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Indexable Inserts, Grades enhance turning and milling options.

May 3, 2016

Designed for rough forging and castings, HR2 chip breaker features positive, stable geometry. Single-sided inserts are suited for working in steels, cast irons, and stainless steels. Also available, double-sided NMR chip breakers are designed for stainless steel operations. Wiper inserts W-FM and W-NM have positive front land for smooth machining. While T9226 grade suits heavy roughing and peeling operations, milling grade M6330 enhances DTMM work. Read More

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Steel Turning Tool offers stable insert clamping.

March 11, 2016

Suited for longitudinal and face turning, CoroTurn® 300 uses iLock™ interface for stable insert clamping. System securely locks insert in place to prevent cutting forces from affecting tool position and provides tool accuracy within ±.002 in. Eight-edged inserts are available in grades GC4325 and GC4315 featuring Inveio™ coating, a uni-directional crystal orientation for wear resistance and extended tool life. Coolant from above controls chip breaking, while under coolant controls temperature. Read More

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Grooving and Cut-Off Tool features single-sided design.

October 19, 2015

Available in multiple grades for dozens of applications, Beyond Evolution™ offers tight indexing tolerances. Triple V design, with top, bottom, and backside V-shaped seating in holder pocket, creates pull-in effect for maximum stability for deep grooving, face grooving, side turning, and profiling applications. Plunge and turn geometries are also available, and coolant is directed precisely to cutting edges underneath chip to dissipate heat and extend tool life. Read More

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Stainless Steel Turning Grades are constructed for extended life.

June 12, 2015

As turning grades suited for machining stainless steels, AC6030M and AC6040M feature Absotech™ grade coating that promotes resistance to wear, adhesion, and fracture for extended tool life. While AC6030M possesses TiB2 surface layer that creates adhesion and chipping resistance, AC6040M has Ti and Al composition for optimized flank and notch wear resistance. Chipbreaker lineup, highlighted by EEM breaker, provides maximized chip control when roughing. Read More

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Cutting Inserts maximize parts-per-edge use, wear identification.

May 15, 2015

Designed to promote tool life and edge utilization, Beyond™ Drive™ cutting inserts come in various grades and geometries to facilitate selection and use across work materials and turning conditions. Bronze titanium oxy-carbonitride (TiOCN) outer coating increases wear resistance and acts as wear indicator. Along with dry running capabilities, products offer reduction of notch wear in demanding applications as well as reduction of crater wear in difficult materials. Read More

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Seco to Spotlight Next-Generation Duratomic® Coating, New Cutting Tools for Modern Materials at AeroDef 2015

February 20, 2015

TROY, Mich., – At AeroDef 2015 in booth 313, Seco Tools, LLC will showcase its next-generation Duratomic coating technology that sets an all-new standard in turning performance. The company will also spotlight several new milling solutions and share applications expertise that bring advanced performance and high productivity to aerospace applications involving titanium, superalloy, aluminum,... Read More

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Steadyline(TM) Turning Bars perform static and rotating operations.

December 23, 2014

Steadyline&trade; Turning Bars feature GL connection that has polylobe taper interface with two 180° positions which orient tool cutting edges face up or down for effective chip control. Also, connection also offers locking capability via integrated clamping ring that draws in tool head for secure, stable taper-face contact. Accomplished via dynamic passive system inside holder body, rigidity and stability reduce unwanted vibrations during cutting. Coolant supply channels enhance chip evacuation.<br /> Read More

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Steel Turning Grades optimize transmission manufacturing.

October 10, 2014

Offering high wear resistance, GC4315 and GC4325 with Inveio&trade; are designed for automotive industry. GC4315 supports soft stage turning in stable conditions, while tougher steel turning grade GC4325 manages interrupted cuts and uneven depths of cut at high speeds. If spindle speed limit prevents full use of their capacity, maximum productivity can be achieved by applying higher feed rates. Both are suitable choices for outer-diameter turning, copying, and profiling. Read More

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Seco to Highlight New Tools Developed Around Modern Materials at IMTS 2014

July 8, 2014

TROY, Mich. – At IMTS 2014 in booth W-1564, Seco Tools, LLC will unveil several new milling, turning, threading and tool holding products that were developed with material advancements in mind, including a square shoulder cutter that enhances side-milling operations, a multi-edge system that meets the industry's demand for narrow cutting-edge grooving and parting-off tools, an insert that... Read More

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Turning Inserts offer smooth cutting and wear resistance.

March 19, 2014

Available in 6 grades for turning stainless as well as grades for steels and cast irons, Beyond&trade; MR (medium roughing) inserts feature smooth cutting action and stable edge performance that accelerate cycle times and extend tool life. Geometry maximizes smooth cutting and chip flow while minimizing stress, and positive rake angle helps control degree of cutting forces and promotes cutting edge strength. Rake profile, without points of load concentration, results in stable insert body. Read More

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Steel Turning, Cast Iron Milling Insert Grades are wear resistant.

March 12, 2014

Enabling secure, unmanned production, insert grades GC4315 and GC3330 feature Inveio&trade;, which optimizes wear resistance and endurance to promote predictability and tool life in machining processes. Performance is made possible via Inveio uni-directional crystal orientation; tightly-packed crystals create strong barrier towards cutting zone and chip. While GC4315 suits steel turning operations with high speeds and extended time in cut, GC3330 is used for milling in cast iron materials. Read More

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Medium Roughing Inserts cut stainless steels.

February 20, 2014

Suitable for wide range of workpiece materials, but optimized for stainless steels, Beyond&trade; MR Inserts feature unique geometry that maximizes smooth cutting and chip flow. Geometry of chip step is designed in continuous curve so that alternating stresses are reduced and uniform chip forming occurs. High positive rake angle works with smoothly curved cutting edge to reduce cutting forces. In addition, inserts have formed-in coolant channels that efficiently deliver flood coolant to cutting edge. Read More

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Nanotech Demonstrates Most Flexible Diamond Turning System

January 30, 2014

During SPIE Photonics West 2014 in San Francisco, Nanotech will demonstrate what has become their true "flagship" machining system. The Nanotech 350FG is the most diverse ultra-precision machine available. Starting with a minimum of three ultra- precision axes, it is easily expandable to five axes via optional B & C rotary axes. Typical applications for this machine include axisymmetric... Read More

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Seco Tools to Solve Metalworking Challenges at AeroDef 2014

December 19, 2013

TROY, Mich. – At AeroDef 2014 in booth 119, Seco Tools LLC. will showcase one of the industry's most comprehensive selections of advanced cutting tools for productively and profitably machining precision aircraft parts from extremely tough materials. The selection will include several new milling, turning and holemaking solutions the company has developed in response to specific aerospace and... Read More

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EMAG at South-Tec 2013

October 14, 2013

Forecasted growth rates of 6.3% in sales of automobiles in the USA clearly demonstrate one thing: that the USA is and will remain one of the most important trading partners for Germany and German industry. The USA is traditionally an important market for EMAG, a leading machine tool builder in Germany. This is emphasized by the fact that EMAG has been present in Farmington Hills, Michigan, for... Read More

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Carbide Inserts suit cast iron turning applications.

September 23, 2013

While AC405K grade offers wear and deformation resistance for finishing grey cast iron at continuous high speeds, general-purpose AC415K grade provides stable turning in range of grey and ductile cast iron applications. When performing interrupted or unstable turning, AC420K grade features fracture resistance that promotes stability. Each grade in AC400K Series utilizes EGZ chipbreaker for general-purpose grooving, and Super FF Coating and surface treatment strengthens fine Alumina layer. Read More

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Insert Geometry is optimized for grooving and groove turning.

September 4, 2013

Walter Cut UD4 features multifunctional chip breaker design with double geometry that optimizes chip control. While silver surface facilitates wear detection, 0° primary chamfer strengthens cutting edge. Tiger&bull;tec® Silver PVD Al2O3 coating minimizes friction and promotes wear resistance, while design promotes full usage of cutting edges. Applications include radial grooving and groove turning on forged materials such as transmission components, gears, and shafts. Read More

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Turning Grades have CVD coating, diverse cutting speed ranges.

May 2, 2013

While wear- and deformation-resistant NL200 is intended for machining cast iron, wear-resistant NL250 is suited for semi-finishing and finishing applications. Medium and rough machining of steels and cast iron materials with light scale but no interruption can be accomplished with NL300, and NL400 handles medium and rough machining on stainless steel and exotic alloys. Fine grain NL920, with edge security on steels and stainless steels, serves rough and heavy machining applications.<br /> Read More

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Steel Turning Inserts promote productivity, process reliability.

March 13, 2013

Intended for steel turning, Tiger&bull;tec® Silver Turning  includes indexable inserts in 3 grades &ndash; WPP10S (ISO P10), WPP20S (ISO P20), and WPP30S (ISO P30) &ndash; and 4 geometries: FP5, MP3, MP5, and RP5. Products have CVD coating and handle various materials, including unalloyed/alloy steel, cast steel, stainless ferritic/martensitic steel, and ductile cast iron. Substrate for these inserts is micro-structured aluminum oxide, and cutting edge preparation process lends to durability. Read More

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Quicktech TTS-42/ TTS-60 9-Axis Twin Spindle Multi-Tasking Center with B Axis at PMTS in Booth #655

March 4, 2013

[LORAIN, OH - FEBRUARY 2013]  Absolute Machine Tools will exhibit the Quicktech TTS-42/TTS-60 9-axis twin spindle multi-tasking turning center at PMTS in booth #655. The high precision, high production CNC bar processing center enables complete part machining including milling of complex features. Available in both 42mm and 60mm (1.65" or 2.36") bar capacities as the TTS-42 or TTS-60, the... Read More