminating the use of traditional paper User's Guides, ANVER customers will now receive USB flash drives with their vacuum lifter purchases. Each... Read More

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North American Stamping Group Installs COE Coil Processing Line

June 9, 2015

Sterling Heights, Mich. – COE Press Equipment announced that it has recently installed a new press feeding line at North American Stamping Group (NASG)'s Portland, Tenn. facility, which produces stamped parts and welded assemblies for the automotive and other industries. This system joins 10 other COE lines already installed at various NASG locations. The 72-in. line can process coil... Read More