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Rotary Extrusion Dies offer speeds to 1,000 rpm.

November 2, 2015

Offered in inline and crosshead styles, Rotary Extrusion Dies are suited for medical and multi-lumen tubing plus various extrusions with interlocking layer or multiple striping requirements. By rotating tooling in relation to material flow, rotary head increases wall strength of extrusion. Features include counter-rotating tip and die, co-rotating tip and die, rotating die with conventional tip, rotating tip with conventional die, multi-layer, striping, and optional quick-change cartridges. Read More

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Press Brake Tooling features laser hardened design.

October 9, 2015

Available to North American market, LVD Style Press Brake Tooling includes punches and dies that are laser hardened for durability and extended life. In addition, dies are Nitrex® treated for optimal performance. Patented STONE® radius die design assures accurate bend angles along full length of bend and minimizes friction between material and die, especially when used with LVD Easy-Form® system. Read More

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Small Format Press provides 15 tons of cutting pressure.

October 1, 2015

In addition to die cutting 13 x 19 in. digitally printed sheets, PrecisionCut 20 can handle variety of materials up to 14 x 20 in. Pneumatic system operates with small air compressor or portable CO2 tank. Featuring 4-post construction with precision ground thick steel plate, press offers extended die life with precision depth control customizable to operation. For safety, PrecisionCut 20 comes standard with OSHA-compliant 2-hand anti-tie down controls. Read More

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Press Brake Tooling supports all sheet metal fabrication.

July 31, 2014

Available for press brakes configured with European Precision Style and Wila Trumpf Style tooling, Press Brake Tooling line includes expansive array of punches, dies, standard specials, specials, and accessories, offered in segmented, full-length, and half-length sizes to suit nearly any metal bending application. Tooling is manufactured from premium alloy tool steels with wear surface of punches and dies induction hardened for extra durability. Read More

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Extrusion Coating Dies, Internal Deckles reduce edge bead.

July 29, 2014

Extrusion coating dies and internal deckles let converters reduce edge bead with low melt strength polymers while maintaining coat weight uniformity. Dies with short lip lands – final portion of flow channel leading to die exit – help control gauge profile of coating. Secondary internal deckle blades consist of 3 independently adjustable components that can be used to fine-tune the edge profile of polymer as it exits. Small-diameter deckle rod, micro-rod, permits less lateral movement of melt. Read More

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Thick Turret Insert Slitting Die minimizes waste.

June 6, 2014

Designed for D and E Stations, VERSADIE™ minimizes waste by punching closely to clamps and allows users to replace die inserts without replacing entire slitting die. Replaceable inserts accommodate lengths up to 4.560 in. for E stations and 3.560 in. for D stations. To withstand demanding punching operations, die body is made of S7 shock resistant tool steel, while die insert is manufactured from MPM82 tool steel. Mate SlugFree® design prevents slug pulling and damage to piece part and tooling. Read More

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Multi-Layer Pipe Dies permit throughputs from 350-1,200 kg/h.

October 3, 2013

Respectively suitable for 32–200 mm and 110–400 mm pipe diameters, spider 200-3 and spider 400-3 deliver flexibility for processing foamed compounds or compounds with filler content as well as compounds with high proportion of regrind. Flow paths and tooling design optimize layer thickness distribution, while entire bandwidth of materials can be processed without any problems or need for adaptation due to middle layer distributor. Modular design enables conversion into 2-layer pipe die. Read More

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Cast Film Die incorporates internal deckle.

September 24, 2013

With internal deckle, Contour™ Cast Film Die enables extrusion processors to achieve speed and precision without incurring downtime for changing product width. Unit has sculpted configuration that is smaller and tapered at ends, offsetting differences in die-body deflection across width of die that are caused by pressure of molten polymer that extruder continuously charges into manifold. With uniform die-body deflection, Contour Die can quickly be adjusted to achieve on-specification film. Read More

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Hand Tool Options enable complete wire processing.

November 16, 2012

Inserted in handle of tool, Crimpfox-WF die provides stripping capability from 20-10 AWG and cutting capabilities from 24-10 AWG, in addition to crimping. Tool features easy follow through ratchet release and releasable pressure lock mechanisms. Crimpfox-N provides optimum transfer of force, requiring minimal manual impact. Read More

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Bare Die Program expands semiconductor packaging options.

April 4, 2012

Available in quantities as low as 10 pieces for initial prototyping purposes or larger quantities of full waffle trays for production purposes, bare dies foster design of equipment with smaller form factors by allowing implementation of multi-chip modules (MCM) or systems-in-package (SiPs). Those building MCMs can integrate desired components, such as amplifiers, data converters, and power components, into single substrate. Read More

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CNC Adjustable Vee Die is designed for press brakes.

March 7, 2012

Intended for PPEB and Easy-Form® precision press brakes, Vari-VEE V30-140 CNC adjustable Vee die offers benefits of variable and adjustable bottom Vee die to range of LVD Strippit press brake models from 320-1,000 tons and up to 315 in. long. Die provides automatic adjustment of V-width in increments of 0.39 in. and allows bending of angles up to 50° for max V-width. For optimal rolling and friction reducing properties, radius is a hardened insert, machined with STONE® compound curve. Read More

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Guide Pillars feature groove-free design.

March 29, 2011

Designed for use with Z1000W and Z1100W self-lubricating locating guide bushes, Guide Pillar Z04/... Series features continuous guide surface without lubrication grooves. Solid lubricant is placed in guide bushes in form of pellet to help form coherent film when sliding movements are required. Without grooves, adherent surface is not interrupted, preventing damage to graphite inserts and ensuring optimum lubrication. Read More

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Six-Layer Head/Die handles fluropolymers and non-fluropolymers.

March 2, 2011

Series 800 six-layer head/die can extrude fluropolymer materials, which are resistant to fuel blends, UV, heat, and chemicals, as well as non-fluropolymers and adhesives that combine in layers of .02 mm or less with head/die tubing end products. Inner layers of device are encapsulated to avoid contamination of tubing produced. Spiral design for upstream thermal balancing creates equal flow, which results in close tolerances for thin walls and multi-layered products. Read More

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Steel Hole and Gasket Ring Formers come in multiple styles.

March 1, 2011

Hole former is used in precast applications for manholes and boxes, while gasket ring formers, custom-designed for end-user's application, hold gaskets while casting manholes or boxes at precast plant. Both types can be made from heavy-duty steel or aluminum and are tapered to facilitate removal. Variants include round/flat wall gasket ring formers; flat wall hole former without gasket; and round wall hole former without gasket centered or without gasket offset. Read More

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Multilayer Die maximizes barrier film production versatility.

December 7, 2010

Designed to produce blown film structures from 5-9 layers, ProCone multilayer die has stackable mandrel arrangement that allows vertical movement of mandrels within die stack. Design also allows for angular movement of mandrels relative to each other, and interchangeable modules allow switching for higher/lower rates or special resins as required. Manufactured in sizes from 2-12 in., die is targeted to developmental machines and narrow width lines for web widths to 60 in. Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools, Materials & Material Processing

Extrusion Coating Die facilitates changes in product width.

November 29, 2010

Available with external cooling option, EPC(TM) Die incorporates deckle system that can be adjusted to minimize formation of edge bead, which wastes polymer and substrate as it is trimmed from web. External deckle prevents leakage, while internal deckle has independently adjustable components that seal off ports of internal flow channel. To clean away carbonized polymer that causes die lines, operators can retract external and die-gap deckle components and insert brass scraper. Read More

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Nano-Fiber Die produces fibers averaging 400 nm.

July 9, 2010

Designed to operate at extrusion pressures up to 1,500 psi with 64 orifices/in., laminated stainless steel melt-blown nano-fiber die produces less than 0.5 micron dia nano-fibers from polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PET), PBT, and other resins. Die can produce 400 nm fibers at basis weight of 0.10 g/sq-m and production rate of 1,200 m/min, and has capacity to block contaminants under 0.3 microns. Applications include surgical/medical devices and clean room HEPA filtration devices. Read More

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Crimping Dies provide inspectable crimp on flex-conductor cable.

May 28, 2010

Designed for use with virtually all types of flexible conductors, Color-Keyed® HEX-FLEX(TM) Crimping Dies create hex-style crimp on top of connector and indent crimp in bottom for pull-out resistance. Units are color-coded for matching with Color-Keyed lugs and splices to help eliminate errors. Made from high-carbon tool steel with black oxide plating for corrosion resistance, dies fit most 6- and 14-ton compression tools, as well as 15-ton tools with 15500-TB adapter. Read More

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Flexible Dies feature crack and chip resistant coatings.

December 2, 2009

Designed for die cutting thermal transfer label stock, Diamond coated flexible dies are resistant to corrosion. Black Diamond coatin on flexible dies reduces die lifting in small, tight corner die cutting applications, including die cutting stamps. Coatings create low friction which allows flexible dies to be used with aggressive adhesives without gumming up dies, facilitating flexible printing operations. Read More

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Modules and Tools enable Braille embossing.

October 30, 2009

Used inline at printing press or offline in converting system, Embossing Modules and Tools are applicable for both web and sheet fed processes, in wide variety of materials including paper, board, and laminates. Braille set is comprised of negative segment that includes all possible 288 Braille positions and positive segment, which holds changing Braille embossing patterns. Read More