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Weiler Upgrades Roughneck® and Wolverine® Stringer Bead Wheels

September 21, 2016

Stringer Bead wheels have been re-engineered for unmatched cleaning, increased life, effortless operation and better value CRESCO, Pa. — Weiler Abrasives Group, a leading provider of abrasives, power brushes, and maintenance products for surface conditioning has announced the upgrade of its Roughneck and Wolverine 4-inch Stringer Bead wheels. The Stringer Bead wheels have been re-engineered... Read More

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Weiler to Introduce New Product Offerings at FABTECH 2016

September 15, 2016

Attendees of FABTECH can explore a variety of product offerings and product line upgrades at booth N3704 CRESCO, Pa. — Weiler Abrasives Group, a leading provider of abrasives, power brushes, and maintenance products for surface conditioning announced it will attend FABTECH 2016 in Las Vegas, November 16 to 18 at booth N3704 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The company will showcase a... Read More

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Hamilton Caster Ergo-X2 minimizes lock up issues and maximizes workplace safety.

August 18, 2016

Requiring less than 45 pounds of force to push or pull carts, the new patented swivel caster design includes a second pivot point to reduce the start-up force needed to move the cart when in lock up. Casters comply with strict ergonomic standards as demanded by automotive and aerospace manufacturers. Featured in 4-1/2f x 6-1/2h mounting plate, caster series is also available with 4h, 5h, 6h, 8h diameter wheels. Read More

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Heavy-Duty Swivel Jacking Caster features 6 in. lift.

July 15, 2016

Featuring 10 in. wheel diameter and load capacity of 5,500 lb, Model JA offers 2-position directional lock or optional 4-position directional lock with travel at 90° to vertical fixing plate. Caster facilitates movement and provides quick, accurate adjustment of working platforms and machines. Constructed with ball journal bearing, polyurethane-on-cast-iron wheel, and electrostatic-sprayed black matte finish, caster has 7 ¾ in. swivel radius, tread width of 3 in., and overall height of 29 3/8 in. Read More

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Pre-Mold Retread targets medium-duty delivery vehicles.

June 29, 2016

Designed for regional, medium-duty vehicles with 19.5 in. tires, MICHELIN® MD XDN® 2 Pre-Mold™ Retread has attributes consistent with food and beverage, parcel package, and pick-up and delivery applications. Retread features 18/32 in. tread depth for 190/200 tread sizes and 20/32 in. tread depth for 210/220/230 tread sizes. Tread design minimizes internal casing temperature to extend life, while wide, open-shoulder grooves provide optimized wear, and full-depth sipes deliver maximum traction. Read More

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Off-Road Mud Terrain Tires combine ruggedness, green production.

June 22, 2016

Available in 33 and 35 in. widths with 18 and 20 in. rim sizes, Claw II MT tires combine green manufacturing process with mud-terrain tread pattern that promotes performance on challenging 4x4 off-road terrain. Tread pattern produces traction for handling extreme mud, gravel, and snow driving conditions, while narrow lug design maximizes surface area to prevent excessive road noise when driving on highway. Along with 70% recycled content, tires feature commercial grade truck rubber.
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Drive and Steer Tires include long haul, regional models.

June 20, 2016

Offering consistent performance in over the road applications, AMERI*STEEL S380A long haul steer tire exhibits increased tread life due to integrated decoupler groove. AMERI*STEEL D460 long haul/regional drive tire offers flexible, extended performance, and reliability. Regional tires include AMERI*STEEL S360, with all-position design and abrasion resistance, as well as AMERI*STEEL D450 drive tire, which is optimized for traction and customers requiring open shoulder design. Read More

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Heavy Duty Stem Casters offer 2,000 lb load capacity.

June 17, 2016

Available in 3–16 in. wheel diameters, 304 Series employs custom threaded stems that allow height to be adjusted to desired engagement to floor surface for specific application. Tread widths vary from 1.5–4 in., depending on desired capacity. Choice of wheel materials includes polyurethane, rubber, metal, and compound resin Plexite for high-temperature applications. In addition, Paythane Poly wheels offer protection to avoid scratching of most floor surfaces. Read More

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Sprayer/Harvesters Tires reduce soil compaction, increase yield.

June 16, 2016

Sprayer tire, MICHELIN® SprayBib™ VF 480/80R46 177D, provides 16,094 lb max load capacity at speeds to 40 mph while maintaining low-inflation pressure to minimize soil damage and maximize traction. For high-clearance sprayers and row-crop tractors, MICHELIN SprayBib VF 380/90R54 176D features pressure that increases footprint to deliver traction required in narrow-row spacing. Harvester and grain cart tire, MICHELIN CereXBib™ IF 1000/55R32 CFO 188A8, minimizes soil compaction and rutting. Read More

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Heavy-Truck Tire provides durability against road hazards.

June 9, 2016

MICHELIN® X® Works™ Z improves uptime for mixed on/off road applications. Groove-to-groove protector ply and shock-absorbing cushion gum, respectively optimized for width and thickness, provide impact shock protection and casing durability. V-channels and groove bottom protectors provide dual-layered defense against stone retention and stone-drilling. Sidewall features double treatment of TW6 Ozone Resistor for protection against ozone cracking and thick sidewalls to resist impacts. Read More

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Automotive Tire features fuel-efficient technology.

April 13, 2016

Designed for cars and minivans, Firestone Champion™ with Fuel Fighter Technology™ provides all-season performance in dry, wet, and winter driving conditions. Tire is engineered with minimized rolling resistance for optimal fuel economy. Available in 48 sizes for 14–18 in. rim diameters, tire is backed by 70,000 mile treadwear warranty, and will replace Firestone Affinity and Precision touring tires. Read More

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Caster Concepts to Host MODEX Press Conference at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, April 5, Booth #5077

April 1, 2016

Albion, MI - Caster Concepts Inc. ( will showcase its latest innovations and highlight how its products create safer work conditions at a press conference at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, April 5. at booth #5077. With the development of the Drive Caster™, Caster Concepts elevates the design and development of casters to better meet the needs... Read More

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Motor-Powered Caster helps minimize risk of injury.

March 28, 2016

Integrating ¼ or ½ hp electric motor with industrial caster, Drive Caster™ can be added to carts and racks, enabling users to move loads up to 6,000 lb at up to 5 mph. Adding second Drive Caster™ doubles load capacity that can be moved and enables tank-style steering, where each caster pushes in opposite directions to turn. Eliminating manual pushing or pulling, caster is suited for applications in automotive, aerospace, warehousing and distribution industries. Read More

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Grinding Wheels help minimize operator fatigue.

March 23, 2016

Constructed using precisely engineered iron, sulfur, and chlorine-free resin technology, QUANTUM3™ (NQ3) Depressed Center Grinding Wheels provide uniform abrasive distribution throughout wheel. Unique bond was designed for retaining grains long enough during and after grain fractures, optimizing cut rates and wheel life. Offered in 4 x ¼ x 3/8 in. to 9 x ¼ x 7/8 in. sizes, wheels come in 12 Type 27 all-purpose models, 1 Type 28 all-purpose model, and 2 Type 27 models for foundry applications. Read More

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Heavy-Duty Twin-Wheel Casters offer wheel and directional locks.

March 17, 2016

Available in 8, 10, and 12 in. wheel diameters with respective load capacities of 6,725, 9,350, and 10,285 lb, T Series includes kingpinless, fabricated steel, twin-wheel casters designed for heavy-duty power towing up to 4 mph. Hand-operated wheel lock sets caster in parked position, and 4-station plunger directional lock converts swivel caster into fixed (rigid) caster for straight-line travel. Revvothane (Vulkollan®) polyurethane tire on cast-iron wheels offer extended service life. Read More

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Lift Truck Wheels and Tires enable tight maneuvering.

March 10, 2016

Formulated to meet usage demands of lift trucks in variety of warehouse environments, polyurethane wheels and tires include Raymond Smoothy® premium steer and drive tires and load wheels; Raymond UltraRide® premium steer and drive tires; and Raymond preferred steer and drive tires and load wheels. Offering variety of tread patterns, wheels and tires stand up to hard breaking, are resistant to flat spotting, and are suited for long- or high-speed runs with heavy loads. Read More

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Agricultural Tire suits large combines and grain carts.

March 8, 2016

Featuring 486 in.² footprint, MICHELIN® VF520/85R42 CFO 177A8 CerexBib™ Tire offers load capacity up to 21,960 lb. Very High Flexion tire is built with Michelin Ultraflex Technology, which enables operation at up to 40% lower air pressure than standard radial tires. Large tread footprint provides optimized traction in all conditions, while casing with reinforced sidewalls extends service life, even at low pressure. Read More

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Line-Haul Steer Tire features durable, fuel-efficient casing.

March 3, 2016

With casing designed for endurance and fuel efficacy, SmartWay®-verified MICHELIN® X® Line™ Energy Z features dual-energy compound tread. Top layer controls tread stiffness and stress to reduce irregular wear; decoupling grooves and directional miniature sipes promote even tire wear. Bottom layer provides ultra-fuel efficiency and retreadability to minimize internal casing temperatures for minimized rolling resistance and extended casing life. Read More

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Southland Equipment Service, Inc. Has Added TIRES and Tire Service

February 19, 2016

In addition to offering Cost Effective Quality Equipment, Service, Parts, Rentals and Leasing Southland Equipment Service, Inc. has added TIRES and Tire Service. Based on the need for a reliable and quality Tire and Tire Service Southland Equipment Service has teamed up with Super Grip Tires, a known quality industrial tire and manufacturer, to provide our valued customers with a viable... Read More

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Commercial Trucking Steer Tire enhances fuel efficiency.

February 19, 2016

Available for long- and regional-haul service fleets, R283A™ Ecopia™ steer tire delivers optimized wear life and rolling resistance via IntelliShape™ sidewall design, tread compound, and low cap/base junction. Other casing features include footprint optimizing shoulder design and Fuel Saver Sidewall that reduces heat generation and energy loss. Along with 4-rib design, EPA SmartWay®-Verified and CARB-compliant tire has  Defensive Side Groove™, Equalizer Rib™, and stress relief sipes. Read More