Torsion Bar Presetting Machines

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Benchtop Tool Presetter features full CNC capability.

October 29, 2015

For operator-independent measuring results, Speroni MAGIS offers fast movement and repeatable positioning of X and Z axes and spindle, delivering full CNC measuring with uncertainty of 2 linear axes of ±1 µm. System has standard X axis range of -2.00 to +14.00 in. and is available in 3 column sizes, with 16, 20, and 24 in. travel in Z axis. Equipped with high-accuracy telecentric optics, progressive scan CCD camera provides virtual magnification of 45x — with zoom function up to 120x. Read More

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Benchtop Tool Presetter features camera and LCD touchscreen.

July 30, 2015

Equipped with 5.7 in. color LCD, DIASET enables one-touch angle, radius, diameter, and length measurements. Stable measuring column and mineral cast base ensure rigidity and temperature resistance for repeatability and positioning accuracy of .0001 in. Rotating spindle allows guaranteed accuracy of runout measurements to less than .0008 in. T.I.R. Capable of storing up to 99 reference points, presetter includes 2 USB ports for simultaneous external data saving and label printer connection. Read More

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Bench-Top Presetter helps maximize productivity.

August 12, 2010

With single-touch operation of most functions, Model TMM 1550 offers high-resolution video tool measuring and inspection. Cast-iron SYMMETRY design provides stability with no distortion due to thermal expansion and contraction. Plug-and-play option is available for comprehensive tool data management and communications. Read More

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Cable-Free Optical Interface supports up to 3 machine-tool probes.

August 6, 2010

Suited for multi-pallet machining systems, OSI with OMM-2 optical interface supports up to 3 machine-tool probe systems for automated part set-up, measurement, and tool setting. Unit combines with 1 or more OTS tool setters and 1 or more OMP40, OMP400, or OMP60 inspection probes, and only one OSI receiver is needed to process signals from probes that operate in modulated mode. Combined in tandem, OMM-2 interface units suit machines with long spindle movements and with partitioned work zones. Read More

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Lathe Tool Presetters offer centering camera option.

August 4, 2010

Available on Series 1500 and 1800 TMM presetters, Centering Camera Option allows customers to set, inspect, and measure all lathe tools. Option utilizes 2 ParleVision® high-resolution camera systems, enabling one TMM presetter to provide optimal surface inspection of all cutting tools for milling and turning applications. Read More

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Presetting Tool is made from carbon steel.

April 7, 2010

Available in sizes of 5/8 in. and up, presetting tool is used to preset ferrules on tubing prior to final assembly into fitting. It is suited for instrumentation tube fitting installations in tight spaces or hard-to-work areas. Read More

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Tool Presetting/Measuring Device minimizes machine downtime.

July 8, 2009

Suited for conventional tool-clamping systems, TRISet lets users measure, check, and adjust tools before using them. Tools can be clamped, measured, and adjusted outside machine, while CNC machine carries on producing, without any downtime. Optical solution also increases productivity, because use of preset tools helps increase machine running times and prevent rejects. Integrated TRIBOS clamping device lets tools be clamped in seconds, and menu operation facilitates use. Read More

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Tool Presetter comes with pneumatic spindle brake system.

October 30, 2008

Allowing operator to lock spindle at any point in 360° rotation, MAGIS benchtop presetter features integrated calibration master, integral ISO 50 taper spindle with pneumatic spindle brake, CCD camera, pneumatic axis locks, and X and Z axis fine adjust. It is fully constructed of aged pearlitic cast iron, and has standard X axis range of -2.00 to +14.00 in. Unit is available in 3 column sizes, with 16, 20, and 24 in. travel in Z axis, and comes with Episcopy Front Ring Light system. Read More

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Presetting/Heat Shrink System handles tools with 4-32 mm dia.

October 6, 2008

Featuring LCD touch screen user interface, ShrinkSet TMM uses 3-step process to assemble and cool tool, certify tool assembly, and process tool data. Cool-to-the-Core(TM) technology cools and dries entire tool in less than 2 min, while Precision Spindle Slide Immersion system eliminates need for operators to handle hot tools directly. Other features include automatic coil positioning, 10 kW frequency generator, tool tray, and label printer with configurable formats. Read More

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Tool Presetter utilizes video measuring technology.

October 1, 2008

Series 1800 TMM® is equipped with ParleVision PSC high-precision video measuring technology and over 15 measuring, presetting, and qualifying routines, all of which can be executed with the push of a button. Other features include precision roller-bearing spindle with vacuum clamping; LED ring light for clear tool surface inspection; dual-axis fine adjust system; storage for up to 500 tool assemblies and 99 calibrations or offset coordinates; and touch screen monitor. Read More

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Non-Contact Tool Verification System is fully programmable.

June 16, 2008

Available with collimated or focused laser beam, Mida Laser 75P has programmable feature that enables system to be adapted to tool type under verification, to same rotation speed used during machining, and to desired measuring cycle. Shutter design protects laser system from contamination through tunnel air effect technology, which permits unit to measure and verify dimension, tool breakage, and wear in presence of coolant. Other features include parallel I/O and RS232 serial port. Read More

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Tool Presetters feature retention knob clamping spindles.

February 10, 2008

Available on all models of Speroni STP-34 Benchtop Tool Presetters, integral spindle design can be specified in designated sizes CAT/BT 40- or 50-taper, for tools with MAS, JIS, and ASME retention knobs. System applies tool clamping force of more than 150 lb to seat steep-taper tooling into presetter spindle. Clamping systems are field retrofittable to existing Speroni tool presetter machines. Read More

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Tool Presetters utilize software to manage tool data.

October 3, 2007

Designed for use on Parsetter TMM® Tool presetters, PGC PLUS 6 lets users create and manage tool lists for any NC program or tool carousel. Program uses MySQL database to manage unlimited number of tool and component records, and automatically formats data for electronic post processing to machining centers. In addition to standard report and label templates, PGC Report Builder allows creation of customized labels and tool reports. Read More

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Presetter utilizes CMOS image sensor with STN screen.

August 3, 2007

Used in tool measurement and inspection, E123 Presetter features solid ground granite column and base construction for rigid and accurate performance. Hand wheels are incorporated for final framing of profile in screen, and fixed rotating spindle uses 6 mini-bearings with radial concentricity error compensation. Offering resolution from 1-5 µm, measurement over 130 mm X-Axis and 360 mm Z-Axis is fully automatic and includes radii as well as angle values. Read More

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Tool Presetters feature integrated Capto spindles.

June 26, 2007

Equipped with Integrated Automatic Mechanical Clamping Capto Spindles, Speroni Tool Presetters apply tool clamping force of more than 550 lb to seat Capto tooling into tool presetter spindle. Integral spindle design can be specified in Capto sizes C3, C4, C5, C6, or C8. Spindles are completely field retrofittable to existing Speroni tool presetter machines in customer's facility. Read More

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Tool Presetters feature integrated HSK spindles.

October 23, 2006

Speroni STP-34, STP-35, and Esperia tool presetter machines includes automatic mechanical clamping HSK spindles that apply tool clamping force of 440 lb to seat HSK tooling into presetter. Integral spindle design can accommodate tooling in dedicated sizes of HSK 25 to HSK 80, and spindles are completely field retrofittable to existing Speroni tool presetter machines. Read More

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Tool Presetters provide display resolution of .00004 in.

October 2, 2006

Offering extended Z-axis height for tools up to 20 in. long, STP-35 Basic and STP-35 EzVision feature 1 micron Heidenhein glass scales as well as thermo-balanced and artificially aged pearlitic cast iron structure, ensuring equipment is fully isostatic and will not deform or distort over time or temperature change. Digital tool sensing removes potential for error inherent in manual measurement systems. Episcopy function detects defects by illuminating and magnifying cutting edge. Read More

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Tool Presetters come with vision system.

September 12, 2006

Using EZclick menu operation, EZset400 (X=400, Z=400) and EZset600 (X=400, Z=600) operators can select all functions of ImageController1 vision system software. Automatic cutting edge shape recognition and dynamic crosshairs facilitate presetting and measuring procedure. Along with measuring programs to determine concentricity, run out, and highest cutting edge, machines incorporate zero-point monitoring function to avoid machine crashes. Read More

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Video Measuring System is designed for tool presetting.

August 1, 2006

ParleVision PSC(TM) tool presetting system applies micro-imaging technology to tool measuring and inspection applications. Utilizing Micron Technology DigitalClarity(TM) megapixel sensor, embedded imaging control system utilizes standard LCD monitor and mouse or optional touchscreen monitor to provide one-touch execution of all measuring and inspection functions. Dynamic crosshairs find and track cutting tool edge, while tool geometry is instantly displayed on screen for review. Read More

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Tool Presetter automatically finds and tracks cutting edge.

August 1, 2006

Combining aged ductile iron with Symmetry design methodology, Parsetter TMM Series 1500 is suited for presetting, measuring, and inspecting tools. Thermally stable, bench-top machine features NSK guide system, user-trammable column, Heidenhain sub-micron encoders, and match-ground roller bearing spindle. Offering mechanical positioning and repeatability of one micron or better, product has measuring envelop that can handle tools up to 600 mm in length and 420 mm in dia. Read More