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SKILSAW Enters Metal Cutting Segment with All-New Saw Lineup

October 26, 2015

Innovative metal cutting saws designed to show metal no mercy MT. PROSPECT, Ill. - SKILSAW has been the leader in wood cutting saws for decades. Now they're bringing that legendary expertise to metal cutting with three new professional grade saws, including an 8-inch Worm Drive Metal Saw, a 12-inch Dry Cut Saw and a 14-inch Abrasive Chop Saw. Drawing upon SKILSAW's long-lasting... Read More

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Kalamazoo Industries Model K26E 26" Enclosed Semi-Automatic

March 8, 2012

The Kalamazoo Industries model K26E 26" semi-automatic abrasive saw is totally enclosed with a 6-inch outlet to effectively contain the dust and abrasive particulate matter produced during cutting. <4444>The K26E saw features a massive 26-inch wheel, an air-over-oil 0-12 FPM power downfeed, a 20 HP, 3 PH motor with an 1800 RPM spindle speed, cog belt drive, 1-inch wheel arbor with 7-inch... Read More

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Kalamazoo Industries Model K20RS 20" Abrasive Saw

December 1, 2011

Kalamazoo Industries model K20RS, 20-inch abrasive saw is designed to cut structural steel and wide parts. The saw can be operated chop style for cutoff or radial style for long parts. The sawhead moves lengthwise for wide cuts and locks in place for chop action. <4444>The K20RS saw features a 1-inch spindle arbor, 2500 RPM spindle speed, a 15 hp, 3 phase motor and a foot operated chain vise.... Read More

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Abrasive Cutter is optimized for sectioning applications.

March 8, 2011

AbrasiMatic® 300 abrasive cutter features 12 in. abrasive cut-off wheel, able to section up to 4.375 in. dia sample, and 5 hp motor that powers through materials such as steel, metal, ceramic, and concrete. Measuring 34 x 27 x 23 in., unit has 2 stainless steel T-slot vice table beds and side hood door that slides open as hood is raised during sample placement. Optional X-Bed adjusts with handle wheel on front of machine, while digital display tracks x-axis travel in 0.1 in. increments. Read More

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OMAX® Showcasing MAXIEM® JetCutting Center at HOUSTEX 2011

February 16, 2011

Kent, Washington - MAXIEM Waterjets®, a division of OMAX® Corporation, will be showcasing the highly productive cutting capabilities of the MAXIEM 1530 JetCutting Center at HOUSTEX 2011. The company's booth, #1820, will feature a variety of cutting demonstrations on the industry standard abrasive waterjet machining center. HOUSTEX 2011 will take place on April 18 - 20 at the George R. Brown... Read More

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Semi-Automatic Abrasive Saw comes enclosed with 6 in. outlet.

January 11, 2011

Model K26E 26 in. semi-automatic abrasive saw includes 26 in. wheel, air-over-oil 0-12 fpm power downfeed, 20 hp, 3 PH motor with 1,800 rpm spindle speed, cog belt drive, 1 in. wheel arbor with 7 in. flanges, and cam vise. Enclosed outlet holds dust and abrasive particulate matter generated during cutting. Product has capacities up to 7 in. pipe, 5 in. solids and 8 in. shapes. Optional features included are 30, 40 and 50 hp motors, vacuum dust collector, and door interlocks. Read More

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Wet Abrasive Saw features 2,300 rpm spindle speed.

June 18, 2010

Measuring 36 x 26 x 62 in., Model K10SW 10-in. wet abrasive saw is available with single-phase 220 V or 3-phase 220/440 V, 3 hp motors, both operating at 3,450 rpm. Standard features include magnetic switch, heavy-duty cast iron base and trunnion, 5/8 in. spindle arbor, cam lock vise, and 10 gal coolant tank with pump and splash guard. Available options include 1¼ in. spindle arbor, PH-14 air/oil power down feed, and AV-10 Air Vise. Read More

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Abrasive Saw utilizes 30-36 in. abrasive wheel.

January 9, 2008

Available with or without enclosure, Model K30E includes 50 hp PC-controlled hydraulic power down feed for smooth consistent operation, and LED beams for wheel wear compensation and rapid return after cut is finished. Enclosed units have internal lights for visibility, and all machines feature hydraulic clamping and flood coolant system. Different horsepower motors are available, depending on material being cut and cycle time required. Read More

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Abrasive Saw cuts structural steel and wide parts.

December 3, 2007

Featuring sawhead that moves lengthwise for wide cuts, Model K20RS 20 in. abrasive wheel saw can be operated chop style for cut-off or radial style for long parts. Saw includes 1 in. spindle arbor; 2,500 rpm spindle speed; 15 hp, 3-phase motor; and foot-operated chain vise. Capacities are 6 and 18 in. for structural steel, I-beams, and shapes. Read More

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Abrasive Cutter features manual control.

July 22, 2005

Delta® Manual Abrasive Cutter includes 14 in. blade capacity, 10 hp motor, and electronic motor brake. Manual cutting lever allows operator to feel cutting action and adjust blade feed rate, permitting quick cutting of soft materials and burn-free cutting of hard materials. Machine features protective fiberglass hood, retractable steel blade guard, 3-button control panel with E-stop, and safety latching mechanisms to keep hood closed during operation. Read More

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Abrasive Saw cuts wide range of metals.

May 6, 2003

RIDGID® CM1450 cut-off saw makes 45° cuts at both right and left angles in pipe iron, angle iron, rebar, and metal studs. Cast-iron base has non-slip rubber feet for support and low vibration, while die-cast aluminum housing helps dissipate heat. Motor operates at 120 V, 15 A at speeds to 3900 rpm. Saw includes D-grip handle, tool-less fence adjustment, spark-arresting covers, and 14 in. abrasive disk with 1 in. diameter arbor hole. Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools

Air-Powered Saw converts into chop-off saw.

September 12, 2002

Model APS-438 uses chain-mount Single Cut Bracket to convert into portable chop-off saw that cuts tube, pipe, or bar stock from 2 to 5 in. OD. Featuring 3 hp motor that runs on 90 psi, saw uses 10 or 12 in. fiberglass-reinforced abrasive blades that leave no HAZ (heat affected zone). Saw produces square cut with ±1/16 in. accuracy, and can cut stainless steel, inconel, and other hard materials. Read More

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Semi-Automatic Saw performs wet abrasive cutting.

April 29, 2002

Model K20E totally enclosed saw features 15 hp SD motor with magnetic starter, 1950 rpm 1 in. spindle arbor, and coolant pump system with dual coolant hoses. Operation includes manual feed with air over oil precise downfeed, and automatic saw head return at end of cut. Adjustable down stop limits depth of cut. Unit includes V-belt drive, sealed ball bearings, air chain vise, and front and side access doors. Read More

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Abrasive Saw cuts 5 in. solids and 8 in. shapes.

April 29, 2002

Model K30PH 30 in. saw features air over oil power downfeed, 1 3/4 in. arbor with sealed ball bearings, 1,800 rpm spindle speed, and 25 hp motor with magnetic starter. It also includes cog belt drive, cam vise, heavy safety guard, and down stop. Stock conveyor is optional. Read More

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Abrasive Saw cuts pipe up to 5 ft in diameter.

December 11, 2001

Air-powered APS-438 saw and track mount assembly can square cut any diameter pipe from 6-60 in. O.D. up to 4 in. thick with ±1/8 in. accuracy and no heat affected (HAZ) zone. Its stainless steel track mounts securely around pipe's circumference and pipe trolley on which abrasive saw travels. Saw uses fiberglass reinforced blades from 8 to 12 in. O.D., or optional carbide tipped blades, and glides around track on 4 V-grooved wheels. Read More

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