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Lineman's Pliers feature comfort grip handle.

February 1, 2016

Available in 6 and 8.5 in. models, Lineman's Pliers feature 6140CrV drop forged carbon alloy steel body with hardness level of 45 ±3 and blade hardness of 58–61 to ensure clean cut for years. Two-tone TPR molded comfort grip handle facilitates gripping, twisting, bending, and cutting of wire and cable. Read More

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Wire Processing Machines cut, strip, and crimp.

December 9, 2015

Equipped with intuitive color touchscreen interface, EcoStrip 9380 Cut and Strip Machine features quick change transport unit for belts, rollers, and shortmode. System is compatible with prefeeding, marking, stacking, and coiling accessories. UniCrimp 100 Benchtop Crimping Press, delivering up to 2 tons of force, crimps wires up to 10 AWG. ShieldCut 8100 can safely and quickly cut and remove braided shield layer from most shielded cables, eliminating hours of manual labor. Read More

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Wire Processing Equipment foster productivity via flexibility.

November 27, 2015

Due to quick change transport unit for belts, rollers, and shortmode, EcoStrip 9380 cut and strip machine delivers flexible capabilities. It works with diverse accessories, has color touchscreen UI, and can be integrated into networks. UniCrimp 100 benchtop crimping press, delivering up to 2 tons of force, has safety guards that can be completely opened and handles wires up to 10 AWG. ShieldCut 8100 safely cuts and removes braided shield layer from shielded cables. Read More

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Sheet Hydroforming Presses offer integrated tool change.

November 4, 2015

Along with pressure containment system, Deep Draw 20-10-10BD, 25-10-12BD, and 32-10-12BD feature ergonomic tool change system, precision pressure and position control with built-in recipe handling capability, and In-Sight visual inspection function. Optional t-table lets operator stage secondary cartridge for accelerated tool changes, and system also lets press convert from Deep Draw configuration to Fluid Cell configuration. Configurability further supports horizontal or vertical layout. Read More

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Benchtop Tool Presetter features full CNC capability.

October 29, 2015

For operator-independent measuring results, Speroni MAGIS offers fast movement and repeatable positioning of X and Z axes and spindle, delivering full CNC measuring with uncertainty of 2 linear axes of ±1 µm. System has standard X axis range of -2.00 to +14.00 in. and is available in 3 column sizes, with 16, 20, and 24 in. travel in Z axis. Equipped with high-accuracy telecentric optics, progressive scan CCD camera provides virtual magnification of 45x — with zoom function up to 120x. Read More

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Press Brake Tool bends delicate materials.

August 21, 2015

Available in both European Precision Style and Wila Trumpf Style tooling, CleanBend™ Forming Tool can be adapted to American Precision Style tooling. Product has 2 opposing spring-loaded half-moon rollers that rotate as force is applied in middle of die, resulting in clean bend with minimal to no marking of sheet metal. Primary applications include bending: short flanges, sensitive materials, highly polished materials, painted or coated surfaces, and materials with foil or plastic coverings. Read More

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Wire Cutting/Stripping Machine offers operational flexibility.

August 6, 2015

Available in 6 versions to meet specific production needs, MultiStrip 9480 employs high resolution indexing cutter head and programmable rotary incision capability that promote precision processing of coaxial and other shielded cables. SmartBlade system and magnetically held guides, also included, increase output and maximize production by reducing changeover times. To accommodating diverse range of applications, this cut and strip machine supports multiple options and accessories. Read More

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Benchtop Press delivers 2.2 tons of crimping force.

August 5, 2015

With 2.2 tons of crimping force, UniCrimp 100 can process wires up to 10 AWG. Crimping press accepts industry-standard, mini-style applicators for crimping side- and rear-feed terminals, and optional pneumatic feed unit accommodates pneumatic feed applicators. While applicator access facilitates adjustments and exchanges, optional quick-change applicator base promotes greater efficiency. Capabilities suit diverse applications and production environments. Read More

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Benchtop Tool Presetter features camera and LCD touchscreen.

July 30, 2015

Equipped with 5.7 in. color LCD, DIASET enables one-touch angle, radius, diameter, and length measurements. Stable measuring column and mineral cast base ensure rigidity and temperature resistance for repeatability and positioning accuracy of .0001 in. Rotating spindle allows guaranteed accuracy of runout measurements to less than .0008 in. T.I.R. Capable of storing up to 99 reference points, presetter includes 2 USB ports for simultaneous external data saving and label printer connection. Read More

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Tube Bending Machine meets small batch needs.

June 29, 2015

With bend torque up to 4,056 lb-ft, EvBend 2000 can bend tube diameters up to 2 in., including tubing made from hard alloy materials.  Rotary-draw tube bending machine combines manual set-up with semi-manual operation of bending arm, which has servomotor power assistance. To ensure precise tube bending, machine uses CNC control system for tube feed, carriage rotation, and bend axes. EvBend 2000 meets small batch needs of shipbuilding, oil/gas, and processing sectors. Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools

Portable Electric Press Brakes offer 24-ton capacity.

May 29, 2015

Suitable for small parts, Dyna-Press 24/12 can handle bend lengths up to 1,250 mm. Rapid acceleration and deceleration of electrical servo-driven ram delivers bending speeds up to 25 mm/s. Coupling of ram and servomotors is realized through 2 heavy-duty ball screws to distribute force and tonnage evenly. Featuring 1,140 x 1,760 mm footprint, Standard model has 12 in. touchscreen, while Plus model offers TOUCH-B Lite control that lets user create and simulate 2D designs on 15 in. touchscreen. Read More

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Electric Multifunctional Tube Bender targets HVAC applications.

May 28, 2015

Measuring 13.08 x 7.17 x 6.17 ft, 4-Runner can be configured as dedicated tube bender for specific production application or one complete and continuous process that includes straightening from coil, bending, end-forming, and cut off. Functionality allows, within same cycle, bending in right and left hand, in fixed and variable radius bends, in single and 3-dimensional planes. Machine can bend tube to 0.89 in. with accuracy to ±0.05 in. (X axis) and ±0.05° (Y/Z axes). Read More

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High-Speed Thermoformer offers movable top and bottom platens.

May 27, 2015

With forming area of 800 x 570 mm, GN800 Form/Cut/Stack Thermoformer is capable of forming 150 mm above and below sheet line. Cutting force of forming and cutting stations is 75 tons. Machine incorporates solar heaters, cut-in-place capabilities, and independent top and bottom servo-plug drives for material distribution. Designed to handle sheet widths up to 880 mm with thicknesses ranging from 0.25–1.5 mm, GN800 processes all thermoformable grades of PET, OPS, HIPS, PLA, PP, and PVC. Read More

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Roll Dimpler helps prevent blanks from sticking together.

April 21, 2015

Designed to mount between decoiler/straightener and press, Roll Dimpler minimizes blank sticking by adding rows of small dimples to sheet metal in coil fed operations. System minimizes double-sheet misfeeds, preventing machine damage and downtime, and eliminates need for air knife systems. Suitable for use with any coil fed material, Roll Dimpler is typically supplied with 3 adjustable dimpler heads to accommodate any width of coil. Read More

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Electric CNC Machine can bend wire with complex shapes.

April 16, 2015

E-Flex features two clockwise and counter clockwise bending turrets suited for 3D bending during one part operation within same machining cycle. Allowing for various wire sizes and types as well as automatic operation, coil-fed wire is straightened in vertical and horizontal orientation. Process fosters repeatability, while operational flexibility allows for short runs as well as high-volume production. Also included, 3D visual graphic program allows constant monitoring of machine. Read More

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Hydroforming Press features max pressure of 15,000 psi.

February 4, 2015

Featuring 12 in. diameter maximum blank size and 7 in. draw depth capacity, Model 12-15-7BD is suited for industries and operations involved with frequent forming and drawing of high-strength materials. Deep Draw Sheet Hydroforming Press combines precision diaphragm pressure and punch position control with built-in recipe handling. For new part development, In-Sight feature allows press to be paused and opened at any point in forming cycle to allow visual inspection. Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools

Hydraulic Ring Expanders target aerospace industry.

February 3, 2015

Capable of forming strong, symmetrical, ring-shaped parts, Hydraulic Ring Expanders are typically used in aerospace industry for turbine engine manufacture. Ring expansion process helps minimize material thinning, and virtually eliminates stress point issues associated with traditional rolling and machining of rings made from high-strength materials including Inconel, Hastelloy, and Titanium. Jaw diameter, jaw height, jaw travel, and tonnage capacity are customizable. Read More

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Wire Forming Machine increases production with efficiency.

December 2, 2014

Depending on spring being produced, Wafios 25 can produce simple wire spring at rates up to 4,000/hr. Machine can simultaneously form 2 or 3 parts of spring for increased efficacy, and changing attachments can be accomplished in ~2 hr and started while part of machine is still producing springs. Read More

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Servo Roll Former handles tube ODs up to 3/4 in. .

November 25, 2014

Featuring servo driven ball screw unit, Servo Roll Former has max jaw opening of 1.25 in. and is driven by 5 hp variable speed Hause Head. Machine operates by advancing and closing spinning head containing either rolling or cutting tools over clamped tube. Through machine's HMI, depth of rolled or cut grooves can be adjusted. Measuring 48 x 72 x 72 in., ISO 9001:2008 Certified roll forming machine requires 40–80 psi and 3 cfm. Read More

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Crimp Force Monitor works with semi-automatic presses.

November 13, 2014

Designed for use with semi-automatic benchtop crimping presses, Model ACO 07 features small tolerance limits for fine adjustments, and flexibility to find optimum crimping parameters for different applications. Optimal crimp production parameters can then be stored for later recall. With standard VGA interface, users can clearly view crimp curves without need for PC. Device can be networked with other Schleuniger crimp quality assurance equipment via WinCrimp analysis software. Read More