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Milling Lathe/CNC Turning Center has true Y-axis and sub-spindle.

February 27, 2015

In addition to 30 hp, 3,500 rpm, 10 in. (chuck dia) primary spindle and 20 hp, 4,500 rpm, 8 in. sub-spindle, FEELER FT-250SY features true Y-Axis with 100 mm (±50 mm) travel for maximum rigidity and robust machining environment. Single-piece structure with boxways, 45° slant bed, and base lend dampen vibration when turning in hard materials. Other features include heavy-duty, 12-station turret; 210 mm +/- 10 mm X-axis travel; 1,050 mm Z-Axis travel; and FANUC 31i-TB CNC control. Read More

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Grinding Center supports ISO standard insert grinding.

June 25, 2012

Utilizing Windows OS, DOM Semi 4-Axis Grinding Center performs periphery grinding, including K-Lands on one side for materials such as tungsten carbide, ceramics, and CBN. Machine features optimized infeed axis with linear motor, polymer concrete base for vibration dampening, and fully enclosed grinding area that keeps all moving axes and handling systems in dry environment. Auto-handling of each workpiece takes place during grinding via integrated pick-and-place linear handling system. Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools, Materials & Material Processing

Affordable Productivity from NCMT with Launch of Entry-Level Okuma Machines

February 29, 2012

New turning machine to make UK debut; machining centres also to be announced<4444>NCMT will launch at MACH 2012 a new range of early-entry machine tools from Okuma, a Japanese manufacturer better known for its high-end machining centres and lathes. Called GENOS, the programme comprises two machining centres and fourteen CNC turning centres, one of which, a twin-spindle model, will be under power... Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools

Turning/Milling Center delivers 5-axis multifunctionality.

September 2, 2008

Featuring B-axis with 270° range of motion and capable of 5-face machining in one set-up, Mi8 is suited for manufacturing complex and multi-operation work pieces for industries that demand precision parts. Components include fixed station tools for turning, 20-station tool changer for rotary tools, as well as 8,000 rpm main turning and 20,000 rpm milling spindles. With integration of robot, machine can also perform unattended small production runs of carbon and copper electrodes. Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools

Turning Center performs complete machining in one setup.

May 9, 2008

Offered as true chuck-and-bar machine, SR 200 BB (Big Bore) can cut tough materials and handle deep interrupted cuts while maintaining overall part accuracy. Vibration damping is accomplished through heavy-duty linear roller guides mounted to Harcrete®-reinforced cast iron base. In addition to various multi-tasking functions, unit incorporates 30 hp, 4,000 rpm spindle; Sure-Grip lever type 10 in., 3-jaw chuck; and Hardinge/GE Fanuc i-Series SR control unit. Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools

Mitsubishi Power Systems Selects Max-Tek HGC-800 Rotary Trunnion Grinding Centers

March 12, 2008

March 3, 2008<4444>Milldale, CT March 3, 2008... Back in August, 2007... MAX -TEK®, LLC, Superabrasive Machine Technologies announced the sale of two HGC-800 Horizontal 5-Axis Rotary Trunnion Grinding Centers to Mitsubishi Power Systems, Orlando, Florida. Construction is well under way and delivery is set for this spring. The new HGC-800's will be the centerpiece in the manufacture of turbine... Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools

CNC Production Turn-Mill handles fixed headstock work.

January 28, 2008

Equipped with three 14-position tool turrets and identical main and counterspindles, INDEX C100 series is designed for production of medium-complexity turned parts from 30-42 mm dia bar stock. Machine has various synchronized and simultaneous work capabilities as well as 42 quick-change tools, fixed and driven. While 30 mm bar capacity model comes with 9,000 rpm spindles, 42 mm bar capacity model is available with 7,000 rpm spindles. Both run parts to 200 mm long. Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools

Maier Commitment, Product and Presence is Expanded in North America

November 23, 2007

New product development, sales and support to provide users enhanced, innovative precision turning solutions.<4444>Sudbury, MA USA (October 8, 2007) - Methods Machine Tools has recently ratcheted up efforts to market Maier, a leading German manufacturer of precision Swiss-type turning centers, throughout North America via an expanded, innovative product offering, new sales management and... Read More

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Okuma Machining Center and Twin Spindle Vertical Turning Center will Be Featured at Eastec by KGKI

May 3, 2007

The recently introduced Okuma 44H Horizontal Machining Center and the high production 2SPV60 Twin Spindle Turning Center will be demonstrated at the Quality Machine Solutions booth (#1348) at Eastec.<4444>Designed for the machining of medium size parts, the 44H delivers rugged construction in a compact footprint. Precision and repeatability are ensured by Okuma's traditional box ways. Axis... Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools

Automated Turning Center features 4-position turret.

March 20, 2007

Intended for large production runs, Model FS4-3500 incorporates 30° bed design and changes parts with loading/unloading time of less than 5 sec. Saddle and cross slides are coated with TURCITE type material to minimize stick slip. Suitable for bearing applications as well as transmission parts, Model FS4-3500 provides both OD and ID turning of parts up to 6.0 in. dia. Automatic gauging can be integrated into high accuracy applications where 100% inspection is required. Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools

Turning Center features automated gang tool.

January 9, 2007

Changing parts with load/unload time under 5 sec, FS4-3500 is suited for large production runs. Machine incorporates 30° bed design and allows loading and unloading of workpiece during spindle rotation via 2 separate loaders. Applicable for applications requiring both OD and ID turning, product has 6.0 in. max part dia and can be connected with part flip station for complete OP-10/OP-20 turning. Automatic gauging can be integrated into applications where 100% inspection is required. Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools

Turning/Milling Center has 2-channel workshop programming.

December 4, 2006

Equipped with 12,000 rpm (18,000 rpm optional), 29.5 hp spindle, GMX 250 S linear Turning/Milling Center incorporates linear drive in Z-axis as well as cross-carriage slide with Y and B axes. Machine allows graphically-supported, 2-channel workshop programming on basis of adapted Plus IT controls from Heidenhain with integrated TurnPlus programming. Capable of 3D-workpiece simulation, modular VMC includes 12x turret as well as absolute, direct measuring systems in all linear axes. Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools

Vertical Turning Center Display Highlights Multi-Tasking Capabilities

October 13, 2006

Chicago, IL, September 6, 2006 - At IMTS 2006 Giddings & Lewis features the G&L designed tooling system and heads that add multi-tasking capabilities to the vertical turning center product line, the VTC Series.<4444>Large capacity and easy access The VTC Series product line now consists of 6 models with table sizes ranging from 1250 mm (49.2 in) to the new 3500-mm (137.8 in) version which has a... Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools

Turning Center features 3 turrets, each with Y axis.

October 4, 2006

Combining turning and milling operations, Super NTY3 features three 6,000 rpm milling motors that can simultaneously machine 2 flat surfaces on one spindle and one surface on the other. Each turret holds 12 driven or 24 stationary tools. Accelerating Y axes have travels of 2.44 in., and up to 29/20 hp is available for shaft/work turning with synchronized spindles. Super NTY3 has max turning diameter of 6.89 in., max turning length of 23.5 in., and bar capacity of 1.65 in. Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools

Turning Center features less than 5 sec load/unload time.

September 6, 2006

Incorporating 30° bed design, FS4-3500 compact automated gang tooled turning center allows loading and unloading of workpiece during spindle rotation. Two separate loaders are included, and maximum part diameter is 6.0 in. Hardened and ground combination square and dovetail way system support gang slide, and saddle and cross slides are coated with TURCITE type material to reduce stick slip. Optional 4-station indexable turret is available. Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools

Okuma & Howa to Demonstrate Wide Range of Turning and Machining Capabilities at Eastec 2006

May 3, 2006

Okuma & Howa will be exhibiting advanced turning, milling, and machining technologies at Booth #1348 at this year¹s Eastec show. Featuring demonstrations of the popular MILLAC 44V Vertical Machining Center, equipped with automatic pallet changer, the 2SP-150H Horizontal Turning Center, and the V100L Vertical Turning Center, O&H will bring to the floor an unbeatable combination of versatility,... Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools

Turning Center accommodates larger parts.

January 24, 2006

Super NTJX multitasking turning center incorporates Fanuc 31iA CNC control and features more than 12 milling/turning combinations through 2 spindle motors. Generating 34.9 hp (8000 rpm) and 24.8 hp (6000 rpm) on left and right spindles, NTJX is capable of synchronized shaft/work turning with turning dia of 9.65 in.,turning length of 42.91 in., and bar capacity of 2 in. Forty-station servo-driven ATC provides 1.3 sec tool changes (tool-to-tool). Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools

Horizontal Grinding Center uses CBN grinding wheels.

November 22, 2005

Constructed on Meehanite cast iron base, Model HGC 400 offers 3, 4, and 5 axis capabilities and utilizes Heidenhain scales for X, Y, and Z axes. Five-axis rotary trunnion features roller gear table with zero backlash mounting 400 x 400 mm pallet. Machine is equipped with HSK-100, 35-50 hp, 12,000 rpm direct drive spindle with chiller and GE Fanuc 16 IM CNC control. Automatic tool changer features 40 positions to accommodate all CBN and conventional vitrified grinding wheels. Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools

Vertical Turning Center is suited for mid-size parts.

June 17, 2005

With dual-axis capability, V35R is suited for complex configurations in hard materials. Spindle is powered by 30 hp motor with speeds from 25-2,500 rpm, and unit utilizes Fanuc 18i-T control. Able to handle parts up to 551 lb, machine features 9.25 in. X-axis travel and 16.93 in. Z-axis travel, both with rapid traverse of 787 ipm. Max cutting diameter is 13.78 in., max cutting length is 16.93 in., and max swing is 19.69 in. Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools

CNC Turning Center offers off-center Y-axis cutting.

April 22, 2005

Quick Turn Nexus 250MSY employs 35, 10, and 7.5 hp spindles with respective 4,000, 6,000, and 4,500 rpm max speeds. Rotary and turning tools can be mounted at any position of 12-station drum turret, and workpiece can be automatically oriented in phase. Features include quick-change toolholders, Fusion 640T Nexus CNC, and automatic tool presetting arm. X-, Y-, and Z-axis traverse rates are 1,181, 826, and 1,299 ipm respectively. Read More