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R & M Manufacturing Adds AMADA EMK 3012 CNC Turret Punch with Tapping Capability

February 10, 2016

Buffalo, Minnesota – R M Manufacturing, a US Company, announces that it added a new Amada EMK 3612 M2 CNC Turret punch to its fabrication department. According to Jeff Nelson, Operation Manager, the EMK-M2 includes four tapping heads and the ability to process 60" wide x 120" long sheets. R&M purchased the turret with the tapping option in response to customer requests to eliminate secondary...Read More

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In-Die Tapping Head mounts to press stripper.

September 25, 2015

Designed for use in transfer presses, Model 6500 mounts to stripper, providing camshaft driver clearance of unit, avoiding transfer arm interference, and maintaining optimum press speed. Full line of in-die tapping heads features tapping capacities ranging from #2-56 to ½ in.-13, multiple mounting options for press accessibility, lead screw/tap collet design, and press speeds up to 200 spm. Read More

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Portable Magnetic Drill features automatic feed mechanism.

August 7, 2015

Suitable for production applications, MAB 825 V incorporates automatic feed mechanism with power retraction; double-insulated, 16 A, reversible motor with 4-speed oil bath gearbox; infinitely variable torque control; and full-wave electronics. Heavy-duty drill cuts holes up to 4 in. dia. in structural steel and other metals. Additional capabilities include twist drilling and reaming up to 1 ¼ in. dia, tapping up to 1 1/8 in. dia, and countersinking up to 2 in. Magnet holding force is 6,600 lb. Read More

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Programmable Hydraulic Tapping Arms combine power and efficiency.

July 14, 2015

Promoting machine tool utilization efficiency and shortening cycle times, FlexArm Hydraulic Tapping Arms run tapping and threading operations offline while CNC is running. Tapping 1 ½ in. in mild steel at 110 rpm is made possible due to Hydraulic Power Packs and gearboxes, and tapping and threading with FlexArm while lathe is running eliminates thread milling operations. End-users can program exact RPM for forward and reverse, and programmable depth control allows consistent tapping depth.
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FlexArm Donates Tapping System to Local Vocational Training Program

December 18, 2014

Wapakoneta OH – Apollo Career Center is a well-known and established training center just outside Lima, Ohio. They offer vocational programs committed to training area youth and adults for tomorrow's careers. Apollo is proud of its training program and the workforce development it provides, according to its website at Read More

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DFT Reduces Customer Turnaround Time with State-of-the-Art Machinery

March 13, 2014

Company Installs New Large-Capacity Doosan VTS 1620M Vertical Turning Lathe Exton, PA– DFT Inc., an industry leader in the manufacturing of valves for more than 70 years, is now able to machine and manufacture valves even larger than before, thanks to the new Doosan Puma VTS 1620M recently installed in the company's shop. DFT can machine bigger and more precise valve orders and cut...Read More

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Arthur Machinery-Florida 5-Year Limited Warranty on Hyundai-Wia Machines

October 16, 2013

Tampa, Florida: Arthur Machinery-Florida is offering several Hyundai-Wia Machining Centers, Turning Centers and Tapping Centers with a special limited time, limited models 5-Year Limited warranty. The Vertical Machining Centers are offered with many options such as Thru-Spindle coolant, Big Plus Spindles, ATS 4th Axis "Job Shop Package" and LNS Turbo chip conveyors. The Hyundai-Wia Turning...Read More

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Superior Tapping Performance in Multiple Materials from WIDIA(TM) VariTap

September 18, 2013

Latest tools built on 140-year legacy in tap design and engineering to deliver performance without compromise. Manufacturers, especially job shops, know better than most the pressures of ever-increasing customer demands and the equally demanding requirements to control costs. Multi-purpose tools have been one method many shops use to bridge the gap - excellent in certain materials and "good...Read More

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Hydratight Extends On-Site Machining Range

July 17, 2012

Market-leading joint integrity specialist Hydratight has extended its on-site machining catalogue with the launch of several new multi-unit tool ranges. The expanded powered-tool range is now widely available for sale or rental throughout the US, as well as in Canada and South America, and includes flange facing tools, orbital milling machines, portable tapping and drilling, hot-tapping...Read More

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Two Prismatic Machining Centres to Be Launched by DMG / Mori Seiki

March 13, 2012

Following its world premiere last September at EMO 2011, the MILLTAP 700 vertical milling, drilling and tapping centre from DMG / MORI SEIKI will make its UK debut at MACH 2012. It is the group's first jointly developed machine and follows extensive market research carried out in world markets by the German and Japanese manufacturers. To maximise the time that the spindle is in cut, the linear...Read More

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MC Machinery Systems Introduces New MC Milling Line

January 12, 2012

Wood Dale, IL - MC Machinery Systems, Inc. expands its product supply chain with the new MC Milling line. The Diamond Cut general milling line is comprised of five series of vertical machining centers and drilling and tapping machines. This addition supports the company's focus on improving its products, services, and product portfolio to support U.S. manufacturers. The MCV Series is a general...Read More

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MC Machinery Systems Introduces New MC Milling Line

January 9, 2012

Wood Dale, IL - MC Machinery Systems, Inc. expands its product supply chain with the new MC Milling line. The Diamond Cut general milling line is comprised of five series of vertical machining centers and drilling and tapping machines. This addition supports the company's focus on improving its products, services, and product portfolio to support U.S. manufacturers. The MCV Series is a general...Read More

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Machine Tools/Lathes feature high-torque spindles.

August 5, 2011

Featuring turning cutting area of 0.50 mm², models B0203/204/205, S205/S206, BH20, BE20-V, SS20, and S207 are available with 10,000 rpm main spindle designed to boost metal removal and productivity without sacrificing precision. Tapping capability is rated to M10 in both Swiss and chucker configurations. Read More

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Magnetic Drilling Machine handles structural steel, other metals.

January 10, 2011

Accommodating continuous use in heavy-duty applications, MAB 1300 employs 20 A/110 V, double-insulated, reversible motor and automatic cooling/lubrication system. Four-speed oilbath gearbox allows drilling of holes from 7/16-5 1/8 in. dia with annular cutters, and other capabilities include hole tapping up to 1 5/8 in. dia; twist drilling up to 1¾ in., and reaming up to 2 in. Supervised by Electronic Safety Shutoff Sensor, 3-coil magnet has holding strength of up to 23,600 lb. Read More

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High-Speed Beam Drill use 3 Siemens 25 hp spindles.

August 2, 2010

Supplied with Peddiflex3D CAD programming, batch nesting, and production reporting software, Advantage 2 is capable of drilling, tapping, countersinking, and multi-axis scribing for various profiles. It utilizes 3 drill spindles, each accompanied by optional 5-station automatic tool changer. Automatic tool changing, paired with carbide drilling up to 2,250 rpm and 27 ipm feed rates, result in profile capacities to 300 lb/ft. Complete electronic motion and spindle control is standard. Read More

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Drill and Tap Machine incorporates milling capability.

July 27, 2010

Along with 508 x 406 x 394 mm work cube and 660 x 381 mm T-slot table, DT-1 features BT-30 taper spindle that spins to 15,000 rpm and allows tapping at speeds to 5,000 rpm. Standard 11.2 kW vector drive system provides 62 Nm peak torque for milling and boring, while 20-pocket, servo-driven tool changer swaps tools in 0.8 sec. Max cutting feedrate of 30.5 m/min, 61 m/min rapids, and 1 G acceleration rates minimize cycle times and reduce non-cutting time. Read More

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Box-Column Drill Presses deliver up to 65,000 lb of force.

July 8, 2010

Designed for drilling, tapping, and reaming, KSB Series is built with rigid cast-iron box-column, heavy ribbing, and dovetail table guide mounted to cast-iron body for torque-proof results. Systems provide drill capacity up to 3 in. and handle wide variety of materials. Available in up to 12 speeds with left-hand single-lever control, tapping feature automatically reverses upon reaching preset depth. Coolant system, halogen work lamp, and operating tools are included. Read More

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Modular Reamers combine flexibility, high-speed operation.

May 1, 2009

RHM(TM) modular reaming system features interchangeable reamer heads that reduce tool setup time and machine downtime. KST(TM) (Kennametal Short Taper) coupling system provides simultaneous taper-face contact, resulting in less than 3 microns runout and rigid union. Two drive flats on reamer shank and in tool body foster symmetrical torque transmission. Reamer heads are available in straight-flute or helical flute styles and can be applied to both clamping versions. Read More

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Automating 0.38mm Diameter Smart Tapping for a Watch Manufacture

March 26, 2009

SMAC has successfully automated a tapping process for a major watch manufacturer in Switzerland. The process has been carefully done by hand under microscope for many years. Tap diameter is 0.38mm. Part has a diameter of 3mm and is 0.25mm thick. The R&D manager at the facility says that he has been in this business for 20 years and there is no other tapping device existing in the market for this...Read More

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Tapping Head facilitates tapping of small holes up to in.

February 2, 2009

Compatible with any small CNC using R8 or MT3 taper, Tension/Compression Tapping Head model PN 31163 includes tapping chuck and nine quick-change collets. It is compatible with ANSI-compliant inch (#0-½ in.) and metric (M1.6-12) taps and has ¾ in. of float built in to maintain coordination of spindle speed and feed rate. Tool works seamlessly with PCNC 1100 mill, and can also be used with other manufacturers' machines that can accept ¾ in. shank. Read More