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Single End Punches offer capacities from 35-100 tons.

September 10, 2013

Available in 8 models with throat depths from 7–14 in. and throat heights from 10–18 in., SEP Single End Punches are built with heavy duty press frame to limit deflection for optimal accuracy. Press bed is bolted on to prevent distortion and can be removed for regrinding or adding more tapped holes. Large rectangular tubes, located and used at base of machine, offer safe machine mobility. Additional features include remote foot control and lock out/tag out accommodations. Read More

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Hydraulic Shear handles material up to 1/4 in.

August 5, 2013

Designed to make consistent, razor-sharp cuts repeatedly over long periods, Model 10-250 features modified high carbon and high chrome reversible knives offering 4 separate edges, along with gap adjustment to ensure precise cuts for variety of materials. System includes pushbutton and footswitch controls, rake angle adjustment, and 4 ft squaring arm with recessed scale. When shearing ¼ in. material, width of cut off portion of work piece is within ±0.005 in. of backgauge setting. Read More

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GE Oil & Gas Wins Two 'Spotlight on New Technology' Awards at OTC 2013

May 14, 2013

• New Blowout Preventer Technologies Offer Industry-First Capabilities • Innovative Shearing Blades, BOP Monitoring Technologies Offer New Solutions for Complex Drilling Programs • GE One of Two Companies to Win Two Awards at the Show HOUSTON — GE Oil & Gas (NYSE: GE) has received Spotlight on New Technology awards from the 2013 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) for two new... Read More

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Delta Steel Technologies Ships World's Widest, Thickest Temper Mill Cut-to-Length Line

May 7, 2013

IRVING, Texas – Delta Steel Technologies announced it has shipped a 1 in. by 120 in. temper mill cut-to-length line with rotary shear to a U.S. service center. The equipment has been engineered to process the widest, thickest material ever produced on a temper mill cut-to-length line. Delta’s temper pass cut-to-length line offers the capability to produce ultra-flat, stay-flat high-strength... Read More

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Productivity Never Grows Old at Canadian Fab Shop

January 29, 2013

Tactical advantages of decades-old laser, brake and shear bolster business plan for Canadian fab shop<4444>Guelph, Ontario - Other than conversation pieces, what's the value in having decades-old machine tools occupy valuable floor space in a modern fab shop? The answer is "Plenty!" according to Ken Lennox, provided the machines are in suitable roles and were originally built with "the right... Read More

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2012 Jet Metalforming Machines Help Shops Form with a Vengeance

November 26, 2012

LaVergne, TN - Forming with a vengeance is the spirit behind the 2012 JET® metalforming lineup. These durable machines are capable of creating innovative product designs, applying precision metalforming techniques and providing over-and-above customer service. They are meant for professionals and enthusiasts who believe metalforming is more than just a job or project - it's a... Read More

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Cutting Lines for Aluminum Coils up to 2,800 mm Strip Width

July 19, 2012

GEORG finishing lines division offers leading technology<4444>At the end of 2011 GEORG was assigned with the development and delivery of two cut-to-length lines and one slitting line, each with packaging line for the Russian aluminium producer Kamensk-Uralsky Metallurgical Works (KUMZ). Those lines are able to process aluminium coils with a strip width up to 2,800 mm. This important investment... Read More

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Hydraulic Ironworker offers variety of standard, optional features.

August 5, 2010

Complete with 2 valves, 2 stroke controls, and 2 remote foot pedals, Dual Operator 95/140 has hydraulic system designed with 2 pumps for operational consistency. It has 95-ton capacity punch and 9 in. throat depth, which can punch 1 3/16 in. hole in 1 in. material. Along with 4 built-in stations, system offers 6 x 6 x ½ in. angle shear, rectangular notcher that can notch 3 x 4 x ½ in. material, and 24 in. flat bar shear that can shear up to 1 x 8 in. and 3/8 x 24 in. material. Read More

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Texas Metals & Recycling Co. Installed a Harris GS 9 Shear

June 30, 2009

Peachtree City, GA, June 22, 2009 - The GS 9 was installed at the Abilene, Texas location for Texas Metals & Recycling Co. "We have been in our new 5 acre location since 2002 and purchased the Harris GS 9 Shear because it is built in the USA, has a long lasting reputation and for the quality of Harris brand/equipment" said Wayne Lanham, President, Texas Metals and Recycling Co. <4444>Texas... Read More

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CFC Recycling Installs Harris GS 9 Baler/Logger/Shear

June 25, 2009

Peachtree City, GA, May 22, 2009: The Harris GS9 Baler/Logger/Shear was installed April 2009 at C.F.C. Recycling Inc., Tullahoma, TN. "This is our 3rd piece of Harris equipment", according to David Cleveland, C.F.C. Sales and Purchasing Manager; "we purchased Harris for two reasons; it is built in the USA and their quality of the product". "CFC also owns a Harris Badger and the Harris HBL... Read More

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Tower Manufacturing Machine processes angle sections.

May 18, 2009

Capable of processing 8 x 8 x 1 in. angles, APS-2063 Towermaster provides 112 tons of punching power with max hole diameter of 1½ in. With triple tool punching in each leg of angle iron, users can process up to 3 different sizes and shapes in each piece of material with no need for tool change. Machine offers automated material loading and staging areas, high-speed material approach of 300 fpm, 506 ton shearing capacity, and part stamping system capable of holding over 30 characters. Read More

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Punch/Shear Machine features 96 punching stations.

October 27, 2008

Featuring stationary multi-press head and built-in shear, Model S4X eliminates in-cycle stops for tool changes that limit turret press processing speeds. Manipulator is powered by 2 pairs of rotary electric motors. First pair employs rack and pinion kinematics driven by handover control logic, while second pair uses 2 ball bearing screws directed by gantry control logic to position sheet. All 96 punching tool stations are live and ready to simultaneously punch, countersink, and emboss parts. Read More

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Steel Beam Splitter shears wide flange into 2 T-shaped beams.

August 1, 2008

Steel Beam Splitter can cut any beam up to 40 in. wide and up to 9/16 in. web thickness without need to straighten beams once they are split. Guide rail exit system leads beam out of cutting blades and keeps beam supported and centered while it exits shear. Main control is wired to accommodate preheat/quenching system. Read More

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O'Neal Steel Running FasRapid D

May 30, 2008

LOUISVILLE, KY (May 22, 2008) - O'Neal Steel in their Louisville, Kentucky facility have been running our Gerima FasRapid Model D abrasive belt beveler very successfully. Jens Stamm, electrician for Gerima, assisted SHMUSA staff with this install. An enduring company 85 years strong, O'Neal Steel is now the United States' largest family-owned metals service center. <4444>Originally purchased for... Read More

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Successful Stripback Application is Not Accidental with SHMUSA

May 30, 2008

HOUSTON, TX (May 16, 2008) - Chicago Bridge & Iron (CBI) www.cbi.com at its Houston facility commissioned Saar-Hartmetall USA LLC to assist them in solving a manufacturing problem that has proven to be a unique application discovery for our beveling tool products.<4444>CBI tank manufacturing facility welds large segments of roll-bonded clad metal plate. During the manufacturing process, some of... Read More

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Joy Mining Machinery Delivers Its Most Powerful Shearer

January 3, 2008

WARRENDALE, PA October 2007-Joy Mining Machinery's largest and most powerful longwall shearer machine is scheduled to go into production at the world's largest coal mining complex, Shenhua Energy Co., Ltd.'s Shendong Coal Branch operation.<4444>Joy said the 7LS7 shearer meets the demands of ever-increasing mining heights and longwall face widths worldwide; seams exceeding 6 metres (20 feet) and... Read More

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Hydraulic Shears are offered with touchscreen interface.

March 8, 2005

Cincinnati HS shears are available with Touchscreen Shear Control option that enables programmed, automatic setup of machine functions according to material type and thickness. Mounted on pedestal stand, control features 15 in. LCD color monitor and Windows 2000 OS. It provides Digital Gage Control and Multi-Axis Gaging capabilities as well as Ethernet connectivity for program storage, downloading, and paperless setup notes. Read More

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Ironworker offers 85 ton capacity punch.

September 13, 2004

Dual Operator Hydraulic Ironworker, Model 8514-20M features 14 in. throat depth and can punch 1 1/16 in. hole in 1 in. material. Two pumps insure full hydraulic pressure and speed to both operations. Machine includes 6 x 6 x ½ in. angle shear, rod shear for round and square rod up to 1½ in. capacity, and rectangular notcher that can notch 2 x 4 in. through ½ in. material. Flat bar shear can shear up to 1 x 16 in. material with minimal distortion. Read More

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Slitting Lines are custom designed for coil processors.

August 13, 2004

Slitting Lines produce precision slit, tight, straight-walled slit coils at production rates up to 5 master coils per hour with as many as 20 different setups per shift. Systems handle 10,000-80,000 lb coils with speeds to 1,500 fpm, thicknesses from 0.005-0.375 in., and widths from 18-24 in. Features include dual indexing transfer slitter heads, keyless slitting arbors, power tooling lock-up, and roll-only tension stand for damage-free slit coils. Read More

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Punching/Shearing System features live tool stations.

July 7, 2003

Model S4 reduces amount of sheet travel required to bring sheet and punch into firing position. Multi-press head is fitted with series of independently actuated components that punch and cut parts with precision and accuracy. System features multi-pincer manipulator for increased grip on small sheets; single piece, multiple and dynamically nested part processing; and automatic load, unload, sorting, and part tracking. Read More