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Dual-Spindle Gear Grinder uses completely dry process.

December 18, 2015

Featuring one spindle for skive hobbing and another for generating grinding, SG 160 SKY GRIND eliminates need for cutting oils. Process removes 90% of stock allowance with first pass using skive hobbing tool, which does not excessively heat workpiece. With second finishing pass, grinding wheel removes remaining stock without overheating workpiece. Structure with 2 spindles actuated by linear motors and simultaneous use of channels ensure chip-to-chip time of <2 sec.
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Grinding Machine handles bevel gears up to 280 mm in dia.

October 30, 2013

Equipped with Fanuc 30i or Siemens 840D CNC, Phoenix 280G combines direct-drive spindles with quick-change wheel, arbor, and coolant header designs. Automatic stock divider, mounted in close proximity to work spindle, automatically determines tooth slot position of pre-finished gear to provide accurate stock division and eliminate operator errors. There are no rails, wires, or pipes in work chamber to collect swarf, keeping chamber clean and minimizing preventative maintenance. Read More

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Gear Grinder eliminates undulated form errors.

November 8, 2004

Gleason® 245TWG Threaded Wheel Grinder maintains critical size requirements on consistent basis, but also enables hard finishing using metal removal rates. Thermal compensation via sensors throughout process ensures accuracy and part-to-part consistency. Direct-drive grinding spindle offers speeds in excess of 60 m/sec. In addition to savage grinding, machine can grind gear segments, gears with intermittent teeth, and pump gears having low numbers of teeth. Read More

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Gear Grinding Machine uses continuous generating method.

September 28, 2004

Series RZ150 incorporates 2 direct-drive work spindles, acoustic sensing for alignment of dressing diamonds, and automatic fine balancing of wheel on grinding spindle. Multi-spindle column that carries work spindles and dressing spindle rotates 180º to facilitate automatic loading of workpieces. Low Noise Shifting directs movement of machine during grinding to produce random surface texture in micro-range, preventing discrete excitations of ground gear when running with its mate. Read More

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Wheel Grinder is suited for cylindrical gear grinding.

September 23, 2004

Model 245TWG High Speed Threaded Wheel Grinder uses direct-drive spindles on grinding and work spindles, allowing higher grinding wheel speeds and elimination of gears, belts, and other mechanical drivetrain components. Gleason master dressing gear system can dress multi-start grinding wheels, and for small lot production machine can be equipped with conventional CNC dressing unit. Machine also features automated carousel loading. Read More

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Gear Grinder rough and finish grinds gears in one setup.

September 21, 2004

Built on mineral-filled cast polymer base, 6-axis GS:G2 produces gears from 1-12 in. dia, employs near net-shaped or hobbed gears, and requires 15 min of setup. Machine requires users to install proper tooling and enter part form, dress, and grind parameters into control in order to start-up new jobs, while menu-driven screens and Gear Smart(TM) Programming facilitate operation. Product features dual wheel machining and infinitely variable wheel speeds and feeds. Read More

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Gear-Grinding Machine offers 8 axes of CNC control.

July 12, 2004

KOEPFER KAPP KX120 is equipped with BWO 900 CNC control for hard-finishing operations of gears and shafts. Able to accomplish all gear-cutting applications, machine employs direct-drive 12,000 rpm grinding head and KAPP CBN-plated, 80 mm OD, multi-thread grinding worms. Delivering continuous grinding process, it is available with automation system for loading and unloading components in production environment. Read More

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Hard Gear Finishing Machine has compact design.

June 17, 2004

Utilizing continuous generating method, RZ150 High-Performance Gear Grinding Machine incorporates 2 direct drive work spindles and acoustic sensing for alignment of dressing diamonds. It also features automatic fine balancing of wheel on grinding spindle and LNS (low noise shifting). Multi-spindle column that carries work spindles and dressing spindle rotates 180º to facilitate automatic loading of workpieces. It also houses diamond roll to perform wheel dressing activities. Read More

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CNC Gear Grinder uses 2 wheels in one operation.

January 29, 2004

Model GS:G² 5-axis CNC gear grinder allows rough and finish grinding of hardened precut gears in one operation. Menu-driven control with Gear Smart(TM) programming allows part changeovers in 15 min. Other features include CNC contour diamond roll dressing, constant surface speed, variable wheel and work speeds, CNC controlled helix and work rotation, and ability to grind from Mod 50 to 3 DP from 1.0-10 in. pitch diameter to AGMA 12 specification. Read More

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Gear Grinder changes over quickly.

June 27, 2002

RZ 400 precision gear grinding machine's main column, that carries grinding spindle and slide, rotates 90° for wheel change and another 90° to perform wheel dressing operation. Gear profile modifications can be made with few keystrokes, without need for diamond discs. It has gearless planetary drives, acoustic sensing for alignment of dressing diamonds, and low noise shifting that produces random surface structure on teeth. Read More

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Bevel Gear Grinding Machine uses monolithic column design.

June 7, 2002

Phoenix® II 275G accommodates gears with up to 275 mm pitch diameter with machine footprint of 2.3 x 3.4 meters (excluding filtration unit). Design includes self-contained electrical enclosure and hydraulic unit, eccentric grinding-wheel spindle, CNC controlled dresser, and automatic stock dividing system. Direct-drive spindle motors eliminate gears and mechanical elements. Siemens 840D or FANUC 160i Model B CNC controls are available. Read More

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